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(Yahoo)   Pot plantations taking over Canandian military bases   ( story.news.yahoo.com) divider line
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2003-09-20 04:55:08 PM  
OK, this one is the obvious response:

Make pot, not war.
2003-09-20 06:07:02 PM  
What else are they going to do with the bases? Now we know why the Canadians have the best MRE's.
2003-09-20 06:07:26 PM  
Mmmm... Herbs...
2003-09-20 06:07:27 PM  
Hmm, now that's a new way of getting funding for our military. It needs all the money it can get.
2003-09-20 06:07:45 PM  
God bless those silly Canadians!! We love you!
2003-09-20 06:11:28 PM  
"Canandian military bases"

now that's some funny shiat
2003-09-20 06:12:02 PM  
[image from bongsandpipes.willybanjo.com too old to be available]
with link
2003-09-20 06:21:59 PM  
And I thought nothing would ever make me want to join my country's military...
2003-09-20 06:25:50 PM  
shiat they were on the arty range. .should of just waited for the hippy scum to come pick the shiat up and take care of 2 problems with 1 shell.
2003-09-20 06:39:12 PM  
This is called the "Smiling Cat Bong". Why does it look Yoda is waiting for you to suck Canadian Military Grade Bong Water out of his arse.

[image from bongsandpipes.willybanjo.com too old to be available]
2003-09-20 06:41:24 PM  
nice plug there noahs_fark. I must say, that those are of the coolest looking smoking devices.
2003-09-20 06:48:42 PM  
God loves this country!
2003-09-20 06:50:06 PM  
smiling cat bong eh? I don't see it
2003-09-20 06:52:31 PM  
2003-09-20 06:57:05 PM  
someone's really dumb enough to plant that much nuggets on/near a military base? d'oh!
2003-09-20 06:57:13 PM  
they should just hold off until all the useless pot smokers (98% of them) come to raid the fields.. then engulf them and the pot in napalm.
2003-09-20 06:57:14 PM  
thought the same thing aerosquid.

2003-09-20 07:02:31 PM  
Stupid headline.
2003-09-20 07:02:50 PM  
any chance the stuff was growing wild. they call it "weed" for a reason...
2003-09-20 07:05:46 PM  
Americans need to start growing coca plants on military bases. Or maybe having Muslims on crack is a bad idea.

/cue Orlando Jones in Office Space
2003-09-20 07:09:52 PM  
"Police estimate a significant portion of the cannabis is exported to the neighbouring United States, where its price easily doubles once it crosses the border."

That's why I'm glad to live in Canada, where the pot is half the price and twice the strength.
2003-09-20 07:12:33 PM  
Canada Sucks, smells like pig shiat.
2003-09-20 07:19:23 PM  
Canada Sucks, smells like pig shiat.

only in brooks, ab....
2003-09-20 07:21:35 PM  
Dr.Knockboots - I'd rather engulf all those useless americans (98% of them) in napalm.

Yay, flame.
2003-09-20 07:23:13 PM  
Canada Sucks, smells like pig shiat.

Wow, you sure told them, Grotty.
2003-09-20 07:30:13 PM  
It's very safe for us ... Capt. Steve Lebel said

Translation-- leave my pot plants alone!
2003-09-20 07:31:53 PM  
How is this spiffy?
2003-09-20 07:34:41 PM  

Ummm I'm not sure why you are posting the CD covers but I am after the Underworld OST covers.. LOL.. Thanks..
2003-09-20 07:36:47 PM  
Pot? Canada?
img.fark.netView Full Size
2003-09-20 07:38:34 PM  
It's very safe for us, but it could be a very dangerous place for a passer-by, Capt. Steve Lebel said.
If that is all, we should head on to lunch. Who said Little Caesar's?
2003-09-20 07:39:56 PM  
"Pot plantations, once hidden deep in the Canadian wilderness, have spread over the last decade to semi-rural and even urban areas."

Instead of "Swing Low", we'd sing "Ina Gadda Da Vida" on our plantations eh.
2003-09-20 07:50:01 PM  
so in US $, they seized about $10 worth right?
2003-09-20 07:51:31 PM  
Hello_Kthullu: Asian gangs are hippies now?
2003-09-20 07:54:35 PM  
Woo HOO!

2003-09-20 08:09:33 PM  
What? Pot is half as expensive in canada? the cheapest I'v ever seen far an 1/8 was 35$, but he was a good friend
2003-09-20 08:11:03 PM  
to make a remark to say only hippies smoke pot is probably the least accurate liche out there. if theres a grow op out here (vancouv), it ussually either h.a., or asian gangs. otherwise other dealers who have ops in their houses.
2003-09-20 08:19:27 PM  
What the hell else is our military going to do other than sit around and smoke weed? Fight? Yeah... right!
2003-09-20 08:20:46 PM  
Please mods have mercy upon us poor Farkers and BAN bandwidthbandit. He is posting advertising garbage on many threads. thank you.
2003-09-20 08:21:59 PM  
edmon....$35 for an 1/8th....you re crazy to pay that, they go for about $25, and from good friends about $10.

