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(Some Guy)   Real rabbit attacks a stuffed rabbit and loses (pics)   ( divider line
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8214 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Oct 2001 at 9:08 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-17 09:11:03 PM  
Jesus...devil eyes...
2001-10-17 09:11:38 PM  
2001-10-17 09:12:10 PM  
Wow, that was sucky.
2001-10-17 09:12:11 PM  
uhh... bunny humping.
2001-10-17 09:15:40 PM  
I think Fark editors are spending all the classified ad money on drugs
2001-10-17 09:19:45 PM  
I agree drinky.......either that or planning on starting illegal rabbit fights :)
2001-10-17 09:20:37 PM  
What the fluck?!?

Better yet... why the fluck?!?
2001-10-17 09:23:01 PM  
This was gayer than Fb-'s uncle.
2001-10-17 09:24:26 PM  
Poke the bunny.
2001-10-17 09:26:34 PM  
good lord.
2001-10-17 09:27:41 PM  
that sarked
2001-10-17 09:34:34 PM  

no, el lamo
2001-10-17 09:35:54 PM  
You mean none of you got the deep social commentary and the rousing allegory for life at the end? Philistines....
2001-10-17 09:54:59 PM  
That was SOOOO rigged.

I love the bunny.
2001-10-17 09:56:57 PM  
I don't mind the fact that I have completely wasted one whole minute of my life to look at this website and not even crack a smile.

Not a single humour neuron fired in my tiny brain . . . no synaptic activity at all.

Eternal thanks and gratitude to for confirming the validity of my shallow and pointless existence and the value of spending countless hours looking at utter rubbish.
2001-10-17 10:13:02 PM  
Hmmm...some people have been complaining about how FARK is getting lame, but that was in reference to bad Photoshop artists.

Now, we have this dumbass webpage that isn't even remotely funny, and it's like the third or fourth in as many days. Does FARK have a new Mod who's, uh, "special?"
2001-10-17 10:14:23 PM  
mods don't post articles. if we did, wouldn't i have more than 11? read the farq.
2001-10-17 10:15:07 PM  
Sometimes the joke is a bit more subtle. For instance... Think about how important this page was for someone to make. think about how someone thought it was cool enough to submit to fark. think about how lame it is, and the fact that 2000 people might go there.
2001-10-17 10:18:18 PM  
2001-10-17 10:18:44 PM  
I think I have a cavity.
2001-10-17 10:20:58 PM  
Sometimes lame links can be funny,
like The Icy Hot Stuntaz
...but not all accomplish that goal.
2001-10-17 10:23:00 PM  
We have even had links to news articles just because of the headline. Like "People born before 1970 probably won't get "Dick"" - in reference to the movie titled "Dick" that was about the Watergate scandal.
2001-10-17 10:25:46 PM  
This thing isn't a good Fark link, but the home site it's part of is genuine Portal of Evil material.

Jeff, I like headlines like those, they're hilarious(if done right). That's half the appeal of The Onion.
2001-10-17 10:26:37 PM  
I'm not deleting all your posts, and my comment was not directed toward you and your comments - though this one was.
2001-10-17 10:28:41 PM  
That was a waste of Farking space.

That should be read both ways...
2001-10-17 10:28:52 PM  
jeff: i don't think they are smart enough.
2001-10-17 10:32:03 PM  
Pooty Princess Sprowt? Pooty Princess Sprowt???

[image from too old to be available]

Okay, now that I can handle.
2001-10-17 10:36:47 PM  
Sometime lame links are..............lame.

We are at present, over 10,000 members here at Fark. Given maybe 500 have secondary Fark ID's, we'll knock those off. So we're at 9500. Out of those, let's say 500 are pre-pubescent pimple poppers who wouldn't know humor if it walked in on them while they masturbated to the Sears bra ads.

We are at 9000. Take off a 1000 who I'm sure, are just plain morons. Lop off 1000 professional trolls. Let's take off another 1000 who very rarely, if at all contribute.

So we stand at 6000. For the sake of argument, let's say that half of those stumble/discover something funny/hilarious/interesting on the net. That's 3000 net findings.

If half of those get submitted, that's 1500 submissions. If one third of those are re-submissions and another third are deemed 'not worthy', that leaves us with 500 decent submissions a day.

If I'm even close on these estimates, then I scratch my big bald head wondering how we get some of the stuff we do. (Mind you, I'm not complaining, just curious).
2001-10-17 10:36:56 PM  
Hmmm... let's see... so far, you have deleted every one of my comments on this thread.

