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(ESPN)   Annotated Dennis Miller from last night   ( divider line
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6679 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Oct 2001 at 1:56 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-23 02:03:06 PM  
What you say?

That was one of the worst written articles I've seen. Goodness gracious. The Linda Blair pic was freaky, though.
2001-10-23 02:03:39 PM  
Want a funny article, go here:​x.html

Tried to submit it, but it wasn't accepted.
2001-10-23 02:05:36 PM  
Obvious tag?
2001-10-23 02:07:52 PM  
Unit we it!
2001-10-23 02:08:38 PM  
Did that crap even make sense?
2001-10-23 02:10:38 PM  
Unfortunately, Dennis goes right over the heads of football fans, not because they don't get it, they just aren't in that "frame of mind." He's really is the only reason to watch on Monday night, especially during the recent match-ups.
2001-10-23 02:17:08 PM  
Rmdw: Sour grapes, but you're right - that's a DAMN funny article.
2001-10-23 02:19:01 PM  
Slippy: Not complaining, but just wanted to share it with others. At work, its made the rounds and everyone's enjoyed it.
2001-10-23 02:19:23 PM  
While I agree that the latest matchups on MNF have sucked, Dennis Miller sucks much ass. Throughout the entire 2nd quarter, he tried desperately to be funny and failed. I know his humor is suppose to be high-intellect, but his gibberish last night was ridiculous. It was so annoying, I muted the farking TV.
2001-10-23 02:22:21 PM  
Taken from The Kindling

Area Man Finally Understands One Of Dennis Miller's MNF References
Peoria, IL - A smile appeared on the face of Ace Hardware assistant manager, Jeff Reynolds, when he finally understood what Dennis Miller was talking about during a Monday Night Football game last year. Miller was commenting about the athletic tape wrapped around Denver Broncos running back Terrell Davis's left ankle after he twisted it early in the game, when Miller said, "The artist Christo didn't use that much fabric when he enveloped the Pont Neuf." Over six months after the obscure reference, Reynolds was accompanying his wife to the library when he happened upon a photograph of a bridge wrapped up like a package. He then learned Christo Javacheff is a sculptor famous for wrapping up large objects such as buildings and islands in cloth or plastic. In 1985, the artist and 300 workers covered Paris's Pont Neuf - the oldest standing bridge across the Seine - with more than 40,000 square meters of beige cloth and then tied the whole thing off with more than 13,000 meters (nearly 43,000 feet) of rope. "That Dennis Miller is a pretty funny dude," Reynolds said.
2001-10-23 02:23:03 PM  
hehe, i liked the part about stephen hawking telling himself a joke in the 11th dimension...
2001-10-23 02:23:28 PM  
2001-10-23 02:25:28 PM  
Rmdw: Either way, doesn't really matter to me, I laughed my freaking ass off. :)
2001-10-23 02:26:52 PM  
See...Dennis gives people a reason to live, even if it is to search out the meaning of his obscure references...
2001-10-23 02:29:31 PM  
Funny but not all that funny... obscure but not all that obscure... Miller was once on the edge now he is in the recycle center.. Still the best weekend update corespondant SnL has ever seen..
2001-10-23 02:30:57 PM  
Am I the only one who thinks the Annotated Dennis Miller makes him sound way smarter than he really is? Suddenly one mention of Rorshach (sp?) and they try to make it sound like he's practically a clinical psychologist. Jeez.
2001-10-23 02:33:10 PM  
Anyone notice who wrote that article?

"Locke Peterseim is a senior editor at

Research assistant: Dave Ihlenfeld"

They need a whole team of encyclopedia writers to descramble some of what Miller says. Did somebody say obscure?
2001-10-23 02:37:32 PM  
How many research assistants does Dennis have? Hmm?
2001-10-23 02:40:41 PM  
4 research assisants and his wife.
2001-10-23 02:41:59 PM  
See, it takes at least ONE woman!
2001-10-23 02:47:35 PM  
Dennis Miller is hot. And he would be funnier if it wasn't so obvious he was trying to be smart and obscure. The funniest guys are the ones that come up with that stuff every once in a while, and it takes you a second to realize they just made a joke. In other news, Go Cowboys!
2001-10-23 02:47:48 PM  
Miller suxs! But on a good note the Eagles won! Sorry Jet's fans...
2001-10-23 02:57:40 PM  
Bah. Crap from ESPN, who are suddenly offended to think that people consider rabid sports fans to be, well, un-intellectual. So they do the oh-so-clever "I know you are but what am I?" playground argument in return. Lame.

Dennis Miller's a smart guy and pretty amusing, but every time I hear him on MNF, it just throws me. A good experiment, but it didn't work and it should be ended.
2001-10-23 03:04:10 PM  
Dennis Miller has his moments on MNF. The best stuff is the unscripted stuff. I have also come to enjoy the rahther frightening Eagles doll that stares at other dolls. I keep waiting for its head to spin around ala Linda Blair.
2001-10-23 03:17:07 PM  
As Dana Carvey would say, "Oh, Captain Hair-Do!!"
2001-10-23 03:28:03 PM  
I dont get it.

re-allow my ip so i don't have to spoof it to post, Drew!

2001-10-23 04:07:25 PM  
I thought the ESPN article was pretty damn cool and an entertaining read.
2001-10-23 04:15:44 PM  
2001-10-23 04:25:14 PM  
Dennis Miller is great. MNF wouldnt be MNF without him anymore. I love it and I watch every Monday night and read the annotated Dennis Miller every Tuesday morning.

but actually, I thought Norm MacDonald and his fowl mouth was a better host of Weekend Update.
2001-10-23 04:56:42 PM  
"Alas ye poor Buccaneers,I knew thee well"-Tony Dungys Hamlet...
2001-10-23 04:59:02 PM need to explain everything to football fans... :)
2001-10-23 05:06:15 PM  
Dennis Miller sucks. Although he isn't as bad as Tim McCarver during baseball broadcasts.
2001-10-23 05:17:57 PM  
I got all but 1 of the 'quips' but that crap just was wasn't funny.

Dennis Miller sucks, and not just because of that littany of unfunny excrement.

He has always sucked. I've yet to see him funny.

Funny more, Dennis.

Suck less.
2001-10-23 05:38:48 PM  
"Note: This is foreshadowing. They never did work out the bugs. Apparently, Roosevelt Jr. High School's 8th Grade AV Club was unavailable to do sound and tech, and they had to get a less-experienced crew."

2001-10-23 07:01:16 PM  
Y'know, it's funny.. there are folks will make fun of the nutball up a couple of threads, then put on Football jerseys, paint themselves in team colors, and are mentally incapable of following some simple freeform associations because their brains started leaking soon after they hit ninth grade. People actually need translations on these comments? Pathetic comes in many colors.
2001-10-23 07:31:45 PM  
The 400lb gorilla rules!
2001-10-23 08:05:04 PM  
If you don't know who Stephen Hawking is, you watch too much sports. Mook.

If you don't know what a pooch kick is you watch too much Trek. Nerd.
2001-10-23 08:50:53 PM  
Dennis Miller? Heck, they should have Lewis Black on their baby. The man goes apopletic when he rants. He'd scare the crap out of Fouts and Michaels.
2001-10-23 08:54:43 PM  
A lot of those references were pretty obvious, but...

"John Facenda", "The game's afoot", "Rorschach association" and "full Windsor".

If you caught all those, then you are my mental superior.

And as for Lewis Black, I don't think he can scream for 4 hours straight. Not a whole lot he can make fun of during a football game, unless he only anounces Lions games...
2001-10-23 10:57:26 PM  
Ever seen Dennis Miller Live on HBO? One of my favorite shows ever, one that made you laugh and think at the same time. Miller on MNF doesn't really give him too much room to rant, but it's still pretty good. You could almost say that when he is on MNF that it's "Miller Light"
2001-10-23 10:57:46 PM  
*rim shot*
2001-10-24 12:46:05 AM  
It's sad that sports fans needed that stuff explained to them. The only ones I didn't get were the sports related ones. I'm sorry, but if you don't at least know who Stephen Hawking is, you need to turn of "the big game" and read a farking BOOK.
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