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(USA Today)   That creepy Burger King guy --- let's pretend he never existed   ( divider line
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2011-08-19 12:02:54 PM  

retriever: 8DragonFark: varmitydog: I almost never eat at fast food places (maybe twice a year), but the local Burger King sent around coupons, buy one get one free. So when we went to town we stopped in to have lunch there. The first time wasn't too bad, a whopper. We got french fries too, but they were terrible, so we took them home and fed them to the dogs. The second time we tried their chicken sandwich. I took a bite and it was terrible, almost all fried bread with no chicken taste whatsoever. Mrs varmitydog wouldn't eat hers either, so the dogs got both sandwiches. Even going in to take advantage of a special we got ripped off. We won't be going back.

If Burger King wants to do something to improve their business, they should look at the quality of the food they put out, not the advertising.

You make the dogs suffer like that? Don't like your dogs much, huh?

My dogs won't even try to eat a fast food French fry. Now my oven-browned taters, thems drives my Labs crazy. Come to think of it...

They've been really good lately and I do have some fresh beef stock in the fridge. Me thinks I will fix them their favorite treat dish: Puppy Poutine. (no cheese curds tho, the gas attack later would prove fatal)

Did you train them well or do you believe they are health conscious?
/Saw the neighbor's dog eat a cat turd.
2011-08-19 12:18:05 PM  
img535.imageshack.usView Full Size
2011-08-19 12:18:10 PM  
When I was in Dublin in '05, best meal I had was a farking Burger King. The food in Ireland is really bland. The Guinness is farking fantastic, though.

I don't think I would put Burger King at the bottom of the fast food chain. I would NEVER eat in a Subway. Everyone of them around here is staffed by savages with serious body odor.

McDonalds has to be the basement dweller IMHO. Even then, I still get the urge to get a Big Mac. They must be putting nicotine in them or something. I always feel like shiat after I eat it, though. I know it going in. Even as I'm standing in line, I know it. And I eat it anyway? WTF.

I like KFC to a certain extent. It has a comfort food factor that takes me back to my days as a li'l tot in the 70's when mom would be too lazy to cook, and would get a bucket of original recipe.

In my spectrum of fast food, Burger King lies someplace between KFC and Wendy's. But, I do agree with earlier comments that Wendys ruined their fries with the recent changes. Wendy's has a really good spicy chicken sammich.

I occasionally visit the trendy small chain/local burger shops like Five Guys or Jakes, but if I'm going to drop that much coin on a burger, I want to be able to get a couple drinks with it, etc.

Oh, and for those of you who remember when McDonalds used to put the original cheeseburgers under the heat lamps and melt the cheese, just buy a few, take them home, and nuke 'em for about 10 seconds a burger. It melts the cheese right into the patty, and it's 1981 all over again!
2011-08-19 12:22:01 PM  

Dahnkster: Candygram for Mongo: Here's how you get the customers back:

[ image 389x500]


I remember the greasy processed chicken pecker fries and the Coq Roq campaign
[ image 180x217]
They had this creepy chicken head Slipknot cover band and were trying to come off all nasty and edgy.
[ image 384x193]

[ image 438x237]
Ding Fries are done.

Even worse? That band was really Buckcherry in masks.
2011-08-19 12:43:57 PM  
It might help if your food wasn't greasier than taco bell.

The last two times I have eaten there I've gotten so sick it's disgusting.

It's Arby's with their roasted roastbeef for me ever since. No stomach pains!
2011-08-19 12:53:55 PM  

AverageAmericanGuy: I never eat at Burger King, McDonald's, or Wendy's or any of the pedestrian, mass-market fast food hamburger joints. It makes me physically ill to even catch a whiff of their kitchen.

I only eat at small, local burger shops where the employees care about the food they are making and I can get home made mayonnaise and a decent side of fries. I'm sure you've never heard of them, so I won't waste my time telling you where they are.

img.photobucket.comView Full Size
2011-08-19 12:59:18 PM  
Surprised this wasn't posted....

bedside surprise (animooted) (new window)
2011-08-19 01:15:32 PM  

rickythepenguin: does anyone else rememnber the super creepy BK mersh from about 10 years ago, of a shlumpy, nerdy, roly poly guy walking in a cubicle farm, seeing a discarded burger wrapper in the trash, then surreptitiously seeing if anyone was around, then retrieving the wrapper, hungrily inhaling its aroma, then this hot gal comes by, catches him sniffing the wrapper, and she goes, "dude. that is NOT COOL. are you sniffing my wrapper?" he goes, "no." she goes, "that is GROSS. You are not cool."

geee no symbolism there.

weirdest ad ever.

Found it (new window)
2011-08-19 01:23:25 PM  

ZeroCorpse: Then, of course, the food needs some help.

They could certainly just start selling Wendy's food...

Kinda like one of Wendy's commercials a few years ago. Customer comes in to a generic fast food place and asks the guy at the counter for a bowl of chili. He says "Great idea! Let me get my boots and we'll go to Wendy's!"

