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(Some Guy)   Will the Packers ride the arm of Aaron Rodgers to victory, or will the Steelers buy a stairway to seven? This is your official Super Bowl XLV discussion thread (kickoff at 6:29 ET, FOX)   ( divider line
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6976 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Feb 2011 at 5:30 PM (7 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2011-02-06 06:24:07 PM  
Oh god, the pain continues.

I still think the best is when Boobs (er, Jewel) did the anthem in '98. Didn't get the sync right at the start, huge cleavage, then laughing at her trying to cover up her boobs near the end.
2011-02-06 06:24:08 PM  
OMG she farked up again
2011-02-06 06:24:11 PM  

ClavellBCMI: And yep, we get the over-long version of the anthem... I think we gonna hit the over on the time on this one.

She's doing the other verses?
2011-02-06 06:24:12 PM  
I want Christina.
2011-02-06 06:24:13 PM  
Ok, why do they have someone signing the song on the field....who the hell can see her hands?
2011-02-06 06:24:13 PM  
I don't know if that rendition really honors America
2011-02-06 06:24:15 PM  
2011-02-06 06:24:17 PM  
A black Boehner?
2011-02-06 06:24:19 PM  
she looks like Cindy Lauper
2011-02-06 06:24:22 PM  

FirstNationalBastard: Is that the United Servo Academy Men's Choir backing her up?

i375.photobucket.comView Full Size

singing a song about the 70s?
2011-02-06 06:24:23 PM  
that declaration of independence shiat is why the rest of the world is jealous of our freedom laughing at the US.

Watching on German TV, I didn't catch that. Maybe they cut out the jingoistic stuff? I mean, we don't have ads breaks either.
But I was out of the room for some time and muted the thing, but always when I looked in it there was Sam Elliot talking and some guys in yellow-green.

Then there was someone screaming America the beautiful and some guys with flags and drums.
And now there's a fake blond failing to sing the anthem, I guess.
2011-02-06 06:24:25 PM  
2011-02-06 06:24:26 PM  
Oh christ, my puppy died.
2011-02-06 06:24:31 PM  
This performance is making me cry too, Mr. Steeler.
2011-02-06 06:24:32 PM  
She REALLY botched it, unprofessional
2011-02-06 06:24:33 PM  

greasefire11: Someone set Christina's makeup shotgun to "whore"

3.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size
2011-02-06 06:24:36 PM  
Wow, that's REALLY overdoing it, lady.

/that had to be over six seconds
2011-02-06 06:24:38 PM  
Nice flyover for the people who got turned away.
2011-02-06 06:24:38 PM  
Is it possible to sing like that and not rapid fire fart?
2011-02-06 06:24:39 PM  

ThisNameSux: DamnYankees: Why the hell is there so much militarism at a football game? What the hell is wrong with this country?

STFU commie

Yes, because Communists weren't militaristic at all or anything.
2011-02-06 06:24:42 PM  
couldnt she wear something a little more slutty?
2011-02-06 06:24:43 PM  
Jesus Christ, that was right at 1:54. Push bets?
2011-02-06 06:24:44 PM  
Oh holy shiat, that was almost exactly 1:54! lol
2011-02-06 06:24:44 PM  
10 seconds on the brave.

I've got 1:53 on the total, but messed up the start somehow.
2011-02-06 06:24:46 PM  
Over on the "brave" wins
2011-02-06 06:24:46 PM  
Did she leave out some of the words?
2011-02-06 06:24:49 PM  
Wow, they both farked up their songs.
2011-02-06 06:24:51 PM  
Pure unadulterated suck. Don't even know the words. Sit down, biatch.
2011-02-06 06:24:51 PM  
God, that was hideous.

Toss the farking coin already.
2011-02-06 06:24:51 PM  
Christ, she held that "brave" for over 10 seconds.
2011-02-06 06:24:52 PM  
and that's why they usually have it lip synced.
2011-02-06 06:24:52 PM  
2011-02-06 06:24:58 PM  
What's the point of a flyover for a domed stadium?
2011-02-06 06:25:03 PM  
Top 5 worst Anthem ever
2011-02-06 06:25:06 PM  
A fly over in a dome?

2011-02-06 06:25:07 PM  
11 seconds on that "brave".
2011-02-06 06:25:07 PM  
2.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

And a flyover for all the people that had tickets but couldn't get in to see the game.
2011-02-06 06:25:18 PM  

cyclebiff: Try watching a real game of "Football" (it's not called soccer) in Europe.

Association Football is its full name. So, yes, it IS called "Soccer".
2011-02-06 06:25:22 PM  
Bouncy bouncy bearded man!
2011-02-06 06:25:23 PM  
t1.gstatic.comView Full Size
2011-02-06 06:25:27 PM  
Ahh, my favorite part of the Super Bowl is always the part where we self indulgently congratulate ourselves for living in the land of the free*
2011-02-06 06:25:28 PM  

Don't Tongue the Reaper!: FirstNationalBastard: Is that the United Servo Academy Men's Choir backing her up?

singing a song about the 70s?

Servo accurately predicted Christina Agulera!
2011-02-06 06:25:30 PM  

ljdjr34: Nice flyover for the people who got turned away.


Flyover with a closed-roof stadium = FAIL
2011-02-06 06:25:37 PM  
Just sing the farking song.


My brain hurts.
2011-02-06 06:25:37 PM  
The anthem lasted 1:52 by my stopwatch.
2011-02-06 06:25:46 PM  
Something about o'er and ramparts missing?
2011-02-06 06:25:49 PM  
One would think that the words of the national anthem might be *slightly* important to get right. It's not like you're singing
"Come on Eileen" at karaoke.
2011-02-06 06:25:50 PM  
picodenico: I've got 1:53 on the total, but messed up the start somehow.

that's the same length I had as well, for whatever its worth.
2011-02-06 06:25:58 PM  

picodenico: Twilight's last reaming?

I heard that too, and maybe all those trills, frills and flutters were to distract us from the obvious tuning issues.
2011-02-06 06:26:01 PM  

John Buck 41: Top 5 worst Anthem ever

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