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29957 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Aug 2003 at 3:32 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2003-08-16 6:01:24 PM  
Hmmm. His definition of 'rad' and my definition of 'rad' must be completely different. Some real stinkers in that list.
2003-08-16 6:28:04 PM  
Are you kidding? The Last Dragon is the best movie ever.

Shogun of Harlem?

2003-08-16 6:33:47 PM  
I didn't say they were all stinkers...
2003-08-16 6:35:06 PM  
...any one of 'em beat a botched circumcision, though. : )
2003-08-16 6:51:59 PM  
Where are the John Hughes films????
2003-08-16 6:51:59 PM  
"Hey my man, what you do look like?'

"Hey.. my man... what do you look like?"

High pitched voice: "HEY MY MAN, WHAT DO YOU LOOK LIKE?!"

Yes... I have The Last Dragon on DVD... and I'm Gonna Git You Sucka.
2003-08-16 7:10:17 PM  
I used to know a guy that loved The Last Dragon. He was white guy living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, at the time.

I still don't know how to deal with that information.
2003-08-16 8:03:07 PM  
I'm surprised the Wizard wasn't on this list. No way in hell would you see any movie like that being made again.
2003-08-16 11:07:15 PM  
Whoever greenlighted the articles around 11pm EST. Know that I love you greatly.. you picked all of the kick ass ones! You rock!
2003-08-16 11:53:46 PM  
There can be no better than Weekend at Bernies.
2003-08-17 12:22:37 AM  
You can't see Moonwalker in 3D!

[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-17 12:30:03 AM  
No Breakfast Club? The could have easily replaced Disorderlies, the weakest selection on the list.
2003-08-17 1:10:31 AM  
Bullpen - I don't believe he was trying to pick good movies, but rather movies that embody the 1980s and ould not have been made at any point in time.

And I agree with Sinatra that this list shows an appalling lack of John Hughes films. I thought The Breakfast Club was a sure thing, and maybe Weird Science.

Additionally, I demand that Gleaming the Cube be given an honorable mention!
2003-08-17 1:53:02 AM  
2003-08-16 08:03:07 PM ChewbaccaX
I'm surprised the Wizard wasn't on this list.

Hahaha, behold the Power Glove!
2003-08-17 2:11:49 AM  
Those movies suck. Where is Ferris Bueller? Less Than Zero? Real Genius? Feh.

There were actually some good eighties movies.
2003-08-17 3:38:14 AM  
Breakin' 2? Death first! Try Downtown 8 instead. Basquiat rocks my world.
2003-08-17 3:38:23 AM  
I expected Bill&Ted's Excellent Adventure to make the list too.
2003-08-17 3:42:03 AM  
my own personal favorite from the 80s, the goonies, wasn't on the list. sure it's his opinion, but i can't name one person who doesn't remember the goonies. it should've been on that list. damn it.
2003-08-17 3:43:18 AM  
Ug! Disorderlies was the very first film I walked out on.
2003-08-17 3:44:19 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-17 3:44:21 AM  
The Goonies wasn't an "80's" movie per say, but the video with cyndi Lauper and the THAT was 80's.
2003-08-17 3:44:51 AM  
Like, totally 80's, rad to the max! I love my Power's so BAD!
2003-08-17 3:46:22 AM  
They should have bumped the list to 20, not included Breakin' and Breakin' 2 (one was MORE than sufficient) and covered some of the better of inherently 80's movies.
2003-08-17 3:46:42 AM  
Thrashin should have been there.
2003-08-17 3:48:12 AM  
No wait, almost forgot about the BEST 80's film ever . . .

[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-17 3:49:30 AM  
Moonwalker used to freak me out as a child.

Maybe it was an omen?
2003-08-17 3:49:36 AM  

or maybe HEATHERS?


I guess the criteria had to be that the movie had to be bad?
2003-08-17 3:51:22 AM  
How about the Short Circuit series?
2003-08-17 3:51:43 AM  
Breakfast Club? Ferris Bueller? Goonies? I think you're missing the point. This wasn't a serious "Best of...the 80s!" list, just a list of ridiculous movies that are 80s to the core... and a pretty good one if you ask me.

Though I think I might have had to list Teenwolf and maybe Short Circuit, if it were my list... and maybe Red Dawn too.

2003-08-17 3:51:57 AM  
No Bueller? No Breakfast Club? No Say Anything? Top Gun? Crocodile Dundee? Ghostbusters? Flashdance? Karate Kid? Police Academy? Wargames? Cocktail?

