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(Some Guy)   Italian teenage boy hitch-hikes 1,200 miles to see Swedish holiday-romance girlfriend; finds out he's dumped   ( divider line
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22253 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Sep 2003 at 4:47 PM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2003-09-01 1:29:33 PM  
what a biatch
2003-09-01 2:12:49 PM  
I would walk 500 miles,
Then I would walk 500 more,
just ta be...

2003-09-01 2:39:31 PM  
it's probably some loser who held hands with her and creamed his pants. i wouldn't blame the girl here.
2003-09-01 2:51:39 PM  
Well he's only 15. I'm sure he will get over the rejection by 40 or so.
2003-09-01 3:06:01 PM  
It's a sweet story of puppy love and rejection that'll last a life time.

And hey, I'm near Stockholm. He could've came by my place instead. I have cookies.
2003-09-01 3:31:50 PM  
Cookies without milk is kind of ridiculous, though.
2003-09-01 4:37:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-09-01 4:49:34 PM  
GIS for "What a bummer":

[image from too old to be available]
2003-09-01 4:50:41 PM  
That poor kid. Women are evil.
2003-09-01 4:53:50 PM  
What a douce bag. I wouldn't DRIVE 100 miles for a "Holiday Romance". I'd have called her to feel the situation out at least. I guess the poor kid was either just extremely horny, and figured he'd get to knock one off, or he's just a little love struck weirdo.
2003-09-01 4:53:58 PM  
Oh grow up, rbaron. It's not like she asked him to hitchhike 1,700 miles. If she'd said, "you have to get up here," and then ditched him, that'd be one thing. But as it is, he's not the first teenager to learn that you can't take vacation romances too seriously.
2003-09-01 4:54:50 PM  

Even I wouldn't do something crazy like that :P
2003-09-01 4:54:57 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-09-01 4:56:30 PM  
Ouch. Well, he tried at least; can't get anywhere without trying.
2003-09-01 4:57:43 PM  
Don't try to deny that all women are evil. It's true and will be verified by at least 50 other Farkers in this thread.

Let this post count as verification #2
2003-09-01 4:57:58 PM  
Couldn't he have called her up first or something?
2003-09-01 4:59:13 PM  
Sounds like romance doesn't work on girls these days.
2003-09-01 4:59:44 PM  
Excellent use of quotaion marks around the word "girlfriend".
2003-09-01 4:59:49 PM  
Or maybe its the fact that he cheated and got rides instead of walking the whole way.
Either way, the girl's a biznatch.
2003-09-01 5:01:55 PM  
Are we supposed to feel sorry for junior? Because I don't.
2003-09-01 5:02:20 PM  
Women are evil.

Verification #3.
2003-09-01 5:03:16 PM  
So he adds a few wacky adventures to his story that he didn't actually have, like how he farked a supermodel that he met in the Czech Republic along the way, and how he actually had decided to dump her by the time he got to Sweden because his horizons have expanded so much because of his fantastic voyage that he realizes that there's so much more to life than this airhead Swedish chick (besides which, she's not really a blonde), and her story about how she dumped him is her pathetic attempt at revenge, and sells the movie rights and becomes rich and calls her up every once in a while to ask her how life is in a Swedish trailer park.

Anyway, that's what I'd do, if I were twenty-five years younger.

/youth--wasted on the young
2003-09-01 5:03:22 PM  
Fnord, how on earth did you get a picture of me!
2003-09-01 5:03:52 PM  
punkennedys....I always blame the girl! It's just how life is (for me at least).

2003-09-01 5:03:58 PM  
Pffft....I once stole a car when I was 16 to see my GF in Minnesota (was in Colorado at the time). Surprised her. She was living with her other boyfriend's family. I actually stayed there for almost a month, banged the guy's sister, and took a bus home.

