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(Starpulse)   Amanda Seyfried: 'I can't believe nobody wanted to see Megan Fox and me hitting it'   ( starpulse.com) divider line
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2011-09-15 09:25:12 AM  
Megan "Four Thumbs" Fox, no.

Kristen Bell, YES!

/get HBO to buy the farking rights for a prequel, Rob!
2011-09-15 09:29:01 AM  

ArkAngel: Why would we watch you kiss Megan Fox when we can watch you finger Julianne Moore?

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I just got that movie in the mail from Netflix for that exact scene. Should have just came to fark, I guess.
2011-09-15 10:23:35 AM  
I'm sure I'll take crap for saying this but... I had a threesome after watching Jennifer's Body so it holds a special place in my heart...

2011-09-15 10:24:51 AM  

ArkAngel: Why would we watch you kiss Megan Fox when we can watch you finger Julianne Moore?

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2011-09-15 10:39:59 AM  

LarryDan43: Not everyone can see the things you can Amanda, we don't all have eyes spaced far enough apart to get a 360 degree view of our world.

2011-09-15 10:45:14 AM  
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2011-09-15 10:57:23 AM  

solcofn: [i2.photobucket.com image 375x282]

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2011-09-15 10:59:58 AM  
[image from jojonews.com too old to be available]

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2011-09-15 11:02:16 AM  

strangeguitar: If the whole 90 minutes were you two doing every conceivable sex act that two woman can do together.....then...maybe I'd take a gander.


It depends how you watch it.
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I can get through several movies in a night!
2011-09-15 11:17:43 AM  

jasimo: You know, I'd heard that Juno was a good film with a good script, so I was looking forward to it. Lasted about 10 minutes before I turned it off.

Juno is a movie that I think would work much better as a book. Hearing the words "Honest to blog?" spoken out loud just make me angry.
2011-09-15 11:57:14 AM  

DSF6969: solcofn: [i2.photobucket.com image 375x282]

[www.thirdraildesignlab.com image 338x450]

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Fark needs more people like you.
2011-09-15 12:26:39 PM  

solcofn: [i2.photobucket.com image 375x282]

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2011-09-15 01:30:10 PM  

PillsHere: solcofn: [i2.photobucket.com image 375x282]

[t1.gstatic.com image 197x256]

[t2.gstatic.com image 259x194]

[t1.gstatic.com image 284x177]

[t1.gstatic.com image 314x160]

[t2.gstatic.com image 300x168]

[t2.gstatic.com image 310x163]

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2011-09-15 07:54:31 PM  
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