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(Rolling Stone) Boobies Gentlemen, I give you the Olsen twins latest photo shoot (safe for work)   ( divider line
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148807 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Aug 2003 at 11:37 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-08-14 06:53:19 AM  
/makes phone symbol with hand to side of face and mouths "Call me"

/returns to reality
2003-08-14 07:17:23 AM  
Am I allowed to have a stiffy cos of this?
2003-08-14 07:32:18 AM  
me like!
2003-08-14 07:35:35 AM  
"Thank you God!"--Animal House
2003-08-14 07:36:42 AM  
Oooh, I don't know. Upon closer inspection, I still see the little baby from Full House.

2003-08-14 07:46:34 AM  
I want to cook and eat them.
2003-08-14 07:47:45 AM  
2003-08-14 07:52:42 AM  
but they look like little girls still!
2003-08-14 07:53:02 AM  
* baseball, baseball, baseball, baseball, baseball, baseball, baseball, baseball,baseball,
2003-08-14 08:06:22 AM  
I betcha they're perfectly manicured, if ya know what I mean.

No, hang on. Poor kids, can't have any fun cuz it would cost their marketing campaigns millions. I bet they're both pierced for satisfaction throughout the day.
2003-08-14 08:08:50 AM  
So hot, want to touch the hinie
2003-08-14 08:32:24 AM  
2003-08-14 08:40:44 AM  
Still too young. Call me in 5 years.
2003-08-14 09:07:33 AM  
Kittens going extinct
2003-08-14 09:50:54 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I'd hit it from the back court
2003-08-14 09:53:33 AM  
I just do not get the attraction to these pig-faced, bug-eyed, little girls.
2003-08-14 10:33:24 AM  
RagingLeonard :- You forgot bullfrog-mouthed
2003-08-14 10:56:33 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Who the hell thought that would be hot?
2003-08-14 11:16:05 AM  
Umm... there were pictures of them recently in tiny bikinis... I think that would qualify to be more of a boobies link than this.

The Rolling Stones magazine photographer sucks.
2003-08-14 11:17:07 AM  
It's not like they're the most hideous woman on the planet (that spot's reserved for my ex), but I still think of the two babies on Full House whenever I see them.
2003-08-14 11:25:19 AM  
Ok, different strokes, but with these I don't see the appeal at all. They look like they suffered birth defects and the fact that they're two just means twice as much ugly. The twin thing is only actually neat if said siblings are, you know, hot.
2003-08-14 11:41:11 AM
2003-08-14 11:41:30 AM  
I call dibs on the freaky looking bug-eyed one!

oh, wait, that's both of 'em.

They farking creep me out.
2003-08-14 11:41:37 AM  
they still look like 13 year olds.
2003-08-14 11:41:50 AM  
Hey Wang1469 looks like Shake isn't hanging out tonight
2003-08-14 11:42:11 AM  
These girls are so not hot
2003-08-14 11:42:22 AM  
Awww, I want to hold them and squeeze them and pet them and call them George!
2003-08-14 11:42:35 AM  
YIPE! ok.. I fear when they get 18....
2003-08-14 11:42:58 AM  
I used to hate Full House (with the exception of John Stamos....stoopid role, cute guy). I thought "baby Michelle" looked like a "baby chimpanzee". But, the twins so look better now that they've grown up, so I give 'em props for that. Although, that pic of them in the shredded gowns & mohawks IS nightmare-inducing.....
2003-08-14 11:43:09 AM  

It's not like they're the most hideous woman on the planet (that spot's reserved for my ex), but I still think of the two babies on Full House whenever I see them.

