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(Some Omaha Farkers)   Omaha Fark party, October 11th. Link goes to time and place   ( hometown.aol.com) divider line
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2003-09-23 02:14:59 PM  
Pornbot is after my heart. Fark parties should be about getting ridiculously drunk and farking perfect strangers we only know through postings.

I'm too damned lazy to get a Lincoln Fark party together. Someone else do the legwork. I'll show up and bring lots o' hot girlfriends with me....
2003-09-23 02:18:18 PM  
What if, since people think it's a bit too early, You had a lunch one that carried into a later evening party somewhere else...it would give people who worked both shifts time to come out and meet.... also, I don't know many out of towners who would be willing to drive early in the AM for this.....just a thought to who ever is hosting this puppy.
2003-09-23 02:36:08 PM  
Bah, I work until 130 on Saturdays. Maybe I can try to sneak out early that day.
2003-09-23 02:43:11 PM  
Yah, who is hosting this? the webpage is registered to "doorsfanrob" so i assume his email address would be d­oo­r­sfa­nro­b[nospam-﹫-backwards]l­o­a*co­m (it's an aol email address)

IgnatiusR: I like your attitude! I'll organize something just for you, and i'll bring all my young good looking friends for all your hot girlfriends !
2003-09-23 02:55:42 PM  
LedZeppelin2301: Now we're talking! Fark parties are meant for debauchery, yes? Otherwise, why else bother to show up?

If I wanted to hang out with a bunch of boring no-life computer geeks, I'd organize an Office Space party at my house.

Farkers should be rowdy when they meet in person, and if a few hook-ups happen in the bathrooms then all the better....
2003-09-23 02:56:10 PM  
Viva la Lincoln Farkparty!

Doc's is great, Barrymores is good but closer to downtown, Libations is acceptable but also off the beaten path.

Another thing to concider, if it's on a Saturday it'll end up being a football party. Unless we do it during an away game. Or on a Friday night.

Reguardless, name the time, name the place, and I'll be there. (Wave at the Hearse)
2003-09-23 02:56:24 PM  
Finally the announcement got posted. Third try was a charm I guess. I am one of the farkers that is attempting to organize this thing, the others are avid fark readers. Reading all the comments so far I don't see why we couldn't extend this thing into the night. There is a Husker game that night against Missouri with the time to be announced. After lunch I suppose we could head down the street to the Icehouse off 108th and Maple. Any other suggestions?
2003-09-23 02:56:59 PM  
Of the places in downtown Lincoln Doc's and Yiayia's are my favorites. Doc's for the atmosphere, Yiayia's for killer pizza and one of the biggest selections of various beers you could find. Barrymores is ok haven't been there often enough to form an opinion.
2003-09-23 02:59:44 PM  
If we can hold off for about a week, i'm moving into a new place off of 42nd and I-80 with some other farkers (age 20-22) and we've got a twelve foot bar in the basement....

What do you think of that IgnatiusR -- boring geek office party or twelve foot bar, geeks, or bar....geeks or bar.....hmmmm, tough decision...
2003-09-23 03:03:23 PM  
Oh, yeah,

That whole weekend sucks for me. (10-12th)

(Stupid field course)
2003-09-23 03:03:29 PM  
LedZeppelin2301: 20-22 age group? Egads! I am NOT telling you how old I am. Let's just say I'm somewhere in my 30s....but my group of hot girlfriends holds true, and a good number of them are in the 24-26 range. Is that acceptable?

(One good thing that comes with age, though, is that I can hold my liquor better than you young 'uns...)
2003-09-23 03:06:49 PM  
I have to agree with IgnatiusR, last time I tried to outdrink my father I couldn't stomach scotch for 6 months afterward. He, of course, was bright as a daisy the next day. I think I puked out my brain.

Oh, and aim for hotness in the mid to upper twenties.
2003-09-23 03:09:25 PM  
Um, haha, trust me, i just want to get drunk -- the envelope to push gets blurry when you're drunk :-)
2003-09-23 03:18:20 PM  
Point taken. The lines do tend to blur a little, don't they?

