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(Guardian)   Getting a tan in the UK has its hazards: "I awoke to find a man crouching behind me, having a right old play with his meat and two veg"   ( guardian.co.uk) divider line
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2011-09-01 09:07:27 PM  
Worse than the pork pies, though, are the sandwiches. There is a feeling which persists in England that making a sandwich interesting, attractive, or in any way pleasant to eat is something sinful that only foreigners do.

"Make 'em dry" is the instruction buried somewhere in the collective national consciousness, "make 'em rubbery. If you have to keep the buggers fresh, do it by washing 'em once a week."

It is by eating sandwiches in pubs at Saturday lunchtime that the British seek to atone for whatever their national sins have been. They're not altogether clear what those sins are, and don't want to know either. Sins are not the sort of things one wants to know about. But whatever sins there are are amply atoned for by the sandwiches they make themselves eat.

If there is anything worse than the sandwiches, it is the sausages which sit next to them. Joyless tubes, full of gristle, floating in a sea of something hot and sad, stuck with a plastic pin in the shape of a chefs hat: a memorial, one feels, for some chef who hated the world, and died, forgotten and alone among his cats on a back stair in Stepney.

The sausages are for the ones who know what their sins are and wish to atone for something specific.

2011-09-01 11:29:32 PM  

Gulper Eel: ...Worse than the pork pies, though, are the sandwiches.

Q: What's worse than an english hamburger of lousy mince and impure heritage?

A: Making the mistake of ordering a hamburger instead of ordering a beefburger and being served an even worse mince made of dried up pork.
2011-09-01 11:31:11 PM  

MrKevvy: "I awoke to find a man crouching behind me, having a right old play with his meat and two veg."

[static.guim.co.uk image 140x140]

No, you were still dreaming.

Maybe the dude was gay and thought "it" was another dude?
2011-09-02 01:20:56 AM  
Ironically, the sun isn't there.

I do like the white privilege thing though, I'll have to remember that.
2011-09-02 08:43:25 AM  

Slaxl: To me "holiday" and "vacation" are both well known words and are essentially interchangable

Over here, a "holiday" is a day that (nearly) everyone gets off from work and the business itself often even closes... (Think Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc...) A "vacation" is time off for you specifically of your own choosing, which impacts no one else at work... They are definitely not interchangable...
2011-09-02 04:20:34 PM  
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Got some lotion in her hair.
2011-09-03 09:40:21 AM  
In a beach near Montreal, Oka to be exact, there is a nice outta way nude gay beach. On this beach men would advertise themselves sunbathing with lube and a condom right next to them. I think this is where the sombrero pict came from.

How do i know? Well, huh, it appeared in a french newspaper in Montreal.

Yeah, ( is off trying to find the english article, cant find it ) heuhhh.


HEY! Im really telling the truth! Guys? Guys?
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