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(StrangeBeaver)   Today marks the 65th anniversary of one of man's greatest inventions, the bikini. Let's admire with examples of what a bikini may look like. Tag is for the inventor. (SFW)   ( strangebeaver.com) divider line
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2011-07-05 04:04:20 PM  
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2011-07-05 04:04:52 PM  

tazhombre: Is this where I sign up? Sweet.

2011-07-05 04:05:14 PM  
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/she only has 2 pieces of flair
2011-07-05 04:05:19 PM  

Banned on the Run: [29.media.tumblr.com image 466x700]

2011-07-05 04:06:06 PM  
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2011-07-05 04:06:19 PM  
This is a variation on bikini

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2011-07-05 04:07:55 PM  
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2011-07-05 04:08:12 PM  
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2011-07-05 04:11:25 PM  
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2011-07-05 04:13:04 PM  
I don't get why there are so many people talking about bookmarks, or BIE, but it seems to be a fun thing to do, so I'll chime in as well.

2011-07-05 04:15:06 PM  
Brooklyn Decker is watching you masturbate.

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[image from img197.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2011-07-05 04:15:10 PM  
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//there's a bikini under there
2011-07-05 04:15:19 PM  
[image from img18.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2011-07-05 04:15:55 PM  

Banned on the Run: SFW, file size too big (new window)

/and a day late. There was a flag bikini thread?

Holy CRAP! Awesome - got any more?
2011-07-05 04:16:52 PM  
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2011-07-05 04:17:22 PM  

Grables'Daughter: envirovore: Grables'Daughter: Cndn Bacon: [4.bp.blogspot.com image 417x291]

Ceci n'est pas un signet.

And just to prove it, here's Kate Upton in a bikini:

[i.cdn.turner.com image 412x600]

Also, if any Farkettes want to show off their bikinis, EIP.

I actually posted a pic of myself in this very thread of me in a bikini, and only got 1 comment, and it was negative.

: (

Which post was this among the many you had posted?
/asking as I'd be willing to review, and not familiar enough with the pics that you did have up in your profile to have been able to spot it.

[i947.photobucket.com image 616x408]

Simply gorgeous, thank you for sharing.
2011-07-05 04:17:48 PM  
You down with BIE?

Yeah you know me!

2011-07-05 04:17:51 PM  

jbuist: D, looks fine to me.

Why thank you.
2011-07-05 04:18:23 PM  
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2011-07-05 04:18:46 PM  

RatOmeter: Sad part is, I'm quite sure she's just as pretty without all the airbrushing. With it, she just looks fake. Lots of examples of "regular" women posted in here w

I don't think I've ever been airbrushed in my life.
2011-07-05 04:19:01 PM  
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2011-07-05 04:19:25 PM  

envirovore: g it out (especially after the issue you had mentioned in yesterdays thread).
You're quite an attractive woman.

Thank you very much for that.
2011-07-05 04:20:41 PM  
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2011-07-05 04:21:23 PM  
Yes, she is

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2011-07-05 04:21:45 PM  
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2011-07-05 04:22:53 PM  

Grables'Daughter: mightybaldking: jbuist: Grables'Daughter: I actually posted a pic of myself in this very thread of me in a bikini, and only got 1 comment, and it was negative.

Well, every pic you've posted has damned fine looking women in them. Don't know which one is you but I'm not complaining.

I think she's referring to one of these:


Both of which look pretty nice to me.

Second one.

I'd recognize that hottie anywhere ;)
2011-07-05 04:23:28 PM  
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2011-07-05 04:24:09 PM  
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2011-07-05 04:24:35 PM  
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2011-07-05 04:24:45 PM  

CodyPendent: threads, the last thing I want to do is comment on the "one I knew was GB" when I saw it...but it was seen, I assure.

Thank you for that.
2011-07-05 04:25:54 PM  
[image from img684.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2011-07-05 04:26:50 PM  
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2011-07-05 04:27:20 PM  
Is this where I post pics of my super-hot ex who subsequently whored herself off to the ASU lacrosse team?
2011-07-05 04:27:41 PM  
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2011-07-05 04:28:01 PM  
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2011-07-05 04:28:11 PM  

Grables'Daughter: tazhombre: Is this where I sign up? Sweet.


You're awesome, and you look fantastic.
2011-07-05 04:29:54 PM  

Ishmel: Banned on the Run: SFW, file size too big (new window)

/and a day late. There was a flag bikini thread?

Holy CRAP! Awesome - got any more?

Nope, that's one-off
2011-07-05 04:30:05 PM  
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2011-07-05 04:30:21 PM  
I suddenly feel like going to a water park...

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2011-07-05 04:30:25 PM  

fasahd: 8DragonFark: Bag of Hammers: bacon bikini FTW

[s-ak.buzzfed.com image 600x450]

this is why I could never be a vegetarian...

[www.moonbattery.com image 337x450]

I don't think that eating that could count as being a vegetarian...
/if so, maybe I could try it...
//with slashies!
2011-07-05 04:31:04 PM  
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2011-07-05 04:31:47 PM  
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2011-07-05 04:33:10 PM  
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from a bikini contest at the Windjammer at IoP, SC
2011-07-05 04:33:32 PM  
i1137.photobucket.comView Full Size

What Elle may look like in a white bikini while at a beach.
2011-07-05 04:33:33 PM  
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2011-07-05 04:34:42 PM  
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2011-07-05 04:35:05 PM  
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2011-07-05 04:36:09 PM  

Grables'Daughter: jbuist: D, looks fine to me.

Why thank you.


You, Gawdzila, SearchN, Dirk the Daring, Banned on the run, and the rest of you picposters deserve some kind of prize. Maybe something nobel and definitely having to do with peace!


my e is still in my p
sitting so lonely
2011-07-05 04:36:53 PM  
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more from the Windjammer at IoP
2011-07-05 04:37:01 PM  
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