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2001-11-01 11:53:49 AM  
pathetic slobs
2001-11-01 11:54:31 AM  
Mariah used to be so wholesome and girl-next-doorish. What happened?
2001-11-01 11:56:00 AM  
She turned 30

2001-11-01 11:56:27 AM  
Zerotype: when? As long as I can remember she's been bouncing as hard as she can in her videos. Actually, that's not true. I think she became decidedly more slutty after divorcing Tommy Mottolla.
2001-11-01 11:56:35 AM  
Oh my. The picture gallery rules. WTF with Navy guys sending in their picture???


Oh yeah, it is the Navy...
2001-11-01 11:58:01 AM  
I can't believe I read all that. Scary
2001-11-01 11:58:17 AM  
2001-11-01 11:58:51 AM  
Hmm, upon closer inspection; I think Mariah was a man.
2001-11-01 11:59:30 AM  
2001-11-01 12:00:34 PM  
i want to see the kinds of letters Drew gets !!!!
cough them up Drew
2001-11-01 12:02:08 PM  
Why? How old are you Drew?
2001-11-01 12:03:54 PM  
well, uh..........my my, god god
2001-11-01 12:05:27 PM  
All of a sudden I don't feel quite so pathetic anymore...
2001-11-01 12:05:33 PM  
My boyfriend and I just broke up recently and I dedicated your song "Love takes Time" to him on the radio.

Sheeeat! thats funny! Do people still dedicate songs on the radio? WTF? Is Kasey "How am I supposed to come out of an up tempo song with a farking dog dying!" Casem still around? Now that (Kasey Casem going postal) is comedy!
2001-11-01 12:08:53 PM  
Dear Mariah,
You're so beautiful and talented and the best. Can you send me an autographed picture of yourself?

2001-11-01 12:09:27 PM  
Bacon: that particular letter was dated 1991 (and seems to have been written on one of those old-school typewriters with fancy script!)...as far as "still," I have no idea since I personally stopped listening to the radio years ago -- mostly because they play shiat like Mariah Carey.
2001-11-01 12:09:43 PM  
And I love the guy who writes the poems in ALL CAPS. This is just mmmmmuaaaaaaaahh! great!
2001-11-01 12:10:14 PM  
A boner the size of Florida.


What a charmer.
2001-11-01 12:10:22 PM  
Hey, *MY* picture is there! WTF? OH MY God!
2001-11-01 12:11:42 PM  
The part I find sad is that the inmates write better English than most kids on the internet do.
2001-11-01 12:11:56 PM  
The best part is, she has Christina Aguilera to carry on her legacy.
2001-11-01 12:12:00 PM  
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
this guy's my favorite. although I think he's in denial about his whole sexuality-thing...I'm sure Hanson got his photo, too.
2001-11-01 12:12:22 PM  
Gwinny, yup! me too... cant stand the radio.
2001-11-01 12:12:37 PM  
Where's Beav? Could sure use his grammar lessons on those letters. :)
2001-11-01 12:13:21 PM  
[image from mopoke.co.uk too old to be available]
2001-11-01 12:14:06 PM  
... not that it is very difficult to do.
2001-11-01 12:14:16 PM  
Phxtony: LMAO!
2001-11-01 12:14:32 PM  
2001-11-01 12:15:26 PM  
Oh, Mariah, I love YOOOuuuuuuUU.

[image from abqjournal.com too old to be available]
2001-11-01 12:15:33 PM  
Sorry, I'd rather not try to correct the grammar of convicts and psychos. Last thing I need is some Mariah Carey fan tracking me down because I taught him the "i before e" rule.
2001-11-01 12:16:42 PM  
Give the girl a break. She is haveing a tough time right now. She is just misunderstood.
2001-11-01 12:17:13 PM  
Nice comeback, Beav.
2001-11-01 12:18:30 PM  
shouldn't this have the "SAD" tag?
2001-11-01 12:19:06 PM  
maverick entrepreneur? That is golden... what a badass.
2001-11-01 12:19:11 PM  
wholesome back in the day...come on, you guys remember that video with her in longer than normal jean shorts walking around high school screaming? no it's little nipple covers and thongs.

All I wear is nipple covers and thongs doo dah doo dah.
2001-11-01 12:19:21 PM  
Bwahahaha!! That was some of the most pathetically funny shiat I've read in a long time! A boner the size of Florida indeed.
2001-11-01 12:19:46 PM  
It's not SAD! All these people are merely celebrating their unboundless love for Mariah.

*starts gagging*
2001-11-01 12:19:48 PM  
Beav i totally know what you meant in that last thread. it irks me too. (but i guess my lack of capitalization irks others too) you've just got to learn to, as in the imortal words of Cheri Oteri, "simma down now!" and let it pass my friend.

serenity now, serenity now
2001-11-01 12:23:14 PM  
is she still in the looney bin?
2001-11-01 12:23:41 PM  
Ok I "love" the fourth one by the guy from "Sonyea, New York." My "gramma" lives near there and "every letter" she writes to "me" has a certain resemblance "to" that "one."
2001-11-01 12:27:08 PM  
how's the serenity. so much serenity.
2001-11-01 12:27:25 PM  
Like Stuntc0ck, "a boner the size of florida" had me rolling.

A charmer indeed.

"your FIRST TIME, etc etc" was quite indicative, too.
2001-11-01 12:27:41 PM  
2001-11-01 12:27:45 PM  
SomeoneElse i believe you are speaking of "Mr. Cleo's" letter. man, that would suck to be his cellmate (since it said "Jailbird" on the description). I wonder if he has Ms. Cleo's clairvoyance.
2001-11-01 12:28:58 PM  
on Jackie Chan day I get a boner the size of Florida
2001-11-01 12:30:59 PM  
When I hear Mariah hit those high notes my eardrums swell to the size of Florida.
2001-11-01 12:34:46 PM  
Sad, just plain sad. I actually feel better about myself now! What a bunch of losers. These people think that celebs actually read their own fan mail?
2001-11-01 12:35:34 PM  
the best HAS to be "Ralphie from Coxsackie, NY." he sent a pic of himself standing infront of a huge blanket with a lion on it. hahahah

oh and i didn't even know there was a coxsackie, ny. thats a farking great name for a city!
2001-11-01 12:37:42 PM  
[image from thesmokinggun.com too old to be available]
2001-11-01 12:38:48 PM  
It's funny cuz it's true.
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