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2011-06-01 04:58:21 PM  
Can I get get TF for 2 minutes please?
2011-06-01 04:58:42 PM  

atlfarkette: i166.photobucket.com

I'm teal??
2011-06-01 04:58:52 PM  

tuffsnake: I can't believe I'm about to spend an hour writing this. I've been here at Fark for five years...please just take five minutes to read it.

I'd like to start off by saying that I support Drew and his ability to make money from his brainchild. This is his baby, and ultimately this is his sandbox we've all been playing in. If he wants to get some ads on the front page so he can, I don't know, start actually paying his legion of volunteer workers, I'm for it. I've paid a couple hundred bucks over the last few years, and was willing to continue to support Fark and bring more people into the Totalfark fold.

I really don't care all that much about the technical upgrades/changes/downgrades made to Totalfark. I have 100% confidence that the mods and admins will take specific criticism about specific issues and bugs and fix them one-by-one. (Hell, that damn headline hover-highlight crap is already gone for me. Nice!) I'm guessing that in two weeks' time, the place will be running pretty smoothly. And hell, the Farky/Farkit peoples are working hard at making patches to get FarkClassic back.

I'm ticked off about the way this was all done, with little or no input from the site's most frequent users. I'm embarassed to type this, but Slashdot did this far better than Fark did. They gave warning, asked for input, and made their long-time members feel like they were part of the new future of Slashdot.

Fark could've done this. Fark should have done this. shiat, this is one of most tight-knit communities on the web. It could've been one of the coolest things in the site's history. The kind of thing that makes Farkers want to tell their friends about Fark and Totalfark. I've introduced or sponsored at least twenty people to Fark/Totalfark over the last five years, and it's not because of all the great news links--it's because of the community. Most of us TotalFarkers spend at least half-an-hour per workday here; some of the heavier users (not a fatty joke) spend a couple hours or more. Take that over a few years and there's a lot of time invested in this place for a lot of Farkers. I completely understand the passionate responses that we've seen over the last 24 hours.

So when we hit F5 at 5pm on a random Wednesday and see a new, sorta-hard-on-the-eyes, slow-running site, we all yell "WTF" at the top of our internet lungs. Not necessarily about the technical aspects, but that something this massive could happen without most of us knowing anything about its arrival.

And then came the four words from Jeff that shocked the hell out of a lot of us old-timers.

Really? That's the attitude? I don't blame the people who cancelled their accounts in disgust. Think about how we found out about all of this:

1st: hitting refresh, saying "wha?"

2nd: a barebones post saying "send this stuff to Mike, this stuff to Jeff, this to Drew. Bye, we're drinking."

3rd: "You'll get over it."

4th: "You all whined the last three times we did this."

5th: "We're suspending Jeff's April pay. Oh yeah, he doesn't get paid. Snark snark snark."

No warning. No explanation. No heads-up. Just a "this is how it's gonna be, and you're gonna like it."

I can't believe that this would be the attitude taken by the Fark powers-that-be, especially considering that there are many other options and Fark-like sites around nowadays. If this redesign was indeed done to ultimately make more money, then Fark showed horrible business savvy in their decision process. I've read the first chapter of Drew's book, and I was planning on buying it. I can't believe he could be so intelligent in his media criticism yet himself do something so short-sighted. (And I even like Fark TV, so I'm not just Drew-bashing.)

I'd have to say the worst thing I've seen from all this is the specific people that I've seen posting negative comments about the redesign and the modmin (well, mostly Jeff) attitude. Go through some of those initial firestorm threads and check the account numbers of the negative commenters. The people who have been here for years are mostly irked about this. Four- and five-dig ...

2011-06-01 04:58:56 PM  
I can't believe this is the first we're hearing about this. It's an outrage
2011-06-01 04:58:57 PM  
i166.photobucket.comView Full Size
2011-06-01 04:58:57 PM  
oshtkay, i sixted a poundpack .... brang it, Unfreak

i159.photobucket.comView Full Size
2011-06-01 04:59:00 PM  
Oh man...I haven't been Farking as regularly as I had previously. I showed up just in time for the redesign?! Holy crap...I'm not sure I can handle it. I'll probably get over it eventually though. Ok...here we go.

Goodbye old Fark.
2011-06-01 04:59:04 PM  

Heeeeere comes the sh*tstorm!
2011-06-01 04:59:06 PM  
1 min!
2011-06-01 04:59:11 PM  
Here we go!!
2011-06-01 04:59:12 PM  
Sure are a lot of lurkers in here
2011-06-01 04:59:17 PM  
t2.gstatic.comView Full Size

2011-06-01 04:59:22 PM  

Bob16: Is there any added functionality as a result of the new fark ?

You're new here, aren't you?
2011-06-01 04:59:30 PM  
Say goodbye to your green arrows, biatches!
2011-06-01 04:59:34 PM  
img193.imageshack.usView Full Size
2011-06-01 04:59:40 PM  
dailyhaggis.comView Full Size
2011-06-01 04:59:41 PM  
2011-06-01 04:59:43 PM  
Deamos: don't have a handy pic

Thing will handle this!

img199.imageshack.usView Full Size
2011-06-01 04:59:47 PM  
I've always loved you....
2011-06-01 04:59:47 PM  


2011-06-01 04:59:50 PM  
Smokem' you gotem'
2011-06-01 04:59:50 PM  
Welcome to the new Fark! Enjoy your stay!
2011-06-01 04:59:51 PM  
goodbye farktards!!
2011-06-01 04:59:53 PM  
Hold me...I feel threatened by cha
2011-06-01 04:59:54 PM  
2011-06-01 04:59:56 PM  
My last old FARK comment. Goodbye cruel world.
2011-06-01 05:00:02 PM  
I wonder if I get the honor of last old fark post?
2011-06-01 05:00:04 PM  

atlfarkette: i166.photobucket.com

Good Lord, we're a violent bunch!
2011-06-01 05:00:11 PM  
O.K., it's 3:59 cdt

*taps foot*
2011-06-01 05:00:16 PM  
2011-06-01 05:00:16 PM  
Aaaand boom goes the dynamite.
2011-06-01 05:00:18 PM  
*gets ready for a dramatic dive behind the couch*
2011-06-01 05:00:27 PM  
what happened?
2011-06-01 05:00:28 PM  

NoseBrain: atlfarkette: i166.photobucket.com

I'm teal??

I call it neon blue. I read all of your posts. ALL OF THEM
2011-06-01 05:00:32 PM  
What happened?
2011-06-01 05:00:39 PM  
2011-06-01 05:00:44 PM  
No one called to check with me first.
2011-06-01 05:00:45 PM  
2011-06-01 05:00:45 PM  
2011-06-01 05:00:46 PM  
I'm waiting....
2011-06-01 05:00:47 PM  
Shiat. I'm still on the old design, and I was raptured instead.
2011-06-01 05:00:48 PM  
2011-06-01 05:00:49 PM  

2011-06-01 05:00:51 PM  
Tuffsnake, do you get paid by the word?
2011-06-01 05:01:02 PM  

basemetal: Say goodbye to your green arrows, biatches!

2011-06-01 05:01:09 PM  
i526.photobucket.comView Full Size
2011-06-01 05:01:14 PM  
zap2it.comView Full Size
2011-06-01 05:01:14 PM  
Well that was anticlimactic.
2011-06-01 05:01:15 PM  
I'm over it?

\off to see a client
\\thread should be epic
2011-06-01 05:01:17 PM  
I just want to tell you both, good luck. We're all counting on you.
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