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(des moines register)   Lawsuit says hotel owners should have known some customers would weigh more than 350 pounds   ( desmoinesregister.com) divider line
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2003-09-24 07:03:11 AM  
the fat asshat should have know not to sit there,,,and did he really need to be eating another breakfast...me thinks NOT
2003-09-24 08:27:11 AM  
Whooo hooo!!! Another fatty thread!!! This one with lawyery goodness!!
2003-09-24 08:46:49 AM  
At 350, this couldn't be the first time this happened to him. He probably has a history of breaking chairs and hearts all over the great plains.
2003-09-24 09:15:18 AM  
I am sure he had cankles.
2003-09-24 09:17:24 AM  
They shouldn't letmeatballs like this through the restaurant door!
2003-09-24 09:18:00 AM  
this guy is a pig. pig.
2003-09-24 09:18:47 AM  
we should all just descriminate against "morbidly obese" people. I mean unless he's a wwe wrestler or American football player do you need to eat that much.put down the McGriddle and exercise fatass.
2003-09-24 09:20:28 AM  
Obesity is a real problem in America and in the rest of the Industrialized countries. I believe this incident should be taken seriously. Not the lawsuit,just the incident. I work at a retail store and we have those little chairs where people can ride around instead of walk. My problem with that is that only like one in every fifty people who use that thing actually need them. That and I am sick of those really fat people leaching off of society because they cant work, and they cant get regular Health Insurance beacause they are too fat. You cant get that fat unless you are really lazy, it simply isnt possible.
2003-09-24 09:21:06 AM  
What a great opportunity to sue! SueSUESUESUE!
America is beautiful, isn't it?
2003-09-24 09:21:30 AM  
if you're that fat, you will break chairs. It's physics.
If you see a plastic chair, STAY THE FARK AWAY! You know what's going to happen lardass.

the indignity you think you've suffered at breaking a chair, is merely a momentary glimpse into how people think of you -all-the-time-. That's how embarrased and hurt you should feel every moment of your life.

That's right fatty, 24/7/365 - people think you are a gross-fat-hoggy who just breaks chairs, eats babies, and gets winded standing up. This is your life. This is the net effect of consuming 10,000 calories a day with no exercise for years. Get used to it or put down the fork.
2003-09-24 09:21:33 AM  
He was fine until he at the "wafer thin" mint.
2003-09-24 09:22:22 AM  
he's probably one of those really self righteous, up their own ass kind of fat people - a girl like that shared a house @ uni, and she was bloody awful.
she was as unpleasant as possible whenever she could get away with it, and when confronted used to lose it completely - i'm not racist, sexist, ageist whatever, but tbh she made me dislike fat people like this.
suppose its just something i'll get over, but i have no sympathy when people abusing their bodies like that have problems in the world us "normal" people live in.
2003-09-24 09:22:24 AM  
Big, corn fed people in Iowa?!?!?! NO WAY!
2003-09-24 09:22:50 AM  
He was doing "The Truffle Shuffle" when the chair gave way.
Rat [TotalFark]
2003-09-24 09:23:55 AM  
$9500 in lost wages???

Exactly what part of routine casting or splinting, or if necessary, day surgery, causes $9500 in lost wages?

Frivolous. Period.
2003-09-24 09:25:09 AM  
If he was asked not to sit in the chair he probably would have done them for discrimination

Damned if you do, damned if you don't
2003-09-24 09:25:42 AM  
I'm deaf in one ear and headphones have 2 sides.

I'm suing those discriminating bastardos.
2003-09-24 09:25:55 AM  
in a sane world, the restaurant owner would be charging him - a huge fat bloated idot trying to sit in a plastic chair, ergo chair breaks.
unfortunately its not a darwin award (yet)
2003-09-24 09:26:15 AM  
2003-09-24 09:15:18 AM FairMaiden

I am sure he had cankles.

