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3532 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Oct 2001 at 9:12 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-31 09:16:34 AM  
I've not seen Wil in action since Stand By Me so I'm excited.
2001-10-31 09:17:31 AM  
Wheaton, Walken, blah, blah, blah... doo dah, doo dah
2001-10-31 09:17:32 AM  
2001-10-31 09:19:47 AM  
2001-10-31 09:28:42 AM  
The Wheaton tag cheapens the Walken tag.
2001-10-31 09:33:20 AM  
all star trek weakest link? This is gonna be a slaughter.
2001-10-31 09:33:36 AM  
LOL Charlie!
2001-10-31 09:35:30 AM  
Wheaton has a potty mouth.
2001-10-31 09:39:49 AM  
Good luck Wil. If you are as quick witted as you claim, you ought to give that biatch a run for her money.
2001-10-31 09:43:12 AM  
Yeah I know it already taped but WE haven't seen it yet so I can still root for him right?
2001-10-31 10:00:17 AM  
So it's going to have Wheaton and Shatner, but which other Star Trek people are going to be on this episode? Frakes? McFadden? Sirtis? Nimoy? Crewman #4?
2001-10-31 10:03:49 AM  
They won't have Crewman#4, but they should.

If I were to guess, I'd say Frakes yes, Nimoy no. Spinner (Data) almost certainly. Michael Dorn is also likely. Jeri Ryan, very unlikely.
2001-10-31 10:04:27 AM  
Boo! Booooooooo to the
img.fark.netView Full Size
tag! What has he done to deserve one? Give the tag to someone deserving, like Bruce Campbell.
2001-10-31 10:11:54 AM  
Wow, fellow farker bashing, when he is down can I come over and cowardly kick him too?

Wil, glad to see you are getting over the Shatner thing, not all aliens are evil.

Jury's still out on the rest of the canadians.
2001-10-31 10:20:50 AM  
I'd like to see the redshirt security guy that gets killed in every episode, thanks.
2001-10-31 10:22:54 AM  
The Wheaton tag is cromulent. It embiggens us all.
2001-10-31 10:25:08 AM  
I agree with Zylon. Wil, you seem like a nice guy and all, but being a celebrity who visits Fark shouldn't automatically warrant a tag. You just aren't pop culturish enough(i.e. had a really campy show, or appeared in really campy movies).

A Gary Coleman, Adam West or Bruce Campell on the other hand are. Also, you don't throw in a little dance number into every movie you appear in. Lastly, you don't have big enough boobies.

Kirsten Dunst,
2001-10-31 10:25:31 AM  
Kirsten Dunst on the other hand deserves her own tag.
2001-10-31 10:26:00 AM  
hardly any farkers know she is a Farker herself
2001-10-31 10:30:36 AM  
We need an envious or a sour grapes for the rest of us.

Mommie, farker Wil has a tag and I don't.

How about losers
2001-10-31 10:32:28 AM  
i think ya'll being kinda rough on old WW there.
2001-10-31 10:33:14 AM  
some one forget to turn of the troll Icecycle/troll tag?

Not that I disagree.
2001-10-31 10:41:42 AM  
The Walken tag cheapens the Wheaton one.
2001-10-31 10:44:34 AM  
Dunst a farkette.....hmmmmmm
2001-10-31 10:50:24 AM  
I am learning to appreciate WW more and more.
2001-10-31 10:52:31 AM  
Go Wil Go !!!
Kick ass,dude!!!
(Wil is cool in 'swiney's book because he actually answered an E-mail!) =)
2001-10-31 10:53:52 AM  
I'd be surprised to know how many 'celebrities' are actually Farkers. We have Wil don't we? And a rumour of Kirsten? I wonder how many of them there are.....????
2001-10-31 10:58:37 AM  
Mojo Nixon lurks here.

Walken does not, but someone from his fan club does.

Personally, I don't understand the huge fascination with Walken vs anyone else... but then I tend to not get worked up over celebs in general, really.
2001-10-31 11:03:20 AM  
Wow. Shatner got 50,000 cool points from WW. I'm sure he's proud.
2001-10-31 11:06:39 AM  
I look at the Wheaton tag as support for a Farker who's recognized outside of the site. Not a big deal at all.

Were there another farker that enough of us knew outside of the site that were doing stuff online, I'd say give them a tag too.

When I grow up, I want my own Fark tag too so that people can then slam me in a blazingly lame attempt to make themselves look important. :)

Gabrox, let me know what you find out about them Canadians... I'd be interested to know, since I am one.

Although I think I may be only part Canadian, as the top of my head is connected to the bottom half.
wil [TotalFark]
2001-10-31 11:09:52 AM  
We asked for Mojo Nixon.

They said "He don't work here!"
2001-10-31 11:10:02 AM  
I think Hidley is onto something....

Wil! Do a dance number for us and dedicate it to us farkers! ^_^
2001-10-31 11:21:55 AM  
I don't think Kirsten Dunst has posted on these boards for a long time. Maybe she still lurks, or is busy with the second Spiderman movie but I miss her :(
2001-10-31 11:22:21 AM  

2001-10-31 11:24:29 AM  
I'm with you, Mike. I don't give a flying poop about the cult of celebrity. Being famous doesn't give you any more special powers than the person bagging your groceries.

On the Walken thing. To each his own I guess. He's a good actor, but c'mon people - get a grip.
2001-10-31 11:28:09 AM  
You are serious about Kirsten? What's her username?
2001-10-31 11:30:33 AM  
I believe I was the first here to mention the possibility
of the Wheaton tag, for whatever that's worth. Just the
fact that certain people don't like it makes it a worthy
and just development to me.

