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32650 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Aug 2003 at 12:26 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-08-30 01:23:28 AM  
Like I said, I haven't been following the lil turd's story.
2003-08-30 01:24:04 AM  
wldncrzy14, that's hacker talk. HACKER!
2003-08-30 01:24:09 AM  
Seriously, what is 'screensaver', cause the honey is not working?

That's a cute little ditty usually given the extension 'scr', so be sure to download, open, or execute anything coming across your PC with a 'scr' extension. You're sure to be pleased with the results! So much FUN to see what unknown posters are sending for your enjoyment!
2003-08-30 01:24:42 AM  
Y0u 4r3 w3lc0m3 t0 try th1s tr4nsl4t3r


/too lazy to link it.
2003-08-30 01:27:58 AM  
/goes to the back of the kisswil'sass line.
2003-08-30 01:29:21 AM  
I think the kid is a Muthafarking Pimp.. Biatch..

/Not really
2003-08-30 01:33:20 AM  
Man, my local news pissed me off, saying that this kid was responsible for all of the attacks over the last couple weeks. Man, I wish you could punch people in the face through the TV. Someone should look into that. I mean really, all this fat shiat probably did was change the name. Either way, I hope he gets 20 years.
Script kiddies can eat my nizzies.
/constructive programmer
2003-08-30 01:34:03 AM  
*eyerolls at hyperventilating celebrity-sighters*

*eyerolls at juvenile l33t h4x0rZ*
2003-08-30 01:37:14 AM  
This kid didn't 'write' blaster, he 'created' Blaster.B, a variant of Blaster.A, Blaster.B only infected about 7000 computers.

The real writer of blaster is still out there.

Blaster A

Blaster B (note the low rate of infection)
2003-08-30 01:37:56 AM  
eyerolls at l33t hacker non-skills. ads stuuf. IO live you guys! Faqrck ricks!!! And shiat.
2003-08-30 01:38:38 AM  
Also note, this kid is nothing more than a copycat script kiddie. Note the new file name for his 'variant' virus.

This variant is similar to WORM_MSBLAST.A except for the name of its file, which is PENIS32.EXE. It is also a decompressed version of the UPX-compressed A variant.
2003-08-30 01:39:13 AM  
re: I wonder if this is the same "haxx0r 31337" who called in when I hosted Screen Savers.

yeah. he must've been that "monkey"
2003-08-30 01:40:55 AM  
I'm digging the framed theory. Generally by the time you learn to hack .exe's you acquired enough common sense not to leave such an obvious trail of bread crumbs straight back to your own doorstep.
2003-08-30 01:41:26 AM  
Thanks RingToll, I know you mean well, but no one ever writes me!
I do love hearing about all the hip things you hip kids are up to!
Keep me updated!
The Moriartymyster!
2003-08-30 01:41:33 AM  
"omigoodness!! Wil Wheaton is on Fark?!?!?"

Kids, Wil's been on the boards for a LONG time. His profile shows that he signed on in 2001. If he's gonna shell out protection mon......I mean, Total Fark fees to Drew every month, he might as well be doing something here, right?
2003-08-30 01:45:28 AM  

Virus creators: Bad programmers who can't find work.
2003-08-30 01:46:10 AM  
Like kissing ass?
2003-08-30 01:46:55 AM  
This kid's behaviour has to be some form of modern Darwinism. And that's gonna be one ragged cornhole in a few hours....

/Script kiddie = prison biatch
2003-08-30 01:47:29 AM  
Oh, so it's the "NYC Blackout" now? The entire eastern part of America was affected, and now it's only known because it affected New York City? How parochial...it's like a redneck talking about a hurricane that devastated six states and naming it after his backyard outhouse it blew down.

Oh, and Wil Wheaton is no celebrity. I'd be pretty hard-pressed to call him anything but "washed-up". He had, what, one part in a TV series...that was cancelled how many years ago? And his character was easily the most annoying one in cast full of grating, irritating personalities.
2003-08-30 01:50:34 AM  
I really think everyone should take a farking pill. I got the worm, downloaded a patch, MOVED ON. What is stuck so far up your ass that you want some kid you've never met to get ass raped for twenty years? I think some people can't take a joke, sooo...
2003-08-30 01:52:14 AM  
archive.org: Now that's a useful link. Thanks wldncrzy.
2003-08-30 01:52:34 AM  
the other nicknames on the cached version of his site on archive.org are aliases of his...teekid, t33kid, \\st0rm\\

he's also a chatter on irc.chaos-networks.com, which has a forum on their site...where i found this

he's also a gamer, which you can see here
2003-08-30 01:55:34 AM  
RingToll, well not really.

If written properly, C++ code is usually just as efficient as C code within about 10%. Plus you get all sorts of nifty libraries.
2003-08-30 01:57:35 AM  
Just had to google "Wil Wheaton" just now...(known of his Fark acct, just not who he is...

Dueling dumbness with the fat script kid. (me, I mean).
2003-08-30 01:58:31 AM  
Oh my, starry eyed suprize, sundown to sinrise, dance all night.....

oh, sorry wtf i was listening too much to my song. Yeah this kid sucks... The maker of the blast virus must be laughing now.
2003-08-30 02:02:23 AM  

"Oh, and Wil Wheaton is no celebrity..."

Nope, I just looked him up - definitely counts as celebrity.

Gromky, on the other hand - not. Sorry.
2003-08-30 02:04:36 AM  
Wil Wheaton was the main character kid in the movie "Stand By Me". You know, the one with the crappy parents and the dead brother? Cried like a little wuss at the end even though he had a gun in his hand?

