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(SETI@Home)   Farker BranMuffin rated #13 worldwide on Setiathome links back to FARK   ( divider line
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1398 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Oct 2001 at 4:41 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-27 04:48:09 PM  
Cool. Congrats to fark.
2001-10-27 04:55:44 PM  
Actually, donatimg CPU power to SETI is probably way more productive than using it for looking at pr0n...
2001-10-27 04:58:45 PM  
I'm 99820.
2001-10-27 05:07:52 PM  
uhhh, SETI@HOME like, uses your cpu when you aren't using it, unless you have a dedicated machine running. It's not like he stares at the screen while it runs. All the more time for him to be doing something productive. Unlike posting on fark, where you actually have to be at the computer and typing and whatnot. Usually just doing worthless shiat like telling people they're gay, too. Congrats to you, dude.
2001-10-27 05:20:49 PM  
Who's BranMuffin? Is he a tenured, respected Farker?
2001-10-27 05:24:41 PM  
does this mean that if aliens discover the seti signals the 13th web site they'll visit is
2001-10-27 06:32:29 PM  
I for one can't wait for aliens to find us and to see just how far we've come:

[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-27 08:14:22 PM  
I have been running seti for a couple of years now. Maybe one of these days I can ranked up there also! In the mean time, GO SETI. Hopefully one day somebody will actually find something out there!
2001-10-27 08:48:11 PM  
two questions
1. how do these people have 100s of years of computer time logged (multiple comps running same acct?)

2. is that a pogo stick in madcharlie's pic?
2001-10-27 08:51:46 PM  
1. yes.
2. jackhammer
2001-10-27 10:18:54 PM  
2001-10-27 11:26:05 PM  
::::cracks up:::::
honestly, even if you did meet up with little green (or purple) men from outer space, there would be people like me who would eschew you aside and become the communications leader.
Yeah, because the pentagon would really let an rude, ignorant twat-wit who doesn't even know how to use his own language talk to the martians!

Ambercat..with a name like "Harmony" listed in your profile, who would expect you to be realistic?
-That's name my parents gave me, you moron. It says nothing about how likely I am to give an ass scratcher like you a nice hug. As for being a social retard, I would bet every last cent I have that I have more friends then you. Nuff said.
2001-10-28 01:35:02 AM  
ok I have to drop the line on this one.
I know the BranMan. He is a mostly cool guy, I do however suspect some amount of self (post) promotion here, but hey I also know the shotgun studios guy and he self posted as well. And arn't we all glad on that one!

So BranMan (i suspect u will be reading this forum)
is this a shamless act of self promotion, or what??
and don't be ashamed of who you are, cuz at least your not a lawyer.

oh and hey to VGER: BranMuffin happens to be who this post is about in a way so please do not use the term as an insult.
2001-10-28 02:18:05 AM  
Ambercat: those aren't friends, they're just people who look at you and say "that is a stupid ass girl". point being, im better than a fight with a socially inept you think the Pentagon is really behind silly computer geeks? please, skip the sarcastic reply, leave some sliver of intelligence in your bleak world. I'm much smarter than you. Unless you're a fellow student of mine, my education far surpasses yours, and as far as common sense and knowledge, you're the one backing some computer geeks who think they're going to interrupt an alien broadcast of NSync. And as for your "every last cent"..i paid the toll over the bridge today, so I don't need a couple bucks. Wealth is a byproduct of intelligence and cunning skill baby. So sit around and read the lastest issue of Cosmo, or go hug a tree or just shove your head further up your ass you damn fur dragon.

and whoever removed my post is a weiner... it wasn't NSFW, and just because Ambercat cried and said i ruined her emotianally doesn't give you right to censor speech (or text)
2001-10-28 02:26:47 AM  
okay..thats it. i decided to call a truce with Ambercat since we both registered to fark within five minutes of each other..that has to mean something, right?
eh..forget piss me off Ambercat
2001-10-28 04:30:54 AM  
hmmm... unban me fram #fark dammit
2001-10-28 04:45:14 AM  
That guy complains too much.
2001-10-28 08:40:12 AM  
wtf happened to my post?

i didn't realize this was a NAZI regime... I thought I had the right to free speech!

guess not
2001-10-28 01:25:26 PM  
ok...second day but i finally get to this post and realize that i have inadvertantly stolen Ambercats true name. I humbly bow to the original harmony. I chose this name because of the musical significance (i sing in a band) and i got it 4 yrs ago when i got a computer (aol screenname harmny4u). I think its a great name and how cool of your parents to be original ( i didnt have the nerve to name my kids anything cool).
2001-10-28 06:44:29 PM  
Couldn't he have waited until he was in the top 10 to post ?
2001-10-29 01:00:50 AM  
I said you make me laugh, fool. That's hardly hurting my feelings.
And by the way, all rantings about your superior intelligence are negated by you persistant inability to USE THE farkING ENGLISH LANGUAGE. You don't seem to understand that when you use vocabulary words like 'eschew' it's not that impressive when you use them incorrectly, you moron.. I guess you're able to read the dictionary, just too stupid to understand it. How impressed I am. How glad I am not to be a fellow student of yours (you teach yourself, how do you manage?) and to just attend college.
2001-10-29 12:06:46 PM  
yeah, Brown University does suck. you loser. and Bryant College isn't the top rated business specialty school? you're a stupid fur dragon. i take minors at Brown,and double major at Bryant. and adapting a word to fit a sentence is creative, not wrong you stupid wench.
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