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(CNN)   Jane's Addiction to release their first album in 13 years, after breaking up and breaking a mirror   ( cnn.com) divider line
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2003-07-27 01:01:23 PM  
I've heard a few cuts already and it sounds promising. I think Perry Ferrell is a genius.
2003-07-27 01:29:23 PM  
The CD came out this past Tuesday. The album is fine, I guess, but it is no Ritual.

For some reviews of Strays, check out http://www.metacritic.com/music/artists/janesaddiction/strays/
2003-07-27 02:51:37 PM  
the album is out already...
2003-07-27 02:57:32 PM  
Bands need to know when to call it quits when they are ahead and let their legacy live on. I want to remember them the way they were!

I heard their new tour is sponsored by Metamucil.
2003-07-27 02:58:32 PM  
this is news? havent they been playing a single from this cd for like 3 months on the radio?
2003-07-27 02:59:42 PM  
Shameless self-promotion time (yet again)...

My review of the new Jane's Addiction album Strays can be found here - Read my review of the new Jane's Addiction... you know you want to

Comments, thoughts...
2003-07-27 03:00:30 PM  

I am hearing words like "genius" when describing Parry Ferrel?

Hell is getting colder...
2003-07-27 03:02:17 PM  
..."the group's initial five-year run in 1991, just as the genre was yielding multimillion-selling acts such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers...

hmmmm... if i recall correctly, the chili peppers were around way before jane's addiction.
2003-07-27 03:04:58 PM  
Jane's Addiction has recorded only two other studio albums, both influential works: 1988's "Nothing Shocking," featuring the hit "Jane Says," and 1990's "Ritual de lo Habitual." Both have sold about 1 million copies in the United States.

Is "Janes Addiction", their first CD, not considered a studio album? I know there's live tracks on there but can't remember if the whole CD is. "Whores" is still their best song ever.
2003-07-27 03:05:30 PM  
and apparently perry farrell didn't listen to himself the second time he decided to quit music... something about concentrating on coordinating lollapalooza and being able to age gracefully in that capacity.
2003-07-27 03:07:40 PM  
Bark bark bark!
-- Jane's Addiction, "The Dog Barking Song Been Caught Stealing"
2003-07-27 03:08:01 PM  
I've heard it & it seems to be lacking IMHO.
probably something to do with not being angry disillusioned young men & not enough drugs.
2003-07-27 03:09:09 PM  
"We were half a step away from the 'greatest American rock band,"' singer Perry Farrell, 44, said in a recent interview.

2003-07-27 03:10:08 PM  
Breaking a mirror is 7 years, not 13 years. I realized that about 10 seconds after submitting this. I'm surprised nobody pointed it out already.
2003-07-27 03:13:06 PM  
Oh Cadex, we thought the breaking a mirror comment was about how ugly the guys are. At least thats what I thought.
2003-07-27 03:17:10 PM  
Right, good idea. That's what it meant.
2003-07-27 03:18:30 PM  
I just assumed the title made no sense whatsoever. Didn't read the article, though maybe it mentioned a broken mirror or something...

It was seven years between Ritual and Kettle Whistle, though, wasn't it?
2003-07-27 03:23:05 PM  
...and Ritual was no Nothing's Shocking.

/Cried when Jane's broke up.
2003-07-27 03:28:04 PM  
trez, You are correct, sir. The first Jane's album came out in '87 (though the band had been together for years). RHCP had released their third album by then.
2003-07-27 03:28:12 PM  
Been caught peeing once when i was five...
/only Jane's addiction song i know
2003-07-27 03:30:47 PM  
Actually, this album pretty much kicks ass. Best album I've heard since Cracker's last one.

I think they certainly could have been huge, had they not split up when they did. I know the chili peppers were around in the mid 80's, but they weren't big until later.
2003-07-27 03:34:57 PM  
Um, the album is already out.
2003-07-27 03:35:31 PM  
Janes Addiction - Triple X is their first CD:

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000000P2K/qid=105933432​3/sr=8-1 /ref=sr_8_1/103-1171551-3152616?v=glance&s=music&n=507846

Mostly live at the Roxy...but two tracks are studio.
This is one of my favorite Janes Addiction CD's.
Anyone who is a fan of Janes needs to check this out.
There is a version of "Sympathy" that I think is better then the Rolling Stones original.


PS - Strays is ok. I'd say that my fav list goes:
Nothing Shocking
Triple X
Kettle Whistle

Also, Good God's Urge from Porno for Pyros is one of Perrys finest works as well.
2003-07-27 03:38:28 PM  
So, previously, we got endless biatching about Geddy Lee's singing, but now Perry Ferrell is a demi-god??

