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(11 Alive)   Atlanta's police officer of the year turns out to be a gang leader   ( divider line
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2003-08-13 3:44:14 PM  
Well, yeah. He was chosen police officer of the year for his leadership skills.

The rest of the Atlanta officers were only gang MEMBERS.
2003-08-13 4:06:35 PM  
I love Atlanta. And Tennessee. Spent most of my life in those two places. Ah, well.

/sigh, again.
2003-08-13 4:07:33 PM  
not strange... here in Houston everone's a gang leader...
2003-08-13 4:18:13 PM  
I don't think the percentage of gang leaders to the total population can be greater than 50%, even in Houston.

In order to qualify as a gang, there must be at least two people in it, and if the average gang size is the minimal 2.0, then the percentage of leaders would be 50%.

However, I guess it is theoretically possible that two people can form two different gangs - one person leads one gang and the other person leads the other. But that would be downright weird behavior even by Houston standards.
2003-08-13 4:25:27 PM  
Blame Canada
2003-08-13 4:43:21 PM  
Never mix business and pleasure.
2003-08-13 5:11:46 PM  
Crap I better hurry up and shiat out a script on this before someone else beats me to the punch.

In a world gone wrong...

An honored cop receiving a hero's welcome who hides a dark secret. Officer David Freeman combated crime and was always one step of a few gangs. Yet no one suspected that he was DayDay leader of the violent Diablos gang in Northwest Atlanta. Using his street knowledge he would raid opposing gangs and framed anyone who knew his secret.

Day by Day

Staring Denzel Washington, Danny Trejo and Halle Berry.
This film has not been rated.
2003-08-13 5:54:21 PM  
Just remember, it's not what you know...

[image from too old to be available]'s what you can prove.
2003-08-13 6:16:50 PM  
I wonder how long it is going to take Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton to stick their farking whiney-ass noses into this situation. This is right up their alley.
2003-08-13 7:09:36 PM  
2003-08-13 9:25:44 PM  
....mmmmmmm atlanta. and i thought deeeeetroit was corrupt.
2003-08-13 10:44:54 PM  

He also claimed that Diablos was a musical group and not a gang
2003-08-13 10:46:54 PM  
2003-08-13 10:49:37 PM  
2003-08-13 10:52:32 PM  
Just a BIT of Sensationalism
he was Officer of the Year in his Zone.

Pretty screwed up, nonetheless
2003-08-13 10:55:12 PM  
y'know what the sad thing is? He'll get convicted of everything and still serve less time than your average punk brought up on drug possesion.
2003-08-13 10:55:23 PM  
"Pennington said one of his best officers in New Orleans now sits on death row for murder." Len Davis? one of the best? Pennington ran for mayor here and when he lost it was off to Atlanta -- you can have him.
2003-08-13 10:58:46 PM  
This does not surprise anyone who lives there or is from there (like me).
2003-08-13 10:58:57 PM  
Every cop is a criminal,
All are sinner saints...
2003-08-13 11:04:34 PM  
I'm shocked, um, no wait, thats just a little gas...nevermind
2003-08-13 11:07:01 PM  
I blame the cheap labor conservatives.
2003-08-13 11:07:42 PM  
Thinking about it, I think the lyrics are actually

Just as every cop is a criminal,
All are sinners saints.

Not a big correction, but screwing up the Stones is a serious musical offense.
2003-08-13 11:13:04 PM  
Not a big correction, but screwing up the Stones is a serious musical offense.

No it is not. Screw the Stones.
2003-08-13 11:14:53 PM  
He also claimed that Diablos was a musical group and not a gang and that Freeman only provided security for them on certain occasions.

So, did they take over after the Jets?

/West side story
2003-08-13 11:15:24 PM  
It's all about smiles and cry's
2003-08-13 11:17:20 PM  
The arrest came after a federal indictment that alleged Officer David Freeman, known as Day Day on the streets and recently named the officer of the year, helped lead the violent Diablos gang in Northwest Atlanta.

LOL, I've seen Next Friday and Friday After Next. You can't trust a guy named Day Day.
2003-08-13 11:18:00 PM  
These are the guys enforcing the drug laws.. Yep. You are being arrested by gang members. I new something was up when the police cars were hydraulic, and when I cleaned up the graffiti they cited me for vandalism..
2003-08-13 11:20:35 PM  
I don't know why this has the tag. In Atlanta its common knowledge that our local government is a buncha thugg and gangsters. Just walk into any government office downtown and notice the signs they flash you.
2003-08-13 11:21:53 PM  
Police are something a sane society cannot afford.

