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(Charlotte.com)   Disturbing conversation between Henry Hyde, Colin Powell, and the press regarding "quickies".   ( charlotte.com) divider line
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2001-10-25 01:44:30 PM  
So very disturbing indeed...
2001-10-25 01:45:43 PM  
Powell is so hot.
2001-10-25 01:46:05 PM  
Isn't he supposed to be fighting a war or something?
2001-10-25 01:51:19 PM  
insert 70s porn guitar here

*chicka chicka* waaah waah
2001-10-25 01:51:58 PM  
Give me a break, at least he's not acting on it like good old Bill Clinton
2001-10-25 01:53:57 PM  
Give me a break. That was Nickelodeon level innuendo
2001-10-25 01:54:05 PM  
We need some better articles here.
2001-10-25 01:54:25 PM  
None of mine ever get posted.
2001-10-25 01:54:39 PM  
I knew it in 90-91 and now everybody else does too...Powell is a BADASSMOFO! He is quickly closing in on a WALKEN blessing. Can we elect him now and just get it over with?

And yes, it was good for me too.
2001-10-25 01:55:23 PM  
In other news. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen recieved an unexpected phone call from Bill Clinton, who just wanted to say "hello".
2001-10-25 01:55:30 PM  
it's good to see that perhaps all of this childish media frenzy over sexual harrasment might finally be over. perhaps a war has brought back the division of the sexes, i.e. the men protect the women.

yadda yadda
2001-10-25 01:56:52 PM  
2001-10-25 01:57:44 PM  
Powell is a badass.

And he's so well-spoken.
2001-10-25 01:59:03 PM  
Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Yuck. Clinton has better taste in women than this hound.
[image from cnn.com too old to be available]
2001-10-25 01:59:47 PM  
some people are farking idiots...i mean, you really DON'T think people in "power" can, would and should joke around?!

why are you even at fark.com...50% of the information on this site is not "appropriate" for the morally pure (you)...you should be ashamed of yourself for being here

jackasses and assjacks
2001-10-25 01:59:54 PM  
I always wondered what goes on behind the curtains at those press conferences.
2001-10-25 02:00:52 PM  
of course, i might have missed your sarcasm tags...
2001-10-25 02:06:29 PM  
kolacky: that was nasty. dont scare a brother like that.
2001-10-25 02:14:16 PM  
Deus: LOL, thanks for that one. ;-)

"I'm a drop me a big ass bomb today!"
2001-10-25 02:17:24 PM  
good to see them acting like normal people

kind of refreshing
2001-10-25 02:21:42 PM  
that's SILLY! it almost helps me forget that my mail is full of anthrax and that the israeli foreign minister is about to resign and take the whole labor party with him, plunging that state into a mad fascist regime that will surely light the fuse that will destroy the world. tee hee.
2001-10-25 02:22:41 PM  
crusty old people talking about quikies, makes me sick.
Next thing you know CNN will do a piece on congressional nooners. I can't wait to see Strom Thurmon getting it on... I bet his buddy Bob Dole has him hooked up with a viagra pimp.
2001-10-25 02:24:58 PM  
I went to Google and did an image search for "Ileana Ros-Lehtinen". I wish I could report back that she is smokin' hot. Alas, she is not
2001-10-25 02:25:00 PM  
Fumanshu: You forgot the "Bowmp" in the "Bowmp Chicka Wah Wah" Now go back and watch your 70's porn until you know all bad jazz by heart. Don't forget the Xylophone the most erotic of instruments.
2001-10-25 02:25:50 PM  
woo hoo, my first link attempt worked! :]
2001-10-25 02:28:05 PM  
Dalai Lama: "assjacks". hehe. i thought i was the only one who used that.
2001-10-25 02:28:27 PM  
boojie: yeesh. thank goodness you put that pic up there before i started daydreaming. back to work, now.

p.s. i'm going as mark mothersbaugh/"whip it" video for halloween.
2001-10-25 02:28:32 PM  
Powell for president!!

He's now shown that he's desirable by Republican Women (who are rumored to be the most uptight in the world)...and he's discreet - note the "no comment" type comment...

And he's diplomatic - she's a dog - he didn't say "not from you"...