What is "cankles"?
2003-09-24 09:26:22 AM  
His fat ass destroys a chair and he sues. I would argue that plastic chair was a priceless piece of art and call it even.
Next thing we'll have the gov't subsidising fatties getting their stomachs stapled.
2003-09-24 09:26:38 AM  
If you see a plastic chair, STAY THE FARK AWAY! You know what's going to happen lardass.

I'm no psychologist, but I really don't think there is that much self awareness in these instances. It's like anything else, for example after you've worn glasses for years you don't even think about them when you're wearing them.

Whenever we have a family gathering at my mother's house, the one relative who is obese goes straight to her fragile, antique bench to sit down. Everyone quietly cringes and wonders why he picked that piece of furniture over a sturdier couch.
2003-09-24 09:27:13 AM  
Regardless of the outcome of this case, the hotel owner still wins 'cause he's not fat.
2003-09-24 09:27:39 AM  
[image from basic1.easily.co.uk too old to be available]
I'll have the lot!
2003-09-24 09:27:46 AM  
What is it with these fat farks who think they're entitled to special chairs just because they walk, err waddle, around with a feedbag strapped to their face 24-7? Next they'll want feeding troughs on public sidewalks.

/just got back from 6 mile run
2003-09-24 09:28:00 AM  
sounds like there's some logic in this to me. the place should have known that some patrons would weigh more than 350. what, heavy people just shouldn't be allowed to go to restaurants and hotels etc.?

this is one type of bigotry that i've never been able to understand. why do people HATE fat people so much? ii find it so weird that so many people exhibit so much hatred for people who are over weight. i don't get it.

i have always been a little over weight, and outside of highschool no one has ever made fun of me. recently i lost about 40 pounds (and counting) and all of the sudden every one tells me how great i am. so i'm worth more as a human because i weigh less?

i refuse to beleive that this guy walked into the place, found the weakest chair, and hoped for an accident. true, it is healthier to eat less and get exercise, but not every one wants to do that. do we really need to treat them like second-class citizens? jeez, people have more compasion for smokers nowadays.

rant over. carry on.
2003-09-24 09:28:27 AM  
6 miles?!?! I don't drive that far to work! Really.
2003-09-24 09:29:02 AM  
I am suing because I am not fat enough to break chairs to sue. I am discriminated against.
2003-09-24 09:29:23 AM  
Cankles are when there is NO transition between your calf and ankles, hence, "cankles."

I had to look it up too...Thanks Urban Dicitonary!
2003-09-24 09:29:24 AM  
2003-09-24 09:30:04 AM  
[image from drinkydrink.com too old to be available]
2003-09-24 09:30:14 AM  
Cankles: Legs are so fat that ankles are bypassed. Calf goes straight to foot, thus creating Cankles.
2003-09-24 09:30:23 AM  
I agree with most everyone, this guy was a fat arse and probably shouldn't have been eating the 6 scrambled eggs, scatterd covered smotherd chunked hashbrowns, 2 sausage, 3 bacon, grits and a side of country fried steak breakfast... BUT this guy does have a case against this place. He was in an establishment and their furniture broke. You can't say to a thin person, go ahead take the plastic chair you're ok and see a fat arse walk in and GO WHOA BUDDY, you gotta take this metal chair, that is discrimination too.

Think of it like this, if you are in a store and slip and fall on some water where there isn't a sign posted, break something and out of work because of the injuries, wouldn't you do the sue the bastards?

All that talk about scatterd covered smothered, I'm going to Waffle House and damnit if I ain't gonna ask for a plastic chair.
2003-09-24 09:30:34 AM  
i heard wesley clark has a fatty fetish
2003-09-24 09:30:39 AM  
Six-Wings:What is "cankles"?
Serious? Cankles = calf + ankle all wrapped in one unshapely and undefined stretch of flab from the ankle up through the calf ... it's what you've got when you don't know where the ankle ended and the calf began

2003-09-24 09:31:35 AM  
Sorry for the comment spamming, but:

recently i lost about 40 pounds (and counting) and all of the sudden every one tells me how great i am

They would have done the same thing had you quit smoking. People are recognizing that you took a positive step in your life and made yourself healthier.

