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(Yahoo)   Lost Enid Blyton book found. Fans to celebrate with ham and turkey sandwiches, bags of lettuce, hardboiled eggs, heaps of tomato, and lashings of ginger beer   ( divider line
    More: Spiffy, Domestic turkey, ham, youngest daughter, Blyton, caravan, manuscripts, sugars, ginger beer  
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2011-02-23 9:50:59 AM  
2011-02-23 11:02:34 AM  
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2011-02-23 1:14:32 PM  
lol, barbigazi
2011-02-23 1:40:23 PM  


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2011-02-23 2:06:06 PM  
TFA: "...according to a charity which bought a collection of the bestselling author's manuscripts at auction last September."

Wait, what? Isn't that backwards of how charities are supposed to do it?
2011-02-23 2:07:53 PM  
My money's on the swarthy foreign chap who recently moved to the village.
2011-02-23 2:28:31 PM  
This is a strictly Anglo-centric topic for a thread. I wonder how many Americans (besides me) will post?

For the record, I do know who Enid Blyton was. However, on this side of the pond, the 20th century market for juvenile adventure/mystery novels was filled by the likes of the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, the Bobbsey Twins, and Tom Swift. I'm not aware of any Blyton series that really caught on in the U.S. (And, looking at the picture in dr.zaeus' post, the only place I can imagine "The Three Golliwogs" finding a spot is a KKK-4-Kids book club.)
2011-02-23 3:25:20 PM  
grew up with the secret seven. never read the famous five. was oblivious to its racist/classist tendencies as a lad.
2011-02-23 3:38:17 PM  
2011-02-23 4:34:43 PM  

Purple_Jack: My money's on the swarthy foreign chap who recently moved to the village.

Spoiler Alerts, please!
2011-02-23 5:30:03 PM  
Came here to mention the racism, but I see I'm not needed.
2011-02-23 6:21:21 PM  
I read a couple of Famous Five books when I was young (30 years ago). The only thing I remember is the girl called George.
2011-02-23 7:05:49 PM  
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insert joke about Dick and aunty fannie here
/link is as hot as umm
//some sort of really really hot objects
2011-02-23 7:28:25 PM  
I like this a lot!

I still have all my Secret Seven books somewhere around here
2011-02-23 7:57:16 PM  
Five Play Secret Touching Games?
2011-02-23 9:01:54 PM  
i recognize her name as an author I read when I was a kid, but I forget what books I read.
2011-02-23 9:18:07 PM  
They've got Noddy on television as a 3D computer animated show. Sans golliwogs but the skittles all have Jamaican accents.
2011-02-23 11:35:32 PM  
Oh I was hoping it was a new 'magic faraway tree' book. Sigh.

Mr. Meddle would have been nearly as good.
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