Having met Mojo in person, I can testify to his greatness
and therefore can emphatically get behind the idea of a
"MOJO" tag. Hey, if Kirsten reveals herself here I will
also put in a good word for the "KIRSTEN" tag (as one of
my friends says: "I'd do her so many ways that she'd be
bound to like at least half of them!") as well...
2001-10-31 11:31:33 AM  
Walken is more than a good actor. He's scary too.
2001-10-31 11:32:13 AM  
Even minor celebrities gotta have SOMETHING to do. Fark is as good a time-waster as anything . . .
2001-10-31 11:32:17 AM  
"If you dont sell Mojo Nixon, Your store could use some fixin!"
2001-10-31 11:32:57 AM  
I want a tag for Mark Paul Gossler. Zack attack is back, biatch.
2001-10-31 11:33:19 AM  
Wil Wheaton != Wesley Crusher. Nuff said.
2001-10-31 11:37:55 AM  
"Screech" tag!
2001-10-31 11:39:11 AM  
Charlie, for you:
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-31 11:39:44 AM  
once all this L.A. riff-raff starts coming around, everything just goes to hell.
2001-10-31 11:43:02 AM  
The Dunst thing is a hoax -- gotta be. I love her too much for our paths to cross so closely -- my karma is too crappy.

2001-10-31 11:43:13 AM  
(and don't think I'm not lookin' for that picture of Wil in Boy's Night Out... if someone finds it before me, please post) ;-)
2001-10-31 11:48:16 AM  
I'm a minor celebirty. My first name is Vlad.
2001-10-31 11:48:58 AM  
God I'm a moron.
2001-10-31 11:50:13 AM  
The Dead Milkman! Punk Rock Girl! I will now have that song in my head for the rest of the day.

"We got into a car, away we started rollin'...."

We need more campy things on Fark...less uptight news. MOJO!
2001-10-31 11:57:45 AM fairly new here so......who the hell is wil wheaton?????????
2001-10-31 11:57:56 AM  
I think the reason they made a Wheaton tag is there have been a lot of Wheaton stuff on fark recently...unlike the other things that people have been suggesting..
2001-10-31 11:58:19 AM  
I think the Wheaton tag should stay. Hell, any of you farkers raising shiat ever been on national television, had thousands of people hate your guts for just playing a character and in general had to put up with a fictional stereotype for 15 years of your life (Bill Shatner stay out of this)? If you can say yes to the above then props to you, otherwise, bugger off!
wil [TotalFark]
2001-10-31 11:58:47 AM  

Really feelin' the hate.

How about if I showed you my boobies?

Could we be friends then?

2001-10-31 11:59:03 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Anybody else think Wil looks like a young Elvis in this picture?
2001-10-31 11:59:18 AM  
How old are you??

No, Seriously.
2001-10-31 12:00:09 PM  
any bets on wether Will is the WEAKEST LINK ?

Good LUCK and slap that snotty red headed BIATCH for me will ya :) she deserves it....
2001-10-31 12:00:51 PM  
The Dunst Farkette thing is not a hoax, I can assure you :)
2001-10-31 12:00:53 PM  

Nah, needs more meat on the bones, and a broader forehead. Hey Photoshop opporunity.
2001-10-31 12:00:59 PM  
I'll be your friend, Wil. No booby flashing needed. There should be no Farker back-biting here!
2001-10-31 12:01:13 PM  
Mojo there's someone deserving his own tag. And not because of that farking Dead Milkmen song, either.
2001-10-31 12:04:02 PM  
I think Wil should keep his tag just because he offered his own boobies in the face of adversity. On Fark, that's like the Ghandi thing to do... :)
2001-10-31 12:04:02 PM  
Hey Wil I'm jealous of the tag :)
2001-10-31 12:05:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I think it's the lips that made me make the connection.
2001-10-31 12:08:46 PM  
Just say no to man-boobies
2001-10-31 12:09:59 PM  
Wil- You are the weakest link! G'bye!
2001-10-31 12:10:04 PM  
Wil is far to thin to have man boobies.
2001-10-31 12:10:38 PM  
Now I'm thinking of Mojo Nixon's "Elvis Is Everywhere"...

Elvis is in Wil?

It all ties together somehow, via Fark. Muahaha. Except that Elvis ain't a Farker. Maybe a virtual Farker.
2001-10-31 12:12:28 PM  
That's an interesting theory there, Charlie.

Wil, who are the other "contestants" appearing along with you. I know you can't reveal who wins I'd just like to know who else I'd see if I were to tune in.
2001-10-31 12:13:53 PM  
Ah, there's Kirsten. Howdy. :)

C'mon the rest of you celebs, fess up. Where is ya?
2001-10-31 12:14:47 PM  
If you don't have Mojo Nixon
Then your store could use some fixin
2001-10-31 12:18:29 PM  
Ok. I give up...uncle. Who is Mojo Nixon?
2001-10-31 12:21:12 PM  
Hey, Wil.. I likes ya, I liked you on TNG even tho nobody else did

Is that really you, Kirsten? Cool if it is.
2001-10-31 12:21:30 PM  
OK, since this thread seems to be leaning in the direction of MOJO NIXON, let me push it a bit further:


Ahhh, good times....
2001-10-31 12:22:47 PM  
2001-10-31 12:23:44 PM  
2001-10-31 12:24:49 PM  
Wil Wheaton=Wil?
2001-10-31 12:25:49 PM  
Ouroborus Go listen to the Dead Milkmen's "Punk Rock Girl."

Wil If they made a Trek movie starring Wesley, I might actually go see one for once in my life. But only if they let you write the script...
2001-10-31 12:27:02 PM  
Dullard="A person regarded as mentally dull; a dolt."
wil [TotalFark]
2001-10-31 12:27:07 PM  
Hey, at least I'm not the evil, opposite of Elvis...

You know who I'm talking about...the evil, Anti-Elvis...

That's right.

Michael J. Fox has no Elvis in him.

2001-10-31 12:27:27 PM  
I won't believe that's Kirsten until I see a Fark photo. Hey, wouldn't it be cool if Fark got split into Wheaton-Dunst camps. It's be a great civil war, then Walken would come down from the clouds and bring peace, after a brief fire and brimstone interlude.
2001-10-31 12:27:41 PM  
let's try that again:
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-31 12:31:44 PM  

Since you asked,

I believe that in addition to Kirstin and Wil a couple of other actors have Farked at certain points: Screech (Dustin Diamond) being one them. He even submitted a link or two about his new band.