looks like your "good friend" ripped you off.
2003-09-20 08:26:19 PM  
I have yet to pay for 'it'....but i dont do it...i swear, now where are those twinkies
2003-09-20 08:27:48 PM  
If the Canadian military is going to be taken seriously they need to get rid of the pot plants. What they need is meth labs! Crank! Psychotic paranoia + hallucinations + weapons = fun time !
2003-09-20 08:28:13 PM  
Here where I live it's 40 an eighth but you can get an ounce of good stuff for 220 or an ounce of really good stuff for 250 or an ounce of knock you onto your ass stuff for 300.

noahs_fark nice bong. I took hits of a gun bong that looked almost exactly like that one a coupla times. It had good hits too, must better then was expected.
2003-09-20 08:30:32 PM  
Ha when will the canadians learn? The CIA has been funding the military by selling crack cocaine for ages, does canada really think they can compete on a pot funded military budget.
2003-09-20 08:32:57 PM  
New York - 1/8 of good ish goes for usually about $45. Be grateful you people don't live here.
2003-09-20 08:35:08 PM  

thats $45 US which is about $7000 CDN, give or take a dollar
2003-09-20 08:36:01 PM  

not if they keep busting their crops
2003-09-20 08:49:15 PM  
$45 in DC as well. Don't ask me how I know that.
2003-09-20 08:53:03 PM  
This bust is nothin'. I live in Northern California and a few days ago the cops busted a garden with over 34,000 plants. They ended up shooting and killing a couple guys, too. The plants would have only needed about a month to three weeks before they were fully mature. Oh well, at least most of the growers on site were able to escape (they estimate 10 to 12 other people).
2003-09-20 08:54:12 PM  
35 for 1/8 of good stuff is standard in Ontario. 30 bucks if it's your buddy selling it to you. The government pot is only 5 bucks a gram. They make cookies with 2 grams that knock you on your ass for only 15 bucks. All Toronto people should get a pot card and go to the Care Centre. Half price pot and it's good! High THC and no unnecessary chemicals, very clean high but if you like those weird body buzzes caused by who knows what they add, you won't like this stuff.
Of course, you can always buy buddy's homegrown for 45-50 bucks a quarter but I'll pass.
2003-09-20 09:00:06 PM  
this deserves a sad tag.... :( Lol!
2003-09-20 09:01:28 PM  
If only it wasn't illegal, if I didn't get paranoid when using it, and if it didn't burn my throat... I'd love to smoke it.

I love the smell of pot. Haven't touched it since the early '80s. I didn't like the paranoia that went with it.
2003-09-20 09:06:49 PM  
Canadia has an army? I thought the only thing protecting Even Norther Dakota(tm) was a half-dozen zambonis, two mounties, a moose and a squirrel.

You learn something new every day.

/smartass American
2003-09-20 09:08:32 PM  
And the US, of course
2003-09-20 09:20:49 PM  
Fark won't let me submit google caches so here you go:​che:http %3A%2F%2Fwww.geocities.com%2Fcureworks2%2Fmedmar.htm

some guy saying marijuana can cure wtc smoke inhalation problems.
2003-09-20 09:22:41 PM  
Pot is a gateway drug. Next thing you know, you'll be knocking over liquor stores to support your crack habit.

/drunken flame-war starting mood.
2003-09-20 09:38:07 PM  

2003-09-20 09:47:19 PM  
Canada has a military?

2003-09-20 09:59:24 PM  
O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!
From far and wide,
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
2003-09-20 10:13:29 PM  
"True patriot love in all thy sons command." some thing about that line doesn't sound right, are you sure that's right?
2003-09-20 10:18:22 PM  
i have worked and continue to work with Canadian military people..
they arent totally useless, they talk hockey.
but outside of that...
2003-09-20 10:27:27 PM  
that's why we're so nice. we're always high.

2003-09-20 10:27:42 PM  
US expatriate draft dodgers rush to enlist in Canadian armed forces in droves...
2003-09-20 10:28:07 PM  
You poor guys. I can get an 1/8 of BC Bud for $20. $45US for an 1/8? Yikes!
2003-09-20 10:29:44 PM  
Where exactly IS Canandia?
2003-09-20 10:33:05 PM  
Hello_Kthullu: Asian gangs are hippies now?

No genius.. but only a hippy would be bright enough to plant shiat on an artilary range.
2003-09-20 10:33:11 PM  

You're ignorant. How's that working out for you?
2003-09-20 10:42:37 PM  
Now Asscroft is going to shut down those bong sites.Damn you narcs damn you straight to hell.
2003-09-20 11:03:31 PM  
The most down to earth chick I ever met was a pot head from Canada, couldn't get so lucky here in the South East. Most these girls have issues that you couldn't begin to deal with.

