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2197 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Oct 2001 at 12:34 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-23 12:39:15 PM  
Well, DUH!
2001-10-23 12:56:20 PM  
"Smithers, the Taliban is attacking us. Unleash the hounds."
2001-10-23 01:14:31 PM  
Well, if the nuclear plant had real security, some of those military boys would have been shot, don't you think?

Kinda like doing an unannounced "training exercise" by attacking Fort Knox.

Start them heads a rollin!
2001-10-23 01:23:19 PM  
0800 - Begin operation "Make civilians crap themselves".

0830 - Snicker.
2001-10-23 01:34:26 PM  
Department of Defense to power company: "OOPS"
2001-10-23 04:12:14 PM  
2001-10-23 05:19:27 PM  
It's this kind of fine intelligence work that allowed the September 11th attacks in the first place. This should get
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2001-10-23 05:26:30 PM  
Smithers, release the hounds.
2001-10-23 05:37:35 PM  
I read the article and it sounds like something was going down that they don't want to tell us about. It sounded like they never really got an explanation of what was going on, even though police, fbi, military, and the power plant were all concerned and sending out operatives.

Was there a real attack? or maybe a mock attack to test the rest of the agencies?
2001-10-23 05:48:38 PM  
That timeline certainly makes me feel secure in the abilities of the authorities.

8pm: Reports of helicopters flying toward power plant.
MIDNIGHT: Reported to FBI and other authorities
5am: FBI determines it is not an attack.

So it took NINE HOURS to determine that the power plant was not under attack?! I'm pretty sure that 9 hours would be plenty of time accomplish any attack on a power plant.
2001-10-23 05:49:25 PM  
"to accomplish"
2001-10-23 06:22:36 PM  
Good point. 9 hours would have been plenty of time to takle over and blow the containment. But if it had been real, the plant officials would have never reported anything because by the time they realized it was real, they'd have been dead.
2001-10-23 08:07:16 PM  
"Nothing to see here. Move along."
2001-10-24 05:16:15 AM  
Used to work security at a power plant.
It definitely would have livened up the evening.
2001-10-24 05:17:48 AM  
I agree that this article is hazy at best. Security carries live ammunition. Shots probably would have been fired. No kidding.
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