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(ESPN)   Can Vodka Collins lead the Colts to victory? Will Sexy Rexy unleash the dargon? Will all the changes made by the 49ers even make a difference? It's the NFL Week 1 thread (games start at 1pm eastern on Fox and CBS)   ( scores.espn.go.com) divider line
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1193 clicks; posted to Sports » on 11 Sep 2011 at 12:00 PM (6 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2011-09-11 01:21:42 PM  

picodenico: Whoa.

The horses. That commercial only ran once I do believe.

Whoa. You're right. Mygod. Aaaaaaaaaugh dammit they need to stop that.

F'in allergies.
2011-09-11 01:21:43 PM  
Can't ask for much better than that against Jamaal Charles. 1 run for about 3 yards.
2011-09-11 01:21:49 PM  
3-0 Texans leading the Colts
2011-09-11 01:21:49 PM  

DamnYankees: Is Fark being slow for anyone else today?

Between 9/11 and week 1 football postings, I'm not surprised.
2011-09-11 01:22:01 PM  
I know nobody cares by my fantasy team, Antonio Smith's Pool Party, has Brees, Chris Johnson, Steven Jackson, and Felix Jones. Nobody is beating this team!
2011-09-11 01:22:06 PM  
Texans - Colts both trying hard to lose the game.
2011-09-11 01:22:12 PM  
Good to see that the Texans still act like the Texans when the game begins..

2 receivers touch the ball, no one catches it.
2011-09-11 01:22:15 PM  
2011-09-11 01:22:17 PM  

DamnYankees: Is Fark being slow for anyone else today?

it was slow for the college games too
2011-09-11 01:22:17 PM  

dholway: DamnYankees: Is Fark being slow for anyone else today?

Yep. Laaaaaags.

Oh good, so it isn't just me.

2011-09-11 01:22:35 PM  
Go Lions!

Good first drive, terrible kick off coverage, awesome defense, I'm happy so far.
2011-09-11 01:22:36 PM  

DamnYankees: If anyone is curious, CBS is still doing the memorial thing here, hasn't switched to football. Maybe I deserve to go to hell for saying so, but come on.

What ticks me off about it is that they had put up an overlay to say that they would switch to Bradshaw and the boys, and that 9/11 memorial coverage would continue on channel 9. What happened with that plan?

I blame Obama.
2011-09-11 01:22:41 PM  
Damn, Desean was doubled but still got that.
2011-09-11 01:22:44 PM  
Wow, Desean Jackson just saved an interception.
2011-09-11 01:23:08 PM  
DamnYankees: Is Fark being slow for anyone else today?

I was just about to ask the same question.

nthallid: I might be an asshole for saying this, but is EVERY major US corporation going to capitalize on 9/11 each commercial break?


But the Budwesier Clydesdales ad caught me completely off guard as I thought it was only going to run the one time, which I'm pretty sure was the Super Bowl in 2002. I remember back then it was really powerful.
2011-09-11 01:23:15 PM  
Does anyone else think that moving the kickoff spot was a terrible decision? Taking a knee or letting the ball go out of the back of the end zone really isn't all that exciting.
2011-09-11 01:23:17 PM  
Holy christ, Desean Jackson just bailed Vick out seriously. Vick is looking awful but got a "should have been picked" ball to pinball into DJack's hands.
2011-09-11 01:23:17 PM  
DeSean Jackson. Gotta love him. Gotta hate.
2011-09-11 01:23:29 PM  

dholway: DamnYankees: Is Fark being slow for anyone else today?

Yep. Laaaaaags.

Drew brought back the servers from 2001 in tribute.
2011-09-11 01:23:33 PM  
So almost all the underdogs are up by 7. Vegas smiles.
2011-09-11 01:23:41 PM  
Rams are doing a great job on defense today.
2011-09-11 01:23:45 PM  
Goddammit i hate Desean Jackson
2011-09-11 01:23:58 PM  
Thank god, the Hoc-ster and his guns are back for another season.
2011-09-11 01:24:04 PM  
Matty Ice just took a shot after that pass.
2011-09-11 01:24:04 PM  
Rams have a pretty quick D, running on the outside doesn't seem like a good move.
2011-09-11 01:24:19 PM  
Just saw Steven Jackson's TD run. Looked like he was trying to cut in line at Dicks.
2011-09-11 01:24:37 PM  
Looking at Ed Hochuli, I am thinking they need test refs for hgh/steroids
2011-09-11 01:24:40 PM  
Bears walking right through the Falcons O-line, but Ryan's keeping calm and getting the ball away.
2011-09-11 01:24:43 PM  
Wow, nice catch Ravens.

Too bad about the flag.
2011-09-11 01:24:43 PM  
Stupid penalty, Rams. Come on.
2011-09-11 01:24:48 PM  


/Thank GOD I bought beer.


*rocks back and forth*
2011-09-11 01:24:48 PM  
Vick just made his first really good throw.
2011-09-11 01:24:49 PM  
Eagles moving.

/wait, who got the penalty?
2011-09-11 01:24:50 PM  
You know, I like Billick doing color.
2011-09-11 01:25:08 PM  
Flaco looks like a kid out there.
2011-09-11 01:25:18 PM  

Di Atribe: Goddammit i hate Desean Jackson

2011-09-11 01:25:21 PM  
...did I just see a Fiat commercial?
2011-09-11 01:25:23 PM  
Simms saying it's a shame that hold was called?

are you stupid?
2011-09-11 01:25:23 PM  
Holy crap, refs are actually calling holds against harrison now.
2011-09-11 01:25:28 PM  
Nice to see the usual suspects in here...YAY for football!
2011-09-11 01:25:32 PM  
2011-09-11 01:26:03 PM  
Dammit Browns and Eagles. Apparently the Browns forgot to bring an offensive line
2011-09-11 01:26:04 PM  
48-yard Falcons FGA is barely good.

3-3 Matt Bryant/Robbie Gould, 5:24 1st.
2011-09-11 01:26:05 PM  
ALMOST PICKED OFF. Damn, Rams could have had that.
2011-09-11 01:26:26 PM  
Vick gets hit late... again. Looks like the rest of the league realizes that the seconds he goes down, the Eagles aren't all that special anymore. A little 15 yard penalty here and there is worth it.
2011-09-11 01:26:27 PM  
Fumble! Houston football!
2011-09-11 01:26:30 PM  
Is Michael Oher still alive?
2011-09-11 01:26:38 PM  
2011-09-11 01:26:38 PM  
GardenWeasel: Drew brought back the servers from 2001 in tribute.

Oh god I hate you right now.

/nicely done
2011-09-11 01:26:54 PM  
So much lag that as soon as I comment on a play, another one has happened.
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