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(Komo)   Don't want another speeding ticket? Don't pull over. Seattle Police told not to chase suspects for minor infractions   ( divider line
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9304 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Aug 2003 at 2:29 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2003-08-15 11:39:15 AM  
Thus ensuring that the stupid ones will try to run for it since the news told them they won't be pursued vigorously. Needed the Stupid tag
2003-08-15 11:40:12 AM  
Yeah, but they have this sneaky way of using a pen and paper to FIND YOUR ASS WHEN THEY WRITE DOWN YOUR LICENSE NUMBERS, DUMBASSES
2003-08-15 11:44:47 AM  
And that is why it's advisable to only travel with stolen license plates.
2003-08-15 11:45:59 AM  
I always do.....
2003-08-15 11:46:04 AM  
yup, then they'll mail you a ticket, or mail you anthrax, either way, you're screwed...
2003-08-15 11:47:45 AM  
Seattle already has some of the worst drivers in the country. It's a great place to live, but the roads are just dangerous. I don't even want to think what this is going to do for the not-so-bright horrible drivers.
2003-08-15 1:25:29 PM  
So could you go just a little over the limit (say 40 in a 30mph zone) to escape wtih little risk of burnination?
2003-08-15 1:47:50 PM  
all you need to do is cover your plates and I guess you can drive like an ass as long as you're willing to just not stop.
2003-08-15 1:49:00 PM  
Don't most people know the cops have dash-cams by now?
2003-08-15 1:58:47 PM  
is refusing to stop for the police a misdemeanor?
2003-08-15 2:03:07 PM  
Seattle Police couldn't find their asses in the dark with 2 hands and a flashlight.
2003-08-15 2:19:56 PM  
When you get to an intersection, simply signal left and turn right. Works like a charm.
2003-08-15 2:34:52 PM  
Sherrif John Bunnell just came in his pants.
2003-08-15 2:35:06 PM  
Drive it like you stole it!

[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-15 2:35:41 PM  
I don't pull over. Happened twice. They never chased me. This happened when the unmarked tried to wave me over after pointing that weird laser thing at me.
2003-08-15 2:35:43 PM  
I think this should have been labeled "Asisnine"

Most of the time, when someone refuses to stop for the police it is because they know that they have outstanding warrants or they were in the process of comitting a worse crime than the traffic violation.
2003-08-15 2:37:13 PM  
In other news, automobile theft increases 187,362% in Seattle.
2003-08-15 2:38:14 PM  
Fark tha Police........
2003-08-15 2:38:22 PM  
uh...I think it unlikely that, after deciding not to give chase, theyre just going to forget what car youre driving and your license plate...
This strikes me as just a bit assinine...
2003-08-15 2:38:27 PM  
New directions for cops:
1) Write down license plate
2) Turn on lights
3) Watch car flee
4) Look up address in SCHMODS
5) Go to house and await moron.
6) Arrest moron for felony evasion.

Cars reported stolen will still be chased, but this WILL allow people with drugs in the car to flee and toss the drugs. Which is a good thing since the drug war is retarded.

Not sure what happens when an out-of-state driver flees though.
2003-08-15 2:38:58 PM  
I submitted with the 'Asinine' tag, looks like Admin changed it to 'PSA'.

As for the Seattle Police, I wouldn't be worried about them chasing me, I'd be worried about them opening up with their pistols over a speeding ticket...

...then again, I'm white.
2003-08-15 2:39:04 PM  
John Bunnell should be set on fire.
2003-08-15 2:39:07 PM  
Sweet, time to knock over a few liquor stores and hit the 405!!!
2003-08-15 2:39:16 PM  
Just time your jump for when the train is pulling one of those flat cars past the road. You will clear it easily, and the cop will smash into the boxcar which immediately follows. Most often, it will be carrying livestock, and a chicken will jump on the cop's head. See? Now you have escaped, and you haven't even had to waste an explosive-tipped arrow
2003-08-15 2:39:25 PM  
Just don't throw any beer cans at them. Then it's not minor anymore.
2003-08-15 2:40:05 PM  
Driver breaks traffic law.

Police try to cite driver.

Driver tries to escape from police.

Police pursue, figuring that there is something more going on than just a traffic infraction.

Driver wraps car around tree and dies.

Police are at fault, not allowed to pursue criminals any more.


