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(Mainichi Daily News)   Frustrated student sets fire to 140,000 origami cranes   ( divider line
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2003-08-01 09:58:30 PM  
At least he didn't use an atomic bomb.
2003-08-01 11:50:06 PM  
Doesn't that prove he's a replicant? Somebody ask him what he'd do if he found a turtle on its back.
2003-08-02 12:49:34 AM  
The glass rooms are located around the bronze statue of a 12-year-old girl, Sadako Sasaki, who died from leukemia 10 years after she was victimized in the 1945 atomic bombing of the city.

i know that that has been translated, which is the ONLY reason i am not going to go on a tear. most regs know how i feel about japan. i could get the kanji book out of my backpack to figure out how to write "push comes to shove"
2003-08-02 01:13:08 AM  
wow, what a dick
2003-08-02 02:39:42 AM  
Origami cranes are stupid anyway. What a waste of good paper.
2003-08-02 03:18:03 AM  
The glass rooms are located around the bronze statue of a 12-year-old girl, Sadako Sasaki, who died from leukemia 10 years after she was victimized in the 1945 atomic bombing of the city.


[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-02 03:36:51 AM  
When I was living there, I mentioned to a friend that I was sick and had to go back to the US for surgery.
She and her little son folded me one of the "thousand cranes".
I counted, and there were actually 1000.
It made me cry long and hard.
Not related to burning them in the least, it was just a hell of a nice thing of them to do.
2003-08-02 04:22:14 AM  
Cool! That must have looked kick-ass!
2003-08-02 04:30:23 AM  
That Sadako picture from Ringu was shot upside down, which makes it look freakier. Then again, rotating it 180 degrees on an image viewer doesn't exactly 'help' it...

/irrelevant trivia
2003-08-02 04:36:42 AM  
Thats a bunch of peace lovin hippie crap
2003-08-02 04:37:32 AM  

Thats a nice story. You know when someone you care about is sick there sometimes isn't anything you can do but do something nice for them.

Origami is theraputic too. Very theraputic.
2003-08-02 04:40:16 AM  
i know the thing about the nuke was supposed to be touching, but that article was the funniest thing i have read in a long time.

Ku_No_Ichi, they folded 1 crane for you or 1000??

2003-08-02 05:00:30 AM  
they must have been bummed out about Bob Crane, too.
2003-08-02 05:09:10 AM  
...who died from leukemia 10 years after she was victimized in the 1945 atomic bombing of the city....
Japs dont cry for the victims in China during WW2, or Korea, and the rest of Indo-China they raped and murdered by the millions! Fold some cranes for them.
Fold a few more cranes for my shipmates on the U.S.S. Arizona when you get the time.
2003-08-02 05:12:40 AM  
Well seeing as she said she counted the cranes, it wouldn't be impressive if she counted to 1.
2003-08-02 05:18:00 AM  
diskop - the quote was;

She and her little son folded me one of the "thousand cranes".
2003-08-02 05:20:05 AM  
Well diskop,
I am a natural blonde... :)

The first time I visited Japan, I was 16, a bleeding heart and it was mid-August. (the anniversary of the dropping)
The little children were out at the temples asking whities to sign peace petitions. I spent the whole time walking around feeling guilty for being American.

After I lived there for a decade, met and talked to a whole bunch of the older generation, as well as countless Chinese and Korean people, my take on the whole situation changed about 100%...
2003-08-02 05:24:47 AM  
i have never visited japan. but i have stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb.

/caves full a'virgins
2003-08-02 05:28:59 AM  
Sorry, I tried to find a quick GIS with for the 'thousand crane' thing. They string up 1000 origami cranes into one bunch, thus the "one of the "thousand cranes".
I couldn't find one quickly, so I present to you a picture that came up for "thousand cranes" that you might enjoy more:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-08-02 05:31:39 AM  
2003-08-02 05:32:01 AM  
yess, i like-a that one vera much....

and thank you for the clarification. i now understand THE ONE ... pardon the caps - it was for effect.

someone say something drastic...

2003-08-02 05:35:28 AM  
i cant believe he would set those innocent useless pieces of paper on fire!
2003-08-02 05:35:35 AM  
i posted the mars pics, but they haven't put up the was a good one, too. complete with dumb headline...only i didn't say, '(w/pic)

/still waiting
2003-08-02 05:37:42 AM  
here is a good link for 1000 crane pics
2003-08-02 05:39:57 AM  
Wait. Was this article about war and nuclear bombs, or burning some paper cranes? I didn't actually read the article, so I'm counting on the comments here.
2003-08-02 05:42:09 AM  
I like this image. Plus, it says obvious for category. So there.
2003-08-02 05:42:56 AM  
i hate it when it does this
2003-08-02 05:47:45 AM  
2003-08-02 05:48:41 AM  
fark it
2003-08-02 05:52:32 AM  
what's the matter, Kurt? Crane got your tongue?
2003-08-02 06:01:29 AM  
oooh!!! you could cut yourself on wit that sharp!

2003-08-02 06:11:43 AM  
Ku_No_Ichi: I'll take those two over a thousand cranes any day of the week.

