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(World Net Daily)   N.C. Supreme Court upholds a toddler's right to run around naked in the yard. Stuffed tigers still unable to roam about unescorted   ( divider line
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2003-07-20 01:58:35 PM  
I am of the opinion that all social workers do is break up families and destroy people's lives for no good reason.
2003-07-20 04:07:44 PM  

You are forgetting that there are some families not worth saving...

Most social workers that I know do a good job of helping people and protect children very well. Plus the have the common sense to leave the situation alone when they aren't needed.
2003-07-20 04:43:58 PM  
Wow. A toddler chasing a kitten out a door, who is brought back inside minutes later, is considered neglect by these people? It would be nice if they concentrated on actual cases of neglect...
2003-07-20 04:44:02 PM  
Home schooled.. what's up with that?
2003-07-20 04:49:15 PM  
Hah. I ran around naked still when I was 9. Good thing I wasn't living in America, I guess..
2003-07-20 04:50:49 PM  
I guess there are some social workers who have never had any contact with two-year-old children.
2003-07-20 04:52:23 PM  
John Wasson, the Department of Social Services director in Cleveland County, where the Stumbos live, said he's worried the ruling might encourage abusive parents to resist social workers' efforts to help.

So let me get this straight. It's a bad thing if the government has to leave the innocent alone, because it might encourage the guilty. Jeez.

Our world is run by Hall Monitors.
2003-07-20 04:52:55 PM  
DSS needs 'tools'

It appears that they already have an ample supply of 'tools'.
2003-07-20 04:54:35 PM  
Goddamn police state tactics.

Goddamn PATRIOT act mentality.

Goddamn non-existent WMDs.
2003-07-20 04:59:10 PM  
Goddamn non-existent WMDs.

Goddamn willing-to-give-un-inspectors-years-but-wont-give-us-troops-one-month-​to-find- WMDs hypocritical leftist hippies.
2003-07-20 05:02:57 PM  
Oh great, another thread killed. Well, we might as well make official...

Sidi, you're a nazi!

There, Godwin's law has been invoked, I win and lose, this thread is officially closed.
2003-07-20 05:06:35 PM  
rassleholic, lol
2003-07-20 05:07:46 PM  
sparkleton is super scary!
2003-07-20 05:09:00 PM  
I haven't heard a story about Nazis trying so despirately to interview a child since that time they tried to interview Ann Frank......
2003-07-20 05:11:48 PM  
Damn, I thought people would enjoy making fun of the facist North Carolinians. Farking Canadians.
2003-07-20 05:14:48 PM  
Bad Sidi! You invoked Godwin on purpose!

Godwin's Law prov. [Usenet] "As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one." There is a tradition in many groups that, once this occurs, that thread is over, and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever argument was in progress. Godwin's Law thus practically guarantees the existence of an upper bound on thread length in those groups. However there is also a widely- recognized codicil that any intentional triggering of Godwin's Law in order to invoke its thread-ending effects will be unsuccessful.

/godwin's law nazi
2003-07-20 05:16:04 PM  
I'm sure glad my 6 year old can't read, because I've been trying to convince her to not run around naked for far longer than 2 years. :b
2003-07-20 05:16:43 PM  
Does saying the phrase "godwin's law nazi" end the conversation or start it anew. These rules are so hard to follow...

That almost seems like a paradox or an oxymoron.
2003-07-20 05:22:07 PM  
rassleholic, Maybe people aren't giving the troops time to find any WMD because Bush was saying their troops would be armed with them or the weapons would be ready to use when the time came. Then afterwards, we found none of the Iraqi's were equipped with any WMD. You know why? Because they were destroyed. Just like Saddam said.
2003-07-20 05:25:25 PM  
I'm still trying to figure out what the N.C. Supreme Court has to do with Saddam.


* goes outside and digs up his neighbor's garden *

... nope. No WMDs there, but they really should trim back that damned kudzu.
2003-07-20 05:26:14 PM  
Hydrostatic_Equilibrium, haha you're funny.
2003-07-20 05:26:45 PM  
Little Yard Apes everywhere celebrate! Good for the N.C. Supreme Court.

