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(Atlanta Journal Constitution) NewsFlash Bin Laden killed in Pakistan   ( divider line
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2011-05-01 11:16:33 PM  
2011-05-01 11:16:34 PM  

t-spoon: gotons: I'd also like to Confrim someone can't type.

Nah, Usama is also correct.

[image from too old to be available]

R.I.P. Usama Bin Landen
2011-05-01 11:16:35 PM  
If anyone has any really embarrassing news, now is the time to have a press release.
2011-05-01 11:16:36 PM  
Yo, Barack - it's getting late. Just tweet it or something.
2011-05-01 11:16:38 PM  
I wonder if Obama called Bush and told him....
2011-05-01 11:16:41 PM  

Bedurndurn: I'll believe it when I see his long-form death certificate.

Deathers unite.
2011-05-01 11:16:42 PM  
Yeah, we got him. Big deal. I'm still in Kandahar and there's been no talk of sending us home early.
2011-05-01 11:16:44 PM  

Forced Perspective: IamSoSmart_S_M_R_T: Good jorb

Usama is one of the ways to transliterate the dead man's name into English characters.


Read the rest of that headline, champ: "Usama Bin Landen Dead Fox News Confrims"

2011-05-01 11:16:45 PM  
For those hoping it was something other than kidney failure, that's a pretty agonizing way to die.

Not quite as bad as being slowly impaled with dull metal bars that are being heated....

As it stands, he was probably killed by drones and then confirmed by troops.

Also, this will do little to affect any of the wars.
2011-05-01 11:16:45 PM  
Good night, bomber man.
2011-05-01 11:16:46 PM  
2011-05-01 11:16:48 PM  

YoungSwedishBlonde: 4chan just crashed lololol

I just went over to listen to Team America. I saw someone post something earlier about moot's sense of humor, and knew what would be on the page.
2011-05-01 11:16:55 PM  
I couldn't resist it - I had to peek in on Free Republic....

From Free Republic: "Thank you, George Bush! Thank you, Donald Rumsfeld! Thank you, Dick Cheney!"

2011-05-01 11:16:56 PM  

IamSoSmart_S_M_R_T: Good jorb Faux News:

/Not a shop

2011-05-01 11:16:59 PM  
Can't wait till we find out just moments from now. And moments from then. And just a few moments from then. And just a little bit after then. In a few mere moments, we should hear about this. In the mean time, here's Wolf Blizter/Freaking Geraldo Riveria

files.sharenator.comView Full Size
2011-05-01 11:17:00 PM  
I believe this calls for Jazz hands.

/still going to Afghanistan I suppose
2011-05-01 11:17:01 PM  
This is a plot by Obama to make Osama a martyr and rile up the his followers.
2011-05-01 11:17:03 PM  
I blame Fartbama for this! Alright Freepers what how did Obama screw this one up?
2011-05-01 11:17:06 PM  
Hold a national lottery, winner gets to kick Bin Laden's head through the goal posts at the next Super Bowl. Who knows how much the ticket sales to that could knock off of the national debt.
2011-05-01 11:17:07 PM  
Working at 6 AM tomorrow. No way will I be going to bed soon though
2011-05-01 11:17:08 PM  
NOW, can we cut ties with Paki and Afghani, please???
2011-05-01 11:17:09 PM  
Freep Impact:

Hahaha, they just can't accept that a Democrat ordered a kill on who they considered the greatest enemy to America. Not even Obama killing Bin Laden would get them to say anything positive of him.
2011-05-01 11:17:10 PM  

Need_MindBleach: Whoever bet "9 years, 7 months," please step forward and claim your prize.

How about 8 years to the day since the "Mission Accomplished" speech?
2011-05-01 11:17:13 PM  
2011-05-01 11:17:13 PM  
Just poured myself an imperial stout.

2011-05-01 11:17:15 PM  

Needlessly Complicated: How do you like them apples, Republicans?

/Posting in epic thread.

