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(National Post)   Strongman, who popularized pulling buses, dead at 77. Casket to be tossed over large wall of logs   ( divider line
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5632 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Sep 2003 at 1:20 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-09-10 10:19:34 AM  
I swear to God, I thought the headline said "Strongbad."

I guess it makes sense that he would be 77, based on the old cartoon serials.
2003-09-10 01:23:03 PM  
I thought it sad "Strongmad"
2003-09-10 01:25:38 PM  
Everyone loves the Keg Toss.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-09-10 01:25:58 PM  
ANY of the "Brothers Strong" would be a tragedy. Oh, wait, did a REAL person die??
2003-09-10 01:27:13 PM  
NPR did a little story on this guy the other day. I think every major meropolitan area--and sometimes, each neighbrhood in those cities--has a Great Antonio.

Ours is an old black woman who sits on her stoop all day shouting out psychic fortunes while wearing a white turban. Goddamn I love Charm City.
2003-09-10 01:27:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

The man could hit golf balls with his hair, no joke.... rumor has it that he donated his body to crisco
2003-09-10 01:28:11 PM  
Strongman in his prime:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-09-10 01:28:46 PM  

He looks like Santa on crack!
2003-09-10 01:28:49 PM  
His family crest was a picture of a barracuda eating Neil Armstrong!
2003-09-10 01:28:56 PM  
best headline EVAH!!

Good week for fark, I have almost died 8 times this week choking on my beverage. I might think about not drinking while reading here. It's too dangerous
wil [TotalFark]
2003-09-10 01:29:21 PM  
Remember when ESPN would show one or two "real" sporting events, and the rest of the time it would be stuff like World's Strongest Man, Lumberjack Games, Ping Pong Battle Royale, and the Mini Golf Skins Game?

What happened, ESPN? You used to be so cool.
2003-09-10 01:29:28 PM  
"Pulling city buses landed strongman in record books"

Amazingly, with him pulling the busses, more often than not the busses ran on schedule.

//Hates the Boston bus system.

2003-09-10 01:33:46 PM  
Magnus Magnussen and Carl Carlson surrender.
2003-09-10 01:34:19 PM  
2003-09-10 01:28:49 PM meade2001
His family crest was a picture of a barracuda eating Neil Armstrong!

I heard he once gave a handjob to a manta ray!
2003-09-10 01:36:02 PM  
I guess that's something quite different than pulling a train, eh?
2003-09-10 01:38:09 PM  
Godspeed really strong old dude. Godspeed.
2003-09-10 01:42:18 PM  
Kirakasvadicagadon we are having goulosh!
2003-09-10 01:45:27 PM  
Who the hell is William Sampson? And exactly how does Canada think it's gonna get revenge on Saudi Arabia?
2003-09-10 01:49:05 PM  
The best thing about watching ESPN9 at 3am when the World's Strongest Man show comes on is that it's the only time you can heckle a guy for not carrying that VW Bug frame as far as the other guy.
2003-09-10 01:53:14 PM  

I read the exact same thing. We all did...

Maybe the admin who picked this article did, too.
2003-09-10 01:54:11 PM  
He once gave birth to a 32 ounce steak! The afterbirth was sauteed mushrooms!
2003-09-10 02:01:30 PM  
William Sampson is a guy the Saudis decided set off some bombd "to protect his liquor trafficking racket", because Saudi Arabia has no terrorism, of course.

He was tortured, made to confess, almost executed, all while the Canadian govt. asked "Pretty please, can we see him?"

I suppose we'll get revenge by writing a strongly worded letter or something.
/waaay off topic
2003-09-10 02:03:22 PM  
I once saw him scissor-kick Angela Landsbury...
2003-09-10 02:10:30 PM  
Being strong is nice, but going thru life without a trade or skills is a shame.
2003-09-10 02:12:22 PM  
It's sad, I use to see him beg at my subway station for some money, He was also selling postcards of himself from some years back.

The Great Antonio was his name.
2003-09-10 02:18:06 PM  
Some people say a man is made out of mud
well a poor man's made outta muscle and blood..
Muscle and blood and skin and bone..
and a mindthat's weak..but a back thats strong.

I was born one morning when the sun didn't shine..
I picked up ma shovel and went to the mines
I loaded 16 tons of that number 9 coal..
Til the Straw boss said Well-uh b-less my soul!