Other rumored Farkers: Alyssa Milano though she was always a lurker. This is one of those -friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend-told me things, so I'm skeptical, but I am inclined to believe she has visited Fark in the past because she is zealous in typing her name into search engines to track down sites hosting illegal nudes of her and Fark is right up there in the Search engines thanks to linking Hacker Network's Milano gallery. So I'm sure she's at least come across it.

Anyone know of any others? I know that a Farker claimed someone who claimed to have a small role on the Sopranos, but I don't remember the name
2001-10-31 12:34:23 PM  
Heh... Robober! Come to the Ithaca fark party! It's only a few hours away...
2001-10-31 12:35:28 PM  
Debbie Gibson is pregnant with my two-headed love child....
2001-10-31 12:36:23 PM  
Doesn't it stand to reason that from among over 12,000 people some of them would be actors?

I think so. Very very cool, and I'm glad to be a part of all this..
2001-10-31 12:38:45 PM  
Hisey, and those are only the registered members. I've read People magazine interviews with celebs like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Spielberg and Meg Ryan, who all claim to be addicted to the 'Net. Fark is one of the most popular sites online right now. They must have lurked on it before....
2001-10-31 12:39:31 PM  
Oh look, an imaginary internet Kristen Dunst! Let us all celebrate the magical Kristen Dunst phantom!
2001-10-31 12:41:34 PM  
Good point, you don't have to have a Fark login to read Fark. I'm pretty sure Mojo doesn't have one. He works for a Clear Channel radio station in Ohio, and lots of Clear Channel stations use Fark articles (not comments) for morning show material...
2001-10-31 12:41:39 PM  
why not? We already celebrate the imaginary internet Wil Wheaton phantom.
2001-10-31 12:43:08 PM  
I am Ricardo Montalban
2001-10-31 12:44:17 PM  
I'm going to reveal myself, but only for the sake of conversation...I'm really...Jack Nicholson. No really. I'm serious. Heeere's Johnny!
2001-10-31 12:45:03 PM  
Al Gore with beard picture on Fark Logo looks like William T. Riker.
2001-10-31 12:45:57 PM  
Well I for one would be greatly excited if a farker stepped up and said "I am Mark Mothersbaugh" That would just be too cool.
2001-10-31 12:47:51 PM  
I am Avi Muchnick ::::::hold the applause please:::::::::
2001-10-31 12:47:57 PM  
I don't mean to sound ignorant Boojieboy, but who the hell is that?
2001-10-31 12:48:23 PM  
Jaxomlotus That's kinda what I was getting at, with the 12K number..

I've already had too much candy today.
2001-10-31 12:48:40 PM  
Jax, any relatives in California? I work with a Muchnick.
2001-10-31 12:49:24 PM  

you don't know who Mark Mothersbaugh is? Ever watch "Rugrats"? Oh, yeah, he was also in some 80s band called Devo or something.
2001-10-31 12:51:02 PM  
Devo I know. Sorry, don't get around to the Nickelodeon much.
2001-10-31 12:51:39 PM  
Wil is for ril. is not imaginary... so there, nyah.
Read his posts vs his weblog... it's clearly him. (Plus he told me he was joining after I mentioned it to him)

not really, but he is kewl enuf
2001-10-31 12:52:13 PM  
I'm a celebrity. But unless you are into a really obscure wrestling website, you wouldn't recognize the name.
2001-10-31 12:54:17 PM  

Your last name isn't Stuangstabalack, is it?
2001-10-31 12:54:39 PM  
JakJak, possibly...the name Muchnick is pretty rare, but none that I know of. I'll ask my parents
2001-10-31 12:55:50 PM  
Jakjak--he wrote the theme song for that 'toon as well as some other ones.
2001-10-31 12:58:50 PM  
I'll have to check it out, Hisey.
2001-10-31 12:59:52 PM  
I was in Hollywood yesterday. I had tickets in my hand for that taping, but I decided come home early instead.

Oh, cruel fate, how you mock me.
2001-10-31 01:01:17 PM  
Skwidd: you turncoat bastard! ;-)
2001-10-31 01:01:54 PM  
so having a website validates someone as not-imaginary? I don't think the idea of having a couple of actors out the thousands of Farkers/Farkettes each day is so unbelievable. You tell 'em Hisey ;)
2001-10-31 01:02:00 PM  
JakJak: Here is a link for MM
2001-10-31 01:02:55 PM  
Yes, Wil is cool.

2001-10-31 01:03:04 PM  
2001-10-31 01:03:33 PM  
Am I missing something, Boojie?
2001-10-31 01:03:33 PM  
Rats! Still getting the hang of this...

JakJak: Here is a link for MM
2001-10-31 01:04:18 PM  
Um, what?
2001-10-31 01:04:26 PM  
2001-10-31 01:06:23 PM  
To any celebrities lurking through Fark:

If anyone wants to buy the movie rights to any portion of my web log (A Letter to Elise) they should contact me at the e-mail address available through the web page. I'll set them up with my agent and we'll talk business. Feel free to pass the address out at Hollywood parties and stuff.

I'll write entries about how cool you are if you do. I'm not above selling out on my artistic integrity for a cheap ticket to the party. :)
2001-10-31 01:07:06 PM  
Thanks Boojie. That was very informative. The guy's done a lot more than Devo and Rugrats I see.
2001-10-31 01:07:27 PM  
Oh yeah, sure. Walk away from the keyboard for a half hour to play Play-Doh and eat Mac-n-Cheese with the kid before he goes to kindergarten and Kirsten Dunst replies to my post.

This happens to me every friggin' day, like clockwork, for the last decade.
2001-10-31 01:08:50 PM  
I'm not a celebrity.

But I'd be more than happy to grab your camera and throw it to the ground.
2001-10-31 01:10:52 PM  
On a semi-related note, did anyone see "Bring It On"? I wrote it off as high-school fare, but I laughed my ass off when I saw it.
2001-10-31 01:12:10 PM  
Okay, time to fess up...I'm Erik Estrada.

