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(Some Guy)   Will the Packers ride the arm of Aaron Rodgers to victory, or will the Steelers buy a stairway to seven? This is your official Super Bowl XLV discussion thread (kickoff at 6:29 ET, FOX)   ( divider line
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2011-02-06 06:29:35 PM  
Did they really just conflate the firefighters raising the flag at ground zero with Bono displaying a flag jacket at the Super Bowl halftime show?
2011-02-06 06:29:38 PM  

2011-02-06 06:29:39 PM  

picodenico: Twilight's last reaming?

Edward would approve.

Ok can we seriously stop with the America stuff? I swear, if America were a teen it would masturbate to itself in the mirror in a daily basis.
2011-02-06 06:29:43 PM  
I'm not sure that showing Bono wearing a jacket with an American flag liner is the right image to stir patriotism.
2011-02-06 06:29:43 PM  
i'm going to kill a biatch if they keep this pro-america bullshiat...seriously, what the fark?

/oh two pro-labor teams representing anti-labor america. hooray!!!
2011-02-06 06:29:43 PM  
Geezus...start the damned game.
2011-02-06 06:29:44 PM  

robsul82: JFK!



The Steel Mills!

Even though they've been gay since the 80s!


2011-02-06 06:29:44 PM  
M. Douglas was a good choice for the final setup. Greed is good.
2011-02-06 06:29:44 PM  
Jeebus, the Super Bowl is an even equal to MLK's speech and the landing on the moon? Listen, Gekko, learn your history.
2011-02-06 06:29:47 PM  
what awful patriotic crap...... the government does not care about it's citizens what so ever, and they proved that since 2000
2011-02-06 06:29:51 PM  
No, Mike, it's a football game. Shut up.
2011-02-06 06:29:53 PM  
Cris Carter gets hosed again.
2011-02-06 06:29:54 PM  
She farked that up so badly one of the local morning weatherduys just tweeted about it.

On our darkest day? Dude, the guys who do "Porn Star Dancing?"
2011-02-06 06:29:57 PM  
Oh, God, I just remembered that FOX is probably going to try inserting dramatic music into the broadcast.

2011-02-06 06:29:59 PM  
Journey. Vastly over rated band.
2011-02-06 06:30:05 PM  
What an unfortunately delicious name. Hanburger.
2011-02-06 06:30:06 PM  
NFL has perfected the art of turning sport into a religious experience.
2011-02-06 06:30:07 PM  
2011-02-06 06:30:09 PM  

born_yesterday: They're laying it on a little thick, aren't they?

that's like saying napalm is a little warm.
2011-02-06 06:30:10 PM  
2011-02-06 06:30:17 PM  
We need to get a brutha or a sista singing the star spangled banner, because that shiat was just unlistenable.
2011-02-06 06:30:17 PM  



We got that, too: "Now some pictures we get from the US TV.."
2011-02-06 06:30:20 PM  
Geez, I didn't see this level of patriotic self-fellating in the Vancouver Olympics!
2011-02-06 06:30:23 PM  
Chris Hamburger? And Whadabadaba?
2011-02-06 06:30:25 PM  

SilentStrider: picodenico:



Go Packers!!!
2011-02-06 06:30:26 PM  
2011-02-06 06:30:31 PM  
Marshall Faulk!!!!

t2.gstatic.comView Full Size
2011-02-06 06:30:33 PM  

RminusQ: wtf is this? can we get to some football now?

I think kickoff was scheduled to be in about 10 more minutes
2011-02-06 06:30:37 PM  
Fox wishes it was NY vs. Chicago.
2011-02-06 06:30:38 PM  
Neon Dion?...They should now close the Football HOF
2011-02-06 06:30:40 PM  

Cheesehead_Dave: What's the point of a flyover for a domed stadium?

If you fly close enough the roof gets ripped off?
2011-02-06 06:30:43 PM  
The crowd just doesn't give a shiat at this point. Those were some weak ass cheers.
2011-02-06 06:30:45 PM  
And they miss the scheduled start time, as usual.
2011-02-06 06:30:48 PM  
coin flip will be heads.
2011-02-06 06:30:51 PM  
I hope there's no glowing puck ball this time.
2011-02-06 06:30:56 PM  
Kick off was supposed to be at 6:29. Farking liars.
2011-02-06 06:30:58 PM  
I swear they just called him Chris Hamburger.

Oh, and...

i6.photobucket.comView Full Size
2011-02-06 06:31:01 PM  
We must rescue the Super bowl from Fox. Please.
2011-02-06 06:31:06 PM  
Pittsburgh goes tails never fails.
2011-02-06 06:31:07 PM  

SilentStrider: born_yesterday: They're laying it on a little thick, aren't they?

that's like saying napalm is a little warm.

hockeyindependent.comView Full Size

Juuuuuust a bit outside.
2011-02-06 06:31:10 PM  
Deion probably earned his place in the Hall despite being a biatch about tackling.
2011-02-06 06:31:10 PM  
Hiii there little baby. A nice little Mike Tomlin. He's a cute little baby. did you make a poopoo? A poopoo?

t3.gstatic.comView Full Size

2011-02-06 06:31:15 PM  

kevinatilusa: Did they really just conflate the firefighters raising the flag at ground zero with Bono displaying a flag jacket at the Super Bowl halftime show?


Go figure. Bono.
2011-02-06 06:31:17 PM  
I've had steak chili stewing since 10AM. Will probably eat it at halftime.

...And so much for kickoff at 6:29.
2011-02-06 06:31:18 PM  
i51.photobucket.comView Full Size

OMG I love Google for this.
2011-02-06 06:31:26 PM  
2011-02-06 06:31:29 PM  
You think you can flip coins like that in Dallas?!?
2011-02-06 06:31:29 PM  


your unemployment checks/benefits are expiring next week!
oh and you hafta pay for this health-ha-care now
2011-02-06 06:31:31 PM  
And Green Bay defers?
2011-02-06 06:31:34 PM  
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