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2001-10-31 06:31:28 PM  
I have to say... I am pretty ok with that list.
2001-10-31 06:32:04 PM  
and I don't care what number post I am........
2001-10-31 06:32:48 PM  
What a crappy list. The only ones I agree with are The Exorcist and The Shining. All the rest just plain suck. Why isn't Alien on the list?
2001-10-31 06:33:11 PM  
Good list. Never saw Suspiria. I've heard it's plenty scary/gory though.
2001-10-31 06:33:44 PM  
Oh come now, you didn't think the Evil Dead was scary?
2001-10-31 06:35:20 PM  
all those movies are/were scary to some degree....

like 'em or not. Aliens does not deserve to be up there... NOT a horror movie.......
2001-10-31 06:35:30 PM  
Eh. They forgot The Changeling.
2001-10-31 06:36:14 PM  
Where's "Nightmare on Elm Street"?
2001-10-31 06:36:21 PM  
I guess I can live with this list...
Aliens isn't scary as much as it is action and freaky...

Am sad "Glitter" wasn't on it.
2001-10-31 06:37:08 PM  
"Glitter" should be 0 (i.e., ahead of 1)!!!
2001-10-31 06:37:23 PM  
Scariest Movie EVER!!!

<img src="http://www.nostalgia.com/posters/43850.JPG"
2001-10-31 06:37:36 PM  
[image from nostalgia.com too old to be available]
2001-10-31 06:39:39 PM  
How about "Basic Instinct"? Glen Close topless, now that's scary!
2001-10-31 06:39:53 PM  
Not Aliens - that is an action movie. Alien - the first one, that is far scarier than Rosemary's Baby. Besides, this list say "10 Scariest Movies" not "10 Scariest Horror flicks"
2001-10-31 06:41:58 PM  
Must agree with you there, Ouroborus. Alien was much scarier that Aliens. Rosemary's baby had boobies, though, so by default it goes on the list.
2001-10-31 06:42:29 PM  
Where is Jaws or ?
2001-10-31 06:42:46 PM  
I agree, Alien was really farking scary, especially before all the clones that ripped off the plot. Ridley Scott rules.
2001-10-31 06:42:53 PM  
I can't believe they missed "The Stuff."
2001-10-31 06:43:21 PM  
Chainsaw, now that movie freaked me out. It wasn't even all that gory, just freaky!
2001-10-31 06:43:21 PM  
Silence of the Lambs?
2001-10-31 06:45:44 PM  
Silence of the Lambs definitely belongs in this list.
2001-10-31 06:46:14 PM  
I agree Alien should definatley be on the list. I agree with The Exorcist being the scariest, and The Shining being somewhere on the list is good.

Who knows maybe Bill Gates made the list it is on MSN.
2001-10-31 06:46:26 PM  
Hmmm...there's one they forgot.
[image from dreamwater.com too old to be available]
Oh no! Not the Leprechaun!!!
2001-10-31 06:46:46 PM  
I guess no one can dispute #1 though. I saw "The Exorcist" in the theater last year. Nearly peed in my pants.
2001-10-31 06:47:08 PM  
pah! msn.com - my browser doesn't support msn.com
2001-10-31 06:47:18 PM  
2001-10-31 06:47:29 PM  
No Hitchcock? Come on, at least Psycho.
2001-10-31 06:50:17 PM  
I've been thinking about Psycho...most of his stuff is suspenseful but not scary. Hmmmmm.........
2001-10-31 06:50:18 PM  
[image from images.amazon.com too old to be available]

Nobody will back me up on that?
2001-10-31 06:50:29 PM  
Maybe just the shower scene in Psycho. A lot of movies have individual scenes that are scary, but the movies in entirety are not. Like Scream. The first scene was one of the scariest I've ever seen, but the rest of the movie was kinda light-hearted.
2001-10-31 06:50:46 PM  
I'd recommend "The Hitcher" as well.
2001-10-31 06:51:22 PM  
Maybe Psycho should get a mention just because it was the first slasher movie. First good one, anyway.
2001-10-31 06:52:09 PM  
...you're right, SuperJoe. Psycho deserves to be on the list.
2001-10-31 06:52:18 PM  
where is "C.H.U.D." on this list?!?!?
2001-10-31 06:53:14 PM  
Jakjak...Glenn Close topless: you're thinking of "Fatal Attraction"...
2001-10-31 06:54:08 PM  
Sorry, Thorn. You're right.
*shoots self in foot*
2001-10-31 06:56:34 PM  
Basic Instinct has Sharon Stone showing off her hoo-haw to Michael Douglas and Newman from Sienfeld.
2001-10-31 06:59:29 PM  
Yes - Alien deserves to be on the list - does anyone else watch that movie and yell at the crew "fark that danm cat"

My nomination that has not been mentioned:

[image from concentric.net too old to be available]
2001-10-31 06:59:31 PM  
I have to agree with whoever said Nightmare on Elmstreet, the first one was what a teen slasher movie was supposed to be, growing up around that time, that movie was a must rent for spending the night at a friends.
2001-10-31 07:00:23 PM  
What about Jacob's Ladder!!!????
2001-10-31 07:01:28 PM  
I mean look at it:

[image from sci-fi-toys.com too old to be available]

and that's a toy!
2001-10-31 07:01:38 PM  
I've never been more afraid than when Wilford Brimley looses it in "The Thing" form the 80's, though the movie as a whole doesn't cut it.. Also, nit-picking over the genre doesn't make sense to me. Scary is scary.
2001-10-31 07:02:52 PM  
Carnival of Souls is so NOT scary. I can think of several Twilight Zone episodes scarier than that dumb flick.
2001-10-31 07:03:05 PM  
Good call on "Jacob's Ladder."
2001-10-31 07:03:27 PM  
What about "The Sound of Music?"
2001-10-31 07:03:54 PM  
Wait a minute...What about Barbarella? Now that was a good whore movie!
2001-10-31 07:04:28 PM  
Its hard to believe none of Clive Barkers work made it. not that its overtly scary, but the way he makes terrible things so beautiful is more twisted than salem's lot for farks sake
2001-10-31 07:05:34 PM  
What? No Carrie? Even the edited version of that movie freaks me out. Although for me, the real #1 scary movie will always be The Birds.
2001-10-31 07:10:18 PM  
why am i the only one that didnt think the exorcist wasnt scary? i wanna be scared too :(

maybe i just wasnt in the right mood or something.
2001-10-31 07:11:01 PM  

*sigh* why am i the only one that didnt think the exorcist *was* scary. asfdkjahsdjkhfaksd
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