Now that I think of it, that movie sucked.
2003-08-30 02:05:38 AM  
Except for the part where the leech sucks on his balls. That was awesome.
2003-08-30 02:11:54 AM  
I like how there are always people amazed at the fact that THE WIL WHEATON actually comes to visit Fark now and then. And then immediately do their own impersonation of a shock and awe attack, and spook the dude off.

So long, Wil, and see you next tech-related thread!
2003-08-30 02:13:53 AM  
Spook him off? What is he, Pokaroo?
2003-08-30 02:19:27 AM  
I guees you like sucking on balls, MegaDethHead? Cause, that's what I read. I mean, shiat, to each his own and stuff. Good you can be free in the 00's.
2003-08-30 02:29:17 AM  
OK, I finally have the opportunity to say this: Wil, run for Governor of California. You wouldn't be considered weird doing so now and I'm sure your at least 1000 times smarter than AHHNOLD. Plus, you'll have most of the "Silicon Valley" vote in the bag. Then, Walken is elected President and Farkistan can become a real nation. Beer and Boobies for all!
2003-08-30 02:30:43 AM  
I read the first few comments, saw wheaton, and scanned through the rest to weed out his comments. There weren't any.

But, he is still being mentioned three hours later.

How can we as a united front get him to fark chat for some bullshiat farkesque questions?

There is a lot of shiat that I would like to know.
2003-08-30 02:33:37 AM  
Good to see Wil getting a good stroke job on this thread.

Wil, we all wuv ya man! :)
2003-08-30 02:43:43 AM  
Is Smithers gay?


Enjoy jail. First you were a pain in the ass, not you'll have a pain in the ass. Life is a circle, see?
2003-08-30 02:57:26 AM  
Wil's probably the only Farker with 19 pages on IMDB.
2003-08-30 03:04:52 AM  
On one hand I'm glad they caught him. 1 less script kiddie.
On the other hand, I'd like to skip the trial and see him fed to lions. or badgers.
2003-08-30 03:11:48 AM  
He only wrote a variant. Copy + paste exploit code, add something, and get arrested.

Something tells me they wont find the original authors this easily and right now the guy who wrote the "clean up and patch" version of blaster must be shiatting bricks because he broke the exact same laws.
2003-08-30 03:13:17 AM  
*agrees with Anti_Freak_Machine*
2003-08-30 03:17:31 AM  
blah blah blah blah wil, blah blah bla blah
2003-08-30 03:18:58 AM  
Anyone have a transcript or a general description of what happened when the 3l33t d00d called Wil on The Screen Savers? I must've missed that one.
2003-08-30 03:30:12 AM  
hola wil, my friend erin is in love with ya
2003-08-30 03:30:17 AM  

"Oh, and Wil Wheaton is no celebrity. I'd be pretty hard-pressed to call him anything but "washed-up". He had, what, one part in a TV series...that was cancelled how many years ago? And his character was easily the most annoying one in cast full of grating, irritating personalities."

That's the key word: "character". Wil Wheaton PLAYED the role of a kid on the Enterprise. It was a JOB he had done while most of you were mowing lawns so you could buy your own copy of Uncle Al's Autoduel Catalog.

It may have been rough for him after he left, but at least he didn't beat the crap out of any transformers, rob any liquor stores, or run for California Governor as a Republican. Instead, he got married and has a family that he's happy with. I'd say as a human being, Will doing pretty damn good now. Probably more content with things now than he was in during the whole 80's & early 90's.

I'm not kissing Wil's buttcheeks. I'm just giving the guy cred for being able to make a pretty decent guy out of himself. Farking wish I had my own shiat together as well.
2003-08-30 03:35:41 AM  

Oh yeah. Getting back to the subject of the article (which was the UbberSpaz. Not Wil. Remember?), all I can say is..........

Sucks To Be Him (STBH)
2003-08-30 03:55:13 AM  
I've noticed whenever Wil posts early in the threads, he gets 20 awe 'glad to see ya here buddy! gah gah' responses and 30 'farkle wheaton and all that is trek, stand by me, and that one flick where he was a half-man half-woman frankenstien I saw late night on sci-fi channel one time!' responses. Yet when he posts late, all the usual maggots are too lazy to read that far down. Wil is the ultimate in threadjacking technology; nobody else gives a craple whenever any of us post.

To stay on topic: Eventually, these attacks will get worse and kiddies will want the same amount of attention. Imagine if they actually cover up their tracks next, or falsify information to lead to a kid they hate. Actually, that'd be an interesting way to weed out n00bs.
2003-08-30 03:55:56 AM  
\/\/0w |-|3 15 u|3|3r 1337!1
2003-08-30 03:57:00 AM  

Oh, and Wil Wheaton is no celebrity. I'd be pretty hard-pressed to call him anything but "washed-up". He had, what, one part in a TV series...that was cancelled how many years ago? And his character was easily the most annoying one in cast full of grating, irritating personalities.

I think that is kind of funny coming from an anonymous asshat.

Washed up or not, Wil probably has enough money to work his own hours, do his own thing, and do what he enjoys. That is more than I can say about anybody who I know that is "successful" in their field.
2003-08-30 04:01:52 AM  

Keep on trollin!

2003-08-30 04:03:34 AM  
I find it very hard to believe that the kid who made that website is the person there after.

and screen saver? (everyone else is talking about it so i guess i should) i've never heard of it.

but then again, i live in australia and the only thing on tv is the simpsons and rugby
2003-08-30 04:28:11 AM  
Nice website.
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