Oh shut up. This is a great moment, no matter who is in office.
2011-05-01 11:17:16 PM  
Let's start throwing out the conspiricy theories out there since a Kenyian commander n chief could not be president while Bin Laden was taken out.

1-Frozen and thawed body.
2-Body double.

Any others?

/Reality is really just how you choose to perceive it. Haters will hate, believers will choose to believe.
2011-05-01 11:17:17 PM  
America! Fark yeah!!!
2011-05-01 11:17:20 PM
2011-05-01 11:17:23 PM  
I heard he was spending a year dead "for tax reasons"....
2011-05-01 11:17:24 PM  
In case you haven't been participating in the thread immediately below this one, please be aware that GaryPDX wishes Osama Bin Laden was still alive.

No, I'm not joking.
2011-05-01 11:17:25 PM  
I wonder, when he ended up in HELL, he asked satan for a mulligan? I bet satan is laughing his ass off.
2011-05-01 11:17:26 PM  
Wow, MSNBC is practically saying to prove Osama is dead, Obama's going to have to show a farking snuff film of Osama getting killed while his dead body is being raped repeatedly by pigs.

Of course, Republicans will need to see the long form.
2011-05-01 11:17:28 PM  
I wonder how recently this happened...
2011-05-01 11:17:28 PM  
They better dispose of Bin Laden's body in such a way that there's absolutely no hope of any artifacts or relics of existing. Dissolve him down in lye then put anything that remains into an incinerator.
2011-05-01 11:17:33 PM  
This is pretty crazy....I'm traveling for work and I was drinking heavily in the bar when this came across Twitter...I'm totally sober now.

9/11 happened when I was a freshman in college. Dealing with the aftermath in NoVA helped direct me on my path--this is going to have a major impact for the teams of people that I support. Hell, I'm not even sure if I'll be able to see one of my customers tomorrow after this news...

I'm gonna head back to the bar after this announcement....
2011-05-01 11:17:33 PM  
Jeebus Christ Obama! Just like a black person, always farking late for work.

/just kidding
2011-05-01 11:17:34 PM  

Capt.Caution: Does this mean we can get rid of the TSA now?

Yeah, if those farkers don't stop feeling decent Americans up, the terrorists have won.
2011-05-01 11:17:39 PM  
enforcerpsu Quote 2011-05-01 11:07:17 PM
Typical fark turns this into a Bush vs Obama debate instead of celebrating (the supposed) victory. What a terrible bunch of people.

You're celebrating death and then calling someone else a terrible person. Oh how ironic?
2011-05-01 11:17:43 PM  
You guys aren't going crazy with the R.I.P meme. I'm proud of you.
2011-05-01 11:17:48 PM  
Truly fitting that the leader of the Muslim world was killed by the US: A Christian country with a Christian leader to the END.


And God Bless Terry Jones too!

Barack now gets a pass with me. To hell with the birth certificate issue. He gets the nod from me for 2012 just on this once item - he is a true christian!
2011-05-01 11:17:50 PM  
Yay! We can keep our shoes on through the TSA line now.

/No we can't
2011-05-01 11:17:57 PM  
Just posting to say I was here...

2011-05-01 11:17:58 PM  
2011-05-01 11:18:02 PM  
I blame Obama!
2011-05-01 11:18:04 PM  
So will there be retaliation?

Should we be dancing in the streets?
2011-05-01 11:18:05 PM  
I'm an infrequent poster these days but I couldn't pass up the chance to be a park of Farkistory.
2011-05-01 11:18:05 PM  

maamold: IamSoSmart_S_M_R_T: Good jorb Faux News:

/Not a shop

Both the FBI and CIA use the name Usama

/Not a Joke.

Farkers have a serious reading problem. Read the rest of that headline, champ: "Usama Bin Landen Dead Fox News Confrims"
2011-05-01 11:18:07 PM  
Dental Plan...
2011-05-01 11:18:08 PM  
You know who else killed people because of their religion?
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