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4316 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Aug 2003 at 8:54 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-08-04 03:49:11 PM  
I think he would make a fine president. As long as he doesn't forget to take his Thorazine, Prozac, and Librium.
2003-08-04 03:49:40 PM  
It'll be hard to go against him. All the fodder you could use against him (pink feather boa, anyone?), everyone already knows, he's admitted to, and its in the past...
2003-08-04 03:58:31 PM  
The next election is shaping up to be Vesse Ventura vs. Carol Moseley-Braun. Possibly worse than last election.
2003-08-04 04:09:20 PM  
Jesse would kick farking ass both domestically and internationally.

He's got my vote, and I know that means the rest of Fark will follow my lead.
2003-08-04 04:36:04 PM  
Hell, I voted for him as governor, I'd vote for him as president.

Holy crap, I'm agreeing with GEAH. *head explodes*
2003-08-04 08:57:56 PM  
What is so terribly sad is that he's better than any of the Democrats who are running for the nomination.
2003-08-04 09:00:34 PM  
I'd vote for him!

[image from too old to be available]

Boa and all!
2003-08-04 09:00:38 PM  
He was the best thing that Minnesota ever had. He was the most even handed Governor we ever had. Whatever he said came from him, not someone behind the curtin. ANd of course both sides, GOP and the DFL slammed him from the left and right.

His former "Lunch with the Governor" radio show broadcast from WCCO 830 was the best thing on the radio.

It just goes to show that an honest person gets shredded by both sides with their own selfish intrests.

Here is a link to his MN Independence party.

Here is the platform, it makes great reading.

Mark today as the only time I agree with GEAH on anything.
2003-08-04 09:01:10 PM  
Just what I was gonna say, I'd vote for him over any of the Democrats.
2003-08-04 09:01:44 PM  
I'd vote for him.
Less lies, more common sense. What's not to like?
2003-08-04 09:02:11 PM  
WASHINGTON D.C., November 2004

[image from too old to be available]

2003-08-04 09:02:47 PM  
About Damn Time
2003-08-04 09:04:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Hail to the Chief INDEED......
2003-08-04 09:06:20 PM  
Yeah, I'll vote for him, He wouldn't be a puppet for others like Dubya. But he'd probably run as an independent, which hurts his chances.
2003-08-04 09:06:30 PM  
It'll never fly. You can't control a man like Ventura. If he tries to run P.N.A.C. will no doubt threaten his family so Ventura will have no choice but to drop out.
2003-08-04 09:07:12 PM  
I wonder if he'll use Infone for all his calls for votes.
2003-08-04 09:07:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-04 09:07:51 PM  
Can't be worse the what we have had atleast he was in the service as a Navy Seal and not the National Guard with a trustfund from daddy.I'd vote for him
2003-08-04 09:08:39 PM  
Dubya went into the presidency with all kinds of baggage. Just look at how he started going after saddam soon as the opportunity presented itself. Ventura on the other hand does not come with so many strings attached. I'd hate to see a former WWF star as the president but at least when he f*cks up I will not have to listen to a bunch of lies.
2003-08-04 09:08:44 PM  
I'd vote for any navy seal any day. Go get em' brother!
2003-08-04 09:08:48 PM  
Doesn'T he look like like a bushwacker to you?

2003-08-04 09:08:54 PM  
I'd vote for him. He'd legalize it and save the country BILLIONS.
2003-08-04 09:09:20 PM  
Farkin' sweet. I'd vote for him, and so would my husband. RUN JESSE RUN!
2003-08-04 09:09:50 PM  
And who'll be his running mate???
2003-08-04 09:10:45 PM  
"Mr. Freeze"
2003-08-04 09:11:06 PM  
I'd vote for him. He'd legalize it and save the country BILLIONS.

Drugs, or prostitution? :)
2003-08-04 09:11:16 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-04 09:11:33 PM  
Hopefully - both.

2003-08-04 09:12:01 PM  
Holy crap. This is probably the first time I've agreed with GEAH on anything.
2003-08-04 09:12:11 PM  
That's what I figured. :)
2003-08-04 09:12:26 PM  
He can't win. Saturday Night Live can only have so many skits where the president comes out and body slams whoever our current enemy is.
2003-08-04 09:16:12 PM  
He was a horrible gov. He didn't get anythign through the legislature that actually mattered, because he couldn't get people on his side. The state is in debt now. He also totally screwed the peopel who voted for him, the young voters.

Thank god he gone, now we haev soem stupid republican or democrat...whatever..., and things can go back to the way they were.. n oone getting anythign done or doing anything usefull.
2003-08-04 09:16:20 PM  
I knew you guys were slow, Quick1 and modernhamlet, but I also knew you'd eventually come around.
2003-08-04 09:16:56 PM  
i must say that i agree with ventura on almost every issue except for education. he was a much better govenor for minnesota than most people give him credit for. i'd take him and his honesty (read: frankness) over tim pawlenty any day.

that said, even though i voted for him for govenor, i don't think i could do it for the president of the united states. he is way too reactionary and outlandish at times, and (while he is being honest and frank while not comprimising his standards) his polotics do not belong in the white house. he can not work with both parties, nor could he get anything done. he's worse than dubya when it comes to being stubborn. right now, our foreign policy stance is laughable. just think what would happen if ventura came in...

on the other hand, he did visit cuba...
2003-08-04 09:17:42 PM  
this is who his running mate could be, that would wrap up Florida ...

[image from too old to be available]

2003-08-04 09:18:17 PM  
on the other hand, he did visit cuba...

And China.
2003-08-04 09:18:26 PM  
And who'll be his running mate???

