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14781 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Aug 2003 at 5:34 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-08-24 06:14:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-24 06:14:39 PM  
I am registering as a Republican next year so I can vote against Bush in the primaries. Someone needs to do something to curb the exportation of American jobs to India, and we need to slap HUGE tarrifs on imported goods and services YESTERDAY.
2003-08-24 06:14:41 PM  
Bill Hicks/

"I think the puppet on the left gets MY vote....
I think the puppet on the right shares MY beliefs....

HEY !!! It's the same guy working BOTH puppets !!!!"

2003-08-24 06:14:57 PM  
Guah! The fires burn outside human control!
2003-08-24 06:15:12 PM  
Oh, I'm a Republican
I got a small schling
I like to bomb nubianhs
and make a lot o' bling

I got a bunch o' friends
in high up places
They helps me get dem
government graces.

You think I'm smart
I just know who's who
I couldn't run a fruit stand
without the red white & blue

Don't need no history
Don't need no schoolin'
I got my ideology
To keep me a shootin'

I fancy myself
A brilliant tactician
But neither me nor m'buddies
Could even pass basic trainin'

See, I'm above all that
A fightin' and shootin'
I just say "Sic em!"
Then run the other direction

Liberals! faggots!
Commies and queers!
Socialist hippies
Full o' pussy tears!

I'll drop some crap
about Jesus the Christ
You'll buy it all
and vote for me twice

'Fact, Jesus is comin'!
Real soon, now!
So we gotta prop up Israel
That ol' sacred cow

Propaganda's m'friend
But I calls it "fact"
Even though I don't read
'Cept for Chick tracts

Facts? No! Don't need em here!
We're conservatives! We work on FEAR!
Don't like what we say?
Well fark YOU, bud!
We'll shove it down yer throat
and tell ya it's good!
2003-08-24 06:15:49 PM  
It tastes like...

2003-08-24 06:16:10 PM  
I agree with what that guy said about the arrogant moderates. In fact, I have a whole lot more respect for the folks who out-and-out disagree with me on just about every damn issue that comes along, than the "I'm above it all" morons who can't even form an opinion & stick up for it.

Nothing more disgusting than people trying to claim credit for NOT doing something. Reminds me of the guy who sleeps in his mom's basement, jobless all his life, thoroughly convinced "work is for suckers." That's what holier-than-thou, "not a dime's worth of difference between the two sides" moderates look like to me.

But back to the subject at hand...

...this is obvious flamebait. Bush good or bad? There are obvious opportunities to debate it in other places & other times.
2003-08-24 06:16:36 PM  
I wish I had an opinion on political matters, however being an American, I think I'll just concentrate on eating my Big Mac.
2003-08-24 06:16:43 PM  

yeah he did, but I think the draggin out in the woods and shooting part was relevant

I'm sure david chase will bring the russian back though...just to close that loop
2003-08-24 06:16:50 PM  
Without W we never would have fodder for things like SNL and the stinky kitty episode on Love that Bush. IMHO it should have just ended there. No handing over the keys to the castle. That's like giving a 2 year old a shotgun.
2003-08-24 06:17:03 PM  
I predict Bush WILL lose the next election.


- They find WMD's
- There's another terrorist attack
- Lieberman goes up against him
2003-08-24 06:17:17 PM  
Well look, it was a toss up between a robot and a dork. I got nothing against Bush. He's not the BEST president in the world, but he certainly isn't the worst. President Jackson has done far worse than Bush Jr has ever done, and he's on the farking $20 bill.

For Bush hatahs out there, remember... there's only 1 more year of him. For Bush lovahs out there, remember... there's 5 more years of him.
2003-08-24 06:17:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Flame wars make baby George cry.
2003-08-24 06:18:17 PM  

Fark the Russian. He damn well better bring back Furio.
2003-08-24 06:18:20 PM  
Rovinski- Vanilla topped are the best, maybe marble frosted.
But the God of all is the glazed Krispey Kreme.
2003-08-24 06:18:36 PM  
Any time I read an article or column or letter to the editor and I see "Bush" and "buddies" in the same sentence together, I stop reading & go on to the next column.
2003-08-24 06:19:11 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I saw a forge.
2003-08-24 06:19:11 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-24 06:20:00 PM  
2003-08-24 06:10:51 PM MegaDethHead

He didn't really get elected anyway. Republicans who can't win elections seem to like stealing them.

Clinton impeachment.
Florida "Recount"
Texas redistricting.
California recall.

Buncha asshats.

You missed the Colorado redistricting. And now Ohio is thinking of redistricting and guess who is one of the main targets? Presidential canidate and Rep Dennis Kucinich.

They want to kick him out the back door. The Republicans can never seem to go low enough for their tastes. They always need their next power grab fix.​s​.html
2003-08-24 06:20:07 PM  
I don't know about Bush, but I'm all for strict gun control.
2003-08-24 06:20:09 PM  
2003-08-24 06:14:00 PM Aias

is there anything that guy can't do?
2003-08-24 06:20:15 PM  
The majority of American voters would not like to see President Bush re-elected to another term according to a poll by Newsweek magazine.