Hell, my youngest escaped on me twice running naked into the front yard with me running after him. The first time after a bath and the second time he just "got naked" because I think he liked Dad running down the street chasing him yelling.

Now he knows I'll put him in what I call "the punishment pants", kids overalls with kidproof snaps.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-20 05:40:48 PM  
punishment pants?

2003-07-20 05:51:12 PM  
Oh come on. Saddam just returned the WMDs to us for store credit, and now he's hiding out in the same bunker as Dick Cheney.
2003-07-20 05:52:58 PM  
The punishment pants are a little scary. Do they make them in adult sizes?
2003-07-20 05:54:39 PM  
Kids are the only people who can get away with rampant nudism. Or at least they were when I was a tacker myself. There weren't any tanlines on my little butt, I can tell you.

Whats the world coming to? Parading around as you did the day you born is now neglect?
2003-07-20 05:56:15 PM  
Oh hell, my 5 year old still likes taking her clothes off and steaking through the house. She's actually only ran out of the house once, but that was when she was like 2 or 3 I think. Small children have forever and will always streak outside for brief periods of time without their parents' knowledge. It's like a Murphey's Law or something. Introduce clothes to toddlers/babies... expect random naked events.

I think the N.C. Supreme Court needs a HERO tag for using common sense in their decision.

rassleholic: *clap* Good one.
2003-07-20 05:56:31 PM  
jill_off: it's just a nickname we gave his overalls, we know that he can't take them off. A good thing if his diaper is full, it allows us to change him rather than finding a "prize" on the floor.
2003-07-20 06:00:49 PM  

you are my new best friend.
2003-07-20 06:04:16 PM  
"Goddamn willing-to-give-un-inspectors-years-but-wont-give-us-troops-one-month-​to-find- WMDs hypocritical leftist hippies"

Time apparently moves very slowly in your world.

We were told by that lying sumbiatch in the white house, that Ol' Saddam had WMDs and was prepared to use them.

According to the Shrub, we shoulda found them WMDs without hardly looking for 'em.
2003-07-20 06:06:15 PM  
We need less naked toddlers and more naked MILFs!
2003-07-20 06:09:58 PM  
One begats the other.
2003-07-20 06:30:19 PM  
See, Yankees have problems with our Southern dialects. Take "naked" and "nekkid," for instance.

Naked, N-A-K-E-D, means you ain't go no clothes on.

Nekkid, N-E-double-K-by-God-I-D, means you ain't got no clothes on, and you're up to somethin'.

Such as: "Darlene was naked. I wish Darlene was nekkid. Some of you apparently know Darlene!"

-- Lewis Grizzard
2003-07-20 06:42:51 PM  
Jeebus, that social worker had something up their ass that day.
2003-07-20 06:44:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-20 06:45:13 PM  
Nice Calvin n' Hobbes reference in the title.
2003-07-20 06:47:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

(With the POSSIBLE exception of Bloom County.)

2003-07-20 06:49:17 PM  
Godwin's Law should include:wmd/liberal/neocon/
2003-07-20 06:49:44 PM  
Of course, it's wrong for functional families to be separated.

Idea: The parents need extensive psychological testing each time they have a child, and periodically after that, just like a drivers license, but maybe voluntarily; I can't figure out if making babies is a right or a priviledge.

Taking children or parents away from the family is treating only symptoms of the real problems. Treating a problem is the only way to solve a problem; identify the problem and treat it. Placing a bigger bucket under a leaky roof delays water damage but doesn't stop the leak.

Take a look at the problems in society and see how many "solutions" are treating the symptom rather than the problem. Clobbering an oil producing country won't help to find an alternative energy source.

Anyway, a kid escaping a parent to run around the yard naked is hardly a problem; kids escape all the time because it's part of growing up. The problem is that conservative neighbors and overzealous social workers are blind to the simple truth of a situation because of the social hype towards child neglect and abuse; there is no system in place to educate and screen parents (and social workers) so these judgement mistakes aren't made.
2003-07-20 07:40:22 PM  
However, a Charlotte father embroiled in a controversial child-neglect case hopes the ruling will bolster his efforts to get back his 10 children, who were placed in foster care in 2001.