I demand to know the age of the person who made this list.
2003-08-17 3:53:13 AM  
this guy is an asshat.....proly wanks to old paula abdul videos. Goonies man, represent

//full of it
2003-08-17 3:53:22 AM  
Fargin' bastages....
[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-17 3:55:19 AM  
Wow. I'd forgotten the movie RAD existed. Which is odd considering the number of times I watched it as a young lad. Good choices all arround I think.

2003-08-17 3:55:47 AM  
don't forget Adventures in my first hummer in a theatre with that one...some one tell me what the movie was about?
2003-08-17 3:55:52 AM  
People just don't understand.
2003-08-17 3:56:25 AM  
where went Better Off Dead, The Quest, CANNON BALL RUN~!!!!

that list sucked - not one movie from his holiness john cusack
2003-08-17 3:56:26 AM  
How in the world Labyrinth didn't make the list is beyond me. I would have stuck it at number 1 without question. I usually think of Weekend at Bernies as an early 90's film.
2003-08-17 3:57:50 AM  
what about Dark Crystal....freaky
2003-08-17 3:57:56 AM  
Say hello to the night
Lost in the shadows
Say hello to the night
Lost in the loneliness

(Gonna be stuck in your head all day now.. SHARE MY PAIN.)
2003-08-17 3:59:32 AM  
This is THE arm wrestling movie. In the 80s, movie executives didnt make a film about every single possible subject matter, but it wasnt due to a lack of trying. Gentlemen, have we done a picture about lawn darts yet? How about... C. Thomas Howell leads a group of teen lawn darters to save a... wildlife refuge. No, a salad bar. Speaking of bars, what if a robot entered the Olympics as a pole vaulter? Why am I phrasing that as a question? Make it happen.

Comedy gold.

All the people complaining that their favourite movies didn't make the list should read the above paragraph and reconsider whether that article was really about the highest quality movies of the 80's.
2003-08-17 3:59:38 AM  
this list is craptacular!
2003-08-17 4:00:15 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Now THAT was a movie.
2003-08-17 4:01:53 AM  
ok...good BAD movies...Howard the Duck
2003-08-17 4:02:59 AM  
Ahem - we fully understand that the presented list is not supposed to be an 80's Best Of. We realize that the list shows the "most 80'sish" films.. we simply protest that Gymkata, Disorderlies and The Last Dragon are more "80's" then Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day off, Heather's, etc.
2003-08-17 4:03:58 AM  
I could see Weekend at Bernies, but these other films WTF did they come from?

Here how it should go.

10. The Breakfast Club
9. Wierd Science
8. Revenge of the Nerds
7. Real Geniuses
6. Back to the Future
5. Ferris Bullers Day Off
4. Harry and the Hendersons
3. Ghostbusters
2. Sixteen Candles
1. Weekend at Bernies
2003-08-17 4:04:50 AM  
I remember liking Disorderlies when I was younger, but I'll be damned if I can remember ANYHTING about the movie except how at the end the three fat boys were standing in line with "DIS ORDER LIES" printed on the front and back of their shirts and they kept moving around and turning around to try and form the whole world.

I didn't think Moonwalker was that bad. I mean that's in the same list with "Gymkata"? I'd never even heard of Gymkata until recently, but that's GOT to be THE stupidest idea for a movie EVER. And the stupidest name.

And Weekend at Bernies 2 is FAR superior to the first one. I mean the whole dancing bernie using voodoo thing is farking hillarious, and the underwater scene is awesome. :-)

The first movie was okay, but it was kinda slow, and there weren't enough funny moments.
2003-08-17 4:05:48 AM  
I agree
2003-08-17 4:05:56 AM  
yes...breakfast club was my high school minus the fancy library...or the sushi...or the lamp making...or...crap it was nothing like it really was...* I feel so used*
2003-08-17 4:06:26 AM  
Not bad at all, eyesonlyus.

How about dumping Real Geniuses for Risky Buisness?
2003-08-17 4:07:07 AM  
Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller and Heathers were great movies that came out in the 80s, but they are universal movies. In a bizarro world where they didn't previously exist, they could be released right now and would make perfect sense.

Try releasing Last Dragon or Over the Top these days -- sorry but they only make sense in 80s-land... And that, I believe, is what he was going for with the list.
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