If any of you have any jobs available, please contact me. I'll do kids' birthday parties for tips, I'm desperate.
2001-10-31 01:13:17 PM  
Ho-hum. Looks like another day of sitting at my desk, reading Fark all day.
2001-10-31 01:14:42 PM  
Robober To put it another way, out of thousands of Farkers and Farkettes, why couldn't one of them just be pretending to be Kirsten Dunst for the sheer sadistic pleasure of fooling us testosterone-poisoned fanboys? In fact, that seems a lot more likely than having the real Kirsten Dust around, who I imagine has much more important and interesting things to do than read Fark...

In the end, though, it doesn't matter if you're Kirsten Dunst or Wil Wheaton or even me... The Internet is where we blow up media and create our own sick little culture. It's the mind that counts, not who Maxim seems to think I should be oggling...
2001-10-31 01:16:04 PM  
Skwidd: LOL man, Kurt Angle is great! Even when he's doing a heel turn, he still kicks ass.
2001-10-31 01:18:01 PM  
Mofo, I remember when Asia Carrera supposedly made an appearance on Fark. I almost wet myself.
2001-10-31 01:20:45 PM  
biatchin' Camero.
2001-10-31 01:22:23 PM  
I heard Axl Rose lurks here and he once threatened to beat up Drew with a beer bottle!
2001-10-31 01:23:03 PM  
Yes, I am the real Slim Shady. See? I'm standing up!
HPZ [TotalFark]
2001-10-31 01:24:44 PM  
Jaxomlotus- not Avi Muchnick of That site r0x0rz!

I am Peter Zillmann of Yes- the Featuring such links as FARK, Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Physics and the Jesus Humor Link Repository.

I was also on Romper Room in 1983. Eat your heart out, Raquel Welch.
2001-10-31 01:25:30 PM  
Jakjak: I think porn stars are different... they have to actively consort with their fans, it's a here-today-gone-tomorrow sort of industry.
2001-10-31 01:27:28 PM  
Nevertheless, I really don't think it was her. Someone just farking with the wee-willies of Farkistan.
2001-10-31 01:32:06 PM  
The WWF is so far past lame it's not even funny.
2001-10-31 01:33:26 PM  
I'm happy to use it if someone will send one in
2001-10-31 01:34:06 PM  
2001-10-31 01:36:23 PM  
who the fark is will wheaton and why should I care that he's speaking to another idiot?
2001-10-31 01:36:38 PM  
it being a Dunst tag
2001-10-31 01:37:29 PM  
You ever heard of Ed Begley Jr.?

Well, I'm not him.

2001-10-31 01:39:23 PM  
Yes Will show us your boobies, then you can get a boobies tag too :D
2001-10-31 01:42:54 PM  
This may be off topic, but comedian/actor Greg Proops is a Farker. He guests on Whose Line Is It Anyway occasionally and hosts his own syndicated dating show as well as appearing on sitcoms and in films.
His Fark profile is here.
2001-10-31 01:44:07 PM  
Funny thing is.. Wil has enough balls to submit himself to our constant stream of bile. We all know him from a show... but yet we are all silent and faceless through our clever little user names. Gotta hand it to Will for doing that. *earns new respect for Wil*
2001-10-31 01:44:18 PM  
2001-10-31 01:47:04 PM  
Not for nothing, but I just clicked on the bio of a Farker who shall remain nameless, and it was WAY up over the 11K mark. First, When the hell did that happen? And B, Wil should give Robober the secret celeb handshake. It's the only way to know for sure if it's her.
2001-10-31 01:47:29 PM  
Greg Proops is hilarious, but a bit wordy, isn't he?
2001-10-31 01:47:35 PM  
I just respect Wil for running his own page. Suprised he doesn't have "people" to do the php board for him!
2001-10-31 01:48:23 PM  
I agree with Corporate Mofo. Don't get me wrong, a real Kristen Dunst would be Crazy and Beautiful, but the internet lends intself to retards pretending to be people they are not. For example, right now I'm TV's Bob Barker.

In conclusion, would you bastards do me a favor and control the farking pet population for once? Thanks.
2001-10-31 01:48:50 PM  
LASucks: You have a point, but it's a little sad isn't it?
2001-10-31 01:52:09 PM  
OK OK, agreed, WWF is pretty lame these days, but it does have a certain Barnum-esque charm, you know? And Angle really gets into the idiot role, which i happen to like.
2001-10-31 01:53:50 PM  
Sad? In what way?
2001-10-31 01:53:59 PM  
Wait a second, I seem to have diverged from this thread.
*sad, crawls back into hole
2001-10-31 01:58:04 PM  
It almost seems like a cry for attention or human contact. However, I think it's absolutely cool that Wil can laugh at himself and it's doubly cool that he doesn't condescend when he's actually in here.
2001-10-31 01:59:18 PM  
Hey, Kolacky, that's pretty cool. I used to watch the Brit Whose Line waaaaay back in the early 90s. Still watch it now if I can remember to.
2001-10-31 01:59:28 PM  
I would like MoJo to buy one of my songs if he is reading this.

Like I could be so lucky
2001-10-31 01:59:34 PM  
Meh, you kids, just wait til Scott Glenn gets here, then you'll see....yep, you'll see....
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-31 02:01:07 PM  

Here ya go:

[image from too old to be available]

a Kirsten tag
2001-10-31 02:01:34 PM  
So.. you guys think that he might be...a regular guy?
2001-10-31 02:02:03 PM  
I'm Brian and so is my wife!
2001-10-31 02:02:14 PM  
Jakjak: Nevertheless, I really don't think it was her. Someone just farking with the wee-willies of Farkistan.
Speak for yourself dude. My willy isn't wee.

I don't have any reason to believe that Robober and Wil are anyone other than who they say they are. Kirsten Dunst is just a chick who happens to have been in some movies, Wil Wheaton is just a dude that happens to have been in some movies and a TV show that many of us have seen. Don't get all bent out of shape just because you've seen them on TV or in a magazine.
2001-10-31 02:02:54 PM  
Celebrity can ruin the nicest people, Hisey. It's just nice to see that it didn't affect Wil.
2001-10-31 02:03:17 PM  
"Linguo dead?!?"

