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462259 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Oct 2001 at 12:00 AM (21 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-10-23 1:45:55 AM  
Innocent death is bad, agreed. Just saying it'd be better them than us.

Twas fun...I put a curse on all the fools who did not enjoy are ruff and tumble arguement. I double that curse on the grounds that I must now complete my lab assignment.


PS - I liked the nuking part.
2001-10-23 1:51:26 AM  
Nanook etc - I always liked the original where the father took his son to the baseball. So as to be seen to be "local" when they screened the ad here (in Australia) they subbed in a cricket ball, references to cricket, and a cricket player hitting the ball, instead of baseball. Everything looked superimposed and it was really shiathouse.

Rival - Installing puppet leaders isnt the solution. It angers other nations and angers the people within the puppet state, leading to further terrorism. You have to address the root cause of it all, which is Western handling of Middle East issues. This thing isnt confined to the Middle East remember - Moslems are everywhere and getting increasingly pissed off. Bomb the Middle East and you make enemies of people in India, Pakistan and Indonesia as well.
2001-10-23 1:54:16 AM  
Once we have kicked Taliban azz, we owe it to our own self respect to send every serious Muslim scholor from the world over into Afghanistan to educate the people and help them rebuild their country and their government.
2001-10-23 1:54:51 AM  
Real quick

--Puppet leaders can be placed anywhere. If a nation acts up, install some puppets. Western policies toward the Middle East are plenty valid, we have to keep them inline for the good of the planet. As far as the muslem community goes, they can either shape up or ship out.

Anyway, that entire paragraph was really poorly thought out. Any true solution involves a hardline, take no prisioners action, at least I think so.

I'm out of here...g'night all.
2001-10-23 1:54:55 AM  
And, for God's sake, keep the Christians out of there!
2001-10-23 1:54:57 AM  
Look, how about this...

We're all bastards...

We've all done bad stuff in our lives...

So lets just kill ourselves? :)

See? Easiest solution..

You first.
2001-10-23 1:57:29 AM  
You can't put a price on brains like that demonstrated. I guess he is just trying to look into his future!


...stupid clownboat
2001-10-23 2:00:22 AM  
I say we figure out who submitted the article and nuke them. That way the world really would be a better place.
2001-10-23 2:02:21 AM  
Quoting Rival, "Puppet leaders can be placed anywhere. If a nation acts up, install some puppets."

Now read that sentence again, but replace "puppet" with "puppy"!!
2001-10-23 2:09:57 AM  
All political shiat aside, is there anyone that didn't get this in their email like 2 weeks ago? It's passed around more than a drunk sorority girl.
2001-10-23 2:15:44 AM  
Yes. But I did enjoy the sorority girl
2001-10-23 2:23:46 AM  
All I have to say is that I hope that the people that are arguing against Rival dont consider themselves Americans, because you sure as hell arent acting like ones!
2001-10-23 2:29:00 AM  
SirJH - nope, I certainly don't consider myself American; but I wasn't aware that it was a condition of US citizenship that you had to agree with everything your government does and that you had to be utterly arrogant and insular.

2001-10-23 2:34:44 AM  
Stevie - big fella, that shiat dont cut it no more.
Anyhoo, I wouldn't have thought you'd find any terrorist lovers on fark...
2001-10-23 2:35:03 AM  
Actually, no, thats not a condition of US citizenship. But, we also have to remember that we are the people who put our government into power, so we are, essentially, the ones responsible for thier actions. Yes, I'm sure there is some plausible deniability there, but in the end, the American people are the ones who voted and elected our government officials. So your damn straight Im going to agree with and back my government. As far as being arrogant and insular, I would say that at least at my age, I have some clue as to what is going on. Most of the other people my age dont seem to really care about or pay attention to this war, when they really should.
2001-10-23 2:39:59 AM  
Alright, enough of this bickering. Lets all go look at some of those Southern Charms. *shudders* j/k Hmm, I can see this link making its way into the top comments section.
2001-10-23 2:40:11 AM  
SirJH - right - but Rival was talking about destroying the middle east utterly and various other actions that the US arent currently undertaking - so disagreeing with him isnt going against what the government is doing.

Anyway, I thought that having your own opinions was a basic right afforded to all citizens of democracies (or what passes for democracy, anyway. Strictly it would be an oligarchy, wouldn't it? Or a democratic-oligarchy, at best. Representative democracy. Whatever).
2001-10-23 2:40:37 AM  
Boycott Iceland!
2001-10-23 2:43:19 AM  
Basil - Whoever said we live in a perfect world where no one lies and all definitona are completely accurate?
2001-10-23 2:44:10 AM  
...and a world where I can farking type!
2001-10-23 2:47:56 AM  
All this much seriousness and clenched fists....but all I really want to know Rival a boy or a girl?! The suspense is killing me!

