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(   Men seeking penis-enlargement surgery display "profound psychological disturbance"   ( divider line
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6644 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Aug 2003 at 7:27 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2003-08-11 6:13:25 PM  
So wanting my massive scholong shrunken makes me extremely mentally health I suppose.
2003-08-11 6:14:39 PM  
And my search for the ultimate schlong makes me a mental case or just another Stifler's Mom?
2003-08-11 6:27:10 PM  
Otherwise known as microscopic pecker syndrome
2003-08-11 6:38:25 PM  
there's a disturbance in the Pants.
2003-08-11 6:59:12 PM  
It comes from a lifetime of trying to convince girls that that (holds index fingers 4 inches apart) is eight inches..
2003-08-11 7:29:34 PM  
and little dicks
2003-08-11 7:30:33 PM  
I wonder if Colin Farrell saw this article
2003-08-11 7:30:53 PM  
it's call a napoleon complex. we've all had a boss who had it, big time.
2003-08-11 7:32:48 PM  
it's call a napoleon complex. we've all had a boss who had it, big time.

Yeah, you can always tell 'cause they have half their hand stuffed into their fly.
2003-08-11 7:33:03 PM  
I made it up to the "Breasts are public organs...." part. Was there anything worth reading beyond that?
2003-08-11 7:34:38 PM  
"Profound"? As in "deep"?
2003-08-11 7:34:49 PM  
2003-08-11 7:36:21 PM  
However, the same could not be said of a woman seeking a breast enlargement, said President of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgery Dr Alfred Lewis.

Yeah, and we don't want to derail that cash cow, either, do we boys? Breast enhancement is a quick and easy buck for the surgeon. But I suspect penis enhancement is time and labor intensive, with a much lower profit margin. Besides, who wants to look at dick all day?
2003-08-11 7:36:56 PM  
It comes standard, with the Porshe.
2003-08-11 7:37:39 PM  
^^c^^ dammit.
2003-08-11 7:42:58 PM  
You don't need pills. Everytime I look at some hot horse porn, my weiner grows three inches!
2003-08-11 7:44:20 PM  
...or surgery
2003-08-11 7:44:54 PM  
There actually does exist a condition called micropenis, typically diagnosed at birth

I don't think someone with this condition seeking enlargement could be considered profoundly psychologically disturbed.

btw, for all the wise-asses out there, i'm a farkette, so i am not referring to myself (or anyone i personally know)
2003-08-11 7:46:22 PM  
Wow... Doctors with enough social conscience to not carve up people just because they ask for it, and the good sense to refer these people to counseling instead. Go them. Too bad in our current cutthroat economy, their slavish adherance to such dated concepts as the Hippocratic Oath will likely just seal their financial downfall.
2003-08-11 7:46:44 PM  
neither am i siyuntz. i have a huge penis. i was just talking about other guys.
2003-08-11 7:46:59 PM  
Avoid surgery:

[image from too old to be available]

Disclaimer: not to be used in direct sunlight.
2003-08-11 7:49:09 PM  
oh, yeah, all the farkettes know about your massive organ, BendSinister. You're a legend. ;-)
/kidding (or not)
2003-08-11 7:49:11 PM  
"I've gotta ask you about the Penis Mightier..."

2003-08-11 7:50:53 PM  
Thank goodness for my deep seated feelings of adequacy.
2003-08-11 7:54:11 PM  
I'm gonna go ahead and opt for not kidding. You know, just for my own piece of mind.

/hoping he wasn't called out
2003-08-11 7:58:48 PM  
Hey! Having a small penis like having a handicap. You wouldn't laugh at a guy in a wheel chair would you?
2003-08-11 8:01:51 PM  
If he had a small dick I would.
2003-08-11 8:02:43 PM  
In the article, isn't that supposed to be "most common" rather than "commonest"??

yes, I read the article
yes, I'm a grammar nazi
2003-08-11 8:04:35 PM  
A tip for anyone out there with a small penis. Date tiny women (Asian, Pacific Islanders, midgets) because compared to them even your small penis will seem large. And those small hands they have? Damn, you are just spilling out of them compared to 9 foot Fins or Sweds.
2003-08-11 8:05:35 PM  
Microphallus is a serious problem.

Don't make fun.

Not that I have it or anything. Hell, I don't even get increase your wang size emails my large manhood is so well known...
2003-08-11 8:10:10 PM  
Exactly, dutchie. My initial comment was made in all seriousness
2003-08-11 8:11:57 PM  
Yeah right.

And here in San Francisco, if I want an "add-a-dickome" or a "removadickfrom-me" procedure (spelled "transgender"), I am perfectly normal, in touch with my real innnerself, and if I work for the City of Ess Eff, qualify to get the surgery and associated care for FREE!

