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2011-05-01 10:58:14 PM  
Good riddance.

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2011-05-01 10:58:16 PM  
I'd also like to Confrim someone can't type.
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2011-05-01 10:58:16 PM  
2011-05-01 10:58:17 PM  
Who will become vice president now?

yuk yuk
2011-05-01 10:58:20 PM  
..but this isn't an election year?

no, no, no...none of this adds up.
2011-05-01 10:58:21 PM  
Show me the body!

2011-05-01 10:58:25 PM  
I do believe, I will have a drink.
2011-05-01 10:58:25 PM  
So, we won't have to get pat down or scanned at the airport anymore, right?
2011-05-01 10:58:29 PM  
Paper tiger. Asshole died years ago.
2011-05-01 10:58:29 PM  
[image from qsl.net too old to be available]
2011-05-01 10:58:29 PM  
Vengeance achieved. Now we live with the legacy of bloodshed he leaves behind.
2011-05-01 10:58:29 PM  
Obama deserves as much credit for Osama's death as Bush deserved blame for the 9/11 attacks.
2011-05-01 10:58:31 PM  
Feels a bit anticlimactic.
2011-05-01 10:58:31 PM  
awesome. burn farker burn
2011-05-01 10:58:34 PM  
I blame Bush
2011-05-01 10:58:40 PM  
Posting in soon to be epic thread.

Good riddance.
2011-05-01 10:58:40 PM  
They finally got around to admitting it?
2011-05-01 10:58:41 PM  
i302.photobucket.comView Full Size
2011-05-01 10:58:41 PM  
Apparently he died in a drone strike. I guess Allah doesn't protect against those.
2011-05-01 10:58:46 PM  
2011-05-01 10:58:48 PM  
Now we KNOW he's on die-alysis!
2011-05-01 10:58:48 PM  
Osama Bin Laden is dead. Birthers: "WHERE'S THE DEATH CERTIFICATE?"
2011-05-01 10:58:48 PM  

what_now: I really, really want to know how he died. Did we kill him or did he die from kidney failure.

I hope it was from auto-erotic asphyxiation.
2011-05-01 10:58:49 PM  

AverageAmericanGuy: The real question is how long has he been dead.

He was killed during a CIA operation according to the reports coming out.
2011-05-01 10:58:49 PM  

2011-05-01 10:58:52 PM  

aragonphx: Took a democrat to get the job done.

See what happens when you put troops in the actual country where he is?

Won't have a damn effect on Al Qaeda but it still feels farking good.
2011-05-01 10:58:56 PM  
inb4.... WHO CARES!!!!
2011-05-01 10:58:58 PM  
Now we can concentrate our military into bringing down the cast of Jersey Shore.
2011-05-01 10:58:58 PM  
So does this mean he's going to be buried here so we can all take turns pissing on this grave?
2011-05-01 10:58:59 PM  
good riddance, enjoy what ever hell awaits you
2011-05-01 10:59:08 PM  
2011-05-01 10:59:11 PM  
Thank God. The mistake Clinton made by letting him go is rectified (and only 3,000 people died!)
2011-05-01 10:59:11 PM  
Good jorb Faux News:

[image from i51.tinypic.com too old to be available]

/Not a shop
2011-05-01 10:59:12 PM  
I hope this doesn't overshadow any coverage of Mariah Carey having twins.
2011-05-01 10:59:16 PM  
Admiral Akbar this, you POS. Eat fire in hell.

Obama is unbeatable next year.
2011-05-01 10:59:17 PM  
Damn this news almost crashed the internet.
2011-05-01 10:59:17 PM  
I just wanted to tell you both good luck. We're all counting on you.
2011-05-01 10:59:18 PM  
Rot in hell shiathead.

There is no justification or excuse for what you did.
2011-05-01 10:59:23 PM  
Link farked. It's okay, the Giraldo Rivera orgasm on Fox News was worth it though.
2011-05-01 10:59:27 PM  
I"m tempted to cheer, but I must remember that it is not our place to judge. Hell, ten years later, and the worst of the fallout from 9/11 was from us destroying our own freedoms.

Really, why didn't we listen to our own intel when they told us that Osama was trying to blow something up? And why did we go insane?
2011-05-01 10:59:28 PM  
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2011-05-01 10:59:28 PM  
agrippinaminor.comView Full Size

Thank you Mr. Presidents.

2011-05-01 10:59:29 PM  
The NY Times is broken. Impressive.
2011-05-01 10:59:29 PM  
I liked the black man headline
2011-05-01 10:59:29 PM  
Enjoy hell osama
2011-05-01 10:59:31 PM  
Wow, it only took President Obama two years to get Osama Bin Laden! Kick ass...

/cue the "that's because he's a Muslin, too" morons.
2011-05-01 10:59:31 PM  
2011-05-01 10:59:36 PM  
I blame Obama.
2011-05-01 10:59:39 PM  
I suppose the CIA is through using him to accomplish their end now. So they let him get killed.

If you think the past 10 years have been bad, you ain't seen nuttin yet.

Like TSA feeling you up? Get ready for the hardcore stuff.
2011-05-01 10:59:40 PM  

Crash Test Dumbass:

so close!
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