You load 16 tons and whaddaya get??
another day older and deeper in dept
Saint Peter don'tcha call me
'Cause I can't go...
I owe my soul to the Company Store

So if you see me coming, you better step aside,-
Alot of men didn't and alot of men died.
I got one fist of iron, and the other of steel
And if the right one doesn't get you, then the night one will...
2003-09-10 02:19:28 PM  
... made me think if the Tennessee Ernie Ford song, for some reason.

2003-09-10 02:20:52 PM  
It's Hagrid!
2003-09-10 02:29:17 PM  
I was sad to learn this yesterday. Antonio was quite well known here in MONTREAL. He was mostly hanging out in public places although he had a small rundown apartment juvt over a greasy burger place. He had his favorite spots too, a Dunkin Donuts back booth, always ordering the same things (Chocolate muffin and coffee) the bench inside a grocery store nearby (where he died), basically he was going from bench to bench all day long, talking to people and trying to sell 'em pictures of himself for 5$ ... He was very strange but people liked him a lot too.
Marc ;-(
2003-09-10 02:30:29 PM  
Corporate MoFo - yeah, Hagrid coming down from a 3-day crack, vodka, and Hogwart's girl binge.
2003-09-10 02:32:17 PM  
Louis Cyr
2003-09-10 02:38:51 PM  
What made this guy hardcore was that he pulled busses that were in service at the time.
2003-09-10 02:38:54 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2003-09-10 02:39:08 PM  
You really had to see him in person to realise how big he really was. Everything they mention in the article is true! Even in the 80s he was still on tv shows here in Quebec, I remember when he sang, he had an amazing voice. He was 100% old-school.

Give 'em hell in the afterlife, Great Antonio!
2003-09-10 02:42:03 PM  
Aaahh... A sad day for Montrealers :( I've seen him a few times while he was nearing the end of his prime (ie, not as fat/old). Very impressive to a 12 years old....

BTW, i've heard that he played a small role in Quest For Fire, apparently as huge caveman (duh) wielding a tree trunk... Can anyone confirm?
2003-09-10 02:44:06 PM  
farking americans don't respect shiat, no wonder the rest of the world say that bush is a MORON...

Please watch bowling for columbine and you'll know what i'm talking about.

2003-09-10 02:44:37 PM says you're right, Maglev!
2003-09-10 02:48:09 PM  
Truly a Montreal Icon.

I mean that. I grew up in MTL -- everyone who's from there knows of 'Le Grand Antonio'

2003-09-10 02:51:44 PM  
"...the giant, who stood 6-foot-4 and weighed about 500 pounds.

Holy crap. He was an inch shorter than me, but weighed more than twice what I do. Yeah, he was farking huge.
2003-09-10 03:17:12 PM  
Strongman or Strongmad?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-09-10 03:18:26 PM  
Lets all see this story for what it is...

Another cheap stunt by the Skip Stephenson pulicity machine to get his name in the paper once every decade.
2003-09-10 03:27:09 PM  
Those contests rule. I remember watching poor little Frankie Columbo running the race with a refridgerator strapped to his back, only to see his knee buckle in about 3 different places and pretty much get trapped under the fridge. Only in a strongman competition.

"Did I ever tell you about the time Bill took me palomino horse back riding without the horses? Any ways, Bill throws a saddle on my back and proceeds to ride me around Wyoming for three days. Wouldn't you know, that every day my stamina increases and I grow abnormally large leg muscles. Bill, seeing the size of my legs, enters me in the Kentucky Derby under the name, Turkish Delight, halfway around the track I break my ankle....just when they were about to shoot me, a man in the audience chimes in and says, "Hey, don't shoot him. That's a human not a horse!!"
2003-09-10 03:31:56 PM  
this is old news, losers.
2003-09-10 03:32:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-09-10 03:37:30 PM  
Maglev: BTW, i've heard that he played a small role in Quest For Fire, apparently as huge caveman (duh) wielding a tree trunk... Can anyone confirm?

2003-09-10 03:38:19 PM  
2003-09-10 04:12:47 PM  
Heh, sorry that my headline was so hard to read. But really, what is he except for a strongman?
2003-09-10 04:34:25 PM  
He's made his way into Quebec lore. It's normal that someone from OH doesn't care but if you were a Montrealer you'd understand.
2003-09-10 04:38:45 PM  
Maglev : Yep! He was in 'Quest for Fire'. They showed clips of him on the local news at radio-canada.

Thats sad en ostie ;)
2003-09-10 05:42:13 PM  
Think this thread shows we need a Fark party in Montreal... Oui ou non?
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