Oh yes, and the best internet 'priceless' is the soccor/snatch one. Especially after a farker photoshopped domo kun down there.
2001-10-23 2:50:53 AM  
Going by the comment "If your saying I have a small wang, Im hurt" I think I can safely guess that rival is male. Only a guy would have that kind of thought process to come up with a wang insult from the comment "modest proposal"
2001-10-23 2:53:21 AM  
nice. yeah. whatever. what is this thread about again?
2001-10-23 2:57:54 AM  
I don't know if someone else has already pointed this out, but..

I know the flag is symbolic to this guy and everything, and stands for hated America, but how many stars are on that flag? I count somewhere around 20-ish. Maybe he's just really against Mississippi joining the Union. You think?
2001-10-23 2:59:55 AM  
BottleSpit: I know I'm still against it.
2001-10-23 3:03:34 AM  
Hey, without Mississippi, we wouldnt have people like Bill Clinton. Oh wait, that was Arkansas. Hmm, who has come from Mississippi, do they let people out of thier state? Anyone know where Walken is from?
2001-10-23 3:08:03 AM  
HAhaha, Rival is a complete farkwit.
2001-10-23 3:10:53 AM  
God...I'm being awfully statist today, aren't I?
S'far as I know the river is the only thing that made it out of Mississippi.
2001-10-23 3:22:34 AM  

[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-23 3:23:54 AM  
Score 1 more for Something Awful. You guys really ought to pony up the $9.95, y'know.
2001-10-23 3:24:38 AM  
And even that doesnt make it out of Mississippi clean. HA HA.

p.s. - I have absolutely NOTHING against anyone from Mississippi (wait, why am i posting this part, do they even have computers in Mississippi?)
2001-10-23 3:29:32 AM  
Ethnic cleansing?

Let's Get it ON!
2001-10-23 4:04:34 AM  
Aranach: got you meaning on the reference, thought it would make you feel better.
2001-10-23 4:38:11 AM  
Mindrape: A lot of farkers act like assholes if you try to have a decent argument with them. They get all biatchy and defensive and resort to childish name-calling and sarcasm.

Stevie: A link for terrorist loving scum

You mean like this Stevie guy, Mindrape? You'd have to be a total braindead idiot to go along with everything the gov't says just because it's the U.S. gov't. Come on. Do you support the gov't for testing atomic weapons in Utah back in the 1950's, killing god knows how many people (including John Wayne, interestingly enough-- he was filming a movie there) and causing the birth of thousands of mutant babies? AND they denied knowing about it until the late 1980's? I don't think it is at all a bad thing to question your gov't. they're doing this shiat on your behalf.
2001-10-23 5:06:51 AM  
Dr.Sodomy: Blah, lets not start this argument back up again.
2001-10-23 6:05:31 AM  
If you haven't already, don't click on Stevie's "A link for terrorist loving scum" link. Endless pop-ups of goatc_x or however you spell it. He's stupid AND prick. Who says you can't have it all.
2001-10-23 6:22:24 AM  
If all americans are like Rival, well.. you deserve a crooked moron like Bush at the helm.

If not, I'm sorry for you.

".. rasist that motherfarker was, fark him AND John Wayne".
2001-10-23 7:16:52 AM  
Who give a fark if he was a terrorist? The almighty Flag-beast will have its revenge!!!!!

eat cheddar cheese
2001-10-23 7:22:52 AM  
Not a terrorist... just a dumbass who shouldn't be near fire....
2001-10-23 7:56:26 AM  
This one is an old one. I received it by e-mail nearly three weeks ago.
2001-10-23 7:57:47 AM  
hm these got old

a year go
still not funny, nope
2001-10-23 8:49:30 AM  
hey people..!!1

do you see that this morning ? check

the site get hack and it still defaced
2001-10-23 8:52:50 AM  
Snooooooooze. I already got this pic forwarded to me... 2 weeks ago.
2001-10-23 9:45:19 AM  
We criticize them for hating us? well we're not the ones who's homes and families are being destroyed by errant american bombs.
2001-10-23 9:52:29 AM  
For all yous people complaining about how this thing called a flag-burner a terrorist: calm down. I don't think anyone (besides you) is trying to extract any kinda profound political statements from what is obviously meant to be a joke.
On a different subject, I loved what Neal Boortz had to say about this guy: "If I'd been there, I would have tried to put him out. But my bladder can only hold so much."
2001-10-23 9:53:17 AM  
"we're not the ones who's homes and families are being destroyed by errant american bombs."

No, just errant American planes.
2001-10-23 9:54:20 AM  
Besides, this happened long before the bombing campaign picked up any steam.
2001-10-23 9:55:10 AM  
American Flag - $25

Really? That flag looks handmade and probably cost $1.98 in materials.
2001-10-23 10:18:41 AM  
He might just have been getting rid of the flag.
The correct method in getting rid of a dirty Stars and Stripes is to burn it, not put it in the bin or rip it up, burn it.
2001-10-23 10:28:23 AM  

[image from too old to be available]

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