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2001-10-20 08:23:58 AM  
First to market hasn't always meant it becomes the standard.
but a 1 terabyte re-writable disc would be awesome.
2001-10-20 08:48:29 AM  
you could store a lot of boobies on one of those babies!
2001-10-20 09:15:59 AM  
100gb, good god, thatts like 50gazillion boobiex x 2!
2001-10-20 09:39:33 AM  
yeah, thats called a harddrive, they've been around for ages
2001-10-20 09:45:20 AM  
more pr0n, w00t!

(thought I guess it's boobies and not pr0n around here)

Terron: HDs die, R/RW's don't (within reason)
2001-10-20 09:58:45 AM  
I remember everyone gasping in amazement when an IBM guy held up a 3x3x3 cube and announced that it would hold 100MB! I also once paid $400 for 4 kilobytes of RAM. Gee, I'm a geezer...
2001-10-20 10:00:15 AM  
Can somebody tell me the need for a farking terabite of storage? Christ!
2001-10-20 10:04:35 AM  
Well, if you're a 1337 pie-rat, you'd need a lot of space.... or if you plan on making a full-feature film on your PC in high-rez video.
2001-10-20 10:17:05 AM  
I dont want to replace all my DVDs.. YOu know there just going to to find a new standard in a couple years anyways so we all have to ho.....
2001-10-20 10:20:42 AM  
Gaboo: "Can somebody tell me the need for a farking terabite of storage? Christ!"

You'll need it store the next version of WindowsXPee
2001-10-20 10:22:26 AM  
You'll need that much RAM first.
2001-10-20 10:25:39 AM  
Gaboo, Fetus: actually a terrabyte would be 1000GB, not 100GB
2001-10-20 10:49:32 AM  
I always thought 1TB = 1024GB
2001-10-20 10:53:38 AM  
terra=1.0e12 bytes
by metric definition.
may change through computer terms
2001-10-20 10:55:18 AM  
this would be VERY useful if someone were, say, into pirating movies. almost 200 movies on one disc? not too shabby.
2001-10-20 11:16:45 AM  
Might take a while to burn a terabyte of data, wouldn't ya think? I guess you could set it up to start burning and then go on vacation or something. Then again, I think one of those burners may require a little more cash than I have at the moment. Donations, anyone?
2001-10-20 11:17:16 AM  
people need to learn.... with computer NEVER say "why would anyone ever need so much ______" wait a few years and you'll aways look foolish
2001-10-20 11:42:17 AM  
Second-generation FMD technology, using blue lasers, is expected to increase this figure to 1 terabyte.
Read the article!
2001-10-20 11:50:43 AM  
HD's die after 6 years of non-stop use

cdrw's would die in the same amount of time if they were constantly being read from. cd's CAN wear out unless they tray and handling kit is -0- friction.
2001-10-20 12:01:22 PM  
Currently the people who need that much storage space is the biotechnology industry. Like the human genome project. They already have storage capacity of several hundred terrabytes and it's not enough.
All that info on genes and molecules and such take up a lot of space
2001-10-20 12:07:14 PM  
I can store almost half my mp3 collection with that!
2001-10-20 12:15:45 PM  
I can store the entire contents of my hard drive onto a floppy diskette, I'm the biggest joke on the Internet.

Weird Al is the funnies, he was talking about me in that song.

I want a 500 terrabyte hard drive.
2001-10-20 12:42:02 PM  
Anyone who questions this kind of storage obviously doesn't work with digital video or pre-press publication/graphic arts. 1 TERRABYTE IS TOO SMALL! GIVE ME MORE!!!!
2001-10-20 01:01:24 PM  
Well since it's from Japan, they're going to take a piece of cool and useful technology and use it for the most useless and stupid puposes. H.G. Wells warned us about this.
2001-10-20 02:15:12 PM  
I knew it! As soon as I heard that some Japanese company devolped a violet laser lasty year, I told all my friends, "Hey, watch out next year for the super density CDs."