Apparently you are unfamiliar with Yoda, a girl that used to live by one of my friends during High School. I swear she looked exactly like Yoda only 1-foot taller, human skin toned and with hair.
2003-08-14 11:43:36 AM  
I still don't get the appeal.
It's like those stupid Magic Eye posters, am I supposed to see a hottie? What, man, WHAT? There it! False alarm!! Dammit.
*squinting at the screen*
2003-08-14 11:43:43 AM  
take 2....
2003-08-14 11:43:43 AM  
Ok, cola, you're wrong, they are pretty when they're not being treated like freaks, as in the above picture. Hittable? Only in the sense that there is someone for everyone (more or less). Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.
2003-08-14 11:44:04 AM  
I'd hit it... twice.
2003-08-14 11:44:16 AM  
My brother's going to NYU this summer, so I told him "Hey, the Olsen twins are going to some New York college! Maybe you could hook up with one of them!" Then he looks at me with a completely straight face, raises one eyebrow, and says, "Or maybe both of them. AT THE SAME TIME!" Good times, good times.

/wants brother to bring him Olsen twin
2003-08-14 11:44:19 AM  
Is this legal? Im so confused?!?!

btw, anyone thinking Barbi Twins?
2003-08-14 11:44:34 AM  
America's favorite fantasy? Bullshiat. That's two counts of incest and statuatory rape all wrapped into one.

To quote Howard Stern: "Get out of my life." Stop being in the national eye.

That cover shot must have taken days to airbrush. It almost looks like a drawing.
2003-08-14 11:44:34 AM  
I wouldn't hit it.

/ok, I would, but only to overcome my anger for actually watching a few episodes of Full House("few"=12)
2003-08-14 11:44:46 AM  
Isn't it awfully nice to have a penis?
Isn't it frightfully good to have a dong?
It's swell to have a stiffy.
It's divine to own a dick,
From the tiniest little tadger
To the world's biggest prick.
So, three cheers for your Willy or John Thomas.
Hooray for your one-eyed trouser snake,
Your piece of pork, your wife's best friend,
Your Percy, or your cock.
You can wrap it up in ribbons.
You can slip it in your sock,
But don't take it out in public,
Or they will stick you in the dock,
And you won't come back!

That being said I'd double hit it.
2003-08-14 11:44:56 AM  
I'd hit it!!! oh hey... anyone know of a link that can teach me how to post photoshop stuff on this thing?? still new to this! what about html? i'm totally clueless here!! maybe an "instructions" page?
2003-08-14 11:44:56 AM  
Why hasnt anyone posted the "id hit it, and then go to jail" pics?!?!? DAMNIT!!! you guys suck, im still 17 so i can hit it legally. suckers.
2003-08-14 11:44:59 AM  
For some reason they remind me of those Troll dolls, minus the giant plume of blue hair.
2003-08-14 11:45:12 AM  
Who the hell thought that would be hot?

This guy.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-14 11:45:23 AM  
safe for work

if you want all your co-workers to think you're a pedophile
2003-08-14 11:45:53 AM  
you are so right, a set of hot twins would be a dream - as in, every mans fantasy. Guess that's all these freaks are to some people.
2003-08-14 11:46:09 AM  
Is it okay to masterbate to them yet?
2003-08-14 11:46:15 AM  
At the very risk of drawing friendly fire, I can't see why they are so big of a deal. They are pretty, and yes, they give you the chance to double your pleasure, double your fun. But really, A Rebecca Romijn Stamos is worth two Olsen Twins in the bed. These two will be like Darryl Hannah; you'll never see them nude until they are in their 40's.
2003-08-14 11:46:18 AM  
My grandmother looks like Yoda. May I never see her bouncing off the walls with a sabre.
2003-08-14 11:46:19 AM  
How much money do these girls have? Like around a gazzilion dollars?
2003-08-14 11:46:39 AM  
y'know, I could feel guilty if these chicks were still 15 and looked really hot and all, but I have the feeling that these girls are going to look 14 (body-wise) till theyre about 28. As strange as it is for me to say, they just dont do it for me. They look like 12 year old jon benet ramseys, all made up to look 23. And honestly, no, Im not gay.
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