Correction: "Linguo IS dead..."
2001-10-31 02:03:40 PM  
Jakjak: Well... you and I typing into a small box, forming black text of a white window, same as Wil, are we not crying out for attention as well? Perhapse we do not find enough human contact in our lifes, which causes us to reach out via a keyboard?

And Yes I agree that it's nice that Wil can chill and not flame everyone or lose his cool when people riducule him for making a poopload of cash annnnnnnnnnd being on a top rated Sci-Fi show.

And as if I havn't sucked enough Wheaton ass... keeping his own site is pretty damn cool.
2001-10-31 02:05:14 PM  
I guess you're right. I can't argue with that at all. I guess it's easy to forget that we all need people.
2001-10-31 02:05:34 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size

(Jaxomlotus' looks better tho)

and to be fair

img.fark.netView Full Size
2001-10-31 02:06:35 PM  
BTW, if Wil was desperate for attention, wouldn't his username be a little more obvious?
2001-10-31 02:07:12 PM  
People who need people are the luckiest people.
2001-10-31 02:07:25 PM  
Berklee, ditto that with Robober's screename. It doesn't exactly scream "celebrity"
2001-10-31 02:07:48 PM  
Lord knows I do. =)
2001-10-31 02:09:16 PM  
If I was famous I'd probably intentionally have an obscure login name.
2001-10-31 02:09:18 PM  
Okay, okay, I'm as asshole!
2001-10-31 02:10:59 PM  
lol Your not an ass Jakjak... maybe a hole.. but not an ass. ;)
2001-10-31 02:11:18 PM  
I am Frank Stallone. (Does anybody *really* know
who they are, after all?)

Kirsten, you might want to start doing some wacky
psycho celebrity-type stuff in order to get your tag
into heavy rotation here. (Or you could answer user
questions in "Ask Slashdot" like Wil did, but I don't
think you'd wanna submit yourself to something like
2001-10-31 02:11:23 PM  
No tag for Tom Fulp of Newgrounds?
2001-10-31 02:11:48 PM  
I guess that would make me a Jakhole!
2001-10-31 02:12:40 PM  
2001-10-31 02:13:18 PM  
OK, where's Jimmy Kimmel? I know he's out there ;)
2001-10-31 02:15:41 PM  
People that ask "who the fark is Wil Wheaton" digust me.

Wil rules -- I recall pondering how his coolness was at a level far higher than mine because he actually got to be on Star Trek, while I sort of sat on my ass all day.

By the way, is there a reason no one has mentioned his starring role in "Toy Soldiers?" I'd like to let Wil know that he mentally scarred me for a while with that one. I was too young to know him as anything but "Wesley Crusher," and in that movie, "Wesley" not only has group phone sex, but gets himself shot to death after going postal on the terrorists.

Phone sex and killing terrorists...mmmmm...
2001-10-31 02:17:40 PM  
I loved Wil Wheaton in Titanic! His performance was awesome...
2001-10-31 02:19:17 PM  
Here are some new celebrity tags:

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-31 02:19:22 PM  
No, he was in that jewel heist movie.
2001-10-31 02:21:30 PM  
Which jewel heist movie? Wasn't he that guy that fought Rocky... what was his name... Ivan Drago?
2001-10-31 02:23:05 PM  
He was great in Terminator II.
2001-10-31 02:24:02 PM  
you forgot Mojo Nixon, jaxom :)
2001-10-31 02:24:33 PM  
He was the best of all the Batmen. Unquestionably.

AND: he will make a great Spider-Man next to KD's Mary Jane.
2001-10-31 02:25:30 PM  
Nice looking tags, Jax!
2001-10-31 02:25:40 PM  
He was in "The Whales of August.

He was August.
2001-10-31 02:26:06 PM  
i'll add him later :) Toy soldiers was an AWESOME movie by the way. I completely forgot you were in that Wil!
2001-10-31 02:26:40 PM  
I remember when Wil scaled Mt. Everest. Now that was a performance.
2001-10-31 02:27:09 PM  
Sux that he died at the end tho.
2001-10-31 02:27:23 PM  
In Toy Soldiers, I mean.
2001-10-31 02:29:01 PM  
You are all forgetting about his performace in Child's play 1, 2, and 3! The way he fought off Chucky shouldve deserved an Oscar..
2001-10-31 02:30:22 PM  
I hear there's this cool fight scene between Wil and Walken in Star Wars Episode II.
2001-10-31 02:31:10 PM  
2001-10-31 02:33:33 PM  
Weeners: LOL

<--checking in somewhere off the New Jersey Turnpike
2001-10-31 02:34:11 PM  
Jax, I like it.

I'm famous, it's just that no one knows it yet. Oh but you will . . . you will!

"Yeah, this is just how I pictured it, choking on swan gas."
2001-10-31 02:34:19 PM  
Does anyone here realize that StrongBad is actually Strong Bad from the hit webtoon Homestar Runner?

I'd say he's more of a celebrity than Kirsten and Wil COMBINED.

And you all know it's true ... :)
2001-10-31 02:34:49 PM  
wow Will was a voice in Secret of Nimh? cool

and he was in scenes taken out of Last Starfigher... maybe they'll put them on the DVD

a farker can dream...
2001-10-31 02:36:03 PM  
Ew, KD was in a Savage Garden video.
2001-10-31 02:40:43 PM  
I had no idea who Wil Wheaton was so I went to his "about" link which mentions that Asia Carrera is one of the only other celebs that he knows of that designs/maintains her own site.
2001-10-31 02:42:37 PM  
That need a (NSFW) next to the link... *hopes the network guys don't see that*
2001-10-31 02:45:33 PM  
Jaxomlotus: Those tags are the coolest!

Wil Wheaton seems like a nice guy to me - you people should stop giving him so much shiat here, I think that he probably gets enough at the silly trek conventions!
2001-10-31 02:46:26 PM  
Besides, Wil must be awfully cool to be getting a comments thread this long! :)
2001-10-31 02:46:42 PM  
hmm. I might actually be a star, let me check.

oop, IMDB is down, so let me ask my mom.

she says I am. Therefore, I should get a tag.
2001-10-31 02:47:30 PM  
Good work Mike :-)
2001-10-31 02:49:22 PM  
I guess I figured that nsfw was implied with the name and the first page is probably sfw but any clicks could definitely be an issue.
2001-10-31 02:50:36 PM  
I'd love to see Jeri Ryan on it...both of her.

