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(WNBC)   Hawk mistakes chihuahua for rat in city park. Tastes like chicken   ( wnbc.com) divider line
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2003-08-06 09:50:01 AM  
Do I detect a bit of irony here too?
2003-08-06 09:52:39 AM  
I really see how this could happen, especially with smaller dogs. When I raised puppies with my parents, we would take the puppies outside to run around, but we'd have to keep one eye on the sky for hawks. We had a couple of close calls with hawks.
2003-08-06 10:37:14 AM  
That is why they are called rat dogs
2003-08-06 10:39:47 AM  
We have hawks all over the place around here - especially as you head up to the mountains. We've had nieghbors loose young cats to them - around 3 at last count.
2003-08-06 10:47:28 AM  
Those are not dogs. Those are accessories.
2003-08-06 10:47:54 AM  
[image from cardnut-sports.com too old to be available]
I wonder if it gives you as much gas as a taco.
2003-08-06 10:52:17 AM  
I guess it's Mexican night at the Hawk house.
2003-08-06 10:52:42 AM  
This happens often up in Alaska. Most notably though, was this one time an elderly tourist couple was driving through and they stopped for a rest. The ladies poodle was out relieving itself when an eagle swoops down outta yonder and carried the little cotton ball off to neverland. I heard that this lady actually hired a helicopter to go search for fluffy. Obviously, the little critter never turned up. (then later that day, the eagle shat on their windshield)
2003-08-06 11:09:38 AM  
... so at least she got her dog back.
2003-08-06 11:11:12 AM  
Movies with hawks suck (Hudson Hawk)
Books with hawks rule (The Stand)
Commercials with hawks suck (Bud Light)

...just an observation is all...
2003-08-06 11:21:26 AM  
That Bud Light commercial is great.

I would have loved to see this happen. I used to have lunch in Bryant Park all the time, when I used to work in that part of town.
2003-08-06 11:23:25 AM  
I don't recall the Bud Light commercial.
2003-08-06 11:35:10 AM  
appropriate use of the hero tag. very rare.
2003-08-06 04:22:05 PM  
The question is, what can we do to increase the hawk population? If we could get ten thousand hawks that ate a near-dog every two days, we could get rid of all the yip-yips in short order.
2003-08-06 04:44:28 PM  
screw ya'll small dogs are awesome.

I don't need to prove my masculinity with some big lumbering slobber dog or by torturing and killing them.
2003-08-06 04:50:44 PM  
"Hawk mistakes chihuahua for rat in city park."

That's a pretty big assumption, isn't it? How do we know what the hawk was thinking? Maybe he really likes the taste of chihuahua.
2003-08-06 05:17:11 PM  
I have a chihuahua, bravest dog ever... my pit bull was scared of fireworks, while "Pedro" the Chihuahua was eatin them...
2003-08-06 05:19:50 PM  
Have you ever seen a new york rat?
[image from bigbelch.com too old to be available]
2003-08-06 05:20:24 PM  
Serves 'em right. Get a real dog, one that eats hawks. I'd like to see that hawk try to make breakfast out of a mastiff.

/got nuthin'
2003-08-06 05:20:29 PM  
The ironic part is, the chihuahua belonged to a Canadian tourist who had just come back to New York after being mugged.
2003-08-06 05:21:29 PM  
2003-08-06 05:21:38 PM  
I don't need to prove my masculinity with some big lumbering slobber dog or by torturing and killing them.

Who said the hawk was torturing the dog? It looked like food.
2003-08-06 05:21:41 PM  
the bud light commercial was pretty good - the sequel was horrible though.

my girlfriend cant take her chihuahua for walks because the alligators will eat it.
2003-08-06 05:21:49 PM  
2003-08-06 05:21:57 PM  
I love dogs. Chihuahuas are not dogs. They are rats. The hawk was in the right.
2003-08-06 05:22:09 PM  
Ay, no es bueno!
[image from ollin.net too old to be available]
2003-08-06 05:22:32 PM  

Sorry, but I just don't believe that your rat/dog is tougher than the pit bull. My pitbull puts fireworks through old peoples letterboxes.
2003-08-06 05:26:06 PM  
maybe the Chihuahua smelt of bublight on it's breath...

got nothing
2003-08-06 05:26:13 PM  
[image from haremail.com too old to be available]

I'm a chihuahua hawk, and I want chihuahua!