10 CHILDREN??? Sorry, but unless the guy has more money than Warren Buffett, something ain't right in that household. Only hardcore fundie xtian redencks have a litter that large.
2003-07-20 07:41:33 PM  
Several years ago (10+) while I was still living in Southern California, I remember there being a big fuss over some parents on the beach with a little girl that was I think about a year, maybe year and a half old that was naked and was allowed to get up and toddle around for a few minutes between diaper changes. One of the parents picked the kid up and blew a tthrbbt on her belly. A passerby called the DCF and the parents were hauled in for supposedly "inappropriate" behavior and the kid stuck in foster care.

The nasty part about this was, it took place on a Friday of a holiday weekend, and the parents were stuck in the slammer until Monday because the judge was out of town or something to that effect. At that time, the county in question (Orange) had no provision for getting another judge in to deal with the issue of setting bail (that was changed due to this specific incident). It turned into this huge farking nightmare for the kids, the couple and everyone involved EXCEPT the DCF. Of course the parents turned out to be just normal parents.

And then you have social workers who turn kids back over to known abusers.

The problem with the DCF in just about every state is too much power + insufficient oversight + no common sense. Too often kids end up suffering at the hands of office politics in the DCF.
2003-07-20 07:44:14 PM  
Beerden: You don't have any children. Do you?

I notice people who don't have children are always first to offer solutions on how to have and raise children.
2003-07-20 08:11:20 PM  

My town is on Fark!@#!@#$%!@#%


A dream!

Other people say "my town is on Fark".. and I go "feh,my town will never be on fark" - but it is#$%

2003-07-20 08:32:15 PM  
2003-07-20 08:11:20 PM WCU_Guy

My town is on Fark!#!#$%!#%
A dream!
Other people say "my town is on Fark".. and I go "feh,my town will never be on fark" - but it is#$%

My town's been on FARK for three things so far:
Janet Reno passed out here.
A local access channel accidentally aired "military-themed" gay porn (and I missed it!)
A woman "accidentally" took the test bag full of supposed-to-be-detected-weapon-decoys.
2003-07-20 09:08:21 PM  
One day when I was 17 or 18, I was driving to work and saw a young child (2 or 3 I don't know because I don't have kids) running down the sidewalk, alone pushing a stroller. At first I thought it was cute, but the I realized that the child probably shouldn't be out for a stroll. I turned around, but I was mortified because I didn't know how to approach the child or find out from where it came or how to approach the parents. Fortunately, by the time I got back to the spot where I saw the child a woman motorist had stopped, comandeered the child and was helping it back up the sidewalk as the childs mother (I guess) was running towards them. Women are so great about knowing what to do in those situations. Thank God they can't change tires.

My town will never be on Fark

2003-07-20 09:11:29 PM  
Only hardcore fundie xtian redencks have a litter that large.

I don't know about that, Close2TheEdge. He could easily have a neck dark enough that it'll never be red.
2003-07-20 09:28:59 PM  
So Janet passed out in your hometown. That's kind of interesting, but the bull dyke has passed out all over America.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-20 09:58:25 PM  
I have neighbors whose 3-year-old thinks it's the most hilarious thing in the world to run into their crowded living room during a party wearing a towel, then whip it off, and yell "I'm BUTT NEKKID!" and run back to his room, laughing his head off.

Sure, if he does that in high school, it's going to be severe heavy counselling, but right now, jeez - he's a KID! DSS would be all over my neighbors if they heard anything about this. Nitwits.
2003-07-20 11:35:06 PM  
Funny = Me
2003-07-21 12:21:50 AM  
My friend's kid went through a "naked stage" but she eventually outgrew it. Now she loves picking out her own clothes and stuff.

The funny thing is she would run around completely naked except for a batman cape she had from a holloween costume. I would go over to my friends place and see this kid running out to the car with a batman cape on that completely covered her face except for two eyeholes and a nose hole. It always cracked me up! We got some funny picture of her like that and my friend plans on using them to embarrass her when she is older. :)

I think ALL small children go through a naked's something they outgrow. It's no big deal!
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