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(ABC News)   CDs dipped in beer play new music. RIAA preparing lawsuits against Heineken, Budweiser and Drew   ( divider line
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37934 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Sep 2003 at 3:18 AM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2003-09-10 9:41:57 PM  
Whatever you do, DON'T DIP THEM IN MUSTARD! The consequences are so unspeakable, i can't mention them here, but believe me, its bad. Like mustard on CDs bad its so bad.
2003-09-10 9:50:29 PM  
I have a better idea: Drink the beer, enjoy the existing music more.
2003-09-10 9:51:20 PM  
Besides which, they don't play new music when dipped in beer, they just make funny sounds that some audio dorks find "interesting".
2003-09-10 10:05:49 PM  
Beer, is there anything it can't do?
2003-09-10 10:51:28 PM  
Tomorrow's headline:
Bureau of ATF arrests 12-year old dipping her CDs into beer
2003-09-10 11:37:51 PM  
I tried a CD dipped in beer once. I broke my farking molars in half

The salsa mouthwash was no picnic either
2003-09-11 3:23:59 AM  
These CDs won't play in computers? Looks like the RIAA has a new copy protection method.
2003-09-11 3:33:20 AM  
Heh, instead of dipping my CD's in beer if I buy a few rounds for my favorite before they play their set would it sound the same as if i had dipped the cd?

/Time for a Guiness.
2003-09-11 3:35:33 AM  
This just in...The RIAA has announced that they will be suing individual molecules of beer for "altering copyrighted material for commercial use"
2003-09-11 3:35:38 AM  
er for my favorite band that is.

/Why's my keyboard look fuzzy?
2003-09-11 3:38:01 AM  
[----- They cloned Fran Dresher (The Nanny)
2003-09-11 3:42:34 AM  
finally someone with money to fight these asshats
2003-09-11 3:44:57 AM  
I'm still trying to figure out how to dip and mp3 in beer.
2003-09-11 3:46:55 AM  
emc2serv, is a "guiness" anything like a cold, refreshing Guinness?
2003-09-11 3:47:02 AM  
2003-09-11 3:50:09 AM  
But have you ever microwaved a CD? Now that's cool.
2003-09-11 3:50:20 AM  
I'd try this but who buys cds anymore?
2003-09-11 3:52:09 AM  

Seems I can't even spell Guinness right tonight. Sitting here at work in an empty office overnight is addling my brain I guess.
2003-09-11 3:53:54 AM  
spiralscratch, yeah, I did that to kill a very bad PC game a while back. Parents didn't like it, but it was cool.

Now I use toasters to kill CDs I don't like. Ruined my waffle iron the same way.
2003-09-11 3:57:23 AM  
"I often change CDs when my hands are wet with beer"

Does this guy have a drinking problem or what?
2003-09-11 3:57:51 AM  
Ok then, what beer happens to be the best to dip into?
Lets see... Water based beer or thicker more yummy liquids perhaps?
Bud or Tuborg? Answers please!
2003-09-11 3:59:18 AM  
The following week, he put on a CD by Nine Inch Nails and found that it would not play properly because fungus had grown on it.


Disk eating fungus among us.
2003-09-11 4:03:42 AM  
This isn't new to me. I once spilled my beer on a CD full of Pr0n, and it came out as the "Sound of Music."

What a waste of good pr0n and beer.
2003-09-11 4:09:08 AM  
spiralscratch: But have you ever microwaved a CD? Now that's cool.

Come on now, I grew out of my firebug phase a long time ago...

What you want to do is take a can of that "canned air cleaner" stuff they sell, shake the can, turn the can upside down, give the CD a very good blast (say 2 seconds or so).

CD will be frozen with a very thin layer of slush.

Spray longer than 2 seconds to make the CD eventually become warped or cracked.

WARNING, do not attempt to spray that stuff directly onto yourself in this manner. YOU WILL GET FROSTBITE.

Now, go into the world and use your newfound info for evil >:^)
2003-09-11 4:09:28 AM  
lordargent>/b> -
Uggh! Keep that CD eating fungus away from my CDs or I just might have to download my music from now on.
2003-09-11 4:14:11 AM  
I'll be more impressed when someone puts beer on a *blank* cd and it plays something....
2003-09-11 4:17:02 AM  
2003-09-11 4:17:26 AM  
come on, everyone knows that.. and microwaving's still cooler. i heard if you huff that shiat tho, you completely lose like that last 5 minutes of memory.
hehe. it can freeze the fark out if your skin tho.. but no frostbite.
/not a scientist
2003-09-11 4:23:57 AM  
wtf is this? the 9/11 moment of silence? i think i'll do what i did on the real 9/11, and not wake up till noon, then go "oh, america's being threatened by a bunch of political extremists."
2003-09-11 4:26:17 AM  
The right ABC .

