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(Atlanta Journal Constitution) NewsFlash Bin Laden killed in Pakistan   ( divider line
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2011-05-01 10:59:44 PM  
Mission Accomplished! Hurr durr
2011-05-01 10:59:45 PM  


THAT is awesome!
2011-05-01 10:59:46 PM  
Ho lee shiat.
2011-05-01 10:59:47 PM  
2011-05-01 10:59:47 PM  
2011-05-01 10:59:48 PM  
bin Laden the martyr
2011-05-01 10:59:48 PM  
2011-05-01 10:59:49 PM  
lets see that body
2011-05-01 10:59:55 PM  
Time to declare a National Holiday tomorrow.
2011-05-01 10:59:55 PM  
No content beyond the headline teaser.

I can confirm that is a N.Y. Times aticle.
2011-05-01 10:59:56 PM  
Is his teleprompter broke?
2011-05-01 10:59:56 PM  
Donald Trump wants to see the death certificate.
2011-05-01 10:59:58 PM  

milk_plus: what_now: I really, really want to know how he died. Did we kill him or did he die from kidney failure.

NBC says he was killed by a US military action.

"says" Sounds better than, well he finally died of kidney failure so someone turned in his dead body to get the money.
2011-05-01 10:59:58 PM  
Now Republicans will want to see Bin Laden's long form birth certificate to be sure it's him.
2011-05-01 10:59:59 PM  
Ding dong the wicked witch is dead!
2011-05-01 11:00:03 PM  
2011-05-01 11:00:04 PM  

VvonderJesus: He was found hosting a 4-5 pm show on C-Span.

must go back and watch the tape. See if Obama reacting knowingly :)
2011-05-01 11:00:07 PM  
So who got kicked off of Celebrity Apprentice?
2011-05-01 11:00:08 PM  
2011-05-01 11:00:11 PM  
I'm sick of all this Muslim on Muslim violence
2011-05-01 11:00:12 PM  
2011-05-01 11:00:14 PM  
2011-05-01 11:00:14 PM  

Gwendolyn: Dead of cancer or kidney failure?

They located his dialysis machine.
2011-05-01 11:00:14 PM  
Well, let's see how this came to be

Mr President will explain this all.
2011-05-01 11:00:15 PM  

gotons: I'd also like to Confrim someone can't type.

Damnit, less than a minute!

/Shakes tiny fist
2011-05-01 11:00:15 PM  

TiredWings: Bury him with pigs!

What do you have against pigs?
2011-05-01 11:00:16 PM  
Yoicks! They're saying the US has the body. Ick.

Good. Now we can take his corpse to Montauk Point, place it in a gibbet, and let the seagulls pick the SOB's bones clean, then bury him in a coffin filled with pork fat.
2011-05-01 11:00:18 PM  

2011-05-01 11:00:18 PM  
Does this mean we can leave Afghanistan now?
2011-05-01 11:00:20 PM  
Wolf Blitzer has been in full stall mode for 30 minutes. This guy needs the president to start talking ASAP. They're well into the "random speculation" phase of the coverage.
2011-05-01 11:00:21 PM  
Posting in an epic thread... see you in hell, asshole! WOO HOO!
2011-05-01 11:00:21 PM  

gotons: I'd also like to Confrim someone can't type.

Nah, Usama is also correct.
2011-05-01 11:00:21 PM  
Time to PARTY!
2011-05-01 11:00:24 PM  

Hondaman4ever: Finally! Can the troops go home now?

Hellz no. Do you have any idea how batshiat the fanatics are gonna go in retaliation?
2011-05-01 11:00:25 PM Full Size

2011-05-01 11:00:25 PM  

KatjaMouse: Link is taking its sweet time. Already farkied?

Here is the entire text of the article
WASHINGTON--Osama bin Laden has been killed, a United States official said Sunday night.
President Obama is expected to make an announcement on Sunday night, almost ten years after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

what_now: I really, really want to know how he died. Did we kill him or did he die from kidney failure.

Probably old age.
2011-05-01 11:00:25 PM  
i52.tinypic.comView Full Size
2011-05-01 11:00:31 PM  
How on earth did they keep it quiet for a whole week? Incredible job by our government and armed forces for keeping this under wraps in this day and age.
2011-05-01 11:00:31 PM  
This is bad news... For Obama
2011-05-01 11:00:32 PM  
So? This is going to change nothing in this country.
2011-05-01 11:00:40 PM  
2011-05-01 11:00:41 PM Full Size
2011-05-01 11:00:43 PM  

TallyGirl: Wow, it only took President Obama two years to get Osama Bin Laden! Kick ass...

/cue the "that's because he's a Muslin, too" morons.

That must've been a loooooooong shot from the White House...
2011-05-01 11:00:43 PM  
If this is true, and proven beyond the shadow of a doubt, I will do my level best to ensure every guest that attends my party suffers severe but not-permanently damaging alcohol poisoning.
2011-05-01 11:00:44 PM  

Now then, who's up for conspiracy theories that he's still alive like Elvis and Hitler?
2011-05-01 11:00:45 PM  
2011-05-01 11:00:45 PM  
How long until SlimCranium, et. al. crap on the parade by twisting it around to try and make Obama look bad?
2011-05-01 11:00:47 PM  
Today is also my birthday! What a great present.
2011-05-01 11:00:47 PM  
I pray for his soul.
2011-05-01 11:00:49 PM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size

R.I.P. Usama bin Landen (D-Riyadh)

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