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(CNN) NewsFlash U.S. troops capture Chemical Ali, will not get to fight Randy Machoman Savage   ( cnn.com) divider line
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2003-08-21 07:51:16 AM  
Didn't we kill him a while ago?
2003-08-21 07:52:21 AM  
Man, he was a great boxer. Uncanny how much Will Smith looked like him in that movie.
2003-08-21 07:53:05 AM  
why did i trust them the first time they said he was dead anywy?
2003-08-21 07:53:44 AM  
Didn't we kill him a while ago?

Probably, but in light of recent events it's time for a 'good news' story from Iraq...

[image from image.guardian.co.uk too old to be available]
2003-08-21 07:54:22 AM  
Maybe you're thinking of that female scientist that was mentioned a while ago? Miss Chemichals or something? It seems like the only proof the US seems to need are the nicknames :D
2003-08-21 07:55:11 AM  
It's all America's fault.

Oh, wait, it actually is America's fault this time. I wonder if this was an actual case of an American intelligence success, or if he was just sold out by an acquaintance who feared America more than Saddam.
2003-08-21 07:56:06 AM  
To be fair, I never saw a report that listed him as anything other than "suspected" to be dead.
2003-08-21 07:57:49 AM  
Am I the only one who found that article to be poorly written?
2003-08-21 07:58:20 AM  
yea, he was suspected dead.

guess hes not. (yay)
2003-08-21 07:58:37 AM  
Altima You are thinking of "Chemical Ali McGraw." Her weapon of mass destruction was of course, "Love Story."

[image from zom.free.fr too old to be available]
2003-08-21 07:59:41 AM  
Headline 2 months from now: Uday and Qusay captured in Tikrit.
2003-08-21 08:00:17 AM  
Nah, we killed Chemical Ali when we bombed his house back in April. I think I have a link around here somewhere.
2003-08-21 08:01:22 AM  
He's dead...no, wait a minute...He's ALIVE!!!...no, hold on.......
2003-08-21 08:02:06 AM  
He is the king of spades and No. 5 in the deck of cards issed by the military of the 55 most-wanted Iraqis.

Go fish.
2003-08-21 08:02:30 AM  
Yet another blow to the leftist democraps who support these scumbags.

I'm sure all you hippies will be mourning your loss today.
2003-08-21 08:05:04 AM  
RightWingConspiracy -
leftist democraps who support these scumbags

you mean Reagan, right? he sent Saddam billions in aid, remember?
2003-08-21 08:05:41 AM  
Fantastic headline, but wasn't it "Machoman Randy Savage?"

2003-08-21 08:06:14 AM  
wow, did it hurt you knee to jerk that fast and hard there RightWing? I am impressed.
2003-08-21 08:06:32 AM  
so he wasn't blown up 4 months ago then?

my question is when do we get Comical Ali back?
that guy was better than leno.
2003-08-21 08:07:17 AM  
Wait a minute. You're saying he's been dead since April, and our troops have just now captured him? Takes 5 months to capture a dead guy. Better late than never I guess.
2003-08-21 08:07:34 AM  
The Bu'ushists are going for a trifect. First the UN bombing, now this. And with it comes the great idea of resurrecting enemies so they can be captured.

Yet another victory for the rightist repugnichumps who desperately need these scumbags.

I'm sure all you neofascist hate mongers will be partying your ass off and masturbating over pictures of dead American soldiers today.
2003-08-21 08:07:49 AM  
I think initially he was presumed dead, but after investigating the house the military concluded that he may have escaped. Here is an article on the BBC quoting Rumsfeld as saying that Ali may still be alive:

2003-08-21 08:08:02 AM  

I'm confused by who's dead or captured and who isn't.
2003-08-21 08:08:47 AM  
Wow. Pretty soon they're gonna announce they have Qusai and Odai in their custody.
2003-08-21 08:10:29 AM  
Flawed follow-up.

Yesterday's friend is today's enemy. Today's enemy is tommorrow's friend. Etc.

It's been that way all through history.
2003-08-21 08:11:21 AM  
Yeah.. it was reported in the media that he had been killed a while ago.
I'll bet that the Iraqi Information Minister is happy! He can now say "I told you Chemical Ali was just fine!"
2003-08-21 08:12:06 AM  
RightWingConspiracy"Yesterday's friend is today's enemy. Today's enemy is tommorrow's friend. Etc. It's been that way all through history."

I agree, Reagan should have known better.
2003-08-21 08:15:17 AM  
Is this Cloned Chemical Ali ? Sounds a character from the next C&C installment
2003-08-21 08:15:21 AM  

It's not the right-wing's fault you don't keep up with the news.