Hey, I doubt that Wil was the first to put "farking" in front of "Shatner." I'm sure plenty of women did the same during the sixties and seventies...just not for the same reason. You know, as in "tonight I'm farking Shatner!"
2001-10-31 02:54:06 PM  
Lets get a pool going..takers?..Put your bets down!
2001-10-31 02:54:35 PM  
Boson: Yeah, in "NIMH" Wil was the voice of Martin, the "I'm not afraid of..." mouse with an attitude who mouths off at the old lady shrew and later ties up the crow played by Dom DeLuise.

Loved that movie, and the book was one of my favorites as a kid.
2001-10-31 02:56:50 PM  
FreddyFreedom: thanks for the info!

darn I think Wil deserted us :(
2001-10-31 02:57:13 PM  
Thank you very much SlumLord. Yes. Tis I, StrongBad. Some of you may know me as Strong Bad.

I have been known to frequent The Fark Internet HTTP web Online News and/or Humor site.

It's pretty stupid and made of crap.
2001-10-31 02:58:09 PM  
I want Wil to vote off Shatner, and when she asks him why he sez, "Because he's William farkING Shatner!".

I also want Nemoy and the weakest link lady to have a no-emotion-smackdown.
2001-10-31 03:00:46 PM  
LOL, the celebs are out in full force on fark today. Maybe it has something to do with the fullblue moon tonight. Heh.

Damn Robobo, have you been busy enough? 13 movies in the last two years.
2001-10-31 03:01:04 PM  
I watched "The Secret of NIMH" at least a zillion times. Great movie.
2001-10-31 03:01:42 PM  
Man, she has one scarey Senior Picture.
2001-10-31 03:05:18 PM  
or even scary senior picture...
2001-10-31 03:06:42 PM  
Mayoboy: who, KD?
2001-10-31 03:07:18 PM  
Er...Robober, sorry, no offense intended.
2001-10-31 03:10:07 PM  
Aisa Carrera

It looks fairly hideous by itself but when you see it on her webpage next to a current picture it's quite frightening.
2001-10-31 03:10:13 PM  
Whoa! Flashbacks from watching "The Secret of NIMH"! That was a damn good movie, right up there with "The Labrynth" and "The Dark Crystal". As for all of this celebrity bashing, I don't get it. If Wil or anyone else was claiming that their shiat smelt of roses, then I would be a little upset. The only thing that seems to be happening though is a little thoughtful input here and there on topics we all agree to discuss. Isn't that what all of us are doing here? That being said, I wouldn't complain if Kirsten wanted to email me a pic of her holding up a sign that says "I love MadCharlie!".

Email Me
2001-10-31 03:11:16 PM  
Didn't know KD did the voice of Kiki on the US version
of "Kiki's Delivery Service"! Consider me schooled.

(Can this thread beat yesterday's voluminous Manda/boobies
2001-10-31 03:12:10 PM  
hmmm, that didn't work..

Email Me
2001-10-31 03:12:43 PM  
hmm, I don't get it.

2001-10-31 03:22:08 PM  
I almost met Wil at a con in Pasadena this year. My girlfriend and I were standing behind him as he was on his way to speak in some cramped room full of morons somewhere, and we wanted to say hello, since we had been making conversation with a few other celebrities here and there and found that most of them were cool people if you actually treated them like, you know, people.

However, we never got the chance, because some 8 foot tall dork kept monopolizing his time by begging him to go to some comic con in Oakland. Turns out that the 8 foot tall dork actually happened to be that stupid kid from Bad News Bears, and the voice of Mickey Mouse, or something.

My brain imploded at around that point, so sadly, I don't remember much after that.
2001-10-31 03:23:18 PM  
hey, I think it's cool we might have celebrities on here. I didn't know they had the internet in those cryogenic tubes they live in.
2001-10-31 03:32:00 PM  
I never liked Wil before I read his weblog.
He was always such a cry-baby on TNG. Musta forgot he was "acting". d'uh.
Cool though...

Kaiwuzheer: wrote: "I also want Nemoy and the weakest link lady to have a no-emotion-smackdown."

hehe - pretty funny.
2001-10-31 03:32:13 PM  
WOW! this is crazy. I just thought it was about Wil and his Shatner thing.... will have to watch weakest link (I only watch the celeb ones, cause they seem so outta touch)....

not that I would count Wil in that.... or maybe, we shall see.
2001-10-31 03:39:50 PM  
I just have to wonder if Shatner got all chummy with Wil after he heard about the whole "William farking Shatner" thing.

2001-10-31 03:42:49 PM  
Good call, 3horn. You know shifty them Canadians can be...
2001-10-31 03:44:56 PM  
Nobody whines like Luke Skywalker, anyways, so.
2001-10-31 03:46:02 PM  
Done checking out the canadians, weird, they all live up north.
2001-10-31 03:46:03 PM  
Regarding celebrities and all that BS, it isn't a big deal. David Kelly, the "War-riors, come out and play-ay" guy, studies at my karate dojo (allegedly). Big deal. They're just people with weird jobs.

Fact of the matter: 20 metric tons of J-Lo, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Gwenneth Paltrow don't add up to one New York City firefighter.
2001-10-31 03:48:33 PM  
I'm surprised Wil knew about Asia Carrera, but not Lost In Space's Penny Robinson.
2001-10-31 03:54:32 PM  
Howabout a "Milkmen" tag since half of Fark seems to be closet Dead Milkmen fans.. Kirsten Dunst isn't dynamic enough to deserve a tag.. Wheaton isn't Walken (sorry Wil) but at least he's up to some semi-interesting stuff.. I remember reading some homo-erotic Wesley Crusher/Worf fan fiction... Somebody has to dig that up for the Wheaton tag.. (sorry Wil) Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick! -Sean
2001-10-31 04:02:09 PM  
here's a coincidence...according to imdb, robober appeared in:
"Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1987) playing "Hedril" in episode: "Dark Page" (episode # 7.7)

wil was also on the show in those days.
2001-10-31 04:08:51 PM  
Kirsten in Small Soldiers.
Wil in Toy Soldiers.
2001-10-31 04:09:41 PM  
My mind has been blown. I've visited Wil's site and have seen the light.