The survey released Saturday showed that 49 percent of registered voters would not back the president for a second term if the vote were held now.

49 percent may be the smallest majority ever known.

2003-08-24 06:20:30 PM  
I sometimes like a good flame war but you need more than a link to the whitehouse. In the spirit of fairplay, I love butter!
2003-08-24 06:20:31 PM  
i prefer the debate "guns or butter?" ,actually.

but the debate i have with myself on weekends is "hard liquor or beer?"
2003-08-24 06:21:03 PM  
So... how 'bout that local sports team?
2003-08-24 06:21:14 PM  
What a great thread!
2003-08-24 06:22:45 PM  

I don't know about Bush, but I'm all for strict gun control.

remember with strict gun control, only these guys would have guns
[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-24 06:22:48 PM  
butter, syrup, double chocolate dip

boxers vs. brief?
2003-08-24 06:22:59 PM  
The survey released Saturday showed that 49 percent of registered voters would not back the president for a second term if the vote were held now.

Well duh. ~50% didn't back him for his first term. Looks like he gained a percent.

Of course, considering Newsweek isn't exactly a leftist magazine...
2003-08-24 06:23:15 PM  
Margarine? Yech. Butter rules!

Margarine is like instant mashed potatos - horrible.
2003-08-24 06:23:24 PM  
Hey Aias..... cake please. (...and you better not be all out of cake)
2003-08-24 06:23:49 PM  
Oh, and screw all you rich bastards who grocery shop with more than $25. Go margarine!
2003-08-24 06:24:29 PM  
Republicans who can't win elections seem to like stealing them.

Let's see, and Mayor Daley bringing out half of Chicago's graveyards to vote for JFK against Nixon in 1960 was perfectly fair and square, right?

Let's face it - Democrats and Republicans will both do whatever they can get away with to win an election - the Republicans have just been better at it lately.
2003-08-24 06:24:37 PM  
Bring back Clinton!
2003-08-24 06:24:41 PM  
"Fascism, which was not afraid to call itself reactionary... does not hesitate to call itself illiberal and anti-liberal."

_Benito Mussolini

Fascists particularly loathed the social theories of the French Revolution and its slogan: "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity."

*** Liberty from oppressive government intervention in the daily lives of its citizens, from illicit searches and seizures, from enforced religious values, from intimidation and arrest for dissenters; and liberty to cast a vote in a system in which the majority ruled but the minority retained certain inalienable rights.

*** Equality in the sense of civic equality, egalitarianism, the notion that while people differ, they all should stand equal in the eyes of the law.

*** Fraternity in the sense of the brotherhood of mankind. That all women and men, the old and the young, the infirm and the healthy, the rich and the poor, share a spark of humanity that must be cherished on a level above that of the law, and that binds us all together in a manner that continuously re-affirms and celebrates life.
2003-08-24 06:24:57 PM  
They should have posted a link to THIS instead...
2003-08-24 06:26:21 PM  
Butter rocks


snub the shrub
2003-08-24 06:26:24 PM  
Alex, is the question, "What is the highest elected position a chimpanzee has ever obtained?"
2003-08-24 06:26:52 PM  
guns dont kill, people do

how about people control instead
2003-08-24 06:26:58 PM  
Who needs butter when you got water NSFW
2003-08-24 06:27:00 PM  
I already have my "anybody but Bush in 2004" bumper sticker. Y'all want one?
2003-08-24 06:27:14 PM  
TheEnfarka: The reason the "arrogant moderates" are so impotent is that both major parties are too busy with their pissing contests to back down and realize that they're all total dipshiats.
2003-08-24 06:28:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-24 06:28:28 PM  
butter all the way

/ignoring this flame war
2003-08-24 06:28:29 PM  
Butter. Margarine's a killer. And it tastes like crap.
Sugar packets. I don't put either one on pancakes anyway, and who needs all those other things in syrup getting in the way of my sugar high?
Boxers. No briefs. No, neither.
And--I saw a... *gets out rhyming dictionary*
2003-08-24 06:29:00 PM  
Oh gee, I typed mod instead of admin. This of course, makes Vegasj cream in his adult diapers because he gets a chance to tear someone down to make himself feel better.

Vegasj, I cordially invite you to gobble my crank. I'll say what I want, when I want, to whoever I want, and I don't care about what you want.
2003-08-24 06:29:30 PM  
Today's LiveJournal entry:

Music:Streets of Fire soundtrack

Dooods! Today was so cool! We rode our bikes to the Kash N Karry,and I got a 12 pack of Mills Best Ice! Jan got some eggs and bacon,but she forgot my stogies! So I went back in and got a box of Phillies. Now if R. can come by with that chunk bud,it's a party!
Peace out.
2003-08-24 06:29:32 PM  
Maddogjew: ill take one!
2003-08-24 06:29:47 PM  
bring back Clinton's penis and sew it on Bush's chin.
2003-08-24 06:30:18 PM  
[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]
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