2003-08-06 05:26:43 PM  
Man. Now even birds are getting laid off.
2003-08-06 05:27:14 PM  
[image from intriguing.com too old to be available]

The writing says, "Yo Quiero Taco Aaaaaaaaaaarggghh..."
2003-08-06 05:27:18 PM  
I submitted this with:

Taco Bell spokespooch surrenders in NYC deathmatch with hawk.
2003-08-06 05:28:12 PM  
We've had a bald eagle at our lake swoop down and almost snag our neigbor's pomeranian. It was way too damn funny.
2003-08-06 05:28:45 PM  
Oh, so the bird didn't get eaten - which is what I was expecting from the headline submitted. So the usual knee-jerk bullshiat applies by the politcos.
2003-08-06 05:28:58 PM  
Chihuahuas are outmoded accessories. The latest accessories, as seen on the fashion pages of magazines lately, are human babies. It's all the rage to be seen with a baby, as it is quite clearly a status symbol. After all, nobody would have a child unless they have a house, car, wardrobe, jewelry, health care, and can afford private schooling culminating in an Ivy-League degree. Pushing a baby around Central Park unequivocally states all of these things.
2003-08-06 05:29:02 PM  
Yo quiero taco bell.
2003-08-06 05:30:50 PM  
oh nelson...
2003-08-06 05:32:21 PM  
step away from the chalupa.
2003-08-06 05:32:45 PM  
Standing on a bridge over the Rogue river one day, and
saw a large hawk swoop down and catch a salmon probably
weighing 25-30 lbs. fish was too big for hawk, hawk
wanted the food though, so they tumbled over and over
each other in the current for probably 30 feet, then hit
deeper water- the hawk had to let go or drown. hawks also
made a couple of passes at gf's cat before kitty learned
to watch the sky...
2003-08-06 05:33:02 PM  
very true. my gf has a chihuahua (gizmo) , actually a miniature one... really tiny, and my dad has a half pit bull half rhodesian (sp?) ridgeback (sam) that weighs 70 lbs. they like eachother ALOT (i'll leave it at that). but when gizmo gets innoyed, sam runs away. funniest damn thing. oh, and ive made sure that gizmo never barks/yaps. however, one of my drunk friends came to my gf's door one night around 4 and before he even knocked, gizmo was up and barking. excellent watchdog.
2003-08-06 05:33:25 PM  
2003-08-06 05:33:54 PM  
Go Hawks!!!
Where's the video?
2003-08-06 05:33:56 PM  
Give that bird a snack...
2003-08-06 05:34:18 PM  
What are Keith Harrelson/Andre Dawson doing eating rats?
2003-08-06 05:36:08 PM  
[image from wlu.ca too old to be available]

"The Complete Chihuahua Book"
2003-08-06 05:37:01 PM  
Just saw that on my local news channel, haha they said
The chiauwawa was only scratched and is recovering well...

i laffed
2003-08-06 05:37:38 PM  
Don't bash the yip-yip dogs. My girlfriend has a chihuahua, and I took it to petsmartone day. Let me tell you a chihuahua is 20 pounds of poontang magnet in a 4 pound bag. I was there for 5 minutes - I met about 20 cute girls, and got 5 phone numbers from some of the said girls (all UN-solicited I might add).

Now am about as anti-playa as you can get, so I've never LITERALLY had a crowd of attractive girls circling me wanting to get to know me before...believe me it's fun.

The dog got plenty of scooby snacks that night.
2003-08-06 05:38:00 PM  
In my book, this only bolsters the case for keeping the hawks in Bryant Park.
2003-08-06 05:38:40 PM  
Chihuahua does not taste like chicken. It tastes like marmot.

[image from klamathnwr.org too old to be available]
2003-08-06 05:40:42 PM  
I really can't stand chihuahuas. My aunt had one when I was a little kid; just a vicious little thing spawned from satan. So here I am, a liitle 6 year old getting chased down by this dog from hell every time she came to visit. And it had these little sharp teeth. I hated that dog.

I'll carry that memory to the grave. I absolutely hate those things. :P
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