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(BBC)   Boy goes to class drunk and nude, friends go blind after drinking alcohol mixture   ( news.bbc.co.uk) divider line
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2003-09-20 01:21:58 AM  

2003-09-20 01:22:16 AM  
It's always a go idea to drink random stuff found in a chem lab.
2003-09-20 01:24:17 AM  
there are authorities in Botswana?
2003-09-20 01:24:59 AM  
2003-09-20 01:28:49 AM  
Damn kids today. Can't hold their wood alcohol. When I was a kid, we'd drink varnish for breakfast. And we liked it!
2003-09-20 01:30:42 AM  
Wow. Those guys know how to party. I feel meek in comparison.
2003-09-20 01:32:14 AM  
Dear god...
2003-09-20 01:32:15 AM  
Too bad they dont tell all idiots what "denatured" alcohol is.
2003-09-20 01:32:22 AM  
What, no pics?

Did he have a big weener?
2003-09-20 01:33:29 AM  
Us here Suthners no how ta drink our shine rite. Wit lotsa lead, bugs, an rat droppins. Wut a buncha dumasses.
2003-09-20 01:33:37 AM  
A few years back there were some kids in town who got a hold of what they thought was Everclear in a gallon milk jug. Turns out it was methanol. One died. Stupid kids.
2003-09-20 01:33:47 AM  
maybe there was a hotel party at the school and they didn't realize the chem lab wasn't part of it
2003-09-20 01:34:32 AM  
pnutbot: MatshaSchoolboy is a gangster.
2003-09-20 01:35:53 AM  
Probably wasn't the mixture at all. The AIDS just got to them a couple hours after they drank the stuff.

/round-trip, cheaper fare that way
2003-09-20 01:36:39 AM  
Man, it's bad enough in third world countries. Now they can't even get some decent booze. I remember doing roughly the same thing when I was that age, but it consisted of mixing all of the liquor in my parent's cabinet into one deadly concoction, called a "Cactus Cooler" to some. Basically it was Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Bourbon, Creme de Cocao, etc. Tasted damn gnarly to be sure, but I downed it (about 1/2 a 32. Oz plastic cup) Got blind stinking drunk, but didn't go blind. Poor kids just wanted to tie one off.
2003-09-20 01:36:45 AM  
Them Botswanan's can PARTY!
2003-09-20 01:37:46 AM  
I would like to comment but I I I I I am drunk and nude.
2003-09-20 01:38:01 AM  
This sort of behavior makes this guy masterbate feariously

[image from image.pathfinder.com too old to be available]
2003-09-20 01:38:51 AM  
Farker1:now thats just funny!
Farker2: no its not!!
Farker3: I submited this 3 days ago and it was funnier.
Farker1: Boobies!
Farker5: who enabled voting?
Farker1:wheres JhondX pics of boobries??!!
2003-09-20 01:39:46 AM  
Love that username: One_Fierce_Camel_Toe
2003-09-20 01:44:17 AM  
Now we know why this guy is so pissed. Damn kids stealing his booze.
2003-09-20 01:44:30 AM  
Darwin in action. Everyone knows that methanol makes you go blind and/or die. And even if you didn't... Why the hell would you drink random chemicals in a lab? Jesus H. Christ on a trampoline.
2003-09-20 01:45:12 AM  

[image from angelfire.com too old to be available]
2003-09-20 01:45:54 AM  
somebody failed chemistry
2003-09-20 01:48:57 AM  
didn't they read the standard warning?

"does not contain, nor is intended as a substitute for grain or ethyl alcohol"

I see this on every bottle of rubbing alcohol I have.
If you want to have fun in a Chem lab do what I did, release some Nitrous Oxide (NO2). And add that to the THC in your blood stream from the joint you smoked before class. High School.. good times, got an A in chem too.
2003-09-20 01:49:55 AM  
I really want to hear from the guy that was there and offered (even pressured) to join in, but didn't. Please, let that person exist.
2003-09-20 01:50:23 AM  
Damn, Mantour, you beat me to it.

In every science class I had where we used methanol for something, we were told "this will not get you drunk. This can KILL you."
2003-09-20 01:52:59 AM  
Usually the more potent alcohol consumed, the more people around you start looking good. This story tells us that the most attractive people around are just two pinpricks away from being seen.
2003-09-20 01:58:26 AM  

Remember folks if you see the letters "METH" attached to any sort of "-COHOL", you don't wanna drink it.

Works good for starting your car in the winter or de-icing your locks though.

2003-09-20 02:00:47 AM  
Sure that's how they went blind . . . sure it is.
2003-09-20 02:02:14 AM  
Yup. That'll happen.

Just the old Darwin thinning the heard.

Ain't nuttin' wrong with that.
2003-09-20 02:04:38 AM  
I was gonna make a Darwin comment. But Im not gonna...oops!
2003-09-20 02:07:33 AM  
darwin, what a narcissistic bastard. Just 'cause i reproduce asexually...
2003-09-20 02:09:55 AM  
I heard they were trying to make a Flaming Moe.
2003-09-20 02:13:39 AM  
It's great to see our western influence around the world in the fashion of "ordering investigations."
2003-09-20 02:15:18 AM  
Attention students: "How stupid can you be" is not, I repeat, NOT meant as a challenge.
2003-09-20 02:17:16 AM  
Yeah, but I bet the buzz was killer! oh wait.
2003-09-20 02:31:15 AM  
Evolution in action.
2003-09-20 02:41:20 AM  
I can't help but want to know more about why this kid went to class nude. Did this kid just walk to class naked? And no one stopped him?? Did he sit at his desk as if everthing was normal? It's the details that really make the story, you know.
2003-09-20 02:48:02 AM  
I can't wait for the made for tv movie about this.
2003-09-20 02:50:12 AM  
I am posting on an internet forum on Fark.com
2003-09-20 02:56:25 AM  
another fine example of needing a
"bonehead" tag

2003-09-20 03:26:35 AM  
Methanoic Alcohol = BAD NEWS.

Dumb kids had it coming!
2003-09-20 04:57:43 AM  
AAAAAArrrrrrrr!!! 'Tis lightwieghtst who be gettin' a' purged because the do not handle their rum!! Mines made from infernal grains and a touch of methanol fer ye kiddies. May ye rot into the erth wewe I naw grog ye bastages. Walk teh plank, wuirmz!! An' don't touch teh grog!!!~!
[image from cmu.edu too old to be available]
2003-09-20 08:01:04 AM  
I think pirate day is offically over now.
2003-09-20 08:12:28 AM  
Boy goes to class drunk and nude...

Man, this has happend to me so many times... Don't you just hate when that happens? My PHIL 102 prof asked me "Where are your pants." and I thought it was some kind logic puzzle or philosophical question. But no, He was really asking where my pants were.
2003-09-20 08:25:56 AM  
thats farking funny....you diserve to go blind if you are stupid enough to drink that shiat.....hope they stay blind forever....
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2003-09-20 08:33:19 AM  
LincolnLogolas: we were told "this will not get you drunk. This can KILL you."

I think that's wrong. It gets you drunk and kills you.

Can you taste the difference between ethanol and methanol?
2003-09-20 08:36:02 AM  
[image from home.att.net too old to be available]

Blind and naked, Mr. Christian!
2003-09-20 08:40:51 AM  
[image from liketelevision.com too old to be available]
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