That man couldn't find the pitch if it bit him on the ass.
2003-07-27 03:40:26 PM  
Prof Frink- Yeah, that's the one. Many thanks (and yes the Sympathy cover is masterful).
2003-07-27 03:49:22 PM  
New cd is not bad, but pales to the greatness of "Nothing Shocking"..."Pigs in Zen" and "Jane Says" off that cd are pure classics!!!!
2003-07-27 03:51:40 PM  
I just listened to the four songs on the j's a website. The sound is unmistakable and it sounds great. God, I've missed it. I'm a big time porno for pyros fan too. Don't know what the argument could be here. you either like them or you don't.
2003-07-27 04:04:42 PM  
god if i ever hear jane says again...those two chords over and over again ill puke. ferrell is not a genius...LA glam rock trying to be punk is all it is.just following the same profit margin...hmm kids like us lets get back together cos i cant do anything else syndrome. Phish did it and countless others ... im sick of this shiate. why cant people find an artist or band with dignity. have some taste. american culture is rancid, im moving.
2003-07-27 04:05:06 PM  
I loved Nothing Shocking. Songs like "Up the Beach" were just not being done by other bands.

Same thing with "Of Course" on Ritual. My older brother used to make me hit myself with my own hand, and that song is right on point with those lyrics.

Both Prono for Pyros albums were great too.

Ferrel is a genius.... sometimes Navarro's solos get overbearing, but they are great and this album should be good.
2003-07-27 04:06:38 PM  
oh and thier first 'LIVE' album wasnt live. so they sound that bad in the studio as well
2003-07-27 04:08:38 PM  
the audience was an overdub of a joni mitchell concert. how profound! :P
2003-07-27 04:20:00 PM  

You seem very bitter. Did Jane's Addiction kill your parents or something?
2003-07-27 04:22:35 PM  
I just went to Lollapalooza in Milwaukee. Jane's Addiction was one of the best live performances I've ever seen.
2003-07-27 04:29:15 PM  
Saw Lollapalooza in Cincy. Ya, they still have it. Awesome show, although I wish APC would have been touring with them (they apparently only do the west coast dates).
2003-07-27 04:31:08 PM  
I think b/c Triple X was an indie release it doesn't count as being their first album.

Just like Smashing Pumpkins and Gish...

(I think.)
2003-07-27 04:37:52 PM  
Never heard any of their songs before but props to Navarro for banging Carmen Electra.
2003-07-27 04:43:42 PM  
Ugh, I hated Jane's Addiction. Die, dammit! Why won't the biatch overdose?!
2003-07-27 04:51:26 PM  
"and is preparing to release its first album in 13 years, "Strays."

the CD came out 4 days before that article was posted. Way to be on top of things CNN!
2003-07-27 04:58:50 PM  
Hmmmm.... seems like FARK is a place to rank on good bands, Rush, Jane's Addiction, et al. I wish the trolls would take a hike since they don't know jack sh*t about the music they are referring to. Go listen to your "music" and shut the fark up.
2003-07-27 05:05:27 PM  
Never heard of 'em.
2003-07-27 05:05:55 PM  
At this year's Lollapalooza in Chicago, Audioslave was the best band of the lineup. Jane's Addiction was a close second only because they relied too much on their "greatest hits" and there was no spontaneity to them (after playing them 8000 times I guess it's hard to be). They played only 2 new songs (Strays and Just Because).
Side note on Lollapalooza: Whomever dreamed up Incubus should be run over by a Mack truck. They SUCK. That's not music, that's... I don't know, I can't find words that describe something so awful.
2003-07-27 05:14:27 PM  
All of the comments I have read thus far show me "fans" more intrested in this band's previous achievements than anything current.HMMMMM maybe the world and these men's perspectives have changed since 1989.God knows I have.As far as anyone under 25 posting on this matter,get a clue.Believe it or not music was around before you turned 12.
2003-07-27 05:18:52 PM  
Nothing Shoacking and the live cd are outstanding albums. Hard to beat them. I'll give Strays a listen despite my commitment in not buying new albums from major labels.

Old news or not, I think this is good news.
2003-07-27 05:20:52 PM  
I thought Audioslave was a disappointment at 'Palooza. I like Rage, and I like Soundgarden, but when did Chris Cornell turn into Brian Young?

And yeah, Incubus sucked. But Steve-O was entertaining.
2003-07-27 05:22:38 PM  
Whoops, watching tv and typing farks me up. I meant Brian Johnson.
2003-07-27 05:27:07 PM  
Deconstruction should make another album.

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000002MPL/qid=105934119​3/sr=1-1 /ref=sr_1_1/002-0628581-0208802?v=glance&s=music
2003-07-27 05:46:17 PM  

"Never heard any of their songs before but props to Navarro for banging Carmen Electra"

So, where are your props to ME and a select other thousand guys?
2003-07-27 06:01:00 PM  
guess who doesn't give a shiat
2003-07-27 06:02:46 PM  
When bands lose a crucial member and still keep going, they need to change their name.

Janes Addiction will never be the same with Eric Avery, and what I've heard from this new "album" confirms my doubts.
2003-07-27 06:06:52 PM  
got the new album the day it came out.. I barely buy any new cds anymore.. I like it.. yes, it's like old Jane's, but thats what I wanted...
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