And as I told him in the e-mail I felt obliged to send,
I'm probably going to get my ass kicked a few times trying to tell my friends that he's actually COOL.

It'll be worth it. Wil, rock on.

Shameless Self-Promotion
2001-10-31 04:12:34 PM  
Rtreynor: Wow, talk about a blast from the!
2001-10-31 04:12:45 PM  
Wil- if you ever decide to fake your own death- the Taco Bell gig ain't half bad.
"I said Blue Moon of Kentucky keep on shinin'"
2001-10-31 04:12:49 PM  
Mojo Nixon's concert rider. Compare to J-Lo and others on Fark the other day. Funny as hell.
2001-10-31 04:14:24 PM  
It's a Toy Soldiers reunion here on!!
2001-10-31 04:19:28 PM  
Just had a thought: robober can be rearranged to spell "booberr", which is close to boobies. Ergo, it must be Kirsten Dunst! :)
2001-10-31 04:25:26 PM  
Here is an idea there should be some sort of index page for all of the members of Fark. Just so you could see all of the name and maybe search it? Any thoughts on that one, anyone?
2001-10-31 04:26:44 PM  
Boojieboy: Bit of a stretch, but I'll guy it.
2001-10-31 04:27:11 PM  
Ooops, was that a freudian slip? I meant, I'll buy it.
2001-10-31 04:27:34 PM  

Hey I heard from a friend here at the work place that she sent you a whole mess of nudie pics over AIM a couple months ago. Come on and share the wealth there Wil... unless of course you didn't keep them, which would be most sad because she is quite the screaming hottie.
2001-10-31 04:28:13 PM  
"Bathroom, or three piss jars"
nice. :)
2001-10-31 04:28:20 PM  
good idea fishbowl. i could swear that used to exist, but maybe i'm crazy.
2001-10-31 04:28:45 PM  
That's hilarious, Mike!
2001-10-31 04:29:32 PM  
Thanks, I'll be here all night....
2001-10-31 04:38:11 PM  
Mike now that's COOL
2001-10-31 04:47:38 PM  
that concert rider should get its own thread, just so we can have a Mojo tag
2001-10-31 04:49:17 PM  
It would be cool if Wil did this

Poosibly nsfw.. I dunno...
2001-10-31 04:50:36 PM  
I already made the Mojo tag
2001-10-31 04:54:54 PM  
Robober...isn't that from Thundercats? Or did I just betray to much of my own personal info?
2001-10-31 05:00:23 PM  
I wonder if jelloboy is Richard Gere or something...
2001-10-31 05:05:47 PM  

Bumjube: Juvenile, but funny as hell!
2001-10-31 05:13:32 PM  
Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Good luck Wil! Make Fark proud.
2001-10-31 05:18:24 PM  
Bumjube: Is that a PS job, or did that guy really write that? The look on his face makes me think he did.
2001-10-31 05:20:32 PM  
Oh yeah, the best line on Mojo's rider has to be "no f-ing flute players"
HPZ [TotalFark]
2001-10-31 05:22:59 PM  
Looked at Dunst's IMDB bio. It became clear to me why I didn't recognize her: I haven't seen "Jumanji" since it was in theatres. And she was younger then.

Wil Wheaton rox my sox. Why? Two words: "Batman Schwag."

[image from too old to be available]

Keep it real, Wil.
2001-10-31 05:23:10 PM  
Jakjak, I know... little things like that will amuse me for days, and I'm not ashamed to admit it... though nothing will ever compare to the Walken Eggnog pic...

Boojieboy, It's definitely a PS job.. had it sent to me in an email ages ago.. I did see the original somewhere, it had a name on it..
HPZ [TotalFark]
2001-10-31 05:27:02 PM  
You know what would kick much arse? We need someone as cute as Wil to model Fark's T-shirts. Drew! You need to send Mr. Wheaton a shirt, methinks!
2001-10-31 05:28:48 PM  
HPZ: I spit water all over my monitor! *coughs* not while I am drink water... Geezus! I almost killed myself. =)
2001-10-31 05:42:52 PM  
WOW did Wil have the balls to post that pic on his own site? just wondering if it was from there.
2001-10-31 06:00:15 PM  
Well well well... shows you just how young i am... didnt even know who the heck Wil Wheaton was... (sorry Wil) is so educational!
2001-10-31 06:19:02 PM  
The threads too long! What's going on? I can't read it all... something about kirsten, and a Fark divided... we love wil... we hate wil... pictures of wil in make up... wil as elvis... promises of boobies that are never kept... well, I suppose if I have to take sides, I'll be on the pro-wil team. I just wish people would be sincere about their boobie promises. That's all I ask.
2001-10-31 06:23:59 PM  
Ok, I admit it, I am William farking Shatner, And the next time I see you Wil, I'm gonna kick your teeth in.
2001-10-31 06:42:08 PM  
Wil deserves a Wheaton tag not because he is a 'semi-celebrity' but because his site is funny and cool. Something Awful and Wheaton are the two coolest things I have discovered from Fark. Ah Fark. Makes work bearable!
2001-10-31 07:05:02 PM  
*hugs Amber* we must stand united in our support of Wil
2001-10-31 07:39:13 PM  
(here's a twist on the Kevin Bacon game)
According to IMDB:

Christopher Walken was in Pulp Fiction with Phil LaMarr,
Phil LaMarr was in Jane White is Sick & Twisted with Wil Wheaton,
Wil Wheaton was in Python with John Franklin,
and John Franklin was in Wag the Dog with Kirsten Dunst

(and just for the record, Kirsten Dunst was in Get Over It with Martin Short, and Martin Short was in The Big Picture with Kevin Bacon)
2001-10-31 08:07:14 PM  

Robober was one of the Berbils on the Thundercats. He had a wife named Robobette or something...