I called it!!!!!
2001-10-20 03:07:28 PM  
Ohhhhhhh.. The article says the technology uses a VIOLET laser. When I first read it, I though it said VIOLENT laser.... :-)
2001-10-20 03:13:07 PM  
I wonder if, much like people compress and burn MP3's onto CDs now to listen to them in CD/MP3 players, people could compress and burn DVDs onto these FMDs, and carry around and watch their whole DVD collection on special players.

That would sure kick ass if you were traveling and didn't want to watch the crap they usually have playing on the plane, like Chocolat or Miss Congeniality.

Man, wouldn't the movie industry get fired up over that!
2001-10-20 03:42:21 PM  
Well, let's see, it was made in Japan, so it will come here a few years later and have all the good stuff cut out and a shiatty dub job. I mean... uh... BOOBIES!
2001-10-20 03:49:18 PM  
I guess you didn't read the article closely, they did say they were working on a 1 terabyte version.
Bill already pointed this out, but I just wanted to let you know personally.
2001-10-20 04:17:08 PM  
So Panasonic is making this.
2001-10-20 04:20:20 PM  
[image from sheldon.com too old to be available]
2001-10-20 04:27:09 PM  
mmm weeners on there...
2001-10-20 04:45:54 PM  
that looks like a quantum.
in its usual state of readiness.
2001-10-20 05:00:42 PM  
Nico- You are sort of right :-/

1 TB RAM = 1024 GB RAM

1 TB HD/Storage = 1000 GB HD/Storage

Mainly marketing differences. Most 20 GB drives are 20 Billion bytes (the metric measure), not the 21,474,836,480 it should be. You get shafted over a billion bytes.
2001-10-20 05:34:33 PM  
Sure hope RIAA doesn't kill this before its born.
2001-10-20 05:36:02 PM  
I need the extra space....

[image from home.coqui.net too old to be available]
2001-10-20 06:04:11 PM  
Good god, Seele, that's a whole lot of porn. You, uh, rule.

Anyway, I too remember when just 100 meg was a whole crap load of memory. Back in 1991, we bought this 386 machine with a 540 megabyte hard drive. Neighbors and friends actually came over because it was considered such an ungodly amount of space.
2001-10-20 07:49:30 PM  
This'll only be up for a little while:
[image from coolantx.hn.org too old to be available]
2001-10-20 07:50:00 PM  
And that is also why these disks are needed!
2001-10-20 08:10:54 PM  
Jesus farking Christ.....Kthulhu...you and I have to sit down and talk a trade between Ranma 1/2 first 6 seasons (in english, yuck i know but still funny) and Video Girl AI
2001-10-20 10:57:09 PM  
Damn, and I thought I had a lot of pr0n! My 5GBs just doesn't cut it anymore!
2001-10-21 12:13:42 AM  
I'm sure the MPAA will fight to the last man/woman to keep us from owning a disk with a 1080i or 720p Hi-Def version of one of their precious movies. I can hear them now:

"That's too much resolution for mere mortals! They'll just buy the disks and never set foot in our theaters again!"

God willing, I won't have to for much longer. I already have the projector shooting onto an 80 inch wide screen and a good sound system. DVD's look awesome, but with Hi-Def, the comercial theaters lose their one remaining advantage.
2001-10-21 03:33:10 AM  
Seele96-My address is in my profile,talk to me.I'm also on MSN Messenger,same address.Also,that doesn't include what I have on CD ;).We might be able to work something out...
2001-10-21 08:48:20 PM  
Adm_crunch: Did you see the new HDTV 47" Pioneer 16:9 Projection TV on the market? What about this new DVD audio/DVD video/CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3 player coming out from Denon? I am going to snag it when it comes out! My friends look at me funny when I explain my plans to purchase $8,000 worth of audio/video equipment for my living room...

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