Well, the Running Man, obviously.

Of course, there's that little natural-born citizen requirement but I'm fairly sure Arnie can blow that up.

One thing we can be sure of with a Ventura-Schwarzenegger administration is that steroids would be decriminalized.
2003-08-04 09:18:59 PM  
Ravedave: Thank god he gone, now we haev soem stupid republican or democrat...whatever..., and things can go back to the way they were.. n oone getting anythign done or doing anything usefull.

A little hung over from the last rave, Dave?
2003-08-04 09:22:30 PM  
dang html

[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-04 09:23:32 PM  
One thing we can be sure of with a Ventura-Schwarzenegger administration is that steroids would be decriminalized.

Among other things...
2003-08-04 09:24:44 PM  
I'm a liberal and I say yes! Can't vote anyway, why should I care? I do have strong political convictions.
2003-08-04 09:26:23 PM  
Shiat, the WWE vote alone would win him the south! Can't wait to see his cabinet, "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Secretary of State, 'The Rock'!!!". Boo yah!
2003-08-04 09:27:00 PM  
Vote for whoever the Republicans or Democrats offer you.

We need to keep control of the "system" in the hands of the elites.

You masses of bleating sheep do not know what is best for you. Allow your betters to determine what is best for you.

Besides, the elites will ensure that just enough money trickles down to fend off insurrection.

Now, be good little sheep and follow your party lines.
2003-08-04 09:27:38 PM  

I disagree, he was a great governor. Much better than "No New Taxes" Pawlenty, aka Mr. Taxpayers League. :(

Here is a good list of his accomplishments:

So how well did he do? The Hiawatha light-rail line between Minneapolis and the airport is under construction, but Ventura won't be able to ride it until 2004.

State spending has gone from $21 billion over two years to $27 billion. The quality of the state's education system is hard to measure, but a report card released by the Ventura administration gives it a grade of 6 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Smith was Ventura's revenue commissioner, and the man charged with taking Ventura's vision of a simpler property tax system and getting it through the Legislature. The reforms shifted the entire cost of basic education to the state, and reduced business and apartment property tax rates to be more in line with homeowners' rates.

Ventura also persuaded the Legislature to cut car license tab fees, and rebate nearly $2 billion to taxpayers in what were commonly called "Jesse checks".

Ventura tried unsuccessfully to broaden Minnesota's sales tax base by including not just goods, but services -- a reform many financial experts say is greatly needed.

Ventura's finance commissioner, Pam Wheelock, says the governor did propose a fiscally responsible plan that would have minimized the current deficit, and lawmakers discarded it. She says Ventura didn't have a single ally in the Legislature for most of his term, yet he still managed to push through some of his major priorities.

"The good news is that it took both of these parties in both of these houses until the last legislative session to really effectively figure out how to box out the governor, because they had no interest in having an Independence Party governor look effective," Wheelock said.

Blatz says Ventura appointed nearly a fourth of the state's entire judiciary during his term, far more than most governors. In addition to his judicial appointments, Ventura received kudos for his cabinet picks. Ventura assembled a multi-partisan team of commissioners who were widely acclaimed for their expertise. Many of Ventura's commissioners say he was the best boss they ever had, because he had clear expectations and didn't micromanage them.

His revenue commissioner, Matt Smith, says above and beyond Ventura's policy initiatives, he thinks Ventura will most be remembered for getting average citizens interested in politics. He says Ventura had a gift for putting complicated policy matters into everyday language. Smith recalled a stop during a bus trip to outstate Minnesota.

"And the governor went into this bar and it was full of local people -- a lot of farmers and retired people -- and I think he may even have had a beer in his hand at the time, and he gave a speech about how important it was for us to have free trade with China, and everybody was just nodding along. And it was something I have never seen before, and we may never see again," Smith said.

Now, if we can raise some revenue from taxes to blunt some of the cuts we would be better off, but of course not, we now have extremist Republicans in charge beholden to that group behind the curtin (aka MN Taxpayers league :( )
2003-08-04 09:37:27 PM  
Id run out and register to vote for the first time to vote for him.

not that I would really care about him winning ... just seems like that would be the most likely chance for maximum comedy.
2003-08-04 09:39:59 PM  
Yeah ok, this idiot can't even host a tv show let alone be a successful politician.
2003-08-04 09:41:07 PM  
The problem with Jesse is that while he can dish it out just fine, he can't take it. His thin skin would ruin him in the oval office. He is the master of the sound bite that sounds cool at first, but upon second thought, makes no sense.

In addition, his views on funding for education were appalling--cutting financial aid and telling people to deal with it is not a good way to get yourself elected.

He indeed did some fine things (light rail transit, "lunch with the governor" radio show, telling the truth), but there's a reason he only spent one term as Minnesota's governor.

/views of a Minnesotan living in Boston who often visits his home state
2003-08-04 09:43:47 PM  

(Months ago, I even emailed him and told him that.)

2003-08-04 09:45:05 PM  
I'd vote for him but I think if he won both parties would screw him in Congress...if anyone is ever serious about mounting a really effective third party effort ( and not just mad because some guy named Shrub screwed you on an airport deal) have to go for the legislature seats there and then the presidency..else the two parties will stonewall you nad then blame it on you....
2003-08-04 09:57:26 PM  
As an expatriate who has lived out of the USofA for many many years I only get one vote and that is for the executive office, calculated in Franklin County, OH.

I would vote for Jesse Ventura assuming he has similar things to say about becoming POTUS as he did GOMN.

(and if only the Lovely Elizabeth had lived to see him become a candidate. she'd be so proud.....*sniff*)
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