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(Atlanta Journal Constitution) NewsFlash Bin Laden killed in Pakistan   ( divider line
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59789 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 May 2011 at 3:57 AM (7 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2011-05-01 10:56:44 PM  
My only regret is that it wasn't slow and painful.

I want pictures.
2011-05-01 10:56:46 PM  
Better check for the long form birth certificate to make sure it's him
2011-05-01 10:56:49 PM  
This is bad news... for Osama
2011-05-01 10:56:50 PM  
HAHAHA. And the sheep will eat this up.

Obama's approval ratings are low, even Bush didn't pull this off. How many times have we announced this?

But, the War on Terror will still continue....
2011-05-01 10:56:53 PM  
2011-05-01 10:56:56 PM  
2011-05-01 10:56:58 PM  
Should have taken him alive. Give him the shady hanging treatment Saddam got.
2011-05-01 10:56:59 PM  
2.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

I hope it HURT - A LOT.
2011-05-01 10:57:00 PM  
I think I'll have another scotch.

/Jura if you're interested.
2011-05-01 10:57:01 PM  
2011-05-01 10:57:07 PM  
That was a rather anti-climactic end to a decade of fear.
2011-05-01 10:57:08 PM  
2011-05-01 10:57:09 PM  
wow. i have no words. i may just have to read the article. damn i hate that.
2011-05-01 10:57:16 PM  
Can we stick his head on a pike and parade it around DC and NYC?

I hope he died at the pointy end of a US Navy SEAL instead of a power failure on his dialysis machine.
2011-05-01 10:57:18 PM  

WTF Indeed: Where's the long form death certificate! Where!

I lulzed
2011-05-01 10:57:21 PM  
I want to see the Kenyan Death Certificate.
2011-05-01 10:57:22 PM  
I hope he splattered...
2011-05-01 10:57:23 PM  
And just like on 9-11, the news sites are farked.
2011-05-01 10:57:25 PM  
World hide and go seek champion from 2001-2011.

Good riddance.

Thank goodness the war in Iraq can end now and everyone can come home.
2011-05-01 10:57:25 PM  

I was under the impression that we have assumed Osama to be dead for quite a while now...
2011-05-01 10:57:28 PM  
a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.netView Full Size guys can stop it now.
2011-05-01 10:57:31 PM  
i51.tinypic.comView Full Size

Thank you Mr President
2011-05-01 10:57:32 PM  
The real question is how long has he been dead.
2011-05-01 10:57:33 PM  
best news of the decade...and i'm glad Obammy got him. :)
2011-05-01 10:57:33 PM  
Cool. Who's up next?
2011-05-01 10:57:34 PM  

what_now: I really, really want to know how he died. Did we kill him or did he die from kidney failure.

NBC says he was killed by a US military action.
2011-05-01 10:57:35 PM  
Goodnight, unfunny murdering crazy man.
2011-05-01 10:57:37 PM  
I kinda want to watch this on Fox News. Luls and such.
2011-05-01 10:57:39 PM  
See? The policies of George W. Bush worked. Thank goodness that Obama didn't cut these policies.
2011-05-01 10:57:39 PM  
Great, when do we get to drag his body through the streets? Throw shoes at it and smear it with human feces.
2011-05-01 10:57:40 PM  

Ooshatielf: Wow.

2011-05-01 10:57:41 PM  
He outlived his meme.
2011-05-01 10:57:42 PM  
2011-05-01 10:57:42 PM  
Obama should hold a press conference with a "Mission ACTUALLY Accomplished" banner. It would be excellent.
2011-05-01 10:57:46 PM  
He was found hosting a 4-5 pm show on C-Span.
2011-05-01 10:57:48 PM  
Posting in an epic thread.

Wow, this is amazing.
2011-05-01 10:57:50 PM  

what_now: I really, really want to know how he died. Did we kill him or did he die from kidney failure.

I'd bet on kidney failure.

Also, why the second link?
2011-05-01 10:57:51 PM  
A lot of people are freaking out about the possible retaliation. US Troops need to get the f*ck out.
2011-05-01 10:57:54 PM  
About farking time
2011-05-01 10:57:56 PM  
shiat, I can't believe it's been almost ten years. I was in eighth grade then. (Coloring maps with crayons. You don't really do shiat for the first couple weeks back in school, do you?)

He was an enemy of the free world and of all true peace-loving Muslim. Hope he burns.
2011-05-01 10:57:56 PM  
That's one Barry.

// still farking everything else up
2011-05-01 10:57:57 PM  
3.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

R.I.P a Llama

2011-05-01 10:58:01 PM  
Fu@k You, Motherfu@king fu@ker man - adios.

2011-05-01 10:58:03 PM  
2011-05-01 10:58:05 PM  
How did he die?
2011-05-01 10:58:05 PM  

Bedurndurn: I'll believe it when I see his long-form death certificate.

THIS needs not to be lost in the flurry of posts
2011-05-01 10:58:09 PM  
Dead of cancer or kidney failure?
2011-05-01 10:58:10 PM  
How long did it take for them to unthaw that 5 year old corpse and plant it in the sand?
2011-05-01 10:58:12 PM  
Not going to believe it until I see the long form death certificate.

/don't even try to pass off some sort of 'Certificate of Death'
2011-05-01 10:58:13 PM  

Shaggy_C: That was a rather anti-climactic end to a decade of fear.

You'd think they'd at least hold the announcement for prime-time.
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