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2011-05-01 11:10:17 PM  

cryinoutloud: I want to hear him say it.

Oh yes, say it, lord and savior /O[bs]ama/!
2011-05-01 11:10:17 PM  


"DEATHERS" IN ...3....2...1....
2011-05-01 11:10:17 PM  
It is wrong to speak ill of the dead.

Osama Bin Laden has died.

2011-05-01 11:10:22 PM  

printboy: I guess they are trying to sober up Obama enough to put on TV after a long day of Golf and Boozing.....

Saying it louder doesn't make it truer or smarter. Quite the obvious actually.
2011-05-01 11:10:24 PM  
Mess with the best, die like the rest!

And yes,

2011-05-01 11:10:25 PM  

img101.imageshack.usView Full Size
2011-05-01 11:10:27 PM  
Kick Ass USA!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mUB7iDAaEk
2011-05-01 11:10:27 PM  
Yippy the boggy man is dead, can I have my rights back now? The Patriot Act still sucks.
2011-05-01 11:10:27 PM  
Well there is one you can't blame on Bush.
2011-05-01 11:10:29 PM  
I hope he just comes out and does three hip-fark-thrusts to the air and walks off.
2011-05-01 11:10:31 PM  
bwahahahaha NYT if fbxrd. I can't get thru!
2011-05-01 11:10:31 PM  
Things are about to get real in Pakistan.

Osama has been hiding out in a mansion in the capital? This will not end well.
2011-05-01 11:10:31 PM  
gifanatics.comView Full Size
2011-05-01 11:10:32 PM  
2011-05-01 11:10:34 PM  
Almost makes me wish I was still in the service.

2011-05-01 11:10:36 PM  
trevoroldak.comView Full Size
2011-05-01 11:10:37 PM  
I totally have a patriotic boner right now.
2011-05-01 11:10:37 PM  
Does this mean we can get rid of the TSA now?
2011-05-01 11:10:40 PM  

zabadu: AverageAmericanGuy: The real question is how long has he been dead.

A week.

Yeah, right.
2011-05-01 11:10:40 PM  
The Republicans will have a problem with this.
2011-05-01 11:10:44 PM  
I think anyone who would not give an "attaboy" to Obama right now is a freaking racist with serious issues.

He's our President whether you accept it or not. And he killed Osama Bin Laden.

//fark all you losers
2011-05-01 11:10:45 PM  
Wow, this is huge. Would have been better 10 years ago.
2011-05-01 11:10:48 PM  
have fun with the virgins...i guess.
2011-05-01 11:10:49 PM  

Winktologist: gotons: I'd also like to Confrim someone can't type.

"Usama" is a commonly accepted spelling. It's more "No one can confirm the correct translation of the vowel sounds in 'أسامة بن محمد بن عوض بن لادن'"

Usama is the way the spell it in The Matrix

/he is seen briefly on the most wanted list with Morpheus
//Cool Movie Factoid, Bro
2011-05-01 11:10:51 PM  
Unfortunately this will not change a damn thing
2011-05-01 11:10:54 PM  

BroadbandGremlin: robsul82: Obama got Osama.

Barack 1, Dubya 0.


Dubya got Saddam.

Who gets the leader of Iran will settle the score.


I would be willing to bet, that we'll likely see some form of retaliation within the next 24-48 hours.

But, it's worth that farker dying.
2011-05-01 11:10:57 PM  
Obama said he was going to get him during the campaign, he stepped up the drone strikes in Pakistan. I'd say he could take some credit.
2011-05-01 11:11:00 PM  
Oh great! I wanted to watch another re-run of To Catch A Predator.
2011-05-01 11:11:02 PM  
So I'm guessing after 10 years and trillions of dollars to corrupt officials and monopsonists they've had their fill of all this "boogie man" bullshiat?

God, I hate this country, people in general really. Bunch of uneducated, ignorant, stupid savages without the capacity of understanding anything other than sex and food.
2011-05-01 11:11:06 PM  
Seems like one of those historic threads...

I was here!!

/hi mom!
2011-05-01 11:11:06 PM  
Bush responds
2011-05-01 11:11:07 PM  
theiowarepublican.comView Full Size

Gonna have a decent drink according to Tatsuma's OBL Drinking Game once the official White House announcement FINALLY comes on.

/epic thread already
2011-05-01 11:11:08 PM  

Royale With Cheese: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Oh was it a happy day when he died.
2011-05-01 11:11:11 PM  
Fox now saying he was in a mansion in Pakistan...
2011-05-01 11:11:11 PM  

aearra: Nearly a decade late. In the end Osama won. The US influence and power in the Muslim world has been decimated. Unfortunately for Osama secular muslim democracy won.

Not to mention how we decimated our own freedom in some damn bug hunt.
2011-05-01 11:11:13 PM  

2011-05-01 11:11:13 PM  
Fox News:
Mr. Obama orders the murder suspected terrorist Osama Bin Landen, denying him a chance for a fair and open trial.
2011-05-01 11:11:13 PM  
This farker sucked from the Cole bombing till now. Good riddance.
2011-05-01 11:11:15 PM  

Noirceuil: I'd like to shake the hand of the marine that put the bullet in his head. Hope there's no retaliation on part of Al Queda.

More likely a CIA agent. Dude was in a freaking mansion in Islamabad. Nice effective allies we have there.
2011-05-01 11:11:16 PM  
lol people on facebook: "Bin Laden died of old age."

aw qq.
2011-05-01 11:11:17 PM  
If you're inclined - head over to /b/

Moot's got "America - Fark Yeah" in a stickied post at the top with a huge "Mission Accomplished" banner
2011-05-01 11:11:23 PM  

tarheel07: Ding dong! Osama's dead!

[image from scavengeinc.com too old to be available]
2011-05-01 11:11:23 PM  
CBS is reporting that he was found in Afghanistan, and shot in the head.
2011-05-01 11:11:24 PM  
So when will Biden be sworn in?
2011-05-01 11:11:25 PM  
avagacser.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2011-05-01 11:11:27 PM  
2011-05-01 11:11:27 PM  
So we can get rid of the TSA now?
2011-05-01 11:11:32 PM  
Bye, asshole. May you enjoy being anally raped forever in hell. Not that I actually believe in such things, but it ought to happen family-style at least once for every innocent whose death you caused.
2011-05-01 11:11:35 PM  
death was too good for him.
2011-05-01 11:11:39 PM  
I wonder what they will do with his body.

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