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2001-10-26 12:06:33 AM  
I the jury, pronounce the SUV driver innocent.
2001-10-26 12:07:07 AM  
2001-10-26 12:12:34 AM  
This one might qualify for the "hero" tag. For the SUV driver, I mean.
2001-10-26 12:12:48 AM  
"There is some (shiat) I will not eat."
2001-10-26 12:13:30 AM  
I still remember when Albert Bell(when still with the indians) chased down some kids who egged his house.
2001-10-26 12:19:25 AM  
It was only $5 and I'm not in my 40s!!
2001-10-26 12:24:43 AM  
"He says one of the two men in the SUV punched one of the teens in the head, then put a shotgun to his head.

Yesssssss!!! I love it. Just as much as the guy this past March who grabbed the dog of that dumbass broad's lap that just rearended him and threw the mutt into traffic. That, my friend, is justice.
2001-10-26 12:26:45 AM  
Yeah, he's a hero. Scare the shiat out of them, serves those pricks right.

The sad thing is though, that's pretty much all that counts for entertainment in Cottonwood. That and going to Wal-Mart or looking for jimson weed. That town sucks.
2001-10-26 12:26:48 AM  
this is cool, but, the dog didn't do anything. chuck something else into the road, not the dog.
2001-10-26 12:35:44 AM  
Throw an egg at me, and this would be a happy ending. I'd do much worse. I am all for fun, but you don't throw eggs without reprisal.
2001-10-26 12:40:48 AM  
A few years back, some high schoolers at my school decided to go egging...only they picked the wrong house; it belonged to some asian gang members, who were outside of the house, and promptly got in their cars and began a chase. It ended near my house when the chasing car caught up to the eggers when they stopped at a stop sign and shot 2 of the 4 inside, killing them...So this story doesn't seem AS bad...
2001-10-26 12:53:32 AM  
This happened to me one time. I was the passenger, and threw an egg @ a car i thought was empty. It wasn't and the driver went on to chase my friend and i for about 20 minutes. My friend lost him finally in the backroads. Scary. Hah. No shotguns though. :(
2001-10-26 12:55:29 AM  
AH HA HAH HA HA HA Those dumb bastards. Hey the Yakuza is chasing us! Lets obey the traffic laws. Say La Vee
2001-10-26 01:05:14 AM  
Peeler- Actually, the guy who hit the woman w/ the dog was at fault in that crash! He got pissed at the woman because she was <gasp> going to call the police, or some shiat like that. At any rate, even if she was at fault, don't kill a defenseless dog because of it. And, I do mean defenseless. The dog was a bichon frise. Ever see one of these? pitiful looking thing, they look like a cross between a chihuahua and a poodle, or something. Also, yes, the kids deserved punishment, but the guy did go a little too far with pumping off rounds- what if a shot had strayed?
2001-10-26 01:05:53 AM  
They didn't recognize OJ in his new SUV
I think I see another OJ roadrage case....
2001-10-26 01:06:48 AM  
C'est la vie is what I meant
2001-10-26 01:07:23 AM  
Bigpeeler's comment referred, sardonically, to overreaction, I think.
2001-10-26 01:25:04 AM  
Yes, quite sardonic.
2001-10-26 01:29:55 AM  
I was once nearly killed when some merry prankster kids thought it would be a great idea to throw a bottle of beer at my windshield.

Kudos to the two men in the SUV.
2001-10-26 01:36:26 AM  
I'm sorry, but if your car getshiat by an egg thrown by some kids, it doesn't give you the right to run the guilty car off the road and put a shotgun to these kids heads. It was just some high school kids screwing around like what's been going on in Anytown, USA for the past zillion years. They could have chased them down and threatened them or something, but a shotgun to the head is something that can traumatize. These kids were probably not delinquents commiting felonies, give them a farking break. Don't pull white trash bush league, bull shizznit.
2001-10-26 01:39:49 AM  
Fark with people, and expect to get farked back. This world is full of crazy, drunken, pissed off mofos who you don't want to fark with.

Psycho dad, psycho dad, psycho daaaaaaaaaad.
2001-10-26 01:41:04 AM  
See, they were doing it all wrong. You're supposed to throw skittles.
2001-10-26 01:41:30 AM  
I remember once some girls were threatning to cut my girlfriend in the face with a razor blade. So, I was planning to cut their face with a baseball bat, thankfully my GF talked me out of it.

Ahh those were the days.
2001-10-26 01:48:06 AM  
If I'm not mistaken, the guy who threw the dog into traffic got 3 years. . .serves the asshole right. . .also seem to recall that, before he went to the state pen, he was in county or city jail. Every time he'd be in the vicinity of the other prisoner, all of them would start barking at him. . .
2001-10-26 01:48:57 AM  
It doesn't give you the right no....but im damn sure 90% of the people would show no mercy for this kids.
2001-10-26 01:51:33 AM  
Goddfather- Actually, throwing an object at a moving motor vehicle IS a felony in most states. And rightly so- the egg could have splattered on someone's windshield in the right (wrong?) spot, obstructing view at a critical moment, and caused a serious accident. or, it could have gone through an open window, and that's even worse- an egg thrown at a person from a stationary point makes a sticky mess, and might sting. an egg thrown at something moving along at 30 MPH can kill any carbon based life form* that it strikes

*see fark.com comments on article about girl, donkey not included
2001-10-26 01:53:16 AM  
GoddFather: ".....like in Anytown, USA.."

This ain't no Norman Rockwell painting. These pucker-licks deserved this and more. I hope it scared the crap out of them. Quit cow-towing to wrongdoing. It's high time people stood up and kicked the holy shiat out of these turds who think they can walk all over an unsuspecting public because "they were just having fun".