PS. Here's the long awaited MOJO tag....

[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-31 08:24:47 PM  
Mojo Nixon was in Die Wholesale with Donal Logue
Donal Logue was in The Opportunists with Christopher Walken

Mojo Nixon was in Car 54, Where Are You? with Diane Fabian
Diane Fabian was in Get Over It with Kirsten Dunst

Mojo Nixon was in Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever with Corey Feldman
Corey Feldman was in Stand by Me with Wil Wheaton

Okay, I'll stop now
2001-10-31 08:39:49 PM  
Wil Wheaton was in Trekkies (1997) with Robert Picardo
Robert Picardo was in Small Soldiers (1998) with Kirsten Dunst
2001-10-31 08:58:42 PM  
We should have a Donal Logue tag as well. 'The Tao of Steve' absolutely ruled, as did the 'Jimmy the Cab Driver' commercial series on MTV.
2001-10-31 09:02:52 PM  
Six Degrees from Wil Wheaton?
2001-10-31 09:06:30 PM  
Wil has Tool listed as suggested listning so he can't be all that bad.
2001-10-31 11:19:40 PM  
yes Toriko, where else can you get 98lbs of pure cool over your computer, for free?
2001-11-01 02:23:51 AM  
I say we need a Wesley Willis tag.
2001-11-01 10:07:40 AM  
Wil- how come the "i used to be the fat kid from Stand by me" didn't get you to be in Tomcats? that shiat was funny. You would have been great in that movie...

he seems to be an ungratful ass for not getting you in the movie.... you were very nice to the little fat kid from Stand by me.
2001-11-01 11:06:09 AM  
One more...cuz I'm a film school geek...Kirsten Dunst was in Drop Dead Gorgeous with Denise Richards and Denise was in Wild Things with Kevin Bacon

Wil was in Stand By Me with the fat kid, the fat kid was in Scream 2 with Neve Campbell, Neve was in Wild Things with Kevin Bacon

Mojo in Rock and Roll High School Forever with Corey Feldman, Corey was in The Burbs with Henry Gibson, Gibson was in Blues Bros with Belushi, Belushi was in Animal House with Kevin Bacon
2001-11-01 11:10:18 AM  
With no help from imdb or any other source ( yeah , them's braggin rights...)
2001-11-01 11:17:09 AM  
Aargh, it's like a compulsion! Wil was in Stand By Me with Kiefer Sutherland, Sutherland was in Lost Boys with Corey Feldman, Corey was in Rock & Roll HS Forever with Mojo...
2001-11-01 11:59:21 AM  
kwix......old enough probably older than most here...(how depressing).why do you wanna know?...and yes i know who wil wheaton is now thank you other farkers :D
wil [TotalFark]
2001-11-01 12:50:37 PM  
Direct connection:

I am in "She's Having a Baby" with Kevin Bacon.

That means everyone I've ever worked with is 1 degree away from Kevin Bacon. You have no idea how excited this makes people.
2001-11-01 12:57:08 PM  
LOL, Wil... BTW, did you play for yourself or was this a charity game?
2001-11-01 01:09:03 PM  
Wil , wouldn't you rather be two degrees away from Neve Campbell and Denise Richards rather than directly connected to Kevin Bacon?
wil [TotalFark]
2001-11-01 01:50:09 PM  
M- Charity. I played for the EFF.

S- Yes. Yes I would. Matter of fact, I'd rather be between Neve Campbell and Denise Richards than directly connected to anyone.
2001-11-01 02:00:27 PM  
Wil , since you responded can I now claim to be one degree away from Kevin Bacon?
2001-11-01 03:14:40 PM  
Just for the record, I am two degrees of kevin bacon. I went to grade/high school with a guy who was in a movie with a guy who was in Friday the 13th with KB.

And here I sit pounding out php code. Lot of good that does me, eh?

Now, I am MUCH more impressed with anyone who is < 2 degrees of The Ramones.
2001-11-01 03:22:37 PM  
My ex-roommate met Joey Ramone in a bank in NYC a few years ago.
2001-11-01 03:33:14 PM  
Connecting Wil to Denise Richards also connects him to Teri Hatcher, which connects him to Howie Long. Does that mean we're gonna see Wil in Radio Shack commercials soon?
2001-11-01 03:47:57 PM  
Cool, Scoots! I met the lead singer for D-Generation after his set at a Ministry concert a few years ago. He was good friends with Joey. But, since I don't know the guy other than saying "I liked your set!" I can't count that.

I did get to thinking tho, Wil worked with Corey Feldman who was in a movie with Mary Woronov who was in Rock 'N' Roll High School. Sheesh, that makes him one degree of Death Race 2000!
2001-11-01 03:52:36 PM  
I wish Jello Biafra was a Farker. Now HE deserves a tag.

also should be considered for a tag:
Ricardo Montalban
Billie Joe Armstrong
Dexter Holland
Steve Buscemi
Tom Green
Your Mom
2001-11-01 03:54:50 PM  
I have a Dexter Holland and Billie Joe Armsrong degree of 1. Met them both. Sweet. And Also MBIOTS, they definetly all deserve tags... yet I'm not sure we'll get much from Montalban.
2001-11-01 03:56:47 PM  
Joey Ramone died. :(. Meanwhile, the guys MBIOTS posted are still alive. GIVE THEM TAGS!
2001-11-01 07:30:08 PM  
The only celebs I can brag about being x degrees with are all Japanese...and not the ones who are famous overseas like Takeshi and Kurosawa. So I guess its not all that great then, is it?
wil [TotalFark]
2001-11-01 09:54:09 PM  
Connecting Wil to Denise Richards also connects him to Teri Hatcher, which connects him to Howie Long. Does that mean we're gonna see Wil in Radio Shack commercials soon?

You know, I just saw them in a Radio Shack commercial, and they where Howie was the Monster, and Terri was the Bride of Frankenstein. I'm glad to see that Radio Shack is finally taking advantage of their "chemistry".
2001-11-02 12:56:51 AM  
It's all about the cheese.
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