Funny, I don't remember getting international media attention for it, though....
2003-09-01 5:04:17 PM  
where's that "stupid" tag...
2003-09-01 5:04:36 PM  
I want to buy the rights to his story and cast Ashton Kutcher in the lead.

hollyood is out of ideals comment in 3...2..1..
2003-09-01 5:04:48 PM  
P.S. Yes, I've seen The Sure Thing. Several times, in fact.

2003-09-01 5:05:31 PM  
Above post = Verification #4
2003-09-01 5:05:33 PM  
One time a former girlfriend asked me to murder her family and she said we would always be together. Well guess what we are not. She called me a loser after killing eight people for her. I made a deal with the police and will be out in forty years. She got life, so who is laughing now.
2003-09-01 5:08:26 PM  
Another prime dumbass tag candidate passes us by.
2003-09-01 5:09:53 PM  
all biatches are evil (Verification #3)

but this story makes me laugh and feel joyful that the little dumbass got what he had comin to him


what a sucker
2003-09-01 5:10:30 PM  
Women. Evil. Confirmation #5.
2003-09-01 5:10:34 PM  
okay not verification 3

i'll let u guys figure it out
2003-09-01 5:11:14 PM  
...and in a way, I'd feel sorry for both of them. The guy, because unless he's really some scheming rapacious con-artist out to scam her, was clearly stricken and rejection -- however inevitable it may be in life -- still hurts, while the girl may feel awkward (or, perhaps, fearful or guilty) at having inspired such an extreme. Might be I'm just an overly empathic chap, however.
2003-09-01 5:12:10 PM  
Why so much women hating today?

Sure we can't park, can't drive, pay less in car insurance, never have to change a tire, or move heavy furnature, but we are expected cook, clean, do laundry, have children, raise the children all while keeping our bodies in perfect shape.

This men vs. women thing is getting old guys.
2003-09-01 5:12:30 PM  
It wouldn't have killed the little biatch to hold his hand for a few and reminisce about the hot meaningless holiday fun. Poor little farker!
2003-09-01 5:13:35 PM  
Those Spaghetti Benders will do anything for even a chance of a piece of blonde ass.
2003-09-01 5:13:44 PM  
verification #4 = women are case you've missed the mathematic equation:

well all know that women require (1) time and (2) money.

women = (time)(money)

we all also know that time IS money.... anyway you get the point im bored...
2003-09-01 5:14:17 PM  
Thats farking cold dude. fark the swedes.
2003-09-01 5:15:42 PM  
Oof, farkin biatch.
2003-09-01 5:16:18 PM  
Damn, that must have been one uncomfortable ride to the airport with her Dad.
2003-09-01 5:17:40 PM  
Full version for correctness:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-09-01 5:20:17 PM  
While people may be friendly and loving, I believe most of us have an inherent evilness inside.
2003-09-01 5:20:58 PM  
All Swedish women are evil.

Verification #7.
2003-09-01 5:22:00 PM  
verification #8, (I think)

ex married for money, left when she got a better job
2003-09-01 5:22:05 PM  
Put me down for the "Women are evil" side.......

2003-09-01 5:22:44 PM  
Women are nice and made of sugar and spice.

Counter-Verification #1.
2003-09-01 5:24:17 PM  
biatches are evil (Verification #9)

It has been my observation that unlike men, who look at the whole overall package, cause face it no one is perfect, most women seem to have a check list and if you fail in one category then your not even worth time to get to know better. Women are a trillion times shallower, spiteful, self-centered, manipulative creatures than any man.
Oh and god forbid that you start off as friends and then you grow attracted to her cause it seems that she will automatically think of you as a brother ect ect. Yeah cause its much better to get asked out by some guy you bearly know than someone who you have a good understanding of whom he is.

Eh, this kid is better off. Just hope something really bad happens to that girl like she gets knocked up sometime soon by a complete stranger who she can not identify, that or some STD.

/Biter very very biter
2003-09-01 5:24:25 PM  
we are expected cook, clean, do laundry, have children, raise the children all while keeping our bodies in perfect shape.

We've given up on those expectations hon.

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