Why do people yell for their "right" to be fat? No one yells for the right to have diabetes or hear disease.
2003-09-24 09:32:04 AM  
A friend of mine recently got hit by a car, severely injuring his back. He was on the sidewalk. He is looking into legal action against the driver so that he can help pay the medical bills.

That, in my opinion, is a valid lawsuit.

This is total shiat.

The fact is this: VERY FEW people who are fat have thyroid problems or "slow metabolisms." And I think that everyone has sympathy for those folks who do have those issues. However, those unfortunates make up like 2% or something (statistic pulled out of ass) of the actual fatasses out there.

Everyone else just eats crap all day, then gets mad at the restaraunt portion increases that caused them to gain all the weight. Here's tip for the tubbies: just because there's three lbs of food in front of you doesn't mean you have to eat the whole damn thing.

Has anyone here been to a Cheesecake factory, or an Outback Steakhouse recently? Holy Hell, one "meal" is enough to feed three people. I am not exaggerating. And I watch patrons eat the whole damn thing.

2003-09-24 09:32:16 AM  
All things being equal, fat people use more soap than thin people.
2003-09-24 09:32:32 AM  
Fat people wash?!?
2003-09-24 09:33:57 AM  
Wouldn't you do the sue the bastards? LMAO going to Waffle House now.
2003-09-24 09:34:35 AM  
why do people HATE fat people so much?,,,

we dont hate them we are simply disgusted by poeple who take no pride in themselves, whether it be physical appearance or mental health, whatever else. people are telling you your better because now everyone knows that you take pride in yourself and want to be better. and self improvement is part of the human condition
2003-09-24 09:35:15 AM  
The hotel should sue him for destroying their property, annoying other guests, vandalism and imposing his zip code over their zip ...

/rant over ... for now
2003-09-24 09:35:22 AM  
Obese people in Iowa? How could he have known?

btw, do members of the Patel family own just about all the motels in the U.S.? I read an article about a possible motel closing in the Detroit area last week and they guy who owned it was another Patel. Creepy Indian motel conspiracy.
2003-09-24 09:35:52 AM  
Re.: "cankles"

I feel slightly less hip for not having known this, but slightly more educated now.

Thanks to everyone for the explanation.
2003-09-24 09:36:07 AM  
Bonus points to 'wafer thin mint' and 'truffle shuffle' references.
2003-09-24 09:36:32 AM  
I have always been confused about large people from Iowa being called corn fed.

Isn't corn a healthy, delicious low fat veggie?
2003-09-24 09:36:45 AM  
Damn, only in Iowa. Oh wait.

Where in the hell is our Iowa tag?
2003-09-24 09:36:50 AM  
heh. another fat thread.
2003-09-24 09:36:55 AM  
azor, if it's worth anything, I don't hate fat people, I hate fat slobs. I equally hate skinny slobs.
But admittedly, there's something disturbing about a guy with a stomach hanging over his stomach over his stomach, standing there dipping his hand into the uncooked brownie mix and licking his fingers with a perma-grin like he's getting his D sucked

Not sure where I was going with that, but I do want to say .. I'm just generally detracted from people who don't take care of themselves, whether that comes in the form of over-indulging in fatty foods and never getting off their ass or if it's just somebody who hasn't taken a shower since 'nam.

"I know it's a glandular problem .. I've seen your mom"

2003-09-24 09:37:08 AM  
Patel is like the Smith's of India. Just a real common Indian name.
2003-09-24 09:38:06 AM  
What a tubby piece of sheite. The $9500 in lost wages plus the $6500 will buy a whole lot of meals at Taco Bell. Pain and suffering - what about the poor chair that had to try to withstand the enormous load that his folds-of-fat ass put on it. He is lucky he didnt have to have surgery to remove the chair from his arse crack. Pig. Eat more/sue more/eat more/sue more. Nothing is your fault you 350 lb sack of crap. Blame someone else, piggy.
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