2001-10-25 02:42:55 PM  
I'd do Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.
2001-10-25 02:45:48 PM  
OK, now let me try it this way:

[image from house.gov too old to be available]
2001-10-25 02:48:31 PM  
argh. THIS WAY
[image from house.gov too old to be available]
2001-10-25 02:49:04 PM  
I definatly agree about the badass-adness of Powell . I got his rookie card even. I actually have the whole gulf war Tops set. Republicans rule. And I do belive Democratic women are the most uptight in the world. Just look at Hillary Clinton...{oh wait don't look} I bet you couldn't get Anti-tank artillary up her ass. If her ass were any tighter she'd be shiatting through her mouth.
2001-10-25 02:50:26 PM  
By the way, are there *any* hot Congresswomen? Ones who we would like to have Congress with ?
2001-10-25 02:51:16 PM  
lol, Courtney. Glad someone got it.

"I'ma be Pres-O-Dent!"
2001-10-25 02:52:19 PM  
When asked for her opinion, Monica Lewinsky said, "This whole thing has really left a bad taste in my mouth."
2001-10-25 03:03:41 PM  
That was very funny, buy Hyde is an asswipe..

http://uspolitics.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htm?site=http%3A%2F%2Fw​ww.salon .com%2Fnews%2F1998%2F09%2Fcov_16newsb.html

2001-10-25 03:11:13 PM  
And I do belive Democratic women are the most uptight in the world.


Her feet in those heels the night of the VH1 concert looked like a fat women's foot with pump fat coming out the top of them. Was she baking bread?
2001-10-25 03:15:39 PM  
The only one that comes to mind is Mary Bono. Couldn't find any sexy pics tho, just standard constituent-directed stuff at her House website.
2001-10-25 03:36:12 PM  
I still giggle when I hear them say, "sortie."
2001-10-25 03:41:40 PM  
Wow! If Democrates were the ones doing this, the Republicans would be all over it for their lack of morals and how they shouldn't run America. I love the hypocracy in this.

Colon for President isn't too bad of an idea. I'd vote for him (funny since he is the only desireable Republican I can think of recently, and he isn't a psuedo draft-dodger like Bush). Hell, if he were running last election I would have felt better about where this country is going....

And he can construct complex sentences without farking up, too! Man, why do we elect the idiots that are nothing but a figure head, when we should elect smart people who in turn will get even smarter people on their cabinet.

And yes, I'm bashing Bush because you people are the only ones that haven't moved on from the Clinton fiasco. If you really want to talk about perjery, Bush is guilty of it TWICE. Not on the scale Clinton was, but as the republicans said during Clinton's trial: "Perjery is Perjery."
2001-10-25 03:43:07 PM  
Of course I'm not a Left nor Right win, which makes me a NAZI in conservatives and liberals eyes, so what do I know.
2001-10-25 03:45:17 PM  
Yuck, Congressional
img.fark.netView Full Size
2001-10-25 03:47:05 PM  
Rock the Casbah! Rock the Casbah!
2001-10-25 04:07:18 PM  
I guess it is OK for republicans to say stuff like this, because everyone knows they ain't REALLY gettin' any. If Bubba Clinton had said some stuff like this it would have prompted congress to appoint an independant council.
2001-10-25 04:20:13 PM  
I don't really see where Powell indulged in any 'sexually charged banter'. He sidestepped that yenta's come-ons very adroitly.
2001-10-25 04:23:33 PM  
Can we get a powell image? we already have walken we need powell he is so much more cool than walken.
2001-10-25 04:25:27 PM  
I think we ought to feed the two of them X and see what happens. I bet they'll get FREAKY!
2001-10-25 04:30:23 PM  
Nope, no double standard here, kids. Talking about "it" (and "it" is whatever you equate "quickie" with, you dirty-minded beasts!) is hardly comparable to getting blown repeatedly in your office and lying about it under oath when it becomes relevant to a lawsuit.
2001-10-25 04:33:01 PM  
Maybe Powell will consent to be Condoleeza's VP.
2001-10-25 04:41:50 PM  
Freddy freedom, Hyde is a scum and a hypocrite..

http://uspolitics.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htm?site=http%3A%2F%2Fw​ww.salon .com%2Fnews%2F1998%2F09%2Fcov_16newsb.html
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