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(Seattle Times)   Woman tired of men staring at her chest founds society for legible name tags   ( seattletimes.nwsource.com) divider line
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2003-07-24 09:26:50 AM  
To be in full compliance with the ADA, these name tags should also be in braille.
2003-07-24 09:51:09 AM  
I thought that was her picture before I read the caption. I was thinking to myself that I don't want to know your name.
2003-07-24 09:55:29 AM  
At worst, it's a poor excuse for men to "lean down and get a better look at my chest," Jaclyn Bernstein says.

Lady, if you gotta bend down to see your chest, then you ain't got a chest worth looking at. Women: they beyotch when you look at them, they beyotch when you don't look at them. If there was a 3rd sex, they'd start behaving better.
2003-07-24 10:24:48 AM  
[image from event-solutions.com too old to be available]

This is her, I think. Perhaps she's neglecting to consider the possibility that people are staring at her chest in an effort to avoid being blinded by looking at her face.
2003-07-24 10:40:15 AM  
PeaSouper I think you found that 3rd sex...
2003-07-24 10:43:14 AM  
My penis just went into the witness relocation program.
2003-07-24 10:52:08 AM  
It looks like Lyle Lovettes & Cher's demon offspring. It looks like.... burning...
2003-07-24 11:05:05 AM  
[image from bizbash.com too old to be available]

Maybe she should stop wearing "lookatmei'mawhore" outfits.
2003-07-24 12:00:06 PM  
Women: they beyotch when you look at them, they beyotch when you don't look at them. If there was a 3rd sex, they'd start behaving better.

Men: they whine.

Off topic question: why do men always favor one breast over the other? Is there a preference for left vs. right/right vs. left? Granted one breast is usually larger than another, but this difference is so slight that it shouldn't make a difference. Why do men ogle/fondle one over the other?

Being the feminist than I am, I think both breasts should get equal attention.
2003-07-24 12:18:50 PM  
Being the feminist than I am, I think both breasts should get equal attention.

clearly you are in need of two guys
2003-07-24 12:27:18 PM  
Sudie maybe it has to do if your right or left handed. I've never noticed if I prefer one over the other because my mind is usually thinking about one thing at that time. LET ME IN! LET ME IN!
2003-07-24 12:31:58 PM  
I always caulked it up to positioning... If you're on top and 'on your way south', you usually slob on the one that is the closest to your mouth - that is usually the more 'perky' one. Usually you women tend to have one that is more 'responsive' anyway - and we'll gravitate toward that one, as a rule.

This is why I'll usually squish the two together and, voila, areola buffet!
2003-07-24 12:33:35 PM  
DownSouth Depending on her height, you can try and give 'the girls' a tongue bath whilst grinding. If she's too short, your back will hurt later.
2003-07-24 12:40:53 PM  
clearly you are in need of two guys

Two guys; two penises; too daunting.

..areola buffet

Too funny.
2003-07-24 12:51:29 PM  
You know what they say..."you've seen one breast, you've seen two."
2003-07-24 12:52:15 PM  
This chick should shut the fark up and grow up.

Women like this piss me off.

If I had to wear a name tag on my crotch I wouldn't mind at all if women bent down to read my name....
2003-07-24 12:52:30 PM  
[image from mentalernie.org too old to be available]
2003-07-24 12:52:39 PM  
... unless you're looking at Betty Ford.
2003-07-24 12:52:47 PM  
At my church, we all write our own name tags.

Somehow, I've never learned the names of the old or the ugly. :)

I know which women like me looking at their breasts. They put a little smiley face on the name tag too.
2003-07-24 12:53:17 PM  
Oh and Bump, just because one of them may be less responsive, doesn't mean it should be neglected. It just requires a bit more coaxing.
2003-07-24 12:53:55 PM  
DrunkenLimeyBastard Man, I AM getting too old... all I could think is, "boy, is SHE gonna have back problems later..."
2003-07-24 12:54:45 PM  
Not being a boob fan (Bottle fed, go figure)I am still surprised that I MUST take a gander at a nice rack in my vacinity. It must be hardwired into men's brains to look. Please ladies, take no offense, we can't help it.
2003-07-24 12:56:47 PM  
Sudie Oh good Lord woman! I am a crass, sexist, shallow man, but I am an equal opportunity engulfer of breasticles... I have sworn an oath to leave no boobie un-slobbered. It is my pledge, it is my vow, it is my covenent with all things estrogen.

Do not doubt my commitment to perky nipples everywhere...
2003-07-24 12:58:02 PM  
areola buffet

Gold, Jerry! GOLD!
2003-07-24 01:00:32 PM  
Read the Article jackasses....

