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(NCBuy)   2004 U.S. presidential election could hinge on how candidates react to the extraterrestrial issue   ( divider line
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2003-09-17 10:15:24 AM  
2003-09-17 10:15:46 AM  
2003-09-17 10:16:57 AM  
probing questions? Yes, that's the kind of stuff I will base my vote on.
2003-09-17 10:17:57 AM  
It's an important question, since proof of the existance of aliens will be revealed during the next 4 years. I'm not kidding.
2003-09-17 10:18:48 AM  

... ?
2003-09-17 10:19:11 AM  
Won't we know either way when the Mayan calendar ends on December 23, 2012 ?
2003-09-17 10:20:15 AM  
General Clark is the one to ask.
2003-09-17 10:21:16 AM  
I thought we got all the information we needed when it was found out that Hillary Clinton was an alien from the Planet Lesbos. Or did Capt. Kirk just tell me that in a dream...

/too many adult happy meals I guess
2003-09-17 10:21:25 AM  
Now we know why Art Bell is returning to radio, again.
2003-09-17 10:22:03 AM  
Fark Party at AREA 51 ?
2003-09-17 10:22:52 AM  
Too bad Jerry Brown ain't running.
2003-09-17 10:23:02 AM  
Heh heh. He said "probing".
2003-09-17 10:23:33 AM  
I blame the right. The republicans are all aliens, and they are trying to cover up.

/flame on
2003-09-17 10:24:29 AM  
Extraterrestrials are already running every aspect of our lives down to our very thoughts. The entire human race is under the global mind control of the Elohim. The election hinges on which candidates best deny these claims. Those candidates who want to blow the lid will find themselves the victims of an assassination. JFK wanted to reveal everything after they had to kill Monroe because JFK accidently blurted some secrets to her. Then the Elohim had to start killing every subsequent Kennedy family member to make sure they wouldn't snitch.
2003-09-17 10:24:58 AM  
About Roswell.
The fact that the army released info claiming it was a flying saucer and later stating it was just a weather balloon should of been a scandal anyway, if our soldiers can't tell the difference between a UFO and a farking balloon...
2003-09-17 10:25:37 AM  
I have no idea CONSUME what you are talking PRODUCE about, SlowmOBEYriot.
2003-09-17 10:25:43 AM  
The only thing I know is that the aliens will be really pissed when we ignite Lucifer and vaporize Europa.
2003-09-17 10:25:51 AM  
Yep, they're going to tell us all about the Lizard Men that live under the WhiteHouse. I think their headquarters is under the Denver International Airport. Do a google search for "Denver Airport Aliens" and you'll get some good stuff.
2003-09-17 10:26:19 AM  
I actually have a video of "Project: Disclosure", and it's fairly interesting. Lot's of former military types swearing that UFOs are real.

/Hold on, my tinfoil hat fell off.
2003-09-17 10:27:51 AM  
Planet X in '04. It's gotta be better than anything the Earth has to offer.
2003-09-17 10:28:35 AM  
Cuckoo, Cuckoo, Cuckoo...

[image from too old to be available]
2003-09-17 10:29:18 AM  
Speaking of the Denver Airport, has anyone else been there? There's some creepy stuff there, like murals of men wearing biohazard masks and carrying guns, weird words written on the walls and floors in strange languages, strange statues and things. I had a 4 hour layover there last year, and it creeped me out. I later found other people on the web that noticed the same things.
2003-09-17 10:29:34 AM  
kang or kodos?

decisions, decisions....
2003-09-17 10:30:17 AM  
He's somewhat right... Earth has been broadcasting lightspeed transmissions throughout our atmosphere for about 90 years now, such as radio and TV... If there IS an alien race out there with sensitive enough ears tuned to the sky ("Ears" figuratiely meaning radio telescopes, much like ours) and they are within 90 lightyears of us: they will have heard at least the beginnings of our mumbling. if they were to be developing at the same speed as the rest of us: then they will also be sending out all these radio waves for pickup.

