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4885 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Jul 2003 at 6:41 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-31 12:44:52 PM  
"A Frenchman...."

nuff said.
2003-07-31 01:54:33 PM  
Can you here me now?
2003-07-31 06:43:57 PM  

Ah, the glory of cell phones.
2003-07-31 06:46:48 PM  
160km from shore? Cells must have great range over the open water.
2003-07-31 06:47:59 PM  
And I can't get a signal if I'm standing in my living room...
2003-07-31 06:48:39 PM  
"Hello, can you hear me now?"

(gets eaten by a shark)
2003-07-31 06:53:02 PM  
for the record the dude was using a satellite phone, not a cell phone.
2003-07-31 06:53:39 PM  
Why did the Coast Guard Rescue him? Frogs can swim!
2003-07-31 06:54:45 PM  
QUick request to the coast guards of the world. WHen an ass-hat show-off farks up doing something that is not necessary, smart, or useful, such as trying to row across the ocean.


Maybe he'll be the same dipshiat show off who tried to be Lance farking Armstrong in the middle of a downpour with 3 inches of water in the road.

If he had just gotten up on the BICYCLE TRAIL a whole 10 feet to his right, where there was no standing water at all, he would have had an easier time, and wouldn't have been in the way, but noooooo it's so much more important to get out in the street during RUSHOUR, during a MAJOR THUNDERSTORM, and increase the public awareness of Cyclists. I hope he ruined his $2000 bike and his fruity-assed spandex outfit with all the logos on it. Then got knocked into a ditch by side wash off a semi.
2003-07-31 06:55:10 PM  
i cant imagine trying to row across the ocean, i get discouraged paddling an air mattress across my pool, and my pool is anything but 5000 miles across
2003-07-31 07:01:05 PM  

What the fark are you talking about?
2003-07-31 07:02:29 PM  
don't mind him
2003-07-31 07:02:37 PM  
Frogs can swim. BWAAAA HAHAHAHAHA!!

Farking dumbass should have. . .oh, I don't know, maybe PLANNED FOR AN EMERGENCY.

Nique ta mere!
2003-07-31 07:08:18 PM  
What the fark are you talking about?

Some clown on a racing bike during my drive home. The dipshiat solo rower reminded me of him for some reason.
2003-07-31 07:16:58 PM  
"We are recovering from hours of anguish since yesterday," the rower's mother Sylviane Coindre, said in an e-mail to Reuters. "As parents we never lost hope."

Your asshat son rows a boat for attention - start losing hope now.
2003-07-31 07:22:11 PM  
OLD NEWS! Come on Fark, quit posting this crap and get to the good news stories.
2003-07-31 07:23:26 PM  
this is so two days ago
2003-07-31 07:25:19 PM  
How much did his rescue cost the US coast guard? Good to see my tax dollars in action.
2003-07-31 07:25:31 PM  
Frenchman surrenders to body of water.

2003-07-31 07:25:51 PM  

Put down the caffeine, now! Grab a long, tall, cool one and start to feel the relaxation that it brings.

There now. Doesn't that feel better?
2003-07-31 07:26:30 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Here ya go VaginaXP!

/always up for a good cycling flamewar
2003-07-31 07:26:31 PM  
Send the bill and the asshat C.O.D. to the French government.
2003-07-31 07:33:01 PM  

Here take a hit off my crack pipe. You need it more than I.
2003-07-31 07:33:28 PM  
Bet that's one Frenchman who will agree that there's nothing wrong with US armed forces.
2003-07-31 07:36:21 PM  
"A Frenchman". Nice throwaway line folks. very reminiscent of the good old "N-word" used in less enlightened times.

Now let's think about what actually happened.

The gentleman in question had already rowed across the Atlantic, so he wasn't just some no-nothing schmuck.

As recommended by most safety organizations, he took a means of communication with him on his voyage.

Standard Marine VHF wouldn't have the range.

Single sideband Short Wave Radio would have been a bit bulky for his small craft, and he didn't have room for much of an antenna, so again the range wouldn't have been adequate.

So he used a satellite phone to call his mother.

He told her his position and situation, then let her deal with the authorities. This is a good approach,since it would have conserved his batteries.

So why is he an asshat?
2003-07-31 07:37:58 PM  
That's lunacy.
"Yeah, I think I'll just row across the ocean!"

"Maybe I'll cross the Sahara in flip-flops and a speedo!"
2003-07-31 07:38:35 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-31 07:42:26 PM  
Ha ha.
2003-07-31 07:43:39 PM  
Thor Heyerdahl just did a d'oh-slap on his forehead from on high...
2003-07-31 07:44:19 PM  
Come on, man, we all know that whoever didn't side with us on Iraq is a back-stabbing, cowardly liberal type who hates America and freedom and is a Saddam appeaser, especially if they're French!
2003-07-31 07:45:36 PM  
Doctor Wu with the threadjack attempt!
2003-07-31 07:51:10 PM  
Right his boat and send his ass paddling back to the land of quitters and sissies where he belongs.
2003-07-31 07:52:47 PM  
Personally I wouldn't mind being stuck in a rowboat in the Atlantic. As long as I had Ms. f12 with me. I'd row it.
2003-07-31 07:56:16 PM  

here, shark, shark, shark....
2003-07-31 07:59:14 PM  

if your friends/family had an actual emergency on the water, and the coastguard were busy helping the dumbass in a rowboat you'd understand. these "amazing adventurers" should have to pay for any and all rescue expenses. if he's rowed across the atlantic already, and is doing it again, and again, and again he is an asshat.
2003-07-31 08:14:18 PM  
I've had an emergency on the water. The Coastguard (and the local police) were prompt and efficient.

I didn't have to be on the water - I do it for fun, as do a lot of amateur boaters, all over the world.

The rules are quite simple: boating is intrinsically dangerous. Take adequate precautions, train yourself to react correctly in emergencies and try to avoid going beyond your limitations.

If you don't do this, people can legitimately call you an asshat (not that you'll worry, what with being dead and all).
2003-07-31 10:17:37 PM  
"Take adequate precautions"

as in not trying to row across the atlantic regardless of previous triumphs. it is a publicity stunt using and endangering the coast guard to cover a bet with stupidity.

dass all i'm sayin.
2003-07-31 10:26:33 PM  
At least he got a bath. Smell prolly drove away the sharks.
2003-07-31 10:52:21 PM  
Plans to break the record this year and become the first to cross the Atlantic alone three times seem lost as the row boat is now missing at sea. Coindre spent Tuesday on a fishing vessel searching for his craft.

"It's very unlikely he will find it," Crutchlow said. "I'm not saying it's impossible, but the only way they're going to find that boat is by sheer luck."

Why can't he just buy ANOTHER farkING ROWBOAT???
2003-08-01 10:37:11 AM  
For all you guys yipping about his "sin" being French. You are as racist and stupid as your forefathers who lynched blacks.

And by the way, Americans are the frontrunners in doing crazy, dangerous stunts and having to be rescued with public money, just check out honorable mentions on

In passing, I'm not French, but live among them.
2003-08-07 10:47:32 PM  
Futile test case scenario. Please ignore:

<img src="">
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