June 6th was the first sign he might still be alive.
2003-08-21 08:15:23 AM  
I told you so! I told you Chemical Ali was alive! Qudai and Hussei are just fine too! [image from mansfieldnewsjournal.com too old to be available]
2003-08-21 08:15:56 AM  
More US grandstanding... Is he the Ace of Spades, the joker or the riddler? Gilligan perhaps?
2003-08-21 08:16:41 AM  
2003-08-21 08:17:33 AM  
Speaking of the 55 most wanted guys can someone explain to me how they got 55 guys into a deck of cards? Last time I checked there was only 52 cards in a deck, are there like three jokers or something, or is one guy those directions you get in the pack that like tell you how to play poker?
2003-08-21 08:17:43 AM  
Thanks for the link.
I do read an insane amount of news articles in my spare time, but somehow I missed that one. Interesting.
2003-08-21 08:19:49 AM  
There's a continuity problem in this movie.

It is a movie, right? A really bad movie...
2003-08-21 08:20:56 AM  
Yeah, RightWingConspiracy, we *love* Saddam. We're really crushed by all of this. Really. Idiot.

I'm so glad you've taken the time to sum up our political platform for us: "Vote Democrat in 2004, we LOVE SADDAM!"

Let me return the favor. Use this, should you run for office: "errrrr....deeeerrrrr...uhhhhh".

I think other twits can use that one, too.
2003-08-21 08:21:17 AM  
Have they caught any of these guys yet?
2003-08-21 08:21:23 AM  
look, its not a hard concept to grasp.

coalition: we killed ali
us: cool
coalition: our bad, he might still be alive
us: whatever
coalition: we caught the guy. turned out he survived.
us: wait, this doesnt make sense!

and we wonder why the rest of the world thinks we are stupid
2003-08-21 08:21:58 AM  
uhhhh..... this "he" you are all speaking of is actually a SHE
2003-08-21 08:22:24 AM  
RightWingConspiracy "Yesterday's friend is today's enemy. Today's enemy is tommorrow's friend. Etc. It's been that way all through history."

Indeed. The Soviets were our enemy in '41 until Germany invaded. Britain and the U.S. immediately welcomed them as an ally and started sending supplies. We all agreed that Germany was the greatest threat to us all at that time.
2003-08-21 08:23:00 AM  
HUH? They called the Ghostbusters, or what?

/spending a year dead for tax purposes
2003-08-21 08:23:09 AM  
"2003-08-21 08:15:56 AM meshman

More US grandstanding... Is he the Ace of Spades, the joker or the riddler? Gilligan perhaps?"

How is this "grandstanding"?

He's alive. He's been caught. It's now been reported.

We are talking about a guy who got the nick "chemical" by using chemical weapons on a few thousands men, women and children of a minority (Kurds) in NE Iraq.

What would the headlines look like if a government official in the States decided to release mustard gas in Harlem? I think we'd be a bit pleased he was in custody.
2003-08-21 08:24:48 AM  
Well, if they can't find chemical weapons now, there probably weren't any.
2003-08-21 08:25:08 AM  
Suicidal Goat
What do you mean it's actually a she? Chemical Ali?
Hey that rhymes! Chemical Ali is not a she, it's a he!
ps: don't be suicidal, I love goats!
2003-08-21 08:25:38 AM  
"Yet another blow to the leftist democraps who support these scumbags."

Oh goody, we're going to have a republican vs democrat flamewar! Lets all grab our pompoms and put on our cheerleader skirts. Our teams need us!

and then after the game our teams will fark us, cause we have no self respect. If we did we wouldn't be cheerleaders.
2003-08-21 08:26:09 AM  
This is like a warped game of peek-a-boo.
2003-08-21 08:26:57 AM  
"What would the headlines look like if a government official in the States decided to release mustard gas in Harlem?"

Yes but you forget that once the US sent in troops he went from evil slaughterer of innocentKurds to victim of American Yankee imperial aggression.
2003-08-21 08:27:46 AM  
Well, whether he died months ago or got captured yesterday, it's good news either way.

I DO wonder, though, if the U.S. has had him in custody since April or something, and they were just waiting for a time of crapulence to announce it. That way, the administration looks better.

/doesn't trust the gubberment
2003-08-21 08:28:00 AM  
how about a real question.. what will we do with this guy? will the judicial system have anything to do with it?will he stand trial? and what lawyer would defend him i wonder? that's something i have been wondering about... like say we actually captured osama bin laden, had him alive and in hand-cuffs. would he stand trial like uh... OJ? i mean its pretty obvious we've presumed him guilty already, but this is america. what would happen?
2003-08-21 08:28:14 AM  
`Chemical Ali' alive, hospital officials say
Toronto Star, Canada - Aug 8, 2003
BAGHDADSaddam Hussein's feared aide Ali Hassan al-Majid, known as "Chemical Ali,"
joked and flirted in a Baghdad hospital as the capital fell before making ... link
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