There are over 200 stars within 65 light years of earth... only one has to have a habitable planet...
2003-09-17 10:31:58 AM  
Candidate Kang: Abortions for all!
Audience: BOO!
Kang: Okay... Abortions for none!
Audience: BOO!
Kang: Hmmnn... Abortions for some, tiny American flags for others!
Audience: YAAY!!!
2003-09-17 10:32:07 AM  
voldemort if airport murals bring you to the edge of hysteria i'd hate to see what would happen to you in a modern art museum...

2003-09-17 10:32:11 AM  
i personally think the hotbutton issue for voters will be what we're going to do about the bigfoot problem.

[image from too old to be available]

I'm sick and tired of losing jobs to these beasts.
2003-09-17 10:32:42 AM  
it's like calvin said :

"i think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there is that no one has tried to contact us yet."
2003-09-17 10:33:51 AM  
yet another proof Arnold will rise to political power.. afterall he's already got the experience..
2003-09-17 10:34:18 AM  
Did ancient astronauts land at the Denver International Airport thousands of years ago? And consider: the Denver Airport is a popular gathering place for airplanes. Only a few years ago, the famous singer John Denver died IN A PLANE CRASH!

2003-09-17 10:34:21 AM  
The Persistence of Time was the world's first anti-clock painting, showing that not only was Salvador Dali ahead of his time, but that he really hated clock movies.
2003-09-17 10:34:27 AM  
I don't know why this is unlikely. I, for one, will welcome our extraterrestrial overlords when they reveal themselves for all to see.
2003-09-17 10:34:38 AM  
Yes - a highly relevant topic these days. Just ask a Raelian.
2003-09-17 10:36:13 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-09-17 10:36:14 AM  
"We make great pets"
2003-09-17 10:37:51 AM  
Gas mask & gun murals at DIA? I flew in and out of there last summer but I have to tell you I didn't notice those.

I had a horrible breakfast burrito there though, it was just dry tortilla with too much gross stuff and not enough meat & cheese.

2003-09-17 10:39:31 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2003-09-17 10:40:08 AM  
The alien invasion ratio: multiply the amount of lightyears that it would take the earliest 700 club broadcast to reach a certain region of space by 2, and if an alien species can travel at the speed of light, then that is how long it will take for them to come kick our ass.
2003-09-17 10:40:14 AM  
Here's one of the murals from the Denver Airport:
[image from too old to be available]

Tell me why that belongs in an airport? Here's a page with some of the other creepy paintings in the airport:

Denver Airport Murals

Here's another discussion
2003-09-17 10:41:06 AM  

I actually have a video of "Project: Disclosure", and it's fairly interesting. Lot's of former military types swearing that UFOs are real.

I have little doubt that UFO-like (antigravity?) flying vehicles are in existence. I'm willing to bet that the are propoerty of the US government, and not piloted by little green men however.

Yes, I work for NASA, but I am not privy to any information because of my job (NASA is a mostly a civilian agency after all).
2003-09-17 10:44:06 AM  
Tell me why that belongs in an airport? Here's a page with some of the other creepy paintings in the airport

Denver, Colorado... c'mon, this is just the work of some over acided 60 year old hippy whose been listeing to closely to what her crystals have been telling her lately, OR a 9th grade ARt class with too many Dali books layin' about

/part of the cover up, you decide
2003-09-17 10:44:11 AM  
image link = [image from too old to be available]
2003-09-17 10:44:52 AM  
Oh, here's an even better discussion and pics of the weird murals in the Denver airport:

Weird Murals

I forgot about the one with the dead woman in the coffin, and the slaughtered babies. See for yourself. I'm not making this stuff up.
2003-09-17 10:45:11 AM  
gis for tin foil hat

[image from too old to be available]
2003-09-17 10:45:57 AM  
Oops, messed up the html:

Another Weird Murals discussion
2003-09-17 10:46:26 AM  
Someone made an artistic interpretation of the movie of Pink Floyd: The Wall i guess. OMG Its strange modern art! RUN AWAY!
2003-09-17 10:46:58 AM  
Dammit, where's my html privelages. Surely they haven't been taken away for this?

2003-09-17 10:48:10 AM  
actually those airport murals are mad freaky. i stand corrected.
2003-09-17 10:48:28 AM  
Dogs and Cats living together. Mass hysteria!
2003-09-17 10:49:13 AM  
Do they have oil?
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