The city is safer!
2003-08-15 2:40:19 PM  
Borrow a friends car and do not stop for the police when being pulled over. Then immediately return car to friend and leave.....Let hilarity ensue.
2003-08-15 2:40:22 PM  
just push the button that releases the tacks
2003-08-15 2:40:26 PM  
they won;t chase you.........riiiiiiiiiiight.....

i'll tell you one thing that pisses me off - EVERY 4th of July there is a major speedtrap on Aurora avenue, coming into Fremont - I've seen seven or so cars lined up on the side of the road and the cops just keep picking people off like fish in a barrell. And get this, they start at like 10am - I mean, c'mon!
2003-08-15 2:41:07 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Criminals think it's fun,
to go on the run,
but the cops will frown,
and the bad guys go down.

/lame effort
2003-08-15 2:41:16 PM  
Un-freaking-believable. So now it's kosher to run if you don't want to get in trouble?

I'll keep this in mind next time I'm drunk driving there.

(On another, unrelated note that is bothering me so badly that I have to say something. Today's Bullz-eye chick is so ugly she hurts my eyes)
2003-08-15 2:41:38 PM  
S-C-M-O-D-S : State County Municipal Offender Data System

Driver : Elwood Blues
Addresss : 1060 West Addison

Moving Violations : 52
Parking Violations : 256

License under suspension
Arrest driver, impound vehicle
2003-08-15 2:41:53 PM  
What's asinine is police risking the lives (and frequently taking the lives) of innocent bystanders b/c somebody with a warrent tries to take off.
2003-08-15 2:42:17 PM  
That's why if you're any kind of a cop, you carry a spare gun to plant on the perp. At least, that's how I see it done in the movies.

Does this mean that Bo and Luke Duke is moving to Seattle ? I'll protect Daisy Duke meself.

[image from too old to be available]

2003-08-15 2:42:51 PM  
Yes, because what we need is an asshat fleeing from the cops in a high-speed chase and killing someone in oncoming traffic. Over a speeding violation.
2003-08-15 2:42:58 PM  
I guess that includes J-Walking too?
2003-08-15 2:43:01 PM  
1. read sllort's post

sorry there is no 2. or 3.
2003-08-15 2:43:12 PM  

I guess you've never tried to drive through Lake Forest Park. You go 26 on their 25mph arterial residential roads and you end up with a ticket. LFP police....they're everywhere.
2003-08-15 2:43:19 PM  
w00t! Less government enforcement of laws...
Not exactly a Bad thing...The Government sets up such stupid laws aways.
2003-08-15 2:44:22 PM  
2003-08-15 2:44:36 PM  
i've gotten a ticket in bellevue, those cops are pretty hardass as well...

and to them all, i dedicate this stramnge translation of a kraftwerk tune:

We are driving on the Autobahn
In front of us is a wide valley
The sun is shining with glittering rays
The driving strip is a grey track
White stripes, green edge
We are switching the radio on
From the speaker it sounds:
We are driving on the Autobahn
2003-08-15 2:45:14 PM  
What's the point of having laws if you're not going to enfofrce them when the criminals try to get away?
2003-08-15 2:46:12 PM  
when laws are outlawed, only outlaws will
2003-08-15 2:46:49 PM  

You realy need to invest in a radar detector. Those things work wonders, and they pay for themselves with the first jake they pick up, be they lake forest jake or otherwise.
2003-08-15 2:46:56 PM  
Yeah, and there's also an awesome loophole out there if you don't want points to go on your insurance from a speeding ticket!

2003-08-15 2:48:32 PM  
Driving advice from Hunter S. Thompson?
2003-08-15 2:48:56 PM that fo'real valkore? never heard of it - pity i didn't know before...
2003-08-15 2:50:04 PM  
omfg Im moving to Seattle :) Too bad you cant have a tag over your car that says driving to Seattle..dont pull me over for going 100 mph. Thank you =)
2003-08-15 2:50:27 PM  
Thanks valkore!

I was just about to write a check for a speeding ticket I got last month - I guess it can't hurt to try this.

/i'm appreciatin it
2003-08-15 2:51:08 PM  
Get over it.

Studies have shown again and again how dangerous high speed police pursuits are to public safety. I would rather a million people get out of an 80 dollar speeding ticket than see one killed by some a$$hat cop running a redlight to catch a speeder.
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