/easily amused
2011-08-19 01:45:12 PM  
img268.imageshack.usView Full Size
2011-08-19 01:51:20 PM  

Cuchulane: Lessons on the food system from the ammonia-hamburger fiasco (new window)

Oh god. I did not need to read that.
2011-08-19 02:06:09 PM  

Pants full of macaroni!!: A burger thread that still hasn't degenerated into a Five Guys vs. In-n-Out flamewar? Never thought I'd see the day.....

That's because those tofu licking socialist California hippies finally had to admit that Five Guys is the best and have slunk away in humiliating defeat
2011-08-19 02:14:03 PM  
What has been seen cannot be unseen. I'll never forget that creepy farker.
2011-08-19 02:27:08 PM  
Ding Dong the Creepy King is Dead!

/Il have a triple whopper with cheese to celebrate
//Oh yeah, and a salad to make it nutritional
2011-08-19 03:10:28 PM  

AverageAmericanGuy: I never eat at Burger King, McDonald's, or Wendy's or any of the pedestrian, mass-market fast food hamburger joints. It makes me physically ill to even catch a whiff of their kitchen.

I only eat at small, local burger shops where the employees care about the food they are making and I can get home made mayonnaise and a decent side of fries. I'm sure you've never heard of them, so I won't waste my time telling you where they are.

At this point I'm convinced that every thread you enter, you do so with the intent of coming off as a pretentious douche bag.
2011-08-19 03:51:32 PM  
Burger King's food isn't healthy - it's dead. I like healthful foods, though. ;-)

Does Burger King want to know why I stopped going there? They charge extra for the healthy stuff. Want apples instead of fries? More $. McDs? Same. And their burgers taste like overcooked leather with Hibachi scrapings.

These places would've turned around instantly if anyone in management had ever tried to eat there. 10 years ago, I preferred 'em. XP
2011-08-19 03:55:06 PM  
I must be one of the few people who liked The King marketing campaign, it made me like Burger King again. Mind you, I never eat there and their ads have never persuaded me to eat there (because no matter the branding, they taste like crap) but chuckling at The King ads made me think of them more kindly.
2011-08-19 05:50:52 PM  
How about the SUBSERVIENT CHICKEN?! (new window)
2011-08-19 06:00:49 PM  

Rubber Biscuit: The true reason I never go to the Burger King near my place: I've seen their semi retarded waitstaff drop the fry basket on the floor and drop it back in the oil without a second glance, I've seen them bang the stacks of frozen patties on the floor to separate them before cooking, watched them handle the sandwich ingredients with their bare palms and fingers, and I watched a guy stop mopping the floors and walk behind the counter to pitch in cooking without any thought to washing his hands. This is what I could see during a couple of visits, maybe fifteen total minutes in the store. This is what I could see from the customer wait line. Imagine what's going on in the back where customers can't see.

No fast food for me anymore, thanks.

All of that sounds gross until you take in to account the floor back there is mopped several times a day, the fryers are running at face melting temperatures and the burgers are... cooked. Perhaps they were out of gloves, perhaps the person was allergic to them but whatever the reason they touched your raw burger with their hands... all the insecticide used in farming and your worried about someones ungloved hand touching stuff because of ikky germs?

That BK kitchen is cleaner than yours. It's disassembled every freaking day and scrubbed.
2011-08-19 06:40:20 PM  

Optimal_Illusion: How about the SUBSERVIENT CHICKEN?! (new window)

I feel like I'm watching a soon to be edible snuff video when I go to that site daily.
2011-08-19 06:47:12 PM  
As a kid burger king used to be one of my favorite places to eat. When they changed their fry recipe they went pretty far down hill though.

If Burger King ever wants my business again they need to:

1. Change the goddamn grease out more than once a year.

Having fries taste exactly like old grease is not a good thing. Having everything taste like old grease is sickening.

2. Stop serving up very old food.

The difference between fresh burger king food and food that's been sitting around for 20 minutes is vast. Why they don't think anyone notices is beyond me.

3.Clean the restaurants.

4. If you're going to serve old food at least make sure its fast old food.

Why am I waiting 15-45 minutes for my meal if the fries are cold and the burger tastes spoiled? When I was told "we're waiting for the fries to get done" I was under the impression my fries would be hot. Instead they are cold and taste like old grease anyway.

It would be nice if all those were just problems with one BK I could single out and not go to but every BK I've been to in the past 2 years has had the exact same problems. I even got probably my worst case of food poisoning from eating at BK about a year ago.

/Oh yeah and Wendy's new fries suck just as much as their old fries.
2011-08-19 11:08:18 PM  

RnR: /Oh yeah and Wendy's new fries suck just as much as their old fries.

If you're going to Wendy's for the fries, you're doing it wrong.

But I agree, their fries are horrid. The last time I ate them, I felt as if they were sucking the water right out of my body. I had to drink a bunch of water to fix the problem, then I felt fine.
2011-08-20 04:34:26 AM  

ryarger: bahknee: On a side note, I find it amusing that anything can be made "Californian" by adding guacamole or avocado.

Great, now Tijuana is going to be crawling with messicans caked with green slime.

+1 I know I'm late but, that was a good one.
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