Well, I can definitely tell who the drink-until-dawn Lincolnites are now...
2003-09-23 03:30:18 PM  
...used to live in Lincoln. I'll think about it.
2003-09-23 03:59:00 PM  
Sexypenguin....I am that girl that knows Amber and still works in radio.

email me....

and who are you? The memory fades as we get older.
2003-09-23 04:36:14 PM  
hey led! I live like 2 blocks from there!

and go to The Brother's Lounge... the only bar you need.
2003-09-23 04:45:12 PM  
That's my birthday! Seriously, it is.
2003-09-23 05:12:09 PM  
Pornbot... what kind of alcoholic *doesn't* start drinking at noon? honestly... i know 60 year old mean who drink vodka straight at 8 a.m.
2003-09-23 07:03:06 PM  
Boo. What the hell kind of party is at 12:30 at old chicago on a saturday? That's like, a fark luncheon, not a fark party. Plus I'll be in class until 5 that day. Hubby (also a farker) might be able to make it, but like I want him to have any fun without me around.

If someone comes up with a party at a decent place (old chicago sucks for parties, and i know it) at a decent time, post it.
2003-09-23 07:13:59 PM  
I didn't know the city extended that far West. Maybe next time it should be in the Market or Dundee.
2003-09-23 07:42:30 PM  
i live right next to the brothers.

best. jukebox. evar.
2003-09-23 08:55:31 PM  
If it's not going to be a large gathering, I'd recommend the Homy Inn off of NW Radial Hwy. Best margaritas around and peanuts out of dog bowls - how can you beat that? 'less you West Omaha Farkers are still scared to go anywhere east of 72nd =P
2003-09-23 09:31:31 PM  
ooh, ooh, or the Mai Tai on 72nd & Blondo. Nothing says 'in the Spirit of FARK' like velvet nudies. Get there early in the evening tho - from what I've heard that place has gotten...popular?

Have a Blue Hawaii for me.

/a bit homesick
2003-09-23 11:16:20 PM  
Big Merl

Ack, get out of the sticks man, there are places in Omaha where you don't even need to know Spanish to get by (yet).
2003-09-23 11:46:18 PM  
yikes! last time i was at the homey it was standing room only ....

damn those creigton students.
2003-09-24 12:01:51 AM  
Lazlo's brew sucks. In Lincoln if you want decent local beer, try the new Misty's downtown. Would also be a snazzy place for a fark party.
2003-09-24 12:15:06 AM  

I know what they id, I used to work for them here in Boston. I was just wondering if any Farkers were former employees since they were HQ'd in Omaha.

Yeah they went belly-up, didn't they?

I don't get your post, maybe I'm missing something, like a gene.

Just saying that in Omaha, high technology would be having a tractor replace the oxen who were pulling the till...being a smartass.

Inacom being an IT consulting firm...once upon a time.
2003-09-24 03:42:02 AM  
Home from work catching up on the comments. Looks like lunch is on then for the farking Nebraskans. I definitely agree with the suggestion to carry the party on into the evening. Not sure how long this will stay on fark's front page, probably till the end of today. I'll submit a reminder when the date gets closer. If you all want to "rsvp" you can email me. LedZeppelin2301 guessed my address pretty easily, Do­ors­F­anR­o­b[nospam-﹫-backwards]loa­*c­om. I probably should get a rough number to tell the Old Chicago.
2003-09-24 08:54:25 AM  
Lincoln farker here. I have no pride and will have a drink anywhere with anyone. But I'm not easy!

Doc's is cool, Libations is one of the few places in town that can make a better martini than myself. Yia Yia's is roomy. My vote, however, is JR's Down Under. Best kept secret in town. Until now I guess. Dang!

Anyway, I'd be willing to organize it, send me an email at ht­ha­nt­ho­u­[nospam-﹫-backwards]oo­h­a­y*c­om.
2003-09-24 08:59:49 AM  
tell me you aren't one of those annoying gunboat people....

cause the dewey street kid's house is where its at!
2003-09-24 11:11:51 AM  
veruca makes a good point too... the Mai Tai is the shiznit... if you get there before it fills up.

and they totally ignore the "maximum limit of 2 drinks" for their strong drinks.
2003-09-24 02:57:59 PM  
The "Mai Tai Lounge" and the "reuben sandwich".

If Omaha never did another thing, they would deserve eternal praise for bringing us these two things.
2003-09-24 07:11:40 PM  
Wooh go omaha. Too bad I don't have a car/live in west omaha/awake at 12:30 on saturdays
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