Hitler was "just having fun". I guess, according to your convoluted logic, we should just let everyone do whatever they want with no serious consequence because, "people have been doin it for zillions of years". I find it hard to contain my vomit when I hear people like you.
2001-10-26 01:55:08 AM  
I'm with Greek. Kids will be kids doesn't give them the rignt to endanger people. I never did any of that shiat when I was a stupid High School kid, and I don't expect it done to me. As far as the shotgun goes, That's taking things to a potentially dangerous level as well.
2001-10-26 02:01:07 AM  
Bigpeeler says:

Hitler was "just having fun"....we should just let people do whatever they want

Hitler=Egg throwing kids.

People like you who love to blow things out of proportion make me vomit.
2001-10-26 02:08:46 AM  
But what kind of shotgun was it? Damn it all...They never put the details in stories like this!
2001-10-26 02:10:06 AM  
This story is beautiful. When Shotgun Justice Goes Right.
2001-10-26 02:14:40 AM  
Fark_u_u_farking_fark: LOL!
[image from w1.313.telia.com too old to be available]

Note to self: Yakuza do not tolerate idiots. If I anger Yakuza, flee with no regard for traffic laws.

2001-10-26 02:17:26 AM  
HA HA HA... that is hilarious....

dumb little farks got what they deserved...
2001-10-26 02:45:44 AM  
I'll bet they'll never throw eggs again! I was riding with some friends on halloween (over 15 years ago, don't give me any grief), and we had a carton of eggs. There was a car that pulled up next to us. I had the egg. I reared back, I started to throw it, and at the last possible second I realized that it was an undercover squad car. And the cop was staring a hole through me. No words were spoken, but they were certainly communicated. "Make my farking day".

I never threw another egg.

Luckily, it didn't take a shotgun to the head... But that's the risk you take when you throw eggs at strangers. There's consequences if you hit the wrong target. Those kids tempted fate, and lost. Plain and simple!
2001-10-26 02:54:50 AM  
I'd wager they've thrown their last eggs at cars.

Stupid punkasses had it coming.
2001-10-26 03:17:42 AM  
You people are sick.
2001-10-26 04:00:38 AM  
The Daily Show had the best line; That guy that threw the dog into traffic got 3 years which is 21 in anal rape years.
2001-10-26 04:05:12 AM  
I'd say they got more than they deserved - after all, they could have been hurt or killed when the shotgun guys rammed their truck and forced them off the road. But, they did learn a lesson they'll never forget.

I've tried to tell friends sometimes that they don't know who they're jacking with when they do stupid crap...there are people out there who would just as soon kill you for no reason, so might as well not give them one. Not cool to die for throwing an egg, especially if the shooter gets away with it.

Looks like these dumbasses were lucky to come away with just a bruised face, busted bumper and $17 lost.
2001-10-26 04:39:34 AM  
Sounds like a bunch of future frat boys got what they deserved. I'll bet they shiat their pants when they saw that shotgun. Ten bucks says they find a nice peaceful passtime after this.
2001-10-26 05:23:18 AM  
Why do I have a feeling Cliff Yablonski is involved?
2001-10-26 05:23:54 AM  
I believe the best prank of all time is prank calling a news radio station with fake traffic tips.
There is nothing more enjoying then hearing KFWB and KNX reporting there is a seven car crash on the San Bernardino and making all the commuters go, "ahhh shiat!"
P.S. The L.A. media deserves it. -- As do the commuters who feel they need to drive many miles everyday to some "professional jobs."
2001-10-26 05:37:37 AM  
What about caller identification?
Don't you think they will know you after a while?
2001-10-26 06:11:36 AM  
Appie-- Ahhhh, the pay phone, the last great place to do such evil.
These stations should be wise to varify such calls. These station have to techology to do such. If you're wondering, this is not the same as dialing 911 and giving such a report. It's no different than when some Howard Stern listener calls a news broadcast and does that type of bit.
2001-10-26 06:13:05 AM  
Appie-- Ahhhh, the pay phone, the last great place to do such evil.
These stations should be wise to varify such calls. These station have the techology to do such. If you're wondering, this is not the same as dialing 911 and giving such a report. It's no different than when some Howard Stern listener calls a news broadcast and does that type of bit.
2001-10-26 06:29:49 AM  
Jujusteal: As do the commuters who feel they need to drive many miles everyday to some "professional jobs."

Sorry man, we can't all work at Burger King. And yes, I'll take fries with that.
2001-10-26 06:39:55 AM  
This is why guns should be banned. What a bunch of tossers all parties involved are. Kids shouldn't be egging, no-one should be driving SUVs, SUV drivers shouldn't ram cars or threaten with guns or steal or assault people.
2001-10-26 06:59:49 AM  
"This is why guns should be banned."

Hey, you're right, Cavaradossi - and while we're lumping people into groups, let's deport all Arabs for being terrorists, arrest all inner city poor people for being crackheads and throw rocks at the Irish for drinking so much!

2001-10-26 07:07:49 AM  
Too many teen pranksters are seeing the dark side of egg-throwing when victims strike back instead of concentrating on their relationship with Jesus.
2001-10-26 07:11:25 AM  
Bigpeeler you're an idiot. Comparing Hitler to kids who throw egss??? Who the fark is convulted now. Did you take your prozac this morning?

On another note. How many of you have teeped or thrown egss at cars? Probbaly a lot of you.... There sure are a lot of you saying that these kids "got what they deserved." They shouldnt have been doing it, but they certainly didnt deserve to have some crazy farker turn a gun on them. Come on people have some sense of fair justice.
2001-10-26 07:13:45 AM  
P.S. Robin you're an idiot too. Too bad your mom didnt throw you into traffic. You've probably been more of a boil on the ass of humanity than that defenseless/innocent dog ever was.
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