The wrong ABC [image from too old to be available].
2003-09-11 4:27:49 AM  
what if u dip the cds in soda or kool-aid
2003-09-11 4:29:31 AM  
What happened Fark? I linked my images right? Anyway, this is from the Australian Broadcasting Corp, not the American Broadcasting Corp. Different logo.

And The_Time_Master: There's a time and place for everything. I'm not flaming your politics, you're entitled to your opinion. But for Christ's sake, this is about beer and CDs. Put that shiat elsewhere - you're just begging for attention and asking to be flamed. Grow up.
2003-09-11 4:30:28 AM  
oooh! burn!
2003-09-11 4:33:15 AM  
then you get 2 cd's...
2003-09-11 4:44:25 AM  
I don't want to see any 9/11 threadjacks today.

/any 9/11 threadjacks will be treated with contempt
2003-09-11 4:46:21 AM  
I use my old cds in deadly frisbee.
Beer is too important to be spilling all over my hands

Maybe this DJ is so sucky people throw beer at him?
2003-09-11 5:15:10 AM  
the canned air does good work on wart removeal...i had a doctor remove a wart on my grew back... was board at work one day grabed a can o' air and froze that damn thing off.. 3 years hasent came side effects that i have found :)
2003-09-11 5:18:41 AM  
Well call me an audio dork Waz, but i find this
[image from too old to be available]
2003-09-11 5:23:36 AM  
2003-09-11 03:57:23 AM baraqiyal
"I often change CDs when my hands are wet with beer"
Does this guy have a drinking problem or what?

yeah, he drinks like the coneheads. opens up a whole 6 pack and consumes mass quantities.
2003-09-11 5:37:37 AM  
I'm shocked that none of the eurotrash has taken the opportunity to take pot shots at American beer.

And that an American beer snob has made a comment about "cold" guinness and couldn't even spell it right...every real beer snob knows that guinness is best served warm.
2003-09-11 5:54:47 AM  
gromky that's cos it's an Aussie article, entailing an Aussie subject ("A Melbourne DJ and scientist")and -of course - Aussie beer.

Which we all know is beyond the petty realm of Euro-American beer wars.
2003-09-11 5:59:03 AM  
Also, FARK isn't really a eurotrash hangout. It's more euronerds here. I don't think you'll see a Gucci suit or a ponytail among them.

Unless you're just some ignorant pre-pubescent who doesn't know what eurotrash means.
2003-09-11 6:01:31 AM  
Does it really matter if it's off-topic or not? Someone could at least make a crack about American beer being too weak to provoke a reaction on the CD.
2003-09-11 6:04:29 AM  
Jay-vee, yes! That's more like it. More in that vein, please.
2003-09-11 6:14:00 AM  
I'm down with warm Guinness ..

when served as part of an Irish carbomb, that is. :D
2003-09-11 6:14:50 AM  
Fine, Fine... ehhh... There's insufficient alchoholic content in your yank pisswater to grow mushrooms on a transformer whore's dick, let alone the delicate surface of a cd. Insert vague flame hear and don flame retardant suit, then retard retardent suit just for good measure.
And i'm spent.
2003-09-11 6:31:42 AM  
Alernative headline: broken CDs sound different to unbroken ones. Headline submitter is surprised.
2003-09-11 6:32:49 AM  
"Alternative." Meh, back to the pub.
2003-09-11 6:39:58 AM  
September 11 is now known as Patriot Day, and US President George W Bush says the events of that day are forever etched in the nation's psyche.
from a different article on that australian abc site um..Patriot Day would be the second monday in April, I do believe. The Sox play at home in the morning and there's the whole Boston Marathon thing. Of course you guys aren't from massachusetts and you don't get it off...or are you?

/wonders if Bush has any original ideas
2003-09-11 7:19:10 AM  
Captain Applesauce

My thoughts exactly. Patriot's Day is when Bostonians and other Massholes get to engage in Ye Olde New England Tradition: Getting in a South Boston drunken bar fight on a Monday afternoon.
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