A woman did NOT start this. It was a dude.

The woman quoted in the articles beginning is just a person quoted for the article.

2003-07-24 01:01:59 PM  
I love it when the women in our bldg were SKIN TIGHT shirts that let the "lights shine" in the cold air conditioning, it really makes my day. And some have really really big lights to shine ;)
2003-07-24 01:03:39 PM  
[image from event-solutions.com too old to be available]

So that's what David Justice has been up to since retirement.

2003-07-24 01:04:17 PM  
I prefer the left breast, but I am right handed. Is that normal?
2003-07-24 01:05:30 PM  
I expect to see pictures of chick that looks like Maggie from SbB and we get this????

2003-07-24 01:05:50 PM  
HELLO, My Name is Scott: Wearing Nametags for a Friendlier Society."

His name tag should read "Hello my name is Scott: Wearing Nametags so you know who to beat up and rob"
2003-07-24 01:06:20 PM  
How could a woman that looks like that possibly think she's a sex object?

BTW, I don't want to know your name, biatch.
2003-07-24 01:08:46 PM  
Come on Farkettes, tell the truth. Do any of you wear tight shirts to work on purpose? Inquiring minds want to know.
2003-07-24 01:09:23 PM  
[image from event-solutions.com too old to be available]
[image from image.pathfinder.com too old to be available]
2003-07-24 01:09:56 PM  
Sudie it is because one of your breasts is ALWAYS nicer than the other one :)

As far as name tags go FARK OFF, if you want to know who I am ask me, otherwise just say excuse me sir, or leave me the hell alone :)
2003-07-24 01:12:03 PM  
Guys don't wear low cut pants to show off our junk, oh wait that would be pretty nasty...

/visions of alien brains
2003-07-24 01:12:17 PM  
Q: How can you tell when the economy's doing ok?

A: When people have the time to complain about the size of letters on freaking nametags.

TATTOO it on your forehead if you're so concerned.
2003-07-24 01:12:32 PM  
Bump, I'm comforted to know that, like a trusted bra, you support the movement.
2003-07-24 01:13:17 PM  
2003-07-24 01:13:41 PM  
Everyone keeps staring at my schlong so I'm going to wear a nametag "Hello my name is Dick, cum say hi"
2003-07-24 01:13:49 PM  
Like bump, I am a bi-partisan boobie lover. Although the one that is closest is the one that gets the most (first) attention.

And damn...that is one brutal looking lady. Her eyebrows remind me of the ones on Joe Pesci in JFK and the real life character who inspired them, David Ferrie. Anyone got a screenshot of those furry bad boys?
2003-07-24 01:15:57 PM  
I think this may be a joke. From the article

But wait. Isn't Adler the same social hoaxster who in the early '80s founded a Washington-based Committee to Ban August after finding unscientific consensus that people suffered from that month's heat and humidity?

2003-07-24 01:17:22 PM  
The solution is to put the tags on their foreheads. Then it won't obstruct a clearer view of the boobies.
2003-07-24 01:17:54 PM  
this article is mind numbing
2003-07-24 01:18:51 PM  
I must comment on a few things here....The first pic of the broad made me have the same thoughts as DownSouth.

Spooda's may have changed my mind...pretty decent set and a big useful mouth...

Sudie I think the preference thing was covered in a Seinfeld episode. Can't go left, can't go right...My wife has made me ambidextrous as she won't let me work from the side that I learned on (long story)...but to make it easier to have equality...get on top! Makes for real easy access!
2003-07-24 01:19:47 PM  
And her reason for the organization is to get some attention on herself cus it is REALLY the boobies of all the women around her that are getting all the attention since she is to damned FUGLY for any "Normal" make to want to ogle.
2003-07-24 01:19:58 PM  
What's all this about "preferring" a breast? One in hand, one in mouth. One in hand, one in other hand. I don't see where a guy would restrict himself to one or the other, but I guess some guys aren't that creative.
2003-07-24 01:21:09 PM  
The New York event planner is ranting about her industry's latest peeve: illegible name tags. The name tags at half of the events she goes to about 500 a year are hard to read.

500 events a year!!!! That almost two a day!!!
2003-07-24 01:21:26 PM  
We're worried about the print size on name tags, yet we have people starving in the streets (yes, some by their own accord, but others not), and numerous other more important issues going on in the world.

BUT HEY, we all can sleep better because someone gave shiat about the print size on a farking nametag. That is priceless.
2003-07-24 01:21:51 PM  
I'll take famous titties for 600!
2003-07-24 01:21:59 PM  
(Benny Hill, on seeing a buxom wench with a nametag over the left breast.)

"What's the other one named?"
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