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(Daily Mail)   Daughter of F1 boss spends $1.6 million on crystal bathtub, says "it's worth it"   ( dailymail.co.uk) divider line
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2011-09-11 10:35:54 PM  

jmr61: I'm torn between wanting to smack the shiat out of her and farking her in her butt.

Not me. I've narrowed the choices down to one--fark her in the butt.

Grease up, Baby.
2011-09-11 10:58:30 PM  
Did anyone actually look at her pictures? She is hot. farking hot. I mean really farking hot.
2011-09-11 11:17:49 PM  

MBA Whore: Did anyone actually look at her pictures? She is hot. farking hot. I mean really farking hot.

Not really. She has these weird thighs with no calf muscles that signals "giant porker in 5 years".
2011-09-11 11:56:36 PM  

robmilmel: iollow: Not necessarily true. The bank lends that money out.

It used to be a joke (sorta), but now it's really true: you can only get a loan if you don't need it.

I needed a loan to buy a car earlier this year and my house last year and I got them. Your conclusion is flawed.
2011-09-12 12:43:15 AM  
You can't take it with you.
2011-09-12 12:53:18 AM  

JRoo: "she recently 'dispatched' five minions on an expedition 'up the Amazon' to gather crystal"

Is she a member of Cobra? The Legion of Doom?

If she is, she's got a perfect cover as "vapid rich biatch". She's not getting a giant crystal from the Amazon to power her weather-control device, she's getting a giant crystal to use as a new bathtub. Ingenious!

I wonder if she actually used the term "minions", though. I guess it doesn't matter, I'm adding it to a list of things to do if I ever find myself a millionaire or better:

78: I will refer to all my employees, from my CPA to my lawyer on retainer, as my minions. Even on the official paperwork.

/The pictured tub is actually kind of cool looking. Not very comfy or worth 1.6 mil, but better than the giant Swarosvki salad bowl I was expecting.
2011-09-12 01:21:30 AM  
We remodeled our master bath last year.

Judging from the comments in this thread, I'm not going to mention what we (over)paid for our bath tub.
2011-09-12 01:29:40 AM  
$1.6 mil for a tub.
And people wonder why there are riots in London?
2011-09-12 01:52:32 AM  
I too want to think it's ridiculous, but then again, it's not my money or my place to judge people like that.
2011-09-12 02:31:08 AM  
3.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size
2011-09-12 01:53:37 PM  

Ex Parte Gilligan:
[cache.gawker.com image 599x654]

What the fark, man? UR SUPOSED TO AKS PERMISSON.
2011-09-12 03:48:46 PM  

CitizenTed: First against the wall come the revolution!

Seriously, though: I find that level of gluttony disgusting. If you gave me a billion dollars I would not buy a giant $2M bathtub. It would be humiliating to own such a ridiculous thing. I'd have a normal bathtub like everyone else. I'd have a quiet, normal house with room for me, mine and a couple guests. I'd drive a decent car, like maybe an Audi A6. I'd travel first class, but I wouldn't buy a Lear jet. I'd live well and happily, but never ostentatiously.

Aaron Spelling's Bel Air mansion? Rolls Royce convertible? I find that kind of crap repulsive. And yes, I'm being serious. If that's what you aspire to, if that's what you think makes life grand, you need a reality check and a big dose of sympathy because you are farked.

Your point is taken, however;
1) "Normal" tubs don't fit a six foot frame. I would get one spacious enough for myself and a size 6 (upper-end of scale) lady.
2) House - spot on, give me 3,500-4000 ft and plenty of acreage.
3) Love the A8 but I've heard more and more the brand is a shop queen.
4) First class or charter something private.

Quantum Apostrophe: MBA Whore: Did anyone actually look at her pictures? She is hot. farking hot. I mean really farking hot.

Not really. She has these weird thighs with no calf muscles that signals "giant porker liposuction in 5 years".

2011-09-12 04:25:47 PM  

Darth Macho: How luxury goods 'stimulate' the economy.

Item: $1.6 million crystal bathtub.
$1.2 million: Crystal dealer/broker/locator
$300,000: Private security, bribes to South American government, transport
$50,000: Accountant to write off expenses as charity
$30,000: Contractors to install plumbing fixtures
$18,000: Cocaine ("We were passing through Bolivia coming back")
$1,700: Food and petty expenses
$300: Team of over 70 68 62 impoverished natives to extract giant piece of crystal from side of mountain

So technically it does create jobs...

Yes but much like paying someone to dig a ditch and fill it again, just "creating a job" doesn't actually help the economy. Jobs that actually increase the GDP (and creatives something productive that can be traded to other nations) grows the economy and allows for both more revenue towards government as well as greater purchasing power for the resources of the world. That allows more resources to flow into the U.S. and thus, increases the amount of wealth for everyone.

In short, not all jobs are helpful and many serve as only a temporary boost to a business that has no business being a business.

2011-09-12 05:06:28 PM  
If I had that much money, i'd create a gaming company to create another vampire the masquerade and I wouldn't give them unrealistic deadlines to get the game finished.
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