Are you taking something personal?
2001-10-17 10:37:11 PM  
Now, if that had been "Real woman attacks stuffed woman and loses (pics)", then we might have had something going.

Somebody owes me a minute of my life back.
2001-10-17 10:37:26 PM  
Well fark has taken a downhill turn - the guys who introduced me to this out of 7 of them who I knew used to come here on a regular basis only 1 does now - NOW I know why - I mean that link "tittris" was lame but this is just shiat. Cmon fark pull it together - have you all got other jobs now and when you come home from work at night spend just 5 minutes to pick out articles from a hat?

Think about who comes here, think about what we used to read when we came here, think about the shiat thats been posted lately, think about what your going to do about it.
2001-10-17 10:37:50 PM  
da5id: do you know what flooding is?

posts that complains about deleted posts always get deleted.
2001-10-17 10:38:03 PM  
and if you dont agree with me - start reading a few more posts.
2001-10-17 10:40:22 PM  
Yeah, I know WTF flooding is... I posted 2 comments. Didn't realize that all of a suddenly was categorized as flooding...
2001-10-17 10:41:35 PM  
yup. all of a sudden.
2001-10-17 10:44:03 PM  
Nobody is making you look at all the links and read all the posts... I personally only follow 2-3 links per day now. However - in this case, I think that it is funny that so many people are posting that this is lame (I'm sure it is) and yet 1700 people have clicked on the link!

Try to have a more broad sense of humor, and accept the fact that some things are not funny - and yet - are not a personal attack on you. I'm sure there are plenty of links today that are newsworthy, late news, boring news, stupid sites, funny sites, and most any other classification you can come up with.

Bigpeeler - Around 800 or so submissions per day. Get a lot of people that submit 30 photoshop pics in a row. I can guarentee that they don't get looked at, and that the name sticks in my head as a PS flooder, and gets other PS submits not looked at later. When there are merely a dozen or so in the queue, I look at most of them, and skip most of them for later purging by someone else. We don't need even a small percentage of the 300 PS submits we get every day.

Go bunny!
2001-10-17 10:44:25 PM  
Are you sure???
2001-10-17 10:46:05 PM  
Boys, girls, lets calm down here. Let's take a look at the cute little bunnies, they're very relaxing...OH MY GOD...THEY'RE HUMPING EACH OTHER!!!

Um, resume fighting, kids.
2001-10-17 10:46:19 PM  
Power begets corruption
Mods have power
A little corruption cleans the scum off the gears of life.
2001-10-17 10:46:50 PM  
LOL... Bunnies... Humping... yum... Doughnuts...
2001-10-17 10:49:26 PM  
A little corruption cleans the scum off the gears of life. - Jeff

Yes, that and Ajax OxyClean, now with Anthrax(R) for your toughest stains.
2001-10-17 10:50:28 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2001-10-17 10:54:20 PM  
Jeff: That's cool. I have NO idea how you guys do what you do. I do know it has evolved into something great. The only thing I would request is this, a relatively regular time for the P-Shop. I know this sounds entirely petty, but hey, you guys got me hooked, so now I'm a junkie. And I need my fix and I need to know when I'm getting it.

More than I can remember, I (we) have waited till long past midnight. By then I'm baked. To me, this seems like a quick fix. Logistically, it may be incredibly difficult. If it is, I apologize in advance.

Again, like I told Drew the other day, I praise Fark far more than I curse it. In fact, I'm a strong proponent of this site. I have turned more people on to Fark than I can remember. Keep up the great work.

But for ol' Big-P, throw in a few more P-Shops. C'mon. Waddya say. For me. Kissee kissee.
2001-10-17 11:06:27 PM  
I think farkers should be happy to even be able to come to fark for potentially interesting and informative links. I'll call a lame link lame (IMO) when I see it, but I would hope that that wouldn't be interpreted at biatching about the site.

Bring it on!!!
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-17 11:16:37 PM  
Shouldn't this be on ?
Hey... Does this page have a guest book Hummmmmm...
2001-10-17 11:21:42 PM  
Well, I thought it was kinda silly. I mean, ya gotta kinda smile at "Pooty". Refering to what Jeff said, imagine the person that made all that up. Silly
2001-10-17 11:26:25 PM  
Maculated: I've got real rocks, but I'll be damned if I let YOU climb on them.
2001-10-17 11:33:16 PM  
Hey, you got the real rock? You lookin' to unload any of that?
2001-10-17 11:39:36 PM  
I thought that this was actually funny. *shrug*
2001-10-18 01:17:51 AM  
Geez.. I *KNOW* people are submitting better shiat than this. I'm one of them.
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