It's all surgical mutilation folks. Period.
2003-08-11 8:12:31 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-11 8:13:51 PM  
Amusing link. Should open in new window, unless my html skills have flaked out.
Also, has anyone heard anything about this procedure? It's absolutely horrifying. Cutting up your penis. Ridiculous. Guys are sometimes left with reduced/no sensitivity, lumps, impotency, unnatural (not from being large) looking mutilated organ, and as mentioned in the article, no change in size. Guys, even if you would like a larger johnson, or if you're insecure about the size- if it works, don't f- with it. The penis you have is yours, be happy with it. There is no way to change it.

2003-08-11 8:14:02 PM  
If you have good health and a willing partner, you will never even notice the problem.

If you don't have good health or a willing partner, a surgeon can't help you at all.

Put your money into something more useful, such as dancing lessons.
2003-08-11 8:15:40 PM  
Photoshop, anyone? :)
2003-08-11 8:15:58 PM  
I disagree. And now I'm gonna run away to wax my golden retriever.

*thumpTHUMP!thump thumpTHUMP!thump
2003-08-11 8:19:31 PM  
Amen to that, 5 of 8.

Read some medical studies, like the old Masters and Johnson studies, and realize that your "small" penis is really quite average. Also realize that half of the men with units of unusual size are smaller than average.
2003-08-11 8:20:09 PM  
It's a completely and absolutely unnecessary operation which I think in the patient requesting it is showing a fairly profound psychological disturbance,"

See also transexualism.
2003-08-11 8:23:01 PM  
Penis, peni, penisiti.
'he saw, he conqoured, he came'
2003-08-11 8:35:01 PM  
Breast enhancement is a totally unnecessary surgery. WTF are they trying to defend it?

You guys ever seen what they do? they slash open your chest and jam a sack thru your armpit into your breast area. disgusting, unnecessary, potentially very harmful surgery.

Any doctor who defends breast-enhancement while condemning penis enlargment is out to fill his own pockets, period.

2003-08-11 9:03:50 PM  
Women get their breat-size changed to "fit in" socially, usually, as attested by the many who get breast-reduction surgery.
2003-08-11 9:04:46 PM  
Can't those guys just inject brake fluid? ROFL!!!
2003-08-11 9:12:22 PM  
I said it before, I'll say it again. It's not the weener or boobies, it's the body to which it's attached.

All this focus on size and what-for speaks to a common psychological disturbance in our entire culture.

Those guys with a bad case of "grass is greener" syndrome should walk a mile in my shoes. Believe it or not, I've actually gotten a little sick of women fixating on my mammoth weenerage. It's like, I fark them and all of a sudden they can't think of anything else. And no, I'm not kidding. If I wanted a regular booty call, I'd set up the relationship thus. But when I'm trying to get emotionally involved with someone and all they can think to praise me about is my weener, I get out of "male ego" and into "piece of meat". Not good times. Bad times.
2003-08-11 9:17:39 PM  
How the fark is a plastic surgeon (the king of non-doctors) getting his phsycological diagnostics published somewhere?

If the world's best selling dildo is significantly bigger than man X's penis, then he has an understandable reason for wanting this kind of operation. It's a simple matter of putting the damned thing to practical use.

Breast enlargement is great? Public insecurity is perfectly health then. Great. This guy is a piece of work.
2003-08-11 9:26:11 PM  
not as much as a psychological illness as the companies who prey on the general public by spamming email inboxes..

tbh, they are propogating the belief that we all need "something extra", and justifying it as "business" is pretty farked up, if you ask me.
2003-08-11 9:29:03 PM  
I don't think he ever said that breast enlargement was great, or that it signified perfect health.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no proponent of breast enlargement, or plastic surgery in general. If you're willing to have somebody cut you open and jam a wad of silicon glop into you so that you can get more attention, you probably have some self esteem issues or something.

But there is a difference. Breast enlargement, will, in fact, get you more attention. Penis enlargement won't get you more attention, or more sex, or better sex, or anything else. For the most part, nobody sees your penis unless they were probably going to have sex with you anyway.

If you're getting breast enlargement, you probably have misplaced priorities. If you're getting penis enlargement, you have misplaced priorities AND inability to understand cause-affect relationships.

Not trying to incite a flamewar, I think almost all kinds of plastic surgery are nasty.
2003-08-11 9:33:02 PM  
I'm afraid of knives. Very, very afraid.

This article is going to give me nightmares about lumpy, stubby, nonworking post-op penises (penisi?) and massive unfettered post-op bobbies. Hmmm, maybe that is not a bad thing...

BTW, I wonder what the good doctor is trying to say by commenting on how Aussie men are not opting for surgery? Is he saying that the Aussie men are somehow more stable? Must be the sheep.
2003-08-11 9:47:35 PM  
For some reason I just can't seem to get by the "diminshing penis enlargement market" and how best to punctuate it...
2003-08-11 9:59:00 PM  
i think the paranoia may also have something to do with the fact that get a large group of adolescent (or older(!)) women together, add alcohol and the conversation often becomes a fascinating discussion on penis size. it seems to be pretty universal too, that and porn film portrayal. of course theres no need for anyone without micropenis to get surgery done, but the lower forms of media certainly make out its good to be horse - transplanted.
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