2003-08-02 06:12:01 AM  
He hurt thier feelings? Is that really a crime?
2003-08-02 06:13:57 AM  
I Have An Asian Fetish
But do they burn?
2003-08-02 06:21:22 AM  
Guys, don't mock the story of Sadako. Seriously here. It was a famous story. The girl wasn't alive in WW2, but her mother was. The mother has radiation from the nukings, and the girl gets it through birth. She becomes a really promising athlete, but the leukemia kicks in. Her classmates try to make her 1000 paper cranes to wish for her to get better, but she died before they could finish. They wrote a book based off it (I believe it's called 1000 Paper Cranes).

I don't care whether or not you supported the nuking of Japan (and I don't, because it wasn't needed to get Japan to surrender and 140,000 innocent lives is not a fair retribution for 2,000 military lives), but you have to agree that a girl not even alive during the time did not deserve that. Aren't you farkers capable of being sympathetic, and admitting America doesn't do the right thing all the time?
2003-08-02 06:30:24 AM  
as nice as living near hiroshima was for four years, americans were advised to stay out of hiro during the aniversary of the bombing because many japanese nationals would be offended that we were visiting the peace memorial at that time...

and then there's the whole revisionist history aspect of japan: children there aren't taught that they struck first at Pearl Harbour... but that the americans started the war in the pacific, and then nuked two cities for no reason.

as was brought up previously: "Sadako Sasaki, who died from leukemia 10 years after she was victimized in the 1945 atomic bombing of the city." as were the chinese and koreans in manchuria- as well as the sailors sleeping on a sunday morning at 7am.

"War is Hell." playing with fire will get you burned, and japan is still trying to cover up the scars.
2003-08-02 06:34:38 AM  
I respect your opinion and your right to have one, but chastising farkers for not being 'sympathetic', 'specially those posting in the late-night/wee-morning hours and/or getting worked up about something, anything that's posted then is pretty much akin to pissing in the wind.

I am quite anti-nuclear weapon myself.
I think Nagasaki was unnecessary, but I won't second guess Hiroshima.
Japan at the time had an agency devoted to developing 'The Bomb' and the leader of said agency has been quoted as saying 'If we had it first, we would have used it first'.

Plus, you have to admit the quote
"The arson attack hurt the feelings of many people who have offered folded paper cranes for world peace,"
Is funny as fark.
2003-08-02 06:35:58 AM  
140,00 "innocent" lives, DeathZero?

both hiroshima and nagasaki were military targets. japan didn't surrender after the first bomb was dropped, so we acted in turn by showing the emperor that we weren't f*cking around.

the japanese military practiced genocide in manchuria before we were pulled into the war. they killed hundreds of thousands there- and i don't hear you biatching about the rape/slaughter that occured there.

you say that it wasn't necessary. what, in your mind, would have been a better option to force japan to give up?
2003-08-02 07:05:08 AM  
i dunno "The arson attack hurt the feelings of many people who have offered folded paper cranes for world peace,"

they folded paper cranes for world peace.... i dunno that just sounds so strange to me.
2003-08-02 07:13:45 AM  
So, I'm lazy, and I felt it was a bit of effort to copy and paste that URL. Maybe someone else is equally lazy. So, here's it linked: ">
Here's an image that doesn't even take clicking.

[image from too old to be available]
I knew I learned SGML for a reason. Just didn't think it was HTML.

2003-08-02 07:14:21 AM  
at least we see the japanese are putting forth a conscious effort toward world peace. i mean... dang... cranes.....
2003-08-02 07:14:43 AM  
!@#$%&! ">
2003-08-02 07:15:07 AM  
The atomic bomb probably would've been developed sooner or later. Thankfully (in my opinion), it was developed, tested, and yes, sadly used sooner.

Why? Because it gave the world a glimpse of the horror of this new weapon, WHILE THE FLAMES OF WAR were still up. The targets we chose, justified or not, had a heavy civilian toll, which spawned additional disfavor of the A-bomb.

Without Hiroshima and Nagasaki to remind and show us the terrible consequences of nuclear weapons, the Cold War (an era of uneasy peace between the Soviets and the West) could've been hot - VERY hot.
2003-08-02 07:16:43 AM  
Warning: flamebait imminent.

Militant countries need a good nuking to sort them out, to stop them farking with everyone. Flatten NYC and in the long term the word will benefit as the US's foreign policy shifts.
2003-08-02 07:19:33 AM  
screw you the oob. I live in New York, right next to NYC
2003-08-02 07:20:10 AM  
Ok, I'm sure there's a reason this isn't working. I just don't know it, considering it appears to work on the scratchpad. Let's go for a third try:
Mods, if you would kindly delete the previous farked entry, you shall have my thanks.
2003-08-02 07:24:58 AM  
omg lkol. hahaha. i miss read that headline i ghuyess cause i thought htat it sai 140,,00000 orgasm chaiirs and i thought orgasm chairs? wtf i want one otf those omg lol roflo. afm. but i realizee then that i already have one i'm sitting in it. omg lol ttyll.
2003-08-02 07:34:10 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

There were no non-combatants in WWII. It was an all-out struggle for survival on both sides. With the boy and girl scouts also volunteering their time to do things like collect grease to support the manufacture of explosives, everyone was fair game. The complete immersion of the population in the war was even more apparent in Japan. Distinctions between military vs. civilian lives are pointless.
2003-08-02 07:45:58 AM  
Fold enough paper cranes every August and the world will magically become peaceful. Oh wait, that doesn't make any sense at all. Oh well.
2003-08-02 08:03:55 AM  
lololol stupid foreigners lol!!1
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