/Way off base
2003-09-20 11:14:16 PM  
An 1/8 of hydro can go up to $80 in New England, but the people who grow it are locals and usually get you high anyway.
2003-09-20 11:16:50 PM  
Pot plantations taking over Canandian military bases

bought time somebody took control up there.
2003-09-20 11:19:49 PM  
i mean 'bout' Fark!
2003-09-21 12:15:24 AM  
O Cananda!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!
From far and wide,
O Cananda, we stand on guard for thee.
God keep our land glorious and free!
O Cananda, we stand on guard for thee.
O Cananda, we stand on guard for thee.
2003-09-21 12:17:53 AM  
In related news, 98% of canadian soldiers are now unable to find the remote.
2003-09-21 12:25:49 AM  
Whoa there's a military base in Canada, let alone Quebec!
2003-09-21 12:49:08 AM  
whoa, and the one time you farked with them, they kicked your ass.
2003-09-21 01:04:47 AM  
Sorry to break it to you all, but I can get a 1/2 of nice stuff for $40. One nice thing about living in the middle of nowhere.
2003-09-21 01:29:21 AM  
who smokes pot anyway? If you want to be cool light up a marlboro duh!
/not really
2003-09-21 01:48:51 AM  
you mean great britain Gavino? it's like saying the ye olde colonies are responsible for turning canada into a bilingual nation.
2003-09-21 02:11:32 AM  
I'm going to see The Dead at the Gorge in Seattle tomorrow night. I'm about to pay US$45 for pot that I can get here in Vancouver for C$30 an 8th.

2003-09-21 02:13:10 AM  
Cultivating the boo downrange seems a result of too much Moosehead. But what can one expect from a defense force in an obscure outpost of the mighty British Commonwealth? Guess it keeps the seperatist frogs from doing much beyond bilingualating the majority.
/hegemonist flame in the bowl...
2003-09-21 02:37:49 AM  
street price here in honolulu hawaii is about $75 an 1/8th.
2003-09-21 02:38:39 AM  
but it is good. i just got back from amsterdam and it was about 15 an 1/8
2003-09-21 03:13:32 AM  
75$ USD an eighth, its around 30$ CDN an eighth or about 20$ USD
2003-09-21 03:19:18 AM  
"Whoa there's a military base in Canada, let alone Quebec!"

Many cities in Canada were founded as military bases, thus the reason so many cities start with Fort Saskatchewan, Fort Nelson, etc in Canada. Naturally however they don't all have military bases anymore, as artillery ranges inside cities isn't a welcome thing. However in most of the Western cities it is a daily sight to see military vehicles driving around wasting taxpayers money.

Any of you Americans ever see army vehicles driving around your cities often?
$20 CDN for an eighth in Edmonton, Northern Alberta.
2003-09-21 03:32:12 AM  
Canadia has an army? I thought the only thing protecting Even Norther Dakota(tm) was a half-dozen zambonis, two mounties, a moose and a squirrel.

When I first read your post, I read zambonis as zombies.

[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
2003-09-21 03:45:27 AM  
Hello_Kthullu "No genius.. but only a hippy would be bright enough to plant shiat on an artilary range."

That's actualy a very good place to grow it. Simply wait for a time yo know there isn't any shooting (either by casing the range, or asking a stoner soldier), plant it, and come back in a few months to harvest. Pot on an artillery range is also less likely to be stumbled across by the public or law enforcement.

Sure it's a little risky, but for $1mil you'd be suprised what people would do. Look at Fear Factor, they do that for $50k.
2003-09-21 03:46:18 AM  
But hey, don't let me rain on your hippie bashing parade, asshat.
2003-09-21 04:05:54 AM  
I've been told that the government marijuana prescribed by doctors is of such low quality it isn't even smokable.

Oh, and they grow it in a guarded compound several hundred meters below ground, in an abandoned mine shaft in Manitoba.
2003-09-21 06:03:44 AM  
Swords into plowshares, indeed.
2003-09-21 07:09:52 AM  
hahah live in america and pay 40us for an 8th i pay.... just over 15us for 1/8th so stick that in your pipe and smoke it
2003-09-21 07:35:58 AM  
Ohh no! Those evil plants that grow on mother earth!

2003-09-21 08:22:29 AM  
We should have kept marching and taken the rest of the US in 1814.
2003-09-21 09:12:39 AM  
Harley: Why the hell would you want to?
2003-09-21 09:21:19 AM  
it seems Canada has turned into the nation that i wish America would become- peaceful and always baked. of course I couldnt leave atlanta for fear of freezing in the wintertime.
2003-09-21 11:01:49 AM  
Nice to see somebody putting a military base to good use.
2003-09-21 11:15:05 AM  
I bet it was a range control officer who planted it. After all, he's the one who controls who goes where on the range.

"No, you can't go out there. It's ....dangerous."
2003-09-21 11:46:14 AM  
Must have been Tommy Chong. He's a Canadian pothead. Oh no, wait. They've locked him up because he's so dangerous to society... Oh well, you guys know where to go to biatch about that.
2003-09-21 12:03:05 PM  

then move to victoria. it doesn't snow here, and I get 1/8's for $25 ($17-ish USD), or sometimes $30.

/best city in canada
2003-09-21 12:11:39 PM  
This article is wiggety wack and diggety dank!
2003-09-21 01:27:02 PM  
Wow, more dumbass Americans than usual in this thread.
2003-09-21 02:02:08 PM  
I fear the man who lost his election to the rotting corpse.

/that is all.
2003-09-21 02:18:30 PM  
Wow, Mil-Spec pot.
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