Find me a sane society, please!
2003-08-13 11:24:33 PM  
I think I saw this on The Shield!
2003-08-13 11:25:20 PM  
awesome, makes me feel good about the cops here.

like macabre said, this city's police and city hall have been corrupt for a little while.
2003-08-13 11:26:34 PM  
In other news Affirmative Action not such a great idea
2003-08-13 11:26:40 PM  
"King Kong ain't got nothing on me."

Maybe not but your ass is still in jail.
2003-08-13 11:32:57 PM  
Dirty cop? In America? No way, man. I just don't farking believe it.
2003-08-13 11:38:05 PM  
Cheif: Congradulations! I don't know how you caught those 5 drug dealers!

Cop: They didn't sell enough.

Cheif: Huh?

Cop: Inside joke.

/Got nothin'
2003-08-13 11:42:42 PM  
Shouldn't this have had an tag?

2003-08-13 11:47:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Killin' what do you know about killin?

2003-08-13 11:49:34 PM  
Speaking of Atlanta and New Orleans, if you can find a way, listen to audio of the respective police chiefs giving press conferences, they can barely speak English--it's pitiful: "We has been implementing a new plan to stop all these murderings from happening." I heard that one on the news this Spring, from the police chief's mouth. It did not inspire me with tons of confidence in his abilities as a leader. Also, according to the NOPD's webpage, the chief only makes $60,000. No wonder these guys go corrupt so fast.
2003-08-13 11:50:10 PM  
Freeman's attorney, Ricardo Mosby, told 11Alive's Jennifer Leslie that his client is a decorated officer who is guilty by association only. He also claimed that Diablos was a musical group and not a gang and that Freeman only provided security for them on certain occasions.

A musical group? wtf? Jesus, come up with a better explanation than a musical group...
2003-08-13 11:52:22 PM  
doken racist rant...

/hiding his crack rocks
2003-08-13 11:52:41 PM  
wuapinmon I think the job will corrupt plenty of them, even if they were paid really well.

Let's see, you get a gun. You get a huge amount of power over other people (just your word can send someone to jail for months or years, even without planting "evidence"). You get to wear a uniform.

That's not to say that all, or even most cops are bad. It's just that the job will always attract power-hungry assholes and the mentally unstable, not to mention the temptation to go bad once you get on the force.. Psych tests can weed out most of them, but a few will always slip through.
2003-08-14 12:00:17 AM  

Guess they figure if you can 'beat' em.. Join em
2003-08-14 12:00:25 AM  
Didn't I already see this movie?
2003-08-14 12:04:34 AM  
Chief. Chief. Stupid 'I' before 'E' except after 'C'
2003-08-14 12:06:11 AM  
That would make a kick-ass movie.
2003-08-14 12:11:28 AM
2003-08-14 12:25:08 AM  
I couldn't have said it better than SenoreVurm did. Even if this guy get convicted fo all that he is charged with he still wont get as much time and the royal farking that a kid caught with an ounce of pot will. If there were no prohibition then there would be no gang wars for control of the income from drug sales. Without the income there would be no incentive to try to kill each other off. And there would be a lot less need to over police every citizen in the country. Also there wouldn't be the lure of easy money to flip the police force to the wrong side of the law. This is just speculation from the peanut gallery.

/Neocons would shout down Lincoln as a commie liberal! Party of Lincoln indeed. :P
2003-08-14 12:26:59 AM  
please excuse the poor spelling and grammar. ranting makes my fingers fat.
2003-08-14 12:37:03 AM  
I interviewed the lawyer after the US Attorney's Press Conference. He swears the evidence is weak, but I guess that is his job. you should see the Indictment, all the street names crack me up

a short list:
(there were 16 named in the indictment)
Billy Duarte Ladson A.K.A "Billy Diablo"
Deandre Norwood -- "Dre Cat"
Demitrius Revere -- "Top Cat"
Lidonda Carter -- "tink"
and my personal fave: Michael Starks -- Hunklebun"
2003-08-14 12:42:11 AM  
what the hell is a hunklebun
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