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(Fox Mulder)   History of the 1965 Northeast Power Outage (I want to believe)   ( divider line
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10197 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Aug 2003 at 6:24 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2003-08-14 6:26:57 PM  
Flash Mob!
2003-08-14 6:28:26 PM  
Now Thats Crazy
2003-08-14 6:28:26 PM  
So THAT'S where my younger brother came from!
2003-08-14 6:28:42 PM  
Monica's sister?? get on yer knees and pray!
2003-08-14 6:28:42 PM  
terrorist UFOs!!!
2003-08-14 6:30:08 PM  
Somebody call the President
2003-08-14 6:30:12 PM  
The real cause of the blackout:
[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-14 6:30:16 PM  
"Ufologists"? How much does a ufologist get paid?
2003-08-14 6:30:27 PM  
i thought this fell squarely on clinton's shoulders.
2003-08-14 6:30:28 PM  
geez talk about freebie submissions....jump on your own bandwagon..
2003-08-14 6:31:14 PM  
That blackout was caused by a massive solar event. :)
2003-08-14 6:32:58 PM  
I think it was the Icy Hot Stuntaz at it again
2003-08-14 6:33:08 PM  
2003-08-14 06:30:27 PM Guy Incognito
i thought this fell squarely on clinton's shoulders.

This is clearly William Henry Harrison's fault.
2003-08-14 6:33:58 PM  
Can I take the tin foil off my head now?
2003-08-14 6:34:11 PM  
Time for the tinfoil hats, New Yorkers.

Oops. Too late.
2003-08-14 6:34:58 PM  
mr_name - Beat me to it :)
2003-08-14 6:35:09 PM  
We have a disgruntled airforce worker (just one) and lots of people taking pictures of funny shaped clouds/"ball lightning." And this proves what exactly? Oh yes, that little green men attacked the eastern seaboard, but were too incompetent to finish the job. Maybe solar flairs, maybe a thunderstorm, maybe soviet nukes detonated in the upper atmosphere, but aliens it ain't.
2003-08-14 6:36:06 PM  
2003-08-14 6:36:10 PM  
Ufologists study ufs. LOOK! THERE'S AN UF NOW! RUNNNNN!!!
2003-08-14 6:36:25 PM  
A massive coverup

... of course. There is no alternative theory.
2003-08-14 6:38:22 PM  
It's terrorist related. Everyone knows it.
2003-08-14 6:38:23 PM  
Martians: Lets run an electro disrupter test so when we REALLY wanna mess shiat up we know what level to crank it up to. Plus its funny to see people running around in the street.
2003-08-14 6:38:24 PM  
/pant...Look in Orion's belt...
2003-08-14 6:38:43 PM  
One man, acting alone. Duh.
2003-08-14 6:40:05 PM  
petsfed is *really* mad by the way.

Petsfed: Oh man this is bullshiat! everyone knows UFOs could wipe us out if they want they wouldnt do something so meaningless! duh!
2003-08-14 6:41:17 PM  
Just great, now we've got to invade another planet to pre-empt terrorism
2003-08-14 6:41:37 PM  
Oh yeah. That's just great! Blame the aliens... Anytime you want a convenient scapegoat for an unpleasant occurance, just blame it on flying saucers. Assholes.

-An irate Martian
2003-08-14 6:42:47 PM  
Man, first they take Futurama off the air, now this.
2003-08-14 6:43:21 PM  
They don't even know the difference between UFOs and alien spacecraft.
2003-08-14 6:44:14 PM  
Yet another failed Cobra scheme...
2003-08-14 6:44:30 PM  
I saw an Alien once, his name was Jose', and he made some bad-ass burrito's
2003-08-14 6:44:38 PM  
It's not news, it's!

/needs boobies pics, now
2003-08-14 6:44:43 PM  
i KNEW it!
2003-08-14 6:45:17 PM  
New York: You've been punk'd!
2003-08-14 6:45:37 PM  
UFOs? That might be a story if there were pictures. If you mention the existence of pictures, but don't show them, I call bullshiat!
2003-08-14 6:46:45 PM  
I'll believe a UFO when I see one. Period.
2003-08-14 6:47:27 PM  
As my grandpa used to say, I saw a UF, but I couldn't quite make out any O.
2003-08-14 6:48:27 PM  
2003-08-14 6:50:03 PM  
The aliens are planning to attack.. First they will disrupt all electronical equipment causing massive chaos, then move onto phase 2 whatever that maybe...

/consipracy idea #345820
2003-08-14 6:50:17 PM  
Who says the aliens aren't collaborating with the terrorists to pull this off. Maybe Osama's up in the UFO directing this whole mess.
2003-08-14 6:50:25 PM  

everyone walks out of house, rubbing eyes, stunned by the quietness.

"my TV/computer isn't working" they say to nobody in particular.

They see their neighbour across the street for the first time in a couple of months.

scratches I a Republican...or a Democrat ?
2003-08-14 6:50:38 PM  
may - be. stupid space bar
2003-08-14 6:51:56 PM  
Wow evaned, that's gotta be one of the worst designed websites in history.
2003-08-14 6:52:24 PM  
Take me to your leader!
2003-08-14 6:53:05 PM  
Step 1: Have the UFO cut power to the Northeast.
Step 2: ???
Step 3: PROFIT!
2003-08-14 6:56:30 PM  
Man, I wish I had what they were smoking.
2003-08-14 6:56:38 PM  
Sure, laugh all you want. Meanwhile, the damned Amish are getting away with it again. That's right, The Amish. Bearded bastards never did like electricity.
2003-08-14 6:59:16 PM  
2003-08-14 7:00:20 PM  
Good lord...everyone knows that it was the reincarnation of Babe Ruth that caused